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White House Imran Jutt @imran_jutt47🔁Despite Tillerson overture, White House says not right time for North Korea talks
bishprint 🦄 @TURKBISH🔁Omarosa? Fired? From the White House? The place Donut Tromp stays in?
Danielle Scott @TheFemoftheZeb🔁 Omarosa resisting White House security
Rae @Glitterdamsel🔁 Omarosa leaving the White House like
White House Лиса в пустыне @KamiloTapiya🔁 Omarosa fired by Kelly, escorted out of White House in late-night drama: report hill.cm
White House 𝕃ᴀᴛᴇʀᴀʟ 𝕋ᴡɪᴛʟᴇʀ @Truls_H_🔁Is this real life? 😑

Dan Pfeiffer @danpfeiffer🔁This is the Justice Department conspiring with the White House to actively undermine an investigation into the Presid twitter.com ent of the United States.
Jason Kander @JasonKander🔁The Senate is officially in play. The House already was. In November, let’s take the whole damn thing.

Then the White House in 2020.

Yamiche Alcindor @Yamiche🔁On Omarosa's exit: I just talked to sources who tell me Omarosa was let go yesterday and that she was escorted off o twitter.com f the White House grounds by security. They say she is now calling friends saying that she left voluntarily because her year anniversary was coming up.
LifeStylist @AbbyGuguBanda🔁 Omarosa Butted Heads with Trump Over Charlottesville, Roy Moore tmz.me
Tanya @Tanya10049407🔁We had a magnificent time with our man, the , and Melania Trump at the White House Christmas Party while hanging out with (Chachi from Happy Days) and so many more beautiful people on the Trump Train. Merry Christmas. We Love You all.
Jessica Rose @RoseJessica88🔁 Here’s @AprilDRyan on what exactly went down with Omarosa suddenly leaving the White House: snappytv.com
Yolanda @SilentRage73🔁So said she resigned. Other reports said she got fired. SO WHAT?! My energy is on mobilizing and energizing Black folks nationwide to turnout. I'm focused on these crazy Republicans in North Carolina who are trampling democracy. This stuff matters. Not White House mess!
LeanneStar @LStarofDavid🔁Wow: Senior White House official says Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's rhetoric "has prevented peace for years"
Letia @yikesaesthetic_🔁The White House, where officials and Trump have accused news outlets of putting out false info intentionally, put out that Omarosa’s last day is Jan 20, all amicable etc. If so,’why did Secret Service deactivate her pass last night?
Local Meme Mullah™ @_johar_ali_🔁I wrote about how the White House omits number of US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria in latest report to Congress. Were included six months ago.
agvega @agramos58🔁@CNN Looks like this reality show "The White House" will only last one season 😜. So many bad reviews.
supreme meme @whatasuprememe🔁frivk code is hard i hate dust MMM snow bruh wee fry pleep white house
Dotard J. Trump @Dotrump45🔁Omarosa will be on GMA tomorrow. That was quick.

Hopefully they ask her tough questions like how did it feel to be escorted out of the White House at the direction of a man we told you was racist?

Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁Yes Chris, it certainly is America Incorporated, and The White House is now relegated to being simply, the CEO's offi twitter.com ce - - 😰👏👏😰👆
Dash Riprock @PhilMcCrackin44🔁 🎯🎯BUSTED: 👉💩April Ryan Caught Spreading #FakeNews After Omarosa Fired From White Ho thegatewaypundit.com use
Lorraine Russell 🍩 🌊 @chatbrat11🔁Source says the Omarosa dustup happened during the White House Christmas party, and that it may have started with a back and forth between her and John Kelly, who then said "you're fired." The attempt to go to the residence was about saying "hell no you can't." But he did.
Ginny Mangum @GinnyMangum🔁 💥💥👉♥️President Trump gives tax reform speech from the White House -- live 💥 foxnews.com 💥🇺🇸
Tina Gibson @NosbigTina🔁Stuart Stevens, former Mitt Romney campaign adviser, says the combination of Roy Moore and Steve Bannon was "particularly toxic in Alabama," adding they seemed to be "daring people in Alabama not to vote for them, and enough took them up on their dare"
Woulfmann @woulfmann🔁This White House drama is turning into a Real Housewives reunion. But with a far less like-able host. Oh, and has not been accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women.
Lawrence @Lawrence_n_DC🔁Omarosa tripped White House alarms after being fired: report thehill.com Thanks, Omarosa for confirming what everyone already th twitter.com ought of you.
Soothsayer @Theworldisnuts1🔁 uproxx.com
The white House as stage of a reality Tv drama? Yep, it has come that far. Is that going to be the new standard? It twitter.com sure looks that way.
TuckFrump 👊 @paxromana5777🔁On this week’s episode of The Trump White House: She caused a “ruckus” & tried to "storm the residence,” & failed.

