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WentzWentz Lin☼ @melindaxkay🔁@madison_wentz happy bday luv u lots!!!❤️
Wentz Garrett Hudson @G_Hudson89🔁 7 touchdowns in 2 games?

Yeah, Carson Wentz is pretty legit #FCSMade

WentzWentz D 💖 @dejaplachta🔁 Wentz facial hair in a helmet looks like he is covered in Cheeto dust! I'm crying about this 🤣😂🤣
Wentz Tyrone Hill @tyronehill430🔁 Carson Wentz outduels Cam Newton in Eagles win
Wentz Scoob Jitsu @LaCompaScoobGJJ🔁 The Wentz Wagon keeps rolling for the @Eagles!
Victor McWilliams @Vic_McWilliams🔁 Carson Wentz has ZERO regard for his personal well being
Thomas Grape @grapethomas7🔁 wentz 👀
Spooky 👻 Wentz 🎃 @_pe_wentz_🔁 😂😂😂😂 Google
Wentz Spørt Movïe Gūy @tweetofsportguy🔁 Back-to-back 3+ TD games for @cj_wentz! #NextGenStats

(by @SIMPLEMobile)

Wentz Peter Malaterre @wfblueindian🔁 Eagles QB Carson Wentz is a man of the people #PHIvsCAR
Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁5-1 😎

I love this team. Let's keep this thing rollin' #FlyEaglesFly

SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁2 weeks ago Carson Wentz had never thrown 3 TD in an NFL game.

Now he’s done it in back-to-back games, and Philly i s 5-1.

Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁BOOM
Barbel Blynn @Flynnstoned11🔁2 weeks ago Carson Wentz had never thrown 3 TD in an NFL game.

Now he’s done it in back-to-back games, and Philly is 5-1.

Carpe Diem @VinVinPhilly🔁🚨 GIVEAWAY 🚨

Who wants this QB signed poster? RT this and follow us to be entered to win!

asap larry @larrylockhart🔁 Eagles vs Pats Super Bowl. Wentz is 2nd best QB in the league
Dennis Murphy @denmurph🔁What if they drafted Wentz and Michael Thomas kept Schwartz and Gipson and Gabriel etc. they are a very good team, & he would look great.
Layla @lovelyfealways🔁 The Browns didn't have Wentz in their top 20. Lmao
Spooky 👻 Wentz 🎃 @_pe_wentz_🔁 why not do both
#PhillyFromTheTop @sasksmith82🔁"The game has really slowed down... I'm seeing things a lot quicker."

- on his evolution in Year 2.

📺: Postgame

5-1🦅 @Bvldeep🔁 Wentz floats one perfectly to Jeffery for 37 yards! #FlyEaglesFly
David Edwards @DavidEd53639723🔁@cj_wentz Great game last night, Carson. As a die-hard Cowboys fan I hate to say it but.....the Eagles have found a franchise QB.
Derby Vada @Turbo_Ag🔁 The loudest the dome has ever been on offense is when @cj_wentz trucked the defender into the end zone!
Fly 5ag1es Fly 🦅 @WillisWrldPeace🔁Wentz went for 307 and 2 TDs on that defense with Norman. Hell you think is gonna happen if Norman doesn't play?! Lol
ĸŭr @ShakurNesmith🔁Carson Wentz threw 3 more TD passes, giving him 7 over past 2 weeks. Wentz hadn’t thrown more than 2 in any of his first 20 NFL starts.
Alexis Rosa Morales @Aprinc3ss88🔁In August, wrote about : "He runs like a damn deer, but has remarkable poise in the pocket."
Grandmaster OUTLAW™ @Dr_McCloud🔁 Hue Jackson has to be sick watching Carson Wentz throw those perfect balls. Just sick.
Furkdan Stantmaz @simply_brendan🔁@probablyaweiser @robfishmanx @LABFoles I was wrong. The Eagles don't stink and Wentz is top 20.
Andy @phillysports28🔁This is something I think will be revisited after the 2017 season on the NFL's top 100:

Dak Prescott: 14th
Carson Wentz: 171st

Coach T @_T_J_S_🔁 I love Wentz. This Eagles team is legit. A real Super Bowl contender in the NFC. #FlyEaglesFly #T2S @CBSSportsNet
UrsulaColemanSteller @PrimetimeDiva52🔁@cj_wentz We love our team and, we love you to Boss! #FlyEaglesFly.
🦅 5-1 🦅 @ThomasNumbaFive🔁Kawann Short really saved Mike Adams from getting absolutely ran the hell over by Wentz. It was happening.
Coach T @_T_J_S_🔁 Carson Wentz is a stud, and if you disagree, you have no idea what you're watching.
(5-1) Jacob @jacobakadad🔁@HeyItsKermit_ Also describes Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid
OG Parker @PkBoone🔁@yaboiLdub5 very bold but Wentz is extremely inconsistent and schedule is brutal
Mara @alerriebadger🔁 @cj_wentz I love you too bro
Panda Man @ShoelessJayhawk🔁normally I'd say Wentz, I love Wentz, younger has full set of receivers etc but got to this to late haha maybe for we ek 6 eh?
jake @JakeGambateseDF🔁 Carson Wentz in 2017:

1,584 yards, 13 TDs, 3 INTs... 5-1 record.

