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White House Tena olson @tenaolson🔁 Trump cancels plans for infrastructure advisory council
White House EM @Emanate888🔁 Durant won't go to White House to visit Trump
White House Proto Paula @PaulaSoulsad🔁 Second Kennedy Center honoree to boycott reception at Trump White House
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁Several CNN anchors & commentators are now defaming all White House staff (and tacitly all Trump voters) as racists. Productive.
Robert Reich @RBReich🔁TO: White House staffers, cabinet members, political appointees

If you don't agree with your boss, for the good of the nation, resign. Now.

SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Kevin Durant says he won't visit the White House if invited because he doesn't "respect who's in office right now."
Jesse Stark @NoFascistLies🔁Kevin Durant: "I Don't Respect Who's In Office... and if know my guys well enough, they’ll all agree with me.”
Milo @lweide1🔁Kevin Durant won't attend NBA championship reception at White House because he "doesn't respect" Trump
Saba Athif @SabaAthif🔁 Gov't watchdog sues to compel the Trump admin to release the names of visitors to the White House.
stb @stb262🔁Second Kennedy Center honoree 'declining' White House reception
mjohnso27 @mjohnso27🔁If you work in the White House, your boss has turned you into a propaganda arm for people like this. Your choice. Stay or go.
Benji Black @TepidSharkTake2🔁4 on record declining White House visit: Curry, Durant, Iguodala, Livingston. Safe to add West. Likely Kerr.
This equals a no-go.
Abbie Ruzicka @AbbieRuzicka🔁 Just called White House 24-hour veteran hotline. Recording says only open 8am to 5pm. What's up @DeptVetAffairs?
Eileen Connelly @conndawg🔁Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee called for "radical change" at the White House
Jiffylush @Jiffylush🔁@WhiteHouse Remember when it would have been a privilege to serve in The White House?

Those were the days.

Constance @conniezey1🔁Wish you guys did this when BARACK had BLM in the White house or after Hillary's Bengazi situation
Brenda @brendamaiy🔁President Nixon, Elvis Presley, and the strangest White House... #elvispresley
Mleon @mleon3501🔁President Trump is "without regret," two people close to White House visiting Trump Tower tell me--believes media unfairly hyperventilating.
Jack Malchow @Jmalco🔁The White House is scrapping plans for an infrastructure council–because no one will work with Trump🤣

cindibisenius @CindibiseniusOr🔁JUST IN: President Trump has ended plans for an Advisory Council on Infrastructure, a White House official tells CNN
Karen Backstein @KarenatashaB🔁I love her. "Carmen de Lavallade, a Dance Legend, to Skip a White House Reception"
Kat @Pastorcoach4🔁 Trump is so repulsive that everyone is fleeing
Captain Groucho @2158Scooter🔁Did you see Obama call out BLM and antifa for burning cities destroying police cars being violent no he in vites them to the White House
(((Lizzy Mac))) @NoLiesLizzy🔁Any White House staff resign today? Or did they all show up this morning to work for a guy who thinks the confederacy is getting a bad rap?
1stamendmentguru @SadAmericans2🔁You know what really grinds my gears? The GOP condemning white supremacy, yet perfectly fine with the white supremacists in the White House.
JFlo 🍍 @2jenn26🔁It will be good to see Steve Bannon gone from the White House (I assume he'll be fired today). The disgrace is that he was ever there.
Lo‼️ @864Lo🔁 Kevin Durant will skip the Warriors White House visit. Says he doesn't respect who's in Office right now.
shudsy @shudsy10🔁JUST IN: Second Kennedy Center honoree to boycott reception at Trump White House
Deartax @Brookslei🔁 Republican senator calls for 'radical changes' from the White House - ABC News - via @ABC
Gematria Club @GematriaClub🔁
"The Wall" = 133
"Governm ent" = 133
Trump's bday: "Flag Day" = 133
"White House" = 133

"July Nineteen Ninety" = 88

Pipsy @HumblePips🔁 Gary Cohn departure rumors aggravated by White House communications
Joan @JaneDoeCountry🔁Repairs and renovation continue at the while President Trump is away. – at The White House
Miz Schweizenheimer @erika_ess🔁Another Kennedy Center honoree, dancer Carmen de Lavallade, will boycott the W.H. reception, citing Trump.
JDude @GratefullJedd🔁WHAT??????????? OMFG! No wonder we have Nazis in the white house with idiots like you broadcasting on television! Ple ase go fuck yourself.
Todd Barnes @ToddBar96652770🔁Slave labor built the White House.

The White House must be demolished.

The monuments must go.


You're all hysterical twats.


Jean Lewis Roche @lewisroche🔁One by one...
Second Kennedy Center honoree 'declining' White House reception
Nestor Velez @anbriash50🔁"I don't respect who's in office right now."

