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White House DAE @debbiee75867876🔁 A simple, easy suggestion for angry White House reporters
White House Douglas Davidson @DDave2012🔁The White House hires a Trump hotel executive to serve as chief usher
White House William Henry @willhenry41🔁 Please do not RT this White House picture it will cause much triggering
White House Therese⛵Starboard @ThereseOSulliv2🔁 Trump to host first foreign dignitary for dinner at White House
White House baelani 🐝 @qualanilee🔁 When you're watching House Hunters and a white couple says, "I like plantation style homes"
White HouseWhite HouseWhite HouseWhite House Cheska Palafox @cheskaapalafox🔁Day 8 part 3 • white house! Rained rlly hard though
Camila Cabello @Camila_Cabello🔁.@realDonaldTrump we should, AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE
CNN @CNN🔁The White House has been prohibiting cameras at some press briefings, so we sent a sketch artist
Daniel Dale @ddale8🔁I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told.
Dbleekjour @Dbleekjour2🔁Report has it that the tapes ruse was a running joke in the White House much like all the lies that come from Trump!
ColTim @VoteIndpndt🔁A condescending letter to the POTUS. CBC wants to "educate" on needs of the 'hood they destroyed.
Abbas Syed @syed_zk() 🔁 Declare India a terrorist state: Petition filed on White House website ...…
J▲U @jauhdz🔁 .@realDonaldTrump we should, AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE
JoshintheATX @JIntheATX🔁Unblock us NOW !!! We have the right to read offical White House statements.
Melly @Mel35729586🔁@nowthisnews Who cares, Ted Nugent did it & he was at the white house.
John Flores @JohnMFlores🔁I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told.
hoe biden @erikae_🔁Yet another person who called for Hillary Clinton to be shot was invited to the White House
Greg Breitbarth @gbincodem🔁Intel official on Russia hack: "This attack is really the political equivalent of 9/11—it is deadly, deadly serious"
Annie G. @NoArgumentHere🔁 A plaque for the White House: “Here lies Donald Trump”.
Teresa Feldman @TeresaFeldman2🔁CNN Defies Trump By Airing Full Audio Of Blacked Out White House Briefing
Heidi Lynn Russell❄️ @RussellsRiff🔁When was the last time you saw the whole White House staff "lawyer up" over "fake news"?

Nixon. The answer is Nixon.

lizzie @lizeraly🔁 And he never will since it will keep him in power!
Wilson @wc_thats_me🔁The shamelessness with which the White House overpromised before their bill and misled about its effects afterwards is genuinely shocking.
Sarah Sweet @6d6de02ca54f4b7🔁Trump's losing patience w/ his W.H. Counsel, gave him a dressing down for not doing more to squash the Russia probe.

Bill @twilight19521🔁White House Fires Back at Assassination Threat via @po_st
Fred Kiesche 📎 @FredKiesche🔁"The conservative military historian and Thucydides expert Victor Davis Hanson..." Sigh. THAT GUY?
John Olmstead @johnnyo_1984🔁missed this: Trump White House will give Russia back its espionage HQs so they can resume activity
Cee fee @Ceefee1724🔁 Just leaving this here... @20committee
April @PhinneyApril🔁This is really happening. Because the White House is prohibiting cameras in their press briefings, CNN sent in a sketch artist.

USA. 2017.

Squeakie6 ❄️📎 @Squeakie6🔁. Why isn't Trump and the White House addressing the Russian attack on our election? Seems to be a tell that he's disinterested.
Weird Identification @fearoffreedom🔁BREAKING: White House says Trump not planning to assert executive privilege in relation to Comey's testimony to Congress this week
Michael D @lawnjock478🔁Alex Jones has been to the Trump White House more than the Speaker of the House & Senate Majority Leader combined. Let that sink in.
ian aitken @ian80aitken🔁I'm off today but it must be said that YOUR White House is taking away YOUR right to see and hear YOUR government answer questions today
Ed Krayewski @edkrayewski🔁Amazing how people freak out over some nobody from NH at the White House like it's unbelievable. Macklemore blamed Bush for 9/11 and went.
K.G.O.C. @kOCarter2016🔁 Was Sally Yates @SallyQYates involved
David @imtutwo1🔁Please RETWEET if you agree U.S. media should BOYCOTT the White House if they continue to block all audio and video.
renee dale @rendale🔁I actually feel sorry for the 40% of America that believe thefake news that comes out of this white house let me to f act-check what he says
Donald Ray Massee @drmassee🔁Timothy Harleth, Trump hotel employee, tabbed as new White House chief usher - - @washtimes
Rick Anthony @rickcowboy12🔁 Donald Trump angrily throws his own White House Counsel under the Russia bus #Russiagate
TD🙄 @truthdogg🔁was not a supporter of the idea of a courtroom sketch artist in the white house briefing room but this is pretty good tbh
Samantha Knox @xwkiUaSfceVWhLn🔁 Breaking News: Trump White House on suicide watch #DictatorfreeAmerica #WeAreTheResistance
Cassandra Bustos @Bustos08Bustos🔁 White House banned cameras from press briefings, let that shit sink it
David Abrams @AmericaHbg🔁You cannot trust this white house. They make these accusations but refuse to back them up with factual data or documents.
Casey Uebelhor @CaseyUebelhor🔁White House Correspondents' Association: We are not satisfied with off-camera briefings
Ana Paz @anapazprado🔁We went from having an intelligent man with dignity in the White House to trash who has no clue what he's doing. You' re a disgrace to the US
Annette Sharrard @SharrardAnnette🔁If Trump wins, his will be the most authoritarian and corrupt White House in our lifetimes. Even more than Nixon's.
Victoria @vsansome🔁The White House is lying to the American people, covering up Russia Probe & restricting free press. Trump is the "Deep State" in Washington.
Joanne Mackenzie @uSjFXNe3msapd98🔁The White House banned cameras from the daily press briefing so CNN sent a sketch artist 😭😂
Clayre 🏜 @ClayreInTucson🔁 Analysis: Could Trump’s White House tapes ruse actually get him in legal trouble?
Ken Mastin @KenMastin🔁White House refers lawmakers to Trump 'statement'... on Twitter
Jeanabella @Jeanabella🔁White House warns reporters not to report on instructions about not reporting on press conference via
Palmer Report @PalmerReport🔁Donald Trump angrily throws his own White House Counsel under the Russia bus #Russiagate
Jack Hockett @JackHockett1🔁RETWEET if you miss this Goofy, Caring, Loving, Intelligent, Integrity filled man in the White House!
dl @dbble5🔁 adviser who advocated violence (shooting Hillary) visits .
Chimera Gothic @Chimera_Gothic🔁FACT CHECK: The White House Claim Obamacare Led To ‘Higher Costs And Fewer Health Insurance Options’
Jeannette Palmer @MNettiePalmer🔁The White House wanted a bipartisan statement to warn & mobilize defenses. McConnell et al refused.
Jeff Stern @JJS54🔁Let's be civilized about a bill that will kill people, says a country that sent a racist birther to the White House.


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