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#WhereAreTheChildren Ramona Meza @nopalgato🔁 CAUTION - ICE Alert! #WhereAreTheChildren Please share #laloalcaraz cartoon
(((merida montero))) @Goodluckbeer🔁Has some asked Roseanne Barr #WhereAreTheChildren
Bet you she got rich selling those kids!!
Deb @funnyygirl0901🔁 I’m just gonna leave this right here for you all. #OneDay #WhereAreTheChildren
#WhereAreTheChildren Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁 Where are the children? How about we ask Tony Podesta? #wherearethechildren #Qanon
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁This administration has shown callous disregard for the sick, the elderly, and the poor. Now we learn it literally h twitter.com as lost 1,475 migrant children and cannot account for them. Nations are judged not by their might, but by how they treat their most vulnerable.
Chelsea Peretti @chelseaperetti🔁Truly hurtful timing where is your heart and #WhereAreTheChildren twitter.com
Paola Mendoza @paolamendoza🔁., you are lucky to hold your son while 1500 mothers cannot, because your father ripped their children away under a twitter.com vicious policy that he created.

Ivanka, ?

Debra Rock @irocku2🔁Barack Obama: "In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child."
Jack @Jack32814858🔁🌹 also spent the weekend speaking with whistleblowers about what changes need to be made to end human trafficking and answer but you’ll never hear about that.
Flagella Retweeta @wrongofspring🔁Last week Claudia Gonzalez was shot & killed by a CBP agent. I just called a member of Congress to demand an end to I twitter.com CE & CBP’s inhumane mistreatment & abuse of children and families! Call to demand that they & now: 210-702-3059

Johanna McConnell @jyoungmcconnell🔁Sen Harris pressed DHS Sec Nielsen last week on Trump Admin's despicable policy of separating undocumented immigrant kids (some as young as 53 weeks) from their parents at the border. Her answers were wildly insufficient.
Expletive Deleted @FrellingDone🔁Parents and kids have been speaking out about the Trump administration’s cruel practice of separating families. Now is the time to be as loud as possible.

Tag and tell them: Families belong together.

erin 🌹🌸 @eerinchristie🔁For those asking .

Children are being taken away from their mothers & fathers. Held in jails in inhumane conditions.

Let’s be clear. Our communities are NOT asking for this govt to track children. We CANNOT trust Trump w/ our children & families.

Pam karr🇺🇸❤️🐇❤️😇👩🏼‍⚕️⛈ @Pamkarr3🔁Washington Post article, Jan 2016. "Obama administration failed Obama to protect thousands of Central American children who have flooded across the U.S. border since 2011, leaving them vulnerable to traffickers."

SusanBr @grandpooba5440🔁 @IvankaTrump @FitnessGov That's if you can find them Ivanka... The children that is! #WhereAreTheChildren? 🤔
Lightning (LorI Ann) @lightning_74🔁We have to show the world the Trump administration's cruelty doesn't speak for us.

If you don't want to live in a country that brutally separates young children from their parents, now is the time to be loud.

Maria Dautruche @MariaDautruche🔁Are you confused about ? Of course you are. Your friendly immigrants’ rights advocate (reporting to you from vacation because the kids are counting on us to get this right). (THREAD)
Baruc Tapia @Phasther18🔁You may have seen on social media this weekend. It's referencing government officials losing track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children. I sat down with an immigration attorney who explained what's going on
Michael Jones @ImMikeJones🔁Isn’t it ironic that happened on the same day as all of the closing early, all the while is happening? If t twitter.com his is where we’re headed as a nation, I’m gonna need to seriously rethink my future and maybe move to another country.
Sean N🌊🌊 @seaned26🔁So many crimes so little time.
Sigh...poor Bob Mueller

Ambermcgregor @ambernckl🔁While I am delighted that racist bitch is off the air, I am saddened that nobody is talking about the growing number of deaths in Puerto Rico or the missing children at our borders
evecurtis @fireflye10🔁I have been a foster and adoptive parent for 15 years. Removing children from parents causes permanent psychological damage that will take a lifetime of therapy to repair. The immigration practices by the US gov’t are inhumane and must be stopped immediately.

