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White House MSSSchrimper @sschrimp🔁 White House readies order on withdrawing from NAFTA
White House Colin Campbell @colincampbell🔁isn't that every day at the White House?
White House Robyn Jacobson @RobynTax🔁 JUST IN: the White House tax plan one pager, passed out just now in briefing.
White House Mona @angel_star39🔁 The White House Is Weighing An Executive Order To Withdraw From NAFTA
Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy🔁Left: Prime Minister's office readout of Trudeau's phone call with Trump

Right: White House readout of the very same call


Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof🔁So the White House counter-terrorism adviser, "Dr." Seb Gorka, may have Nazi ties and a bogus Ph.D? Good grief.
TBHC @tampabay_health🔁URGENT: Congress may vote to repeal our health care on Friday. Call 888-852-0653 to urge your reps to save your care
Rick Cooley @cooleyrj🔁Cummings: May take White House subpoenas to get Flynn docs via @msnbc | Subpoena his taxes while you're at it.
Akin Akíntáyọ̀ @forakin🔁There's a White House "Active Cover-Up" of Russia, believe FBI, Senate/House Intel; FBI now says Trump "impeding"
Javier Virgilio @wiseoldchild🔁RT if you think America deserves better than a fraud and Russian puppet in the White House.
Deborah @Deborah82823542🔁With days to go before the gov't runs out of money; the White House, Democrats keep massive spending bill on track.
Andrew Jones @KingAJ40🔁Great Plan! Larger Deduction & No #

The White House just outlined its tax plan. Here's what's in it

Molly#March4Truth @Plantflowes🔁Trump’s White House family affair looks a lot like the most corrupt countries in the world # via
Grace @TroisGras🔁While u were watching Senators bus to White House, GOP went full steam ahead on an even meaner, crueler version of ACA repeal. Red alert. 🚨
Janelle Badali @ItsMeJanelleB🔁Left: Prime Minister's office readout of Trudeau's phone call with Trump

Right: White House readout of the very same call


MarVer @mlv1313🔁I wish Obama could attend the White House Correspondent's Dinner and we could pretend he is president for a night.
Elisabeth @Lake_Gyurapps🔁 Good Morning Friends. All 100 Senators to fly back to DC for a meeting at the White House on N Korea. stay tuned.. @FoxNews
Terry Shelton @terrykshelton🔁Little was learned during a rare all-hands North Korea briefing at the White House, senators say
Carol @crossfitnans🔁Now we can add Trump "impeding" its Russia investigation to FBI's belief White House running "Active Cover-Up"
Kia Michette @Kia_M_Neal🔁Senator "...perhaps they wanted to prepare everybody for the fact that this could escalate quickly."
Clancy Javis @Punny_boy🔁. , not mincing words, says U.S. withdrawing from NAFTA would be "disgraceful and a disaster."
Angela Crow @angelawcrow🔁A persnickety editor fully alive to questions of accuracy would not allow the term "tax plan" to be used in today's White House coverage.
MOTR Politics @MOTRPolitics1🔁Facts matter ...unfortunately the current White House isn't big on accurate facts.
Roman Reigns @rawsunde🔁A white boy rapes a girl and only gets 3 months in jail but Kodak leaves his house on House Arrest and will probably get 6-8 in prison lmaoo
Francis Smythe @francissmythe🔁White House Begins Release of Tax Plans: Simplify, Eliminate AMT, Death, Obamacare Taxes - Breitbart
NwaTeacher @steph4word🔁When I look at Lai Mohammed, he is the same who told so much lies at a White House meeting I attended with him. Even Osinbajo was shocked!
Carla#TrumpRussia @CarlaMoulton3🔁Of all the White House's 100-day-related boasts, this one's my personal favorite (because it's so hilarious)
Beth Kujawski @beth4158🔁What the White House unveiled isn't a tax plan; it's a punch-line to a bad joke This is no way to run a superpower
Ivan Nausley @knivan🔁White House: Sanctuary Cities Have The "Blood of Dead Americans On Their Hands"
grandma panpan @flee8250aolcom🔁 Senators ~ White House Briefing on North Korea 'Sobering,' 'Important'

Morning 7 As It Is. @LedJEFFlin🔁
With All Due Respect,
WTF Is Taking So Long With
Demand The White House
Release Flynn Documents.
Clancy Javis @Punny_boy🔁Peter Navarro drafted the executive order on withdrawing from NAFTA in close cooperation with Steve Bannon
Brian Dailey @BrianDa84151542🔁💥🎉Happy Birthday🎉💥
👉🏻👈🏻 you brought class and beauty back into the White House. Thank you!


