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Christina Schäning @_Christina_Sch_🔁 When you remember #Westworld finishes next weekend. @benbarnes
Westworld @WestworldHBO🔁Leave no choice.
“Vanishing Point” is now available on @HBO. #Westworld
Westworld @WestworldHBO🔁“You’re not dying here, not yet.”
A new episode of #Westworld premieres tonight at 9PM on @HBO.
#Westworld#Westworld Maria del Mar @marensevilla74🔁 #Westworld Ford: “Of all the hosts I made, you Maeve were my favorite..." Mine, too.
#Westworld #EvanRachelWould @evanrachelwood🔁Tell me the truth.
A new episode of #Westworld tonight at 9PM on @HBO.
AmirAli @AmirAliSg🔁another sadden episode, got me all crying.
I changed my mind, just end it. end it.
#westworld twitter.com
MattRSays @MattRSays🔁Tonight's episode of might be the darkest of the season. Sela Ward was incredible and the conversation about the Man in Black isn't over. Let the speculation begin:
Airton de souza @AirtoonSouzaA🔁Last night played our heartstrings like the London Philharmonic Orchestra. If you’re still recovering, we’re here to hold you until the pain goes away. Listen to our quick review of “Vanishing Point”
Fonald Fuck 🇸🇳 @StefSpA_🔁Anche "Red Ted Redemption" merita #WestWorld
Victor Monroy @vctrmgm🔁 Is Dolores' big weapon on #Westworld just her skincare routine?
oorannob @jvbt82hhs🔁I'm starting to worry that the eventual series finale of is going to be anthony hopkins turning to the camera and informing me that I'M a host
SYFY FANGRRLS @Syfyfangrrls🔁If you’re a fan of the X-Men, you might just recognize Magneto and Professor X in Maeve and Dolores on #Westworld. syfy.com
Rosemary Ruheni @RoryRuheni🔁 I'm still recovering from last night's show. #Westworld
Entertainment/Comics @eandcpress🔁The Man in Black was the focus of this week's . See what viewers are saying about Season 2's penultimate episode.
Tiffany Vogt @TVWatchtower🔁The penultimate episode of 's season two aired on Father's Day, which turned out to be dark timing
Dillon Rheuby @DillonRheuby🔁I seriously don’t know why everyone is hating on season 2 of #Westworld I love it.
Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁The penultimate episode of #Westworld's season two aired on Father's Day, which turned out to be dark timing thr.cm
FoxStark #CoulsonLives @FoxStarkSW🔁Bitch you do not give me sad scene with legends Anthony Hopkins and Thandie Newton + Ramin Djawadi's score playing in the backround and expect me to not sob
In Deep Geek @InDeepGeek🔁My S2 Episode 9 explanation and breakdown is now available to my patrons. It'll be up on Youtube for everyone at 4pm twitter.com ET.

Jodie Booker @JodieBooker🔁#westworld is blowing my fucking mind woooww


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