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DJ JAWA H.P.C @dalieesjukebox🔁 Back in 2005 #CourtneyLove warned young actresses about #HarveyWeinstein


Leyla Khodabakhshi @leylakhoda🔁“’s been credited with reviving Woody Allen's career after He was accused of abusing Dylan Farrow, his daughter with twitter.com Mia Farrow.”
ChristianChristensen @ChrChristensen🔁From the BBC. Woody Allen 'sad' for . Then the classic male response: let's hope this doesn't mean men have to stop s twitter.com exually harassing women in the workplace. The "Witch hunt" defense.
Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins🔁It doesn't matter what you TAKE from #Weinstein now. You knew. And you gave him your silence. @TheAcademy
Politically Alt @PoliticallyAlt🔁Dems Sacrifice to Attack While Moving Away From Clintons infowars.com
🔥DJ Lena💚 @DJ_Lena🔁Dear - given your outrage at the democratic support of - how do you feel about Tom Barrack’s rescue package?
SteveC @OldSchoolGymRat🔁People Must Speak Up & Rid Society of Sexual Predators. People like Bill , & Roy Price must be prosecuted immediately.
psycotria/gab.ai 🐸 @psycotria🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/919994352499396613" target="_blank">twitter.com
grimangus @grimangus1🔁It doesn't matter what you TAKE from now. You knew. And you gave him your silence.
* @autre_ne_veut🔁it's a good thing this scandal isn't just a professional hit on him, and women weren't yet again just used in busine twitter.com ss games.. exploitation of women through using their sexual harassment experiences, brutal, and everyone's falling for it
Kingmakershaker @Kingmakershaker🔁#metoo #weinstein #ivannalowell #bobweinstein you all bloody knew - you're all culpable @GuinnessIreland
1eveil @oneeveil🔁Maybe should ask a Hollywood "actress" to show how one kneels to get a job. twitter.com
Greg West @GregWest_HALOJM🔁 - People who say they are shocked & appalled are Liars. Scandal is going to turn out much more awful then we think - Walter Kirn
Vikki Veach 🇺🇸 @VikkiVeach1🔁And Then She Threw Her Own Daughter At Him ..Please Lefties Tell Us Again About Trumps Locker Room Talk ‼️

Gail Nestel, Canada @Gail_F_Nestel🔁#weinstein and by others #metoo twitter.com
Lutz Hartmann @LCHartmann🔁@ManhattanDA @NYDailyNews So you buried case against trump family and #Weinstein, you must be proud of you!
🇺🇸AmericaFirst🇺🇸 @TrumpSupport13🔁Bloom was working a Trayvon Martin ministries deal w Co, b4 it blew up
Allegedly offered🤐💰to

CDNPoliMike @CanadianPoli86🔁How many times did #Weinstein visit the #WhiteHouse during Obama presidency...

I bet he knew! twitter.com

Randy Connor @randyconnor54🔁Hollywood's issues are much deeper than Harvey Weinstein ...
Saralyn Pope @PopeSaralyn🔁Pathetic Hillary Compares To

Sorry, The Oval Office Sexual "Assaulter" Was Bill

PercyParry @chalongcircle🔁Hey beautiful ladies, have you ever seen ANY examples of toxic masculinity outside of Hollywood?
Amicus @Amicus_Solo🔁While she was proclaiming that onstage referring to our POTUS, she knew the entire time what had been doing.
the pal productions @thepal🔁Look who’s talking about now 😩, in today’s w/!


John C. Campbell @DundeeSoulboy🔁#Weinstein Sorry but sick is when you can't get out of bed, not when you want to jump into bed.
WINNING IN AMERICA! @TheTrumpLady🔁"Trump Made Her Skin Crawl and She Wanted To Look At Him and Say...Back Up, You Creep."

Moshe Berger @lordvarys2🔁 U Damn Well Knew All Abt B4 Taking His💵, Quick! Or Was Like U"Not Knowing"(C)Meant Classified!🤔

Jason Bournemouth @EczemaBoy🔁Be it Hollywood, Fox or the Catholic Church - THIS IS NOT AN INTERNAL MATTER. Serious crimes warrant serious jail time. #C4News #Weinstein
Stupid Ste @StupidSte🔁@Slouloulou #Weinstein is luring you with biscuits
Good-ole George @CompletementRed🔁The #Clinton will keep the filth money! Amazing... #Weinstein twitter.com
Julien Lavergne @julienlavergne🔁It’s not good to be called in this period…
ChicThomas2020 @WithMyPrez4Ever🔁 Was Protected By All These Hollywood Figures Who Claim To Know Nothing

Liz Thoms🎃n 👻 @Lizzie_Thomson_🔁Ivana Lowell on #C4News says #Weinstein is "sick" & a "sociopath". I feel for her as a victim, but this completely misses the point.
Darwin @DarwinVsGod🔁#Weinstein retweet cause this is f*ucked and no one speaks of this time.com
Charles Laurence Lee @CharlesLaurenc8🔁 Is NOT Over

It's NOT Just Adult Women
It's Human And
Child Trafficking

And Pedophilia

TheMadScientist @ThMadScientist🔁Dems Sacrifice to Attack While Moving Away From Clintons DRUDGE… … infowars.com href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/919994352499396613" target="_blank">twitter.com
☕ Steve Plunkett ☕ @steveplunkett🔁 Sexual harassment stories sweep social media after @Alyssa_Milano tweets #MeToo hashtag. #Weinstein reut.rs
divakar s natarajan @divakarssathya🔁Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist theguardian.com "Daphne Caruana Galizia, a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’ #MeToo #Weinstein
Irredeemable_D.Sharp @sh_irredeemable🔁To put a young actress at ease, hardly met with her alone, there were other established actresses present.

Others twitter.com left and Harvey assaulted the young woman.

Others knew EXACTLY what happened (earlier victims) but money and fame!

E.g. Jane Fonda knew, said nothing!

K @ArchitectureGS🔁Crimes of the Prosecutor?Jailing Rape Victims,Seeking #LifeWithoutParole for 300 juvenile offenders nyti.ms #tech #weinstein
Jon Rockholt @jrockster1🔁

Here's a charitable cause for the 💰 :

❄️ Counseling for the weak minded

Be sure you attend!

heykim @heykim🔁Sexual harassment stories sweep social media after @Alyssa_Milano tweets #MeToo hashtag. #Weinstein reut.rs
bev mitchell @Bev_Mitchell12🔁 #Weinstein an equal opportunity BARRACUDA twitter.com
Roxanne Riggs @RoxanneRiggs11🔁. Rapist gave the maximum of $10,000 to rapist Bill Clinton legal defense fund.



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