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@kc1nyk @kylecohenNBA🔁 Tonight: Zaza intentionally falls on the legs of Westbrook for no reason
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 IVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD CTTUU
Westbrook Terrance Ferguson @JarvisSZN🔁 Westbrook when he has 10 pts, 10 rebs, 9 asts and sees a triple-teamed teammate.
Westbrook Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 Get in loser, we’re gonna go WOO on a bitch
WestbrookWestbrookWestbrookWestbrook Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 I CANT BREATHE
Tandy @_FinallyBased🔁 We’ve got drama! Russell Westbrook showing up to have his big man’s back after the cheap shot.
Westbrook Short Track Pictures @ShortTrackPics🔁Dylan Westbrook
Scotland, ON
360 Sprint Car
Ohsweken Speedway 2016


Westbrook gorj ogle 💕 @_georgejames🔁 westbrook’s back on the gear then
Westbrook AK @crossover3579🔁 Paul George seeing Russell Westbrook shoot 12-31 and the Lakers 17-7 in their last 24 games
NBA.com/Stats @nbastats🔁Russell Westbrook was relentless in Phoenix, posting 43 PTS, 14 REB, 8 AST to fuel the road victory! twitter.com
NBA @NBA🔁Russell Westbrook WENT OFF for 43 PTS, 14 REB, 8 AST to lead the in Phoenix!

124 I 116

Booker: 39 PTS, twitter.com 8 AST, 6 REB

NBA @NBA🔁Russell Westbrook (43 PTS, 14 REB, 8 AST) and Devin Booker (39 PTS, 8 AST, 6 REB) go bucket for bucket in an impressi twitter.com ve scoring duel out west!

Dell Marks Jr @dellmarks🔁@Mia_Westbrook @postbigfines Tight!
Laurena House @laurenahouse🔁Appeal for info after assault outside Cellar Vie bar, Westbrook Walk on Sat 3 Mar. We received a report at 9.43pm that a 26-year-old man had been punched several times, resulting in injuries that required hospital treatment. Call 101 ref 44180082097
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁This is STILL the most disrespectful diss ever in my eyes lol.

This man T.I. went to Shawty Lo's (RIP) neighborhood and outside the projects he grew up in and recorded this. Had folks Shwaty Lo grew up with callin' him the KING lol.

Emison/X-men @Robbins17Chris🔁AZ-06: Garrick McFadden
AZ-07: Ruben Gallego
AZ-08: Brianna Westbrook (August Primary)
AZ-09: Scott Menor
CA-03: John Garamendi
CA-04: Roza Calderon
CA-08: Marge Doyle
CA-10: Dotty Nygard
CA-12: Stephen Jaffe
CA-17: Ro Khanna

KG @kgUofU🔁Here's 15+ guys I think have a greater impact than Rudy(not in order):
Tow twitter.com ns
City Of Westbrook ME @CityofWestbrook🔁New England Indoor Track Championship...Westbrook’s Nyagoa Bayak...high jump of 5’10”’is a New England Championship meet record...outstanding...such a wonderful representative of Westbrook and the State of Maine...
Chad Koon @chadkoon🔁@Frank_Frangie Any chance the Jags pull another Dede Westbrook and get Callaway in RD4?
Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁westbrook in the month of February took 45 3’s...made 7 LOLOLOLOLOLOL twitter.com
ηιç 💔 @Roosterfishnico🔁Russell Westbrook (43 PTS, 14 REB, 8 AST) and Devin Booker (39 PTS, 8 AST, 6 REB) go bucket for bucket in an impressive scoring duel out west!

OP @O_Progress🔁@GeorgeFoster72 @bballbreakdown I love his analysis but he has An anti Westbrook slant he never fully admits to.
eleven @Bugz9M🔁Devin Booker on Russell Westbrook cont.: "Before I was in the NBA, he was a player I didn't like. But since my rookie yr, we exchanged words, we were talking trash a little bit, ever since then he's somebody I watch, his passion, his energy he brings every night is unbelievable."
⌚Harvey Specter♓ @Neymarish_livin🔁If Steph didn't slip on flop sweat, KD would be a Celtic.

If if if.

Kept hearing if Westbrook got help, he'd be better than Steph.

He has help. He's a 7th seed, on pace for less wins than last season, and is trailing by 13 games.

But Triple Doubles.

fantasybballbot @fantasybballbot🔁team with Russell westbrook, shrek, John wall, Gavin young, and dakota thompson
Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁y’all lose to the sorry ass lakers, magic, suns, timberwolves, mavs, bucks and knicks while westbrook had the worst + twitter.com /- all those games while jacking more then 25 shots 😂😂😂😂😂
⌚Harvey Specter♓ @Neymarish_livin🔁Westbrook said Paul George not leaving cause they’re winning the Finals and they might not even make the playoffs lmaoooooooo
Anthony Fasciani @RealAFasciani🔁Having said that I hope will perform Russell Westbrook on a farm, IMO that song is perfect. Beautiful story, great f twitter.com low, great lyrics, great beat and it goes on for some 6-7 minutes. He put drake and jay-z to shame on their own song, but much love to them too.
Sid Rock @thatdudesid🔁@SheaSerrano Westbrook's level of intensity reminds me of Creasy from Man On Fire
Thanks for the Tip @TipPDX🔁Funniest thing about last night's Blazers - Thunder game. I barely remember Paul George playing. How does Westbrook do that?
Giovanni @bettericardi🔁 Uh ohhhh...@russwest44 is 21...happy bday yungster...wish my lil bro Columbus short aka Russ westbrook a happy 21st bday
K. Gray @KarlisGray🔁I think KD and Russel Westbrook ready to Team up again

Let's see this happen again. I don't think nobody can sto twitter.com p this dynamic duo

Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁and you mean to tell me westbrook has nothing to do w any of this?? LOLOLOL keep watching the game through ESPN app
No Fox Given @Fox_Tariq🔁36 year old Dwyane Wade is shooting 66.7% at the rim.

