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white house Adam Bains @conturyboy1905🔁 Harvey Weinstein's visits to Obama's White House. (Or, Things you will NEVER see on CNN)
white house Paul Marr @SerendipitySays🔁 official White House transcript
white house Queen Mab @danielle92118🔁@CITIZENKARLS @satin_silkn Try not being a complete phony like The Beast in the White House!
white house beth blair @wybetter🔁 Trump expected to name Kelly's White House deputy as DHS secretary
white house Jaye Ross @JayeRoss1🔁@TheRoot Lying Iz how he got2 White House. There is a requirement required Of him and he really needs2 cum Up2 it
Britni Danielle @BritniDWrites🔁Umm. Where was #WomenBoycottTwitter when Jemele Hill was being silenced and attacked by the White House?
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: White House says it cannot lawfully pay subsidies to health insurance companies under President Obama's health care law.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁The White House confirms it is ending the cost-sharing subsidy payments for ACA insurers that were designed to keep p remiums low.
Joyce McGill @Joycelmcgill🔁Trump’s Pick for White House Environmental Post Once Said Coal Helped End Slavery
James Toupin @Jamestoupin🔁Despite his words, everything the spiteful little man in the White House does betrays deep-seated bigotry, misogyny, racism & hatred for...
Jann kempton @Jann_KSJ🔁Read the story I tweeted and please tell me why Sputnik enjoys White House press creds to push Russian propaganda from the briefing room
Gerri Augustine @LilyRex🔁White House desperately tries to fix Trump’s widely-mocked claim he met with ‘president of the Virgin Islands’
AliCal @alical714🔁 We need more Corkers. More Tillersons. Get this menace out of here!

JG @JenGangloff🔁 Once again, @realDonaldTrump, is seeking to destroy fundamental American values:
Kimberly @1JuliasWrlod🔁Dark blue walls & striking white moldings juxtapose the stone fireplace to create a serene space in CT.
Joanna Meyer @JoannaM11356999🔁If this is intentional it is a federal crime.

Kushner Hid One of His Companies On A Disclosure Form — Then Profited

Michael @mterr337🔁 get that russian backed bankrupt asshole out of the white house #MoronDon
Jason Starr @JasonStarr13🔁But nobody compares to the art of the con man now in the white house. Websites documenting lies we have witnessed in live broadcasts.
Jacques Larochelle @JL918🔁@heyfrase @DCPoliceDept Next stop, White House
Jazmin Cash @jazcash2🔁If you REALLY want to "Keep America Safe," then get the fuck out of the White House you dirty bastard.

Mrs. H @Naturalknots🔁In the official transcript, the White House has crossed out the president's comment that he met with the president of the Virgin Islands.
Donna Bosink @donnerb🔁The BREAKING NEWS from VANITY FAIR means the possibility of removing POTUS via the 25th Amendment is now being discussed IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
alanap98 @alanap98🔁Kushner's "error" allowed him to maintain a stake in a start-up while it doubled its venture funding from investors.

jane schnell @JaneSchnell🔁"Unraveling" POTUS. Sounds right, but JFC -> “I Hate Everyone”: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear He Is “Unraveling”
Coach_Carter @claneh1720🔁Trump in the white house is bullshit as well. The world is full of it today. Ima be honest idk how you figure their not against guns.
risingAbove45 @PerkinsZumba🔁 BREAKING: Jared Kushner hid one of his companies on a disclosure form — then profited
1TN764 @1TN764🔁Two former White House officials turned pundits, David Axelrod and Robert Reich, warn of a creeping Trump autocracy
Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei🔁Seth Meyers: we can afford to keep troops in Puerto Rico until long after you have left the White House, maybe even until Christmas :-)
Kevin Brauer @kevinjbrauer🔁Worth repeating with every new White House travesty: Trump is the GOP. The GOP is Trump. Vote accordingly, up and down the ballot.
Obscene & Not Heard @Whyconoclast🔁 The good news for Kushner is that the GOP that oversees him is just as crooked as he is.
NikkoToscani76 @Toscani76Nikko🔁White House tells court it is immediately sabotaging ACA cost-sharing subsidies - The Washington Post
Jeff Windsor @docwindsor🔁White House seeks spending cuts as disaster costs rise - POLITICO
#DoSomethingGOP ♿ @mercguybrarian🔁These are the White House approved "meals" FEMA reportedly is handing out in Puerto Rico...Vienna sausages, a Nutrigrain bar & f'n Skittles.
Indivisible MD @IndivisibleMD🔁3.5 million Americans are suffering in & . The White House must direct the military to do more to help our fellow citizens
The Human Being @TheAmerican15🔁White House Fingers Mitch McConnell As Media Leak; Believes GOP Leader Divulged Sensitive Intelligence on Trump *RT*
Soon Spring!⚾ @EastStandSal🔁Why why why do they still let the speak. He is the largest Id iot fool in the history of the White House.
Charles T Case @ctcase2🔁@WhiteHouse In the White House you are required to worship Trump
Sandi Ault @sandiault🔁What does he care? It's our billions, not his! Can we get this poor staffer a private jet now and go to the weiner w hite house where the bankrupt secret service follows me around in motorcades of rented golf carts for which I get the rental fees?
janet493 @janet493🔁Here's an Idea...