RJ Brassfield @rjber15🔁? 1/3
- Trump's Border Agents are tearing them from their parent’s arms at the border
- They are suffering in detention centers not fit for kids
- They are coming home from school to empty houses after workplace raids
- They are putting their dreams on hold
evecurtis @fireflye10🔁 I will help organize a #WhereAreTheChildren rally in San Antonio this week. This inhumanity needs to stop.
underthematrix @underthematrix🔁 We need justice for the 1,500 missing children. #WhereAreTheChildren vox.com
Yoli @ysr1393🔁Remember when people didn’t vote for Hillary because they believed she ran a trafficking ring out of a pizza shop.
Now, the president’s lost 1500 immigrant children, some of whom ACTUALLY ended up in trafficking rings.
Wake up.
This is who you voted for.
XaniaNews @XaniaNews_com🔁: Here are the facts about the 'lost' minors who attempted to cross the border - twitter.com
Paul46217 @Paul46217🔁Claudia Gonzalez was shot and killed by US Border Patrol last week.

Call and show up for and for all our families, who've suffered at the hands of CBP & ICE: 210-702-3059

Juliana Austin @graceanna_darko🔁I do not know but respect him, know his pain & trust him.
We MUST RT this vid & & & steer AI to positive algos & from evil norms. Roseanne Trump Like Uber Maria Vegas
Rep. Chris Rabb @RepRabb🔁For everyone who's heartbroken and angry about what's happening to immigrant children, there's something you can do. Sign up to host an event or join one on Fri. 6/1, National Day of Action for Children

➰ V Britsch ➰ @Vmbritsch🔁
E. Scott Lloyd is the Director of The Office of Refugee Resettlement in DHHS. He is responsible for the missing children. Phone: 202-401-9246
Fax: 202-401-0981
work: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pass this along please
Patsy Luna @PatsyLuna85🔁💥💥💥

Cracking up on this Human Traffickers!!
Stop dis-information on your Camp 😂😂😂

These are the FACTS!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Lynda Brando @Watchfulbee🔁: A Quick Primer On ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ noisyroom.net
Russian Bobo697 @russian_bobo697🔁It appears your hashtag should instead read: or or or or simply twitter.com
Gertrude @GertrudeOutLoud🔁CC the missing children-
message from Barack Obama:
"In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child."
Gabriela @Gabbie_714🔁CALL. Ask

Keep Calling.

📲 202-282-8495

📲 866-347-2423

Your Senators and House reps
📲 202-224-3121

(Pics of immigrant children detention centers from AZ and TX)

Barbara Platt @blp3🔁This is the REAL REASON they want to silence her voice ! but you’ll never hear about that.
Messenger of Fate @GolfTrendz🔁To ,

We are still awaiting your answer: What the hell will you do to stop children from being taken from their parents at the border? This isn't a game, it's literally TORTURE! DO Something now!!

Mia Resists @MuseOverMia🔁you quoting Marcus Aurelius is as ridiculous as melania writing her own speeches & your father reading a book. . You' twitter.com re ALL the antithesis of knowledge, truth, democracy, decency, & philosophical reasoning. Get OFF twitter & find the missing children
November 6, 2018 @O__Canada🔁See, so-called president .. This is what immigrants are capable of doing when they are embraced and welcomed into their new country. 🤔


. . .

Merri Lyn Nehrenz @_Magicdreamer🔁No. You are such a liar. You know that thing about denigrating the press so when they write negative things about y twitter.com ou people won’t belueve them? It’s not working.
Marcus Quidam @UnasVeritas🔁: The stunning hypocrisy over the 2014 ‘migrants in cage’ photo

"The circumstances don’t matter. The left really just wants to be outraged at Trump."

Starbuck2017 🌊2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣🌊 @starbuck2017🔁

An update with new calls-to-action and a short explainer to bring some clarity to the otherwise complex issue of how our govt treats children at the border.

Thanks Obamas 🙏 @JCali1967🔁The fact that Trump is deploying the Obama did it argument again about means the pressure is getting to them and the scandal will swallow up ALL GOP CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS. A policy that endangers innocent children is unacceptable so KEEP GOING.
Mary Kathleen Kisiel @mkkisiel🔁Yes, it's fantastic to see racist asshats finally getting what they deserve, but don't forget they're the reason we're all having to ask .