To compare...
Kyrie: 66%
Westbrook: 61.5%
Curry: 66.9%
DeRozan: 65.9%

Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁who’s the 1st seed in the East? TOR w ibaka. former westbrook teammate. who’s 2nd in the West? former westbrook teamm twitter.com ate.. Pacers surprise team in the East? who they got 1 all star now in victor and Sabonis are up??
Morgan💖 @glowislife🔁Idk. He exposed that James Westbrook co owns the company RX Ceramide which is the ingredient Tati was saying was “so twitter.com so expensive” but she felt she needed to give us a good amount of it... so effing shady if her husband owns the company.
Jose Fco Garristeas @Garristeas🔁Destacados de anoche:
L. James: 25/15/10
G. Harris: 32/4/2
B. Griffin: 31/6/4
A. Drummond: 22/2/18
E. Gordon: 29/1/3
J. Harden: 26/10/7
P. Gasol: 19/8/10
C. McCollum: 28/6/8
R. Westbrook: 30/6/11
D. Mitchell: 27/5/5
YeahKoolaiddd®️ @Trillv_Hooper🔁do yall REALLY believe Westbrook isnt a top 4 player ?
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 we alI die you either kill yourself or get killed twitter.com
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 A Peeled Lime. RT for goodluck twitter.com
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 fashion nova got y’all lookin stupid twitter.com
Cody @CodyNigg🔁as a way to honor the OKC event i think i'ma bring back the Russell Westbrook/John Wick bookmark that sold out in like 10 minutes <3 <3 <3
Casey Bellon @cbellz13🔁Dude is advocating for Westbrook after he shot 38 percent (12/31) and dragged his team to a loss cause he shot WAY to twitter.com o much. High volume/low percentage shooter much?
RolandTheArtist @GivensRoland🔁Picture I painted of Like, comment and share. How did I do?
GrimlockPrime2015 @NoahTheAnimator🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Russell Westbrook Trust Ice Cold Melo Twice In Clutch Time,Adams:“You Need To Take
⌚Harvey Specter♓ @Neymarish_livinStop hating on the BRODIE 🔁 And Westbrook shot the ball 31 times…… to score 30 points. PITIFUL.
Deborah A Frederick @warbondgirl🔁TODAY: Paul Haar, Saxophone: Traditions for Saxophone, 3 p.m., Westbrook Recital Hall, Free and open to the public. Learn more:
Basketball‏ Newz @BasketB_Newz🔁Russell Westbrook grabbed a mop mid-game and took matters into his own hands goo.gl
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁 omg delete this i look so fat twitter.com
Evan @Tsuneyy🔁. Is Honoring His Late Teammate With The Why Not Zer0.1 'Tribute'. Grab Your Pair Next Sunday.

GrimlockPrime2015 @NoahTheAnimator🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Russell Westbrook Stands Up for Steven Adams!
Amanda Westbrook @Manda_Westbrook🔁Cade please delete this before coach Johnson sees this and kicks u off the varsity baseball team we need u if we wanna win the state championship this year ur slider is too raw to be risking it like this
Kyle Grillo @g24rillo🔁 OKC Front Office really drafted 3 MVP players in 3 straight years ('07 Durant, '08 Westbrook, '09 Harden). That is absurd.
Calgary Transit @calgarytransit🔁Out of respect for your fellow passengers, only if they have bike racks. Most of the buses running between Kerby and twitter.com Westbrook do have racks on them.
Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁if you think you can build around westbrook LOLOL u tripping. that’s why KD rocked and PG13 about to rock. nobody wa twitter.com nts to play in oklahoma or with westbrook. remember. PG13 ain’t have a choice to go there ☕️
Niebuhr John (172-82) @JNiebzz🔁@PrimeKristaps Let’s ignore the plenty of players who left Westbrook and got better.
Kobe dropped 81 @_XxMalcolm🔁westbrook is elite. but again. you PG can’t take 31 shots w 30 points and STILL making illadvised passed and taking twitter.com illadvised shots. no one on that thunder roster is happy bc of him. you can see it. i watch the games i have league pass
@kc1nyk @kylecohenNBA🔁Zaza Pachulia on Russell Westbrook’s claim that he intentionally tried to hurt him: “No comment. That’s childish. Come on. I’m not responding to that.”
Shawn Buckingham @twolvesfanbuck🔁Back in the day - Rodman... current - Adams? Idk, tough question once you take out top ten guys. Would say Westbrook twitter.com cuz of his passion and effort. Ryan Anderson? Just cuz of his backstory.
AnthonyLL @AnthonyLLgamer🔁@demas6Basket LeBron James, Westbrook, Towns, Irving y Porzingis 👌
Bill Eagle @bill_eagle3🔁Ok fair enough, I know the league agrees with you. I don’t and I’m probably in way in minority. I’m not sure you can twitter.com teach what Westbrook is able to do.
wayne newman jr @07060_nplfdnj🔁Listen....Emanuel Mudiay makes Ntilikina look like Russell Westbrook lol what a stiff Mudiay is turning out to be. Wow
Ca$h Newby @cashnewby🔁 Tbh I’d rather have Lillard then Westbrook or maybe even Harden. twitter.com


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