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WentzWentzWentzWentz Kristen @Kristen63136572🔁He doesnt discriminate, he’s #footballobsessed @cj_wentz, @OBJ_3
Wentz Ariana @ArianaAugello1🔁 By the literal definition of the award, Carson James Wentz is the 2017 NFL Most Valuable Player.
Wentz Joe O'Brien @joseph_obrien1🔁@cj_wentz . It was a great Carson Christmas with my family. Get well Carson and Go Birds. 🦅
WentzWentz Ernesto Hancho 🏴 @_ernie_guerrero🔁 The Eagles with Carson Wentz vs the Eagles with Nick Foles
kails◡̈ @_kailiem🔁 Dear Carson Wentz,
Wentz Hoax 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 @ItzAHoax🔁 Seeing @cj_wentz on my church's bulletin tonight is peak Philadelphia
Wentz Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁Wins & losses, highs & lows... always give God the glory and praise he deserves! #AO1
Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁Over 2000 years ago, a baby was humbly born in a manger. He went on to become the greatest gift & hope to all of mank twitter.com ind. This Christmas & every other day, its not about presents, its all about HIS PRESENCE! He is the only thing worth living for. Thank you Jesus! Merry CHRISTmas!
Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁New Christmas tradition at the Wentz house! Gingerbread cookie decorating battle... because… instagram.com
Trivyon Bland @trey_indacut🔁@Valektricity @samoerly @cj_wentz @BryanTheMan31 Almost 200k likes tho
Stephen Docal @stephen_docal🔁Yes just like gun victims. Your prayers are useless and nobody cares. Ur Christianity doesn’t give u the moral high g twitter.com round
BitterTruth @DevilMocker🔁@MikeTheManKing @cj_wentz Yeah but those pagan cunts have a different holiday almost everyday
Joe Porter @Super12Joe🔁@phillygodfather @cj_wentz @NFL Gurley wins MVP
Ray Didnger @RayDidnger🔁 If Santa were real Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz would be playing tonight.
BriziDoesIt @PersianKiss🔁@cj_wentz And the other side will tell you you’re a horrible person for saying this!! Blessings up! HB Jesus!
P-a @PaBas00🔁 Right now, I’d still vote Carson Wentz as the NFL MVP. Don’t @ me.
G+1 @PhilJack🔁Having Nick Foles throw close to 40 times is just unacceptable. It was already frustrating to see when Wentz had to do it, we can't continue to do this.
G+1 @PhilJack🔁Now I know the Eagles need a TON of work to do before playoffs, but I really couldnt care less about what opposing fans think. They have been negative about this team since Wentz was dropping 50 on defense's.
Blow On My Harmonica @TMONEY502🔁@BarryHirstius @Saints I felt good about our chances against them with Wentz
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz I have now become a Wentz fan even though i am a Cowboy fan
Dean Sinatra Jr. @DeanSinatraJr23🔁@cj_wentz Get some help u fucks
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz A Blessed Christmas to you and yours, Carson. From a Vikings fan since 1961!
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz Thanks for your witness Carson. Praying for a complete recovery
Kip Smithers AKA Raphael De La Ghetto @BryanVsBracey🔁Crazy if Carson Wentz doesn’t tear his Acl, he wins mvp and would be playing in the super bowl in just his second year
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz Thanks for sharing TheGoodNews 😎
Rob Shay @poppashay13🔁Eagles fans chanting MVP seeing Carson Wentz on field for coin toss in his all black #11 uniform 👏🏻

He left field on crutches to watch game in suite

Rob Place @real_robplace🔁@Jeff_McLane me too. Wentz deserves it
ar12 | taylor @AARONR0DGERS🔁@NuvoEdits @Eagles i dont live in what ifs, wentz is out, so who cares
BitterTruth @DevilMocker🔁@fatirishman @RonnieStaffor59 @_____ebag @scott10ss @bzank17 @cj_wentz Better than acting like a muslim and cutting your head off
amos:clapthatthang @comebakkid9🔁"Tom Brady has thrown a pick in 5-straight games -- in his last 4 games, 4 TDs and 5 INTs... I still have Carson Wentz [for MVP]." —
🤡 @Husjojola🔁 On this day we celebrate the birth of our savior...Carson Wentz.
Doug @D_DoubleU_El🔁@MylesSheet 😫😫😫 our Wentz left us, Conor
Ryan Hull @ryan_hull3🔁2013: Nick Foles, 27 TDs, 2 INTs, has a 105 rating in the playoff game and leaves w/the lead.