“It was actually the closest thing to reality TV [I’d experienced] since getting here”— one WH official

“Omarosa is pulling a Gorka.”

Collected News @CollectedN🔁US White House & state department divided on policy towards N Korea youtube.com
Typpi - KU$H LORD @mlgsmokers🔁Omarosa Butted Heads with Trump Over Charlottesville, Roy Moore tmz.me
kayode-azeez mayowa @mayowa_azeez🔁 Donald Trump wishes Omarosa well after she 'resigns' from her role in the White House lindaikejisblog.com
Elise Flowers @elise_flowers🔁OMAROSA fired, 'physically dragged' from the White House (Cooning doesn't pay) nyp.st
Him @TurnUp_MrTurner🔁I understand you... but companies will pay for it with this "Christmas gift" the White House is giving. Smh.... we ca twitter.com nnot let this happen.
toomuch_tv_tony @ToomuchTvTony🔁*Grandad comes to my house to fix my toilet*

Him: “Find out how much this pump is gonna cost.”

Me: “Alexa, how much is a toilet pump replacement?”

Amazon Eco’s Alexa: “The Fluidmaster Flapper Repair Kit is $9.97.”

Grandad: “Y’all got a white woman up here!?”

LL Of L. I @lndlvry1🔁WP stop with your hateful opinions you know you aren’t News ? Right ? Obama and the Democratic Party had/ has the most corrupt government and perverts in the history of the White House. Still draining the swamp. MAGA🇺🇸
Moji Delano @MojiDelanoBlog🔁White House Aide Omarosa Resigns From The White House, To Depart In January - mojidelano.com
TrumpsBlonde™ Angie🌹🌿 @TrumpsBlonde🔁"With reports" in other words we should probably listen statements from POTUS and White House staff to find out the real truth. I mean after all this time we are going to take "reports" at their word? Nah I think I will just wait.
Dotie Hendricks @dottieh1932🔁Report: Omarosa 'physically dragged' from White House grounds. Propaganda, that she was physically dragged from White House. Don't buy it.
Estaben @eagleraydiver🔁Yeah your right, they are always doing this, I mean we all know that dumb ass in the White House couldn't get elected twitter.com Dog catcher in Atlantic City, let alone dummy in chief.
ash pan @tharunam🔁Now who is giving FAKE news about how Omarosa had submitted a letter of resignation, where in fact she had been FIRED twitter.com ..It is the White House that paddles FAKE news!! Why would secret service deactivate someone's credentials if they were going to be there till January 20th, 2018?!
Fullstop @Fullstop2land🔁., I thought we were trying to stop the spread of yet here YOU are promoting it. She can’t ‘storm’ something she is twitter.com already in. Your headline is not the same as the story. She tried to access the residence while already in the White House 🙄.
Mamá Boricua 💃🏻 @ToniSmithRosari🔁Love the annual holiday tradition of the White House press secretary live-tweeting baking to prove she really did it while calling out a member of the press corps.
Nomad51 @Nomad51🔁Trump thanks Omarosa, "Apprentice" star escorted from White House in dramatic departure cbsn.ws
Agnew @Fire_Soul_Bird🔁African American women voted in unprecedented numbers to catapult Doug Jones to victory. Now the Trump administration fires Omarosa, the only high level African American woman working in the White House. The timing is impeccable.
John Oliver @sokeijarhead🔁The Fox is Guarding the Hen House at the & . The White House Will Have to Step In & Order them to Cooperate with Congressional Investigation.
Keith Ivey @keithivey🔁If this is true it seems Omarosa shouldn’t have been the only one let go. Would love to know who made those alleged comments about black women.
SUPAMARIO @bossdownsouth52🔁Most sobering stat last night for the White House: Trump approval was at 48-48 in exit polls.

In Alabama.

Moore twitter.com not the only issue

Bruce Peterson @BrucePe45400151🔁Fox News and right wing media -egg on their face in Alabama - are making false allegations against Robert Mueller. Members of Congress and citizens must let Trump know that if he fires Mueller he is gone from the White House and going to jail for obstruction of justice.
Nicholas P. Farra @FineFarraFellow🔁The relationship between Trump and Russia is a bigger political scandal than Watergate, the former Moscow Bureau Chief for The Guardian, Luke Harding, told Kim Hill.
Vermont Rock @RockVermont🔁Yet another example of the AMATEUR HOUR that is the Trump White House.


summerday11 @BurchamDena🔁WP stop with your hateful opinions you know you aren’t News ? Right ? Obama and the Democratic Party had/ has the mos twitter.com t corrupt government and perverts in the history of the White House. Still draining the swamp. MAGA🇺🇸
Moritz Morse ⛩ @MoritzMorse🔁After photos of Trump with many of the women he sexually assaulted emerged, the White House now backtracks and says that when Trump says he had never meant any of them, he just meant a few of them.


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