Heather @heatheryreads🔁Oh I forgot. It's the White House now. Literally.
wife @sadMelania🔁the White House for instance
Mike Snider @Big_O_Biker🔁DING, DONG, Obama's GONE!
Trump loves the Jewish People and happy to have a MAN back in White House.
🇮🇱 🇮🇱
Culture of Truth @Bobblespeak🔁man Bob Corker looks like a man who had been summoned to the White House on charter buses by a game show host


Sandyriccobono @sandyriccobono🔁 White House prepares draft of NAFTA withdrawal notice
Love Trump 🇺🇸 @donnalea1788🔁If only one could remain in the White House to influence policy, I would choose…
AlanAdventurer @AlanAdventurer🔁Trump’s White House Looks A Lot Like The Most Corrupt Nations In The World @morningmika @SenSanders @KamalaHarris
Mary McChrystal @McchrystalMary🔁This White House says they do not have any documents about about the NSA they fired after 3 weeks. Seriously?!?
janet winder @JannaDarling🔁@realDonaldTrump First time ever an idiot in the white house #impeach #noclue
Clancy Javis @Punny_boy🔁 SCOOP: White House readies executive order on withdrawing from NAFTA via @politico
Elizabeth White @LizMarie_72🔁GOP pushback on the White House's reported NAFTA plan—Ben Sasse: "Scrapping NAFTA would be a disastrously bad idea."
Lauren Cox @LaurenCox08🔁 BOOM!! Mindy Kaling Options Alyssa Mastromonaco White House Memoir For TV-mazel tov @AlyssaMastro44!
michael rand @bklyndojer🔁 Keep in mind, the White House tried very hard to say the travel ban wasn't a ban...
Stevie @Stevie22047213🔁@Cali_Deplorable @jules_su @jhansonlpn @realDonaldTrump There is no lion in the white house ,just an orange ommpa loopa
ElitistAlphonse @AlphonseBeliav1🔁White House press release was a total cave. China told Trump to fuck off and this is an attempt to lessen the sting o f their rebuke.
Bill @INhuskers🔁Fred Kaplan: "Trump bussed every senator to the White House to tell them nothing new about North Korea." via
Andrew Liccardi @storymachine7🔁New: FBI believes Trump "impeding" Russia probe; FBI, House/Senate Intel believe White House in "Active Cover-Up"
JJ @HandicapperBill🔁This is what the white house handed over today as their new "massive" tax plan proposal, 1 page explanation. a hair away from propaganda
Melanie @JustMel1963🔁Yes the White House of the United States Government is now run by the Trump crime mob family.
Jorey Middlestadt @JoreyMiddle🔁FBI now believes Trump "impeding" Russia probe; FBI, House/Senate Intel believe White House in "Active Cover-Up"
Aurora Bee @AuroraBee20🔁Shep Smith DESTROYS White House about Flynn scandal. It looks like the White House is trying to cover up the unprecedented Flynn scandal
MadMD ❄️ @laurapedirose🔁Trying to find a White House staffer who is not a foreign agent is like trying to find a male Fox News employee who is not a sex offender.
Mo Better @MoBetter🔁. says withdrawing from NAFTA would “be disgraceful and a... by via href="" target="_blank">
Pam (Cox) Hill @pshill2010🔁Here’s what’s in the White House’s dramatic new tax proposal
Michael Beck @MBeckAZ🔁

The White House is full of characters that act like Burke.

Anything for a profit even if it means killing women and children.

MrsSOS @MrsS0S🔁Who the hell does she think she is? She needs to go back to the boardroom and out of the White House!
Dan Cook @jaguaracer🔁First draft of Reagan tax reform: three-volume 500+ page treatise. First draft of Trump: bullet points.
❤❤PRESIDENT TRUMP❤❤ @Carolin17951107🔁 Senators just spoke about their meeting at White House on North Korea and it's "sobering"
MadMD ❄️ @laurapedirose🔁 The Trump White House is government fantasy camp for the ultra-rich
BuddyShietrok @BShietrok🔁Wake up Working America. Trump has turned the White House in to a corporate smorgasbord!
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444🔁 Why is the senate being summoned to the White House on #NorthKorea
SandyBurke @_Burky🔁. says withdrawing from NAFTA would “be disgraceful and a disaster”
BuddyShietrok @BShietrok🔁Wake up Working America. Trump has turned the White House in to a corporate smorgasbord! #MAGA #Trump #Tucker #deplorables #GodBlessAmerica
mousefide @mousefide🔁The White House unveiled its principles for tax reform on Wednesday. Here are seven…



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