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#WhatHappened Jacqui Sundquist @JacquiSundquist🔁 It's happening!

Get your copy of #WhatHappened today:

#WhatHappened tliarch @tliarch🔁 #WhatHappened 👉 #Benghazi

It was Preventable 🎯 Killary

#ThursdayThrowback 💥

#WhatHappened ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁 #WhatHappened isn't trending. What happened?
#WhatHappened (((Casper))) Thinks @suprsilentdave🔁 This is not someone who's well. #WhatHappened
#WhatHappened Katie P @PilotToCopilot🔁#news crime tape blocking all of #southPCH where Manhattan becomes #hermosabeach #whathappened
Judicial Watch 🔎 @JudicialWatch🔁BREAKING: JW uncovered even more #Clinton emails showing pay-for-play & mishandling classified info.🔎 #WhatHappened

Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁If these smug Hillary bashers faced one millionth the unjustified hate she endures, they'd wither in minutes. #WhatHappened
Lynne Patton @LynnePatton🔁Congrats, ! The first book to have both the question AND the answer on the same cover! 🤣🙄
Susan @SeeHumanity007🔁Thanks for having me on today to talk about when I confronted & !
LagunaTick @LagunaTicked🔁Dude, you ain't doing yourself, nor your Queen any favors by championing her farcical narrative about . I'm done, w/ you & her.
DeplorableR @Ruthperricone🔁 Hillary, we don't want to read your book. We want to read your emails. #WhatHappened
Susan Hilgenfeld @SusanHilgenfeld🔁BREAKING: JW uncovered even more emails showing pay-for-play & mishandling classified info.🔎

Jennifer Liles @odanu🔁Retweeted Jennifer Liles (@odanu):

1/ #WhatHappened: Please r/t widely. Relevant today because @HillaryClinton...

Jennifer Liles @odanu🔁1/ : Please r/t widely. Relevant today because is releasing her book to the hand-wringing of multiple "doods"
Trump💊Pilled @CrackerALS🔁Let's remember ! Trump wiped the floor with 16 career GOP Rino's! Then totally exposed !
No W/out wall
PeterRMare @PeterRMare🔁Actually, the perception is that you served only yourself!
That's !
only served HRC!

annie foutz @anniefoutz🔁HELP... lost and she cannot shut up

Trace the Ace 🚂❤️👠 @scroggstl🔁Sorry Hillary But Benghazi Isn't going away. That was your Doing. So Tell us since your book doesn't

Jennifer Liles @odanu🔁Retweeted Jennifer Liles (@odanu):

1/ #WhatHappened. I am not "one of the good ones". Don't be one of the "good...

Jennifer Liles @odanu🔁1/ . I am not "one of the good ones". Don't be one of the "good ones". am not "one of the good ones". I am
Geneva Barbour @geneva5801🔁 Killary?!🤔
👉Allow to school you on why you were such a piss poor candidate & Trump kicked your ass.
archilcote @archill88🔁@HardballChris @slkavney @KatyTurNBC I'm gonna read it right after I finish #WhatHappened. Great job!
Laurie Calhoun @laurielcalhoun🔁's Orwellian reading of Orwell's 1984 is a cautionary tale: Do not mix chardonnay w/ prescription psychotropes.
Tony A. Phyrillas @TonyPhyrillas🔁We Know Rejected Book Titles Hillary Lost, America Won
Deidra Springer @deidshaw🔁In said lack of serious reporting got much worse in 2016. Studies support that.

Jennifer Liles @odanu🔁1/ Thread. This one longer than usual, but important. Deals with and opens the door to a possible solution.
Eric Campbell @Eric_JCamp🔁 is that my name is mentioned in new book! Yaaaasssss! 🙌🎉😊😎 🤣💁🏼
ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁If you want to give a sociopathic politician $125 to sign her crappy book for you, keep going.
ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁 Will each illegal alien in the country be receiving a free copy of #WhatHappened?
Wwwillstand @wwwillstand🔁Oh my gawd, what is IT? Oh, it's just & her ginormous list of excuses as to . What happened? You lost. The end🙄
ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁 I hope there's a chapter on #HillarysStools in #WhatHappened
John ↯ @Moms4MeatyTucks🔁I received my copy of Hillary's book today. 🤗📘#WhatHappened
Sam @samross5462🔁 If we're taking titles by their literal meaning Hillary's book should have been called #TheBigLie & mine #WhatHappened
ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁 Breaking: @HillaryClinton will donate all proceeds from #WhatHappened to herself and Bill.
The Elephant Watcher @ElephantWatcher🔁Here's the drop on reporting guests to ICE. A motel spying for the government.
WeaponizeProgressive @ThePriceSicard🔁I fear the days of censorship are upon us. Amazon refuses to publish my review of . Why am I not surprised?
ladycatherine1 @ladycatherinecd🔁 Don't buy @HillaryClinton's #WhatHappened. Buy #WhatReallyHappened.
Silvanus Publishing @SilvanusBooks🔁In honor of real journalism, here's 's entire BOOK TOUR SCHEDULE so you can all go ask her ! Tell her I said hi!
Mark D. Whitaker @therealbiostate🔁 Best review of #WhatHappened ever. #OwnedTogether
PreviouslyJohn Last @FuqTwittless🔁 couldn't share this preview on & her excuses
Susan @suziepn🔁Over 30 million 🇺🇸women
voted for

...Yet, according to Hillary,
this is ⤵⤵⤵


Kelly Rek @KellyRek🔁🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 for 's new book, : Both the question & answer are on the cover — no need to read!
Miles Tache @Sublimateus🔁America has spoken; being entertaining is more a valued character trait than experience, temperament, and qualifications. #WhatHappened
Trumpocalypse Diary @Survivor333mil🔁 This is my December tweet that @HillaryClinton quotes in #WhatHappened. Still holds true today.👇


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