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White Nationalists: 353.516k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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White Nationalists CGraesch @Squeegie4🔁 NHL team denounces white nationalists using its logo at Virginia rally
John Legend @johnlegend🔁We have nazi sympathizers and white nationalists in the White House. Condemn them too. They should not be receiving taxpayer money.
White Nationalists michele morrison @shellbean9358🔁 NHL team denounces white nationalists using its logo at Virginia rally
White Nationalists Damon Brown @browndamon🔁 Virginia Governor has a message to the white nationalists who came to Charlottesville:
ken klippenstein @kenklippenstein🔁White nationalists literally adopted a strategy employed by ISIS and I haven't seen a single official call it terrorism
David Mack @davidmackau🔁Trump ignores reporters' questions:
-Do you want the support of these white nationalists groups?
-Would you call thi s terrorism, sir?
Son of the Moon @27Seascapes🔁Federal judge rules in favor of white nationalists, greenlights protest despite safety concerns from city:…
Framboise @Framboi14324019🔁Shocking video shows the moment a car plowed through a crowd of counter protesters of white nationalists.
herold @heroldbonhomme🔁No wonder the confederates lost the war. The white nationalists are sore losers who want to relive the infamous past of their ancestors.
TW Prescott @TWPrescott🔁If Bannon, Miller & Gorka still have jobs tomorrow then Absolutely Does Not Condemn Alt-Right White Nationalists & Nazis!!!
AmyJo @googlegirl3🔁White nationalists & Islamic fundamentalists are cut from the same cloth:Both murder innocents in the name of their beliefs.
Eric D. Nemons, J.D. @Nemons_E🔁White Nationalists are the modern day KKK. There is no equal comparison of these terrorists to BLM Counter protesters.
Meghan Klaric @MeghanKla🔁When people get mad that you called them racist when they're literally defending white nationalists... #facepalm #whitefragility
Irfan Ahmad Waqar @IrfanAhmadWaqar🔁A president "seized by caution when addressing violence, vitriol of white nationalists." Unforgivable. Unacceptable.
KGBadrDplCOVfefeOX; @waynesnetworkin🔁He did not spawn this! I bet you 1/2 of these so called white nationalists are paid by George Soros.
Mike Lowder @michael_lowder🔁.: President Trump has given white nationalists cover, oxygen and the dream of respectability.
Rick Pilkington @Rickpilk🔁@realDonaldTrump knows white supremacists & nationalists are part of his base & attract some sympathy among his broader base.
The Orator @TheOrator_UK🔁White Nationalists speaking their mind - I'm cool with. Walking round with open carry riffles screaming open hate - not cool.
Valerie Forstman @vforstman🔁 White nationalists literally adopted a strategy employed by ISIS and I haven't seen a single official call it terrorism
Phil Nurenberg @philnurenberg🔁Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to white nationalists: "There is no place for you in America."
Karen Crisci @Karencrisci1🔁We're not nationalists because our skin. We're nationalists b/c we want America succeed. Don't let media tie the pro-USA to white supremacy.
Jannat @JannatKamal7🔁To the white nationalists descending on Charlottesville: go back to where you came from. Hate has no place in Va.
kait @rixebawl🔁White nationalists arent people who "just have different beliefs". Stop sympathizing. These are ppl who think the world is better w/ no POC
Michael Borkovich @Skullnic66🔁LAT: Riz Ahmed, J.K. Rowling blast media coverage of White Nationalists after Charlottesville: 'Language matters'
Matthew Greenfield @mattgreenfield🔁The risks of going hoodless in the social media age: Twitter users are identifying the white nationalists who marched on Charlottesville.
Daily Planet @Headlines4You🔁I will soon explain why some neo-Nazis & white nationalists today call themselves "right" while their history & ideology are totally "left"
Mark Andrus @MarkCAndrus🔁2. The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding "antifa" beating white nationalists being led out of the park 2/2
Kathleen Busby @BusbyKathleen🔁 A president of any value would have condemned the white nationalists in Charlottesville today. Trump failed the nation.
Cheeto Jesus @jeffcoco13🔁If truly wants to show that he opposes white nationalists, he can start by firing Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller & Seb Gorka.
Marion Otto @roxalot58🔁Best Regards! WTF does that mean? You're not signing off on a business deal. They were hurt by White Nationalists in a terrorist attack.
Ægir Týr Óðinnson 🐸 @daymonjones🔁 MSNBC: "Study: Media overrepresents White Nationalists as terrorists" -
True Federalism @NigerianBatman🔁Washington Post: For White Nationalists in Charlottesville, unease and fears of a backlash after terrifying attack-
TWeb @TracyWebTierney🔁@MSNBC stop calling them "White Nationalists" and call them what they are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS #Charlottesviille #thisisnotus #fighttheright
Sandy Noble @SandySnoble63🔁Conservative says Trump must denounce white nationalists, "We need a president who will call this what it is."
Павел Осипов @Bertold_Brain🔁White nationalists and counter protesters clash in Charlottesville ahead of "Unite the Right" rally.
I AM STILL WITH HER! @DemForever101🔁Is there anything @realDonaldTrump doesn't mess up? DJT, do your job and condemn the white nationalists. Lead the nation, not David Duke.
NastyCrankyOldLady @Old_and_Cranky9🔁Today highlights fact there has been twice as many terrorist incidents by white nationalists in last ten years than by Muslims in America.
Ellen Weinstein @cagney1991🔁Don't forget: Trump's chief strategist became prominent and made money championing white nationalists.
Michael Borkovich @Skullnic66🔁 PBS: White Nationalists face backlash after Charlottesville -
Beverly Breakstone @Beverlyb11🔁"The risks of going hoodless in the social media age: Twitter users are identifying the white nationalists who marched on Charlottesville."
Terri Wh @TerriWh109🔁Today's reaction by Trump made it Crystal Clear to all that he stands with the KKK, White Supremacists and Extreme Nationalists. Impeach Now
C. C. @ColbyCane🔁Worth emphasising at that time "alt right" was being used to describe millennial conservatives, not white nationalists. Moron.
ClearTime.Media @ctmmagazine🔁 State of Emergency in Virginia as White Nationalists March – Video #MIAMI #NYC #HOUSTON #CANADA
Oluwafemi OWOEYE @MrFemiOwoeye🔁What I'd like to see is BLM meeting the White Nationalists in a 'protest'. Let's stop acting like this won't be a rec ipe for disaster.
Ellen Weinstein @cagney1991🔁How surprising is it that a man who promoted a racist conspiracy theory refuses to condemn white nationalists and neo-Nazis?
Doug Hagin @DaleyGator🔁These White nationalists are trash, the Anti Fa are trash as well. Violent, bottom feeding trash. To hell with both of them
rbodpr @ecodaren🔁President Trump ignores questions about disavowing white nationalists following violent protests in
lil bougie vert. @seauxdevine🔁S/O to the Charlottesville mayor for outright admitting that non-white nationalists have consciously ignored white nationalists for YEARS.
Zena Robles-Brecker @BreckerZ🔁. I don't think a border wall or Muslim Ban would have stopped today's act of terrorism. White nationalists are homegrown.
Mandy Cohorst @MCohorst77🔁The White Nationalists were there & had a permit, Antifa was there & didn't have a permit to gather or march. Ideology aside, this smells!
Hard Brexit @Gareth1958🔁Democrats never denounce BLM or Antifa.