Let's Shut off Power & Clean Water to The White House & Lock Trump In It Until Puerto Rico's Power and Water is Restored

Raisa Katz @raisak715🔁Its not in the past when he is still having affairs Do u think America wanted that pervert back in the White House
C9 Peneker @Peneker🔁Dear slim,

I wrote you but you still ain't callin.
I left my cell, my pager and the White House phone at the bottom.

Eileen Choffnes @EileenChoffnes🔁White House seeks spending cuts as disaster costs rise - POLITICO
TheOneWhoSleeps 🎃 @skye2earth🔁@Maggie_McNeill @Hal_RTFLC If everyone truly believed Russia rigged the elections, Trump would never have been allowed near the White House.
Carlos Albuquerque @Mullerornis🔁Check out our Twitter Moment ⚡️ “White House Rally & NO religious ”
Beretta 92FS @Boricua21🔁JW filed FOIA lawsuit w/ DOJ & NSA for records about the Obama White House's role in unmasking of Trump associates.🔎
@lizza @LisaFre09181209🔁White House confirms, Trump will stop paying Obamacare subsidies — which amounts to legally culling millions of low-income people.
John Kuykendall @JohnJkuykendall🔁Trump taps climate denier to lead environment office Republicans are terrorist with hurricanes, wild fires & climate
stop it @planoldtired🔁The White House is NOT Trump’s retirement home. Kick him out! Tell him to go on another golf trip & to not bother coming back
John Goodrich @jgoodtweet🔁Thanks to the unhinged Left, we're winning the culture war, and they're handing 2020 to Trump

Tony @2ndAmendLawyer🔁 The dumbest most inaccurate piece of fiction you will read today.
Kelley Avery @KelleyA07553426🔁Kushner made millions by hiding his ownership of Cadre in first disclosure, only adding it when he was ready to sell

Jonathan Gore @Athelread🔁 Trump: Democrats Need To Call On The White House To Fix Their ‘Imploding’ Obamacare System
Simon Noone @simon_noone🔁 Trump taps climate skeptic for top White House environmental post
BD Steiner @REMOVEdontrump🔁@ColSand42 AND We The People hate everyone in the White House,too! Especially YOU! @realDonaldTrump faker but truly>>#presidentFingMORON
HOLY✞ @HOLYKARON🔁Y’all really goin let these white owners who would have been slave masters to make y’all out to look like uncle toms and House niggas
Michael Bo Jr Arizme @dreamcatchermja🔁This asshole maniac in The White House needs to be impeach! What's next? A North Korean War distraction from the Russian investigation?
takhalus ( تخلص ) @takhalus🔁When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, “What’s that?”
Cray cray look at the Trump regime.
Press Government @PRESSgov🔁Scott Disick makes a late stop outside the White House
Diego @DjSample876🔁Umm. Where was when Jemele Hill was being silenced and attacked by the White House?
Marsh Noblitt @MNoblitt🔁 I see signs everywhere that Trump's continued success in the White house is driving the Left literally insane.
NoBigGovDuh @NoBigGovDuh🔁White House desperately tries to fix Trump’s widely-mocked claim he met with ‘president of the Virgin Islands’ |
Bandit @Getaclue77🔁Politico Labels Obama ‘The Closer’ Despite Losing the House, Senate, 1000 State Seats, and the White House
bill leslie @billleslie4🔁@marklevinshow he should- it's been almost 10 years since he had a friend in the White House
Jonathan Gore @Athelread🔁White House no longer support insurance companies but will focus on better Healthcare Schumer now misleading people
Emma Louise MacAleer @emacaleer🔁White House transcript of remarks at corrects where Trump said he met with President of Virgin Islands (himself).
honor sachs @drhonor🔁North Carolina Attorney General sues mad man in the White House over health care.
Luke 🇬🇧 @LukeFromBritain🔁@SenSanders Let's be honest Bernie if you were in the White House you would be controlled by Hillary Clinton.
DonaldTrump News🇺🇸 @TrumpNewsz🔁"Michelle Obama Shows How She Really Felt Leaving The White House, Says 2 Words"
Ponce de Neón @PonceDeNeon404🔁 This reads like a statement out of the White House on how well healthcare reform is going
michele @gabbywon🔁Finally Israel again has a friend in the White House had to of been very frustrated with BHO administration


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