2014: Nick Foles 6-2 before getting hurt.

2017: Finishes the Rams game. Is 2-0 in place of Wentz.

And for some, it’s NOT enough?! Because it’s not “flashy” and he doesn’t “pop!” 🙄

Stag 🦅 @Stagosaurus🔁@MikeTanier @cj_wentz There’s a Disney movie plot somewhere in there.
Joseph Brooks @JosephBrooksPA🔁Don’t miss the point, Philly....something greater than us MUST have our back because despite our imperfections, we’ve been blessed! Trust it and let’s just have some fun 🦅💚
Zach Smith @Zaqueem🔁Eagles minus Wentz isn't Packers minus Rodgers. Still not sure how you're trying to say a loss is similar to a win, b twitter.com ut whether you call it "handled", "beat", or just victorious, Vikings took an L, Eagles handed one out.
Nick Kayal @NickKayal🔁2013: Nick Foles, 27 TDs, 2 INTs, has a 105 rating in the playoff game and leaves w/the lead.

2014: Nick Foles 6-2 b twitter.com efore getting hurt.

2017: Finishes the Rams game. Is 2-0 in place of Wentz.

And for some, it’s NOT enough?! Because it’s not “flashy” and he doesn’t “pop!” 🙄

Bob Kurpius @KurpiusBob🔁@cj_wentz From Bison Nation...hoping for a speedy recovery to you Carson
Grant Hansell @GrantBH12🔁Carson Wentz is a future superstar in the NFL. Top talent, hard-worker, class-act.
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz Praise Jesus glory in the highest! Merry Christmas my dude
Desirée Moore @Desireeemoore🔁 @cj_wentz Amen
Jon Gajari @jgajari57🔁 Try and tell me Carson Wentz isn’t the MVP.
kinsey skaggs @kinseyskaggs🔁If Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus, then why is Christ in Christmas? You’re right, we don’t set out milk and c twitter.com ookies for Jesus, because his milk & cookies is our joy, and love spreaded among family and friends. Without Jesus, there would be no true meaning to Christmas.
🤡 @Husjojola🔁 Who needs Carson Wentz when you have ol' St. Nick? Merry Christmas, Eagles fans. This just might be your year.
ACB75 @Dollarjunior75🔁@Spectpooheagles Eagles are more than just Wentz.
Matt O @GentleSenator🔁@cj_wentz damn. makes you think.
Shawnee Vosquez @GingerVirgo🔁 Though I appreciate you FINALLY acknowledging for the elite QB & athlete he is, DO NOT bash the rest of my like th twitter.com ey haven't played all year too! I swear I HATE watching or listening to your bullshit & rhetoric most of the time! 😒🖕🏼 🖤💚
Justin @JustinKennedy87🔁 RT if you miss Carson Wentz and are miserable without him.
Ryan Hall @hall_ryan🔁Recap:

-Darren Sproles, IR
-Jordan Hicks, IR
-Jason Peters, IR
-Chris Maragos, IR
-Caleb Sturgis, IR
-Carson Wentz, IR
-Ronald Darby, multiple games out
-Cox, multiple games out
-Johnson, out vs. CAR

A team with this☝🏻is now 12-2 and in the playoffs. What’s your excuse again?

Nightowl @Nightowl_26🔁Yeah just sucks so bad man. Really believed it was our year with Wentz. I’ve never been a big Foles guy. Don’t want to let go of the hope but really have to.
#WinForWentz In Foles We Trust @RatedR16_THD🔁 Anyone wanna stick with that Wentz system QB take or ???
vegasdave4 @vegasdave4🔁@theMMQB Not only they lose there qb but it looks like the defense went with wentz the trickle down effect
craig oliveira @KcCraig4🔁How can both of these statements come from the same mouth?!?!?! “Wentz is a game manager and Wentz is #2 in the MVP r twitter.com ace! Big ups to for having to debate this lunacy!!
Rob Burns @HighStakesFFB🔁Foles is not as bad as he looked looked last night but he also is NOT teams have the blue print take away TES make twitter.com him pass to WRS Eagles with home field and weather can help them overcome but it is going to be tough SAINTS D is not bad either, RBS must carry Phila
James Landino @TheLandino7🔁@eagles are going nowhere without #Wentz. twitter.com
Monique Hrebeniuk @healthywithgod🔁USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz Awarded First-Ever Lifetime Achievement Award By Children's Hunger Fund twitter.com
nate sudfeld fanclub president @TheBenNatan🔁I am not exaggerating when I say that Carson Wentz would've thrown 5 touchdowns yesterday. twitter.com
Jeff Israel @JPhils90🔁 Since Wentz tore his ACL:

Carson Wentz: 1 TD 0 INT
Dak Prescott: 0 TD 4 INT

Lawrence @Common__Curtesy🔁Not only was it tough to watch Foles last night, It was even harder seeing Wentz up in the box watching.
SmugPederson @SmugPederson🔁Ok the weirdos who are down playing Wentz to prove a point that Foles will play better need to just get up and kill t twitter.com hemselves honestly no point in having your opinion out in the world
Tina @Tina4for4_🔁@MylesSheet I don't think he's as bad as he played yesterday...but, yeah, me too. Seeing Wentz up in the booth all game was just cruel.
UncleMoonk @SpiffyMiyagi🔁@GhostwritaMusic Lol exactly. That’s why I need them falcons to get in that playoffs. Once wentz went out that shit left the nfc wide open
#HereWeGo #SHALIEVE @Sports_PS4gamer🔁no @cj_wentz no #superbowl tbh
Joe @jburczewski🔁 do you remember when you said Dak would be a better player than Carson Wentz.... do you still agree with this absolu twitter.com te trash take????
*Super Bowl Bound* @TheReal3_JT🔁They came back from behind against the rams with Wentz out...won a division game on the tail end of a road trip...won twitter.com at home to clinch home field...are 7-0 at home with home field...yeah we’re done lol
ً @lcvelyforest🔁 Pete wentz rt if you agree
Tom Bowden @tomfbowden🔁@SI_PeterKing Would argue last two Eagles games validate the case for Wentz. Offense is lost without him.
Derek Gess @derek_gess🔁Over 24 years ago, a baby was humbly born in Bismarck, ND. He went on to become the greatest gift & hope to all of Philadelphia. This Christmas it's not about presents, it's all about HIS PRESENCE! He is the only thing worth living for. Thank you Carson Wentz. Merry Wentzmas! 🎄
Ed @PhillyEd592🔁Love what I’m seeing from Nick Foles tonight. Purposely playing poorly to ensure John DeFillippo and Frank Reich stay in Philly to ensure Carson Wentz has stability around him. A real team guy.
Cali Kidd @KIDDSr🔁Yes ur correct but I'm saying in the first half we should have been running the ball and screens to slow the passrush twitter.com er... Our off play calling cant be the same with foles as it was with Wentz... Dont work at all... Hes not a drop back 40+ times a game an throw it...
selena colorado @AwkwardlyCutee🔁 Carson Wentz still deserves MVP
❤️des Garçons 🦅 13-2 @xsvmmydre🔁did will cain jus say dak is a better qb than carson wentz ? he done lost it 🤪
Andy Tabor @taborino21🔁 After Wentz tore his ACL

Wentz: 1 TD and 0 INTs
Dak: 0 TDs and 4 INTs

Joseph DiFebbo @j_difebbo44🔁Carson Wentz has his jersey on and is on the field with his crutches as a team captain tonight.


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