Republicans & nationalists always denounce white supremacists.

✊GinaQueen ✊ @ReginaPatton20🔁Dear media,

These are nazis.

Not "an unidentified militia."
Not "white nationalists."
Not "protesters."
Not "alt-right."


Cindy A Martin @eve1753cm🔁 White Nationalists who lost loved ones in Charlottesville remain victims as targets of Whitephobia -
陛下譲位までに安倍政権打倒! @fuckabefuck🔁Chaos boils over in Virginia at what's believed to be largest group of white nationalists to come together in decade
funest @funestmex🔁 @realDonaldTrump CONDEMN THE WHITE NATIONALISTS, YOU BASTARD
Lyndia Edwards @LyndaE222🔁Actually, if Antifa hadn't shown up uninvited as they always do, none of this would have happened. White NATIONALISTS had a permit.
CharSmarFar @CharSmarFar🔁@mrcarmack what is your opinion on using sample packs made by white nationalists, or at the least sample packs made by ppl who support them
UNGENTRIFIED4LIFE @LONEWOLFdc🔁Hey not all trump supporters are racist Nazi's but all Nazi's/ white nationalists support trump
Freya Grey @freyaofasgard7🔁White nationalists said months ago they believed Trump was "nudging them to commit violence."

He stayed silent.

lydia @lydiamalone00🔁 CBS News: White Nationalists in Charlottesville fear backlash after attack-
leafs adancing @Cabbidges🔁Trump ignores reporters' questions:
-Do you want the support of these white nationalists groups?
-Would you call this terrorism, sir?
Ghost Of Prof Gonzo @ProfGonzosGhost🔁@tedcruz & @marcorubio are perfectly happy to run for office on a white nationalist ticket but somehow are disturbed by white nationalists?
DeNeen Brown @DeNeenLBrown🔁Trump condemns Charlottesville violence but doesn’t single out white nationalists
Pat Pinciotti @patpinciotti🔁Responding to events in 1 tweet is difficult. But let's be clear: white nationalists are racists and racism is un-American.
Regina @ReginaA1981🔁You & all who have allowed you to do so without sufficient critique have embolden the attitudes & actions of white nationalists. 4/6
Russell Saylor @RussellSaylor🔁We've seen this Rubio show before. 🙄 Your party already did, you endorsed him, & he stocked his cabinet & advisors w/ white nationalists.
Violet Dempsey @violet_dempsey🔁@GMA Calling white supremacists and neo nazis "white nationalists" is a weak candy coating. #charlottesville
JAMES DARRYL FLOWERS @JDiesel15🔁 WATCH: White nationalists chant ‘Jews will not replace us’ as the march with torches march in Virginia
Can&Will Express @ABrounty🔁But that's just it. BLM & Antifa (which represent the left) & the "white nationalists" ARE the hate groups. Hate is what they're all about.
Charles MontgomeryJr @CAMjr🔁It's way past time for white evangelical leaders to condemn alt-right and so-called white nationalists in specific terms in church!
(((Charles Oliver))) @goroke_mi🔁...and while most people stand in stunned silence, allowing them to rampage unchecked, the vile white nationalists ar e alone in opposing...
Lisa Key @LisaKeyMU🔁 .@POTUS ignores my shouted Q's on denouncing the support of white nationalists & whether he's condemned them strongly enough.
Kyle @ko_oneill🔁 There's nothing wrong with describing Nazis as white nationalists because that's what Nazis are.
Regina @ReginaA1981🔁You & all who have allowed you to do so without sufficient critique have embolden the attitudes & actions of white nationalists. 3/6
Brian Romans @clasticdetritus🔁Dear Trump voters who aren't white nationalists: Now is the time to vigorously, passionately, & *clearly* denounce Trump and this movement.
UODeb @UODeb🔁Condemn white nationalists and nazis. Just say it once. Or recognize, you are emboldening them.


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