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Westbrook Try Hard Slayer @ShadowSnipeSoe🔁 Our first look into Westbrook's free agency party. (via @GabeIkard)
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Paul George made the announcement himself at Westbrook's party. (via @GabeIkard)
Oscar Barillas @obarillas18🔁 Paul George made the announcement himself at Westbrook's party. (via @GabeIkard)
Mr.Awesome. @awesome_malcolm🔁 Paul George made the announcement himself at Westbrook's party. (via @GabeIkard)
Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob🔁Westbrook throwing a party to celebrate the return of Paul George and Melo, where everyone gets sent home after the f twitter.com irst round of drinks.
Royce Young @royceyoung🔁I’m being told Paul George is on stage with Russell Westbrook at the party. “I’m here to stay,” George said. “We can bring it home.”
danny from vans 🤑 @Stop_Lurking_🔁they not doing shit til westbrook learns that he gotta step back twitter.com
Devarlin @TheRealDevinG🔁 PG is simply scared of that pressure. OKC is a safe choice. Westbrook will always be the scapegoat
Father John Musty @DIEJAMES🔁ok someone gotta explain to me how the Thunder are willing to pay an amount of money in luxury tax that would make Warren Buffet sweat to keep Russ/Melo/George together but couldnt pay an extra $14 million for Harden/KD/Westbrook
Shuri Cherise @shann_i_yam🔁Westbrook throwing a party to celebrate the return of Paul George and Melo, where everyone gets sent home after the first round of drinks.
Steelers 13-3💯‼️ @Reggieb564🔁So free agency begins at midnight, and hmmm - reports that Russell Westbrook is throwing a huge party in OKC tonight...that Paul George has flown in for.

BANAL @itsbnl🔁Exciting that the Thunder are getting the band back together. But can someone justify not keeping KD, Westbrook and Harden together now? It would have been cheaper!
Michael Kincade @mkincade1976🔁 I agreed with what you did last year telling Indiana that you were not going to resign and it would be in their best twitter.com interests to trade you. But resigning with small market OKC proves that you are not willing to be the #1 guy. Good luck to you and Westbrook still a fan!
Try Hard Slayer @ShadowSnipeSoe🔁Russell Westbrook left a family vacation in Hawaii this morning to fly eight hours to Oklahoma City today to host this party, by the way.
Blacktrick Bateman @Wilfrxddo🔁Four-time scoring champ, 2-time Finals MVP and regular season MVP Kevin Durant couldn't win a ring with Russell Westbrook but Paul George thinks he can
Mary Lewis @marylewis12🔁Russell Westbrook just hugged Paul George on stage and yelled, "THIS GUY IS THE BEST AND MOST LOYAL SMALL FORWARD I'VE EVER PLAYED WITH!!"

Everybody is going wild. Amazing scene.

Pretty Flacko @ray_rincon🔁Russell Westbrook is throwing a party in OKC with Paul George in town. Invited guests were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Jedi 🇳🇬🏆🇧🇪 @Yusssssssoof🔁 Russell Westbrook's party twitter.com
JR Smith Hate Page @HarvMMA🔁We’re told everybody wants to play with Lebron James. We’re also told nobody wants to play with Russell Westbrook.

Both of those narratives took a hit tonight.


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