If Golden State's invited to the White House, KD says he won't attend.

steve @RichinWriterss🔁White House jitters and Barcelona terror attack expected to weigh on Asian shares
Robert W Raeburn @RobertWRaeburn1🔁 "Now the operative question: 'Why should anyone not named Bannon stay at the White House?'”

Russia's attack on America & implanting agents into our White House is PRIMARY concern for our sovereignty!



ffransis ap ffransis @BranGoch🔁The Trump White House Has Sure Shared a Lot of Fictional, Racist Fantasies Today via @jezebel
Jeannie Hartley @Jeannie_Hartley🔁 The White House infrastructure panel is now disbanding. #NoWhiteSupremacyHouse #Infrastructure
DISTURBED SHINJI @der_Grobi🔁 it makes sense how many of them were completely checked out of racial justice until Obama left the white house.
Emmanuel @Bebzy__🔁Kevin Durant says he'll skip a potential Warriors trip to the White House
Sherry McKennon @MckennonSherry🔁 Trump hates Obama so much he removed his White House bike share station. #PettyAF #Impeach45
CPT Cisco2017🖖🏽 @BenCisco🔁 Respect to Kevin Durant for rejecting the White House trip.
Lardy @Lardy34568548🔁 I Voted for Trump because I thought it would be great to have a clown in the White House. Everybody loves a circus!
Pork Chop Express @MortimersHole🔁Maybe the White House too? Given that one of the three lived there. The liberal "outrage" campaign will NEVER end.
Ben Kreider @ben_kreider🔁Sen. Bob Corker says Trump has not shown "stability" or "competence" & says "radical changes" needed in White House
🇺🇸 BlessThe.US 🇺🇸 @BlessThe_US🔁It's called the White House not the White Supremacist House. You belong in a nut house you crazy lying thieving Poverty Pimp!😂
Nick Gross @Nick1113G🔁NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant to Skip Warriors White House Visit: ‘I Don’t Respect Who’s in Office’ | Mediaite
daisy1230 @daisyg1230🔁@KatrinaPierson Katrina you are awesome and belong in the white house
jahbalon @Jahbalon🔁Republican Senator Corker Calls For "Radical Change" In The WH Memo: Shut up and support
supreme meme @whatasuprememe🔁SAVE MEEE WAKE ME UP harambe dead meme MMM im dead fam #guns toilets r obsolete ploopy white house
marshaII👑princess @rd_run_r🔁 Why did so many people involved in Seth Rich's final days visit the White House before, and after his murder? #SethRich
Lisa McElroy @captiveww🔁Then urge House to impeach/invoke 25th amend. said there are fine people among white supremacists. GOP now complicit with Neo-Nazis.
CHICAGO AL @alsdowntown🔁I'm surprised the leftists haven't bitched about the white house. That's racist. LOL
IC @IC316🔁 Kevin Durant will not visit White House if invited.

#edmHumor @edmHumor🔁Wish these ACTUAL politicians were still in the White House where they belong instead of the YUGE asshole currently i n office. 🙄🙈
Victor Ambrus @Victor_Ambrus🔁 Meth labs and porn factories in a house Steve Bannon occupied. I can only imagine the White House.
IFFConsulting @IFFConsulting🔁The alt-right has an ally in the White House. They'll bait you into violence so Trump can claim all protesters are violent.
Maxine_Watters @Maxine_Watters🔁@chasewiebe @HuffPost @TheDemocrats Oh wait. My bad. He never condemned BLM. He invited them to the White House.
Bekah @BekahChesney🔁As far as I can tell they're watching a gutless Republican Party - along with you - refuse to stand up to a sick man in the White House.
Cuppa Joe @jbattTX🔁Bannon ridicules White House adversaries in wide-ranging interview via @politico
Dave Sison @davesison🔁The Obama Administration had a Bikeshare station installed at the White House in 2010. Trump just got rid of it.
Victor Granito @unclevic27🔁Restore American Glory » White House Blows Obama Out of the Water With Terrorism TRUTH
Jackie G @JackieJackielg🔁Fake news.
White House staffers are doing cartwheels in glee over how well everything’s going.
SenatorU @SenUlyan🔁QUOTE: "The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia."

Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist.

Darius @Flea_Breeland🔁Good Fam #NBA #KevinDurant #Warriors #DubNation #GoldenState #WhiteHouse #DonaldTrump #ImpeachTrump #impeach #Trump
Stop cutting costs @Alt_Budget_cuts🔁Democrats: WH contact with FBI an 'outrageous breach of the FBI's independence' -
Jessica Boyd @subjesul111🔁'I don’t respect who’s in office right now' — Kevin Durant won't go to the White House if the Warriors are invited


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