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Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec🔁Woman’s body found in the trash compactor machine at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's former Manhattan apartment bloc twitter.com k home
Sue @SusanHa58439616🔁Never forget

Strzok, McCabe, Comey claim 650K emails on Weiner's laptop were gone through in THREE DAYS!!

Yet it took these same people almost two years to comb over about 50K Clinton emails.

Aaron Rupar @atrupar🔁NADLER: How frequently does the FBI investigate a conspiracy between a presidential candidate and a hostile foreign p twitter.com ower?

STRZOK: This is the first time I can recall.

NADLER: So fair to say this continues to be an unprecedented threat, unlike Weiner's laptop?


Brit Hume @brithume🔁Are you talking about the report in which the IG said he did not have confidence Strzok’s prioritizing the Trump-Russ twitter.com ia case over the Weiner laptop emails probe was “free from bias.”
Julie O @JulieOssmann🔁BREAKING REPORT: Top Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Gave False Statements to FBI Agents in 2017 Interview! Not only did Huma lie to FBI agents during her 2016 interview, she also reportedly lied to the FBI in 2017 about Weiner's laptop!
GinaCaputo @akaginacaputo🔁BREAKING: Strzok was so angry & paranoid about agency leaks & criticism about how he was trying to bury the pile of new evidence on Weiner's laptop to save Hillary's presidential hopes that he actually weighed spying on & criminally investigating FORMER agents & FORMER executives
Hallelujah Jerry @jerhyr60🔁Hillary had an illegal server

Obama knew Hillary had an illegal server

Hillary emailed Obama from the illegal server

Obama replied to emails from the illegal server

Hillary's emails ended up on perv Weiners laptop

Did POTUS Obama’s emails end up on perv Weiner's laptop also?

Rayburn @TillsonAol🔁That was A HUGE mistake by Strzok, to say under oath publicly it was Comey and Priestap who ORDERED him to place far more importance on the Russian investigation than the Weiner laptop/Clinton investigation.

He passed the buck. It's on the record now.

Outlaw Princess @1OutlawPrincess🔁The 48 year old woman found dead in trash compactor at building where Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner lived (and still own a unit) was named Lara Schlachet (maiden