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#WhatILearnedToday FreedomFlooflesnoots @Talliy🔁 #WhatILearnedToday @DocThompsonShow
This guy?
TheBlaze @theblaze🔁.@dbongino joins The Morning Blaze w/@DocThompsonShow.

Watch: #WhatILearnedToday

Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁 Minivan driving soccer mom right hear! #whatilearnedtoday @DocThompsonShow @KAL79 @TheBlazeKeith
#WhatILearnedToday Greg Hall @GHallSAFC🔁 #WhatILearnedToday is that college professors have ruined America's youth.
Doc Thompson @DocThompsonShow🔁The Morning Blaze tv version is having technical difficulties. You can still listen via #WhatILearnedToday
CookieMossa @ValVaaniaGlass🔁 is how really was! But yet we have Libs whining over a golf tweet from POTUS like it's REAL NEWS! 🙄😂🤣SMDH
Dennis👮 @DennisL656🔁💥Trump blames Crooked Hillary for North Korea nuclear progress!💥

Chief-10beers @GrantFelldin🔁🎥 MUST WATCH VIDEO 🎥

Bikers for Trump unite with Black Lives Matter! 😲

Steve roche @roche311🔁
Jimmy Kimmel sucks at comedy so he tries to be an expert in politics and healthcare.

How about NO to all?

Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁 #WhatILearnedToday Do you have to disclose the pet cemetery in the back yard? Asking for a friend.
JJ Chamberlain @J_J_Chamberlain🔁Hey here's a little "gift" to help y'all induce vomiting. You're welcome. . .
Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁 where did you come from Where did you go where did you come from Cotton eyed RACIST!
Nicole @Muffersquish🔁@TheBlazeKeith @realKrisCruz "is this a wall or is this a possibility?" #WhatILearnedToday #ThatWouldKeepIllegalsOut
Bigtalkinghead @Bigtalkinghead🔁Is this what blacks for two centuries fought and suffered over...REALLY??!!!
USA Grammy @seabreezes777🔁
Who convinced Trump to support Luther Strange?

Roy Moore-vital to US

Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁 Just give Cosmo some Carnivora. There. Problem solved. After all, it does cure cat herpes...
James tmb listener 2 @NerfHerder36🔁 is planning on burning all his cotton clothes... right after he does those numbers on procrastination.
Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁Omg then who picks the cotton?! & does it mean pyramids are racist?? All 🍰triangles even cake?!
Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁

Today on : Dead babies and funeral homes!

Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁 Use zip code 78266 or 78108 to vote for the school name, my old TX 'hood. #SchoolyMcSchoolface #whatilearnedtoday
CNN TheOcho @theocho_espn🔁 Liberals get their news from "Jimmy Kimmel". Let that run around the room....😬 #WhatILearnedToday
kit @kits54🔁I'll be listening to podcasts instead of reruns.
FreedomFlooflesnoots @Talliy🔁 @DocThompsonShow @KAL79 #WhatILearnedToday So, these ppl who are outraged over cotton, are they using cash? 75% cotton.
PlatypusOfCovfefe @PlatypusCovfefe🔁@TheBlazeKeith @realKrisCruz @DocThompsonShow @glennbeck I think a #TMB calendar is in order #WhatILearnedToday
Marcy @MarcyWin4D🔁:
- was correct as usual that Trump tower had Wiretaps
- John Kerry and -H are Dark and Dangerous

Clark Kneller @ckneller21🔁 :"We kept this one around?"
Jenn TMBJackhole 811 @Gator_Fan_Jenn🔁Only thing missing are notable accessories like snacks in his shower expose pic


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