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White House Gift Shop Sidekick @waldosjournal🔁At The White House Gift Shop, NoKo souvenir panic has set in like a WalMart crowd at 5 am on Black Friday:
White House Gift Shop Ryan Lizza @RyanLizza🔁Some good deals at the White House gift shop today
White House Gift Shop B Hansen @babshansen🔁 Disclaimer, on White House Gift Shop website, for those who ordered $24.95 Trump-Kim summit coins.
White House Gift Shop Lior Finkelshtein @Liorfink🔁 the White House Gift Shop just discounted the North Korea summit coins whitehousegiftshop.com
White House Gift Shop Steve Inskeep @NPRinskeep🔁Disclaimer, on White House Gift Shop website, for those who ordered $24.95 Trump-Kim summit coins.
Christina Wilkie @christinawilkie🔁Trump's commemorative coin is now a "Deal of the Day" at the White House Gift Shop. h/t twitter.com
KathrynT @kattagl🔁This White House Gift Shop statement about take-backs on Trump World Peace Coin pre-orders is HI-LARIOUS. It's like, you can ask for your money back but you'll regret it...😂
Scott Wichmann @scottwichmann🔁SALE: The White House Gift Shop has discounted the North Korea Summit Commenmorative Coins, featuring Kim Jong-Un from $24.95 to $19.95.

I have a better deal for you though. For $0, your can get your very own Voter Registration card and put an end to all this madness!

Norm @thomasjvn🔁Trump's commemorative coin is now a "Deal of the Day" at the White House Gift Shop. h/t
Derrick @DerrickWyrms🔁Why is no one reporting on the White House Gift Shop site crashing? I need a coin to commemorate failure?!?!
Jorge Marimon @JorgeMarimon3🔁White House gift shop offering discounts on commemorative coins for the North Korea summit Trump just canceled
Seventhwave @Seventhwave2🔁@JoyAnnReid It is the Deal of the Day at the White House gift shop. I’d post a link, but the website is too busy. #summitcoin #facepalm #smh
CK @HRCDemocrat🔁EXPECTATION: Bring North Korea’s nuclear program to its knees

REALITY: Bring the White House gift shop website to its knees

Lisa Lou Who @lisa_simonetti🔁The deal of the day

The Commemorative North Korea summit coin selling at a discount after President Trump cancels peace talks .

You can buy yours at the White House Gift Shop

Vic Bullard @VicBullard🔁It looks like white house gift shop is currently experiencing greater-than-expected server load. I wonder if it's related to today's announcement.
DebbieF @DebbieF12381🔁@krassenstein You are in luck, White House gift shop just put them on sale. Big Lots next
Frank H @F4Rhino🔁Hey that coin is 20% off at the White House online gift shop. I am trying to purchase in commemoration of the hubris twitter.com and stupidity displayed by the executive.
Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong @MichaelHalila🔁Addendum on the White House gift shop website for those who wanted to buy a replica of the Trump-Kim summit coin


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