Don't get distracted. They need us.

Judy @JYOOP🔁Have you or anyone you know, questioned Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel? What does he know about children being hoste twitter.com d in his city?
Menachem Creditor @rabbicreditor🔁History will look back on this with shame. 1500 missing unaccompanied immigrant children is harrowing, all while gov. is taking children away from their parents. We need action now to stop separating families.
🇺🇸Gehres GWeed🇨🇦 @GehresWeed🔁Ripping young children away from their mothers is already beyond horrifying. But having some of the children sold into human trafficking is the greatest injustice this administration has ever done. It is a crime against humanity.
Undocu-Nestor! 🌴☀️🕶️ @_NestorRuiz1. Read this article: thenation.com

2. Call this number: 210-702-3059

3. 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/1001549832408977409" target="_blank">twitter.com

nate @nate_dog70🔁@senrobportman @Habitat_org @PDTNews I believe that there are some Puerto Ricans in need.

#WhereAreTheChildren, Rob?

Cyane '18 @XxCyanexX🔁An Inconvenient Truth about Trump & - and unless you're youtube.com an active sponsor / opened your own home to these illegals twitter.com I've two words - Thy Hypocrite. Me? No I'm anti-Illgeal-Immigration Ty 😊
Gabriela @Gabbie_714🔁Call at 202-282-8495.
Call at 202-282-8495.
Call at 202-282-8495.
Call at 202-282-8495.
Call at 202-282-8495.
Call at 202-282-8495.

REHANA ( PTI USA) #BlueWave 2018🌊🌊 @polosep7🔁We should fight and stand United with each others arms and legs to bring back those children's who's missing , let's twitter.com fight and ask Trump admins
Andrew Hsieh 🇪🇺❄️ @AndrewOnSeeAIR🔁Your fake-patriotism is so shallow you can’t even make it through a brief message on this, our most solemn patriotic holiday. , like the flag, is not about you. Shame on you.
BLΔCKBΞRRYBRØWN | #NetNeutrality @black_berryx🔁Something to make you feel better while use the WH as they're own little bank.
liz🖤 @elizabethsaraaa🔁 Dear @realDonaldTrump,


We want answers. Now.


UnidosUS @WeAreUnidosUS🔁We need justice for the 1,500 missing children. #WhereAreTheChildren vox.com
Digital Natives @dNativesCorp🔁Cristina Jimenez on Twitter: "For those asking .

Children… , see more twitter.com "http://tweetedtimes.com/v/3487?s=tnp" target="_blank">tweetedtimes.com

college is a scam Ⓥ @motownbeet🔁 Interesting thread about misinformation regarding #WhereAreTheChildren. Worth a read.
SusanBr @grandpooba5440🔁 @IvankaTrump @FitnessGov Does that include the 1500 that are "lost"?
GracieGAGAshihtzu @GagaGracie🔁THANK YOU #ABC BUT #WhereAreTheChildren twitter.com
saml @samlagaly🔁AND THERE’S THIS‼️. 🚨
Donna @DonnaThorson🔁. no, most of those who died defending the Constitution would see you as a traitor, domestic enemy, & a clear and present danger (to our democracy) . . . just as I (& millions of others) do.

Patriot 🇺🇸 @paul3328🔁And in more news that surprises nobody another HRC sex scandal at State Dept. twitter.com
ShannonOakes @ShannonOakesTw🔁6/ It’s not enough to ask - we have to be willing to put in the time, effort, and money to fight this immoral practice or will continue to tear refugee children away from their parents!
3rd Degree Bern @BerniceFarah🔁.

You lose your car keys.
You lose your phone.
You lose your remote.
You lose your wallet.
You lose an election because .

You do not fucking lose 1,500 children who have been ripped away from their parents.

Anita Buchanan @AnitaBu1963🔁 Your administration lost 1475 . Shameful. Your administration claims only 64 deaths in from last year's hurricane. twitter.com Fact: Death toll over 4000. Why the discrepancy?


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