He’s a legit MVP candidate.


🦅 5-1 🦅 @ThomasNumbaFive🔁Wentz with a perfect throw. Thought Jeffery dropped it. But the refs just missed a pass interference call. CB pulls Jeffery's arm down.
Senai @PhilthyBird215🔁Another note, this will probably be hard for you to except. But some of the protection breakdowns yesterday were on W entz, not Big V.
Diego Romero @darcromero49🔁@hectornajera55 Wentz
Melvin gordon
Rob Nave @robfishmanx🔁🗣 The Eagles are bad. Wentz is actually bad, Pederson is v v v bad and the team will stink. Have a bottom 5 QB and Coach is not great IMO.
RVNDY™ 🇩🇴 @oscyrus🔁@PlayersTribune @Lanejohnson65 @cj_wentz TOM BRADY JR. (ONLY THIS YEAR)
H.Miller @hm1865🔁@cj_wentz Giant fans must've loved watching that game last night
Daniel Quinn @QUINNinggg🔁We went toe to toe with Chiefs, and Oakland is nowhere near as good as everyone expected them to be this year. MNF at home? Wentz will shine
Chiva @hectornajera55🔁@darcromero49 Te doy mi raking ahorita
1 Rodgers
2 Alex Smith
3 Hunt RB
4 Wentz
Kevy mack @Chevywoods204🔁@cj_wentz i love you
amazon alexa🌵 @neaarlywitches🔁 THE REAL ONES)
casey @CClick23🔁 Wentz and Embiid on back-to-back nights, who even needs Christmas?
🎃Niccy Thicc™🎃 @YoIts_Nic🔁THE REAL ONES)
joey newton @irishjoey33🔁My son is 8 years old he loves you think you are the best qb today he wants to be like you when he grows up thank yo u for being his hero
Tyler Jackson @TjackRH🔁On Christmas day we get Embiid in the morning and Wentz at night *insert eye emoji*
Stephen Flowers @Sflowersx🔁He's been less consistent than Wentz, which is why I have Wentz rated higher. But Dak is still playing at a top 10 le vel..I cam live w/ that
Jim Garrity @pghjimgarrity🔁 "Jim Wentz strung some wires together in North Hall for the first SRU radio station." -- Jim Aronson. @srucomm
BIG DEUBER @Deubie12🔁Yo the Eagles fans are in CAROLINA's stadium for post game with Carson Wentz chanting "Trust the Process" 😂😂😂 this city is undefeated
Jeremy D Kappes @JeremyDKappes🔁 I immediately bought a Carson Wentz jersey after this play.
Adam Hermann @adamwhermann🔁Wentz and Embiid on back-to-back nights, who even needs Christmas?
Daniel @Hawaii_77🔁“I can’t say enough good things about him.”

ICYMI: joined the cast after the ’ win to talk & more ⤵️

Nick C @Nick_Colange🔁@bugheavy24 @SeanyMac17 And he draft history is questionable, minus Wentz and Cox.
Barry Aptt @barryaptt🔁@cj_wentz @jaketapper Keep Ertz in your life...he's helping me kill my fantasy league
Billy Bilger @W_Bilger🔁Carson Wentz is 3 touchdowns away from passing what he threw all of last year.. holy improvement
Patrick Jerina @patrickjerina🔁@CLEsportsTalk @Browns Two years in a row! Wentz then Watson. For being so smart they look pretty dumb.
Robert Dixey @RDixey92🔁Most TD passes for an QB thru 6 games, last 50 seasons:

💪🏼Carson Wentz 13 (2017)
5️⃣Donovan McNabb 13 (2004, 2006)

Elias Alvarado @elias_714🔁Seeing the eagles out there made him super sad! Especially when wentz tried trucking a SS! Romo yelled "not just QB h e's a football player"😂
Dennis Kessler @blueeyedbanditt🔁@breakfast_pod Revisiting QB preview: “I think Hoyer is 50/50 to beat Wentz” @MichaelSalfino @scott_pianowski
Rahul Sheth @RKSilenc3r🔁 I just don't get the hate for Carson Wentz. He's really good. He's a young QB who is still learning, but he's fantastic.
The Players' Tribune @PlayersTribune🔁In August, @Lanejohnson65 wrote about @cj_wentz: "He runs like a damn deer, but has remarkable poise in the pocket."
Zack @ztbillingham🔁This waitress on a scale from 1 to Carson Wentz is a Zach Ertz🔥🔥🔥
Eric Drapper @EricDrapper🔁@NFL @cj_wentz @SIMPLEMobile Fuck The NFL!!! The NFL can go to Hell! #BoycottTheNFL
Orbit Storm @iOrbitStorm🔁2 totes for 17 yards, one a 15yd run by Clement that Wentz checked into. There was no run on the final drive. Without Elliot's FG, L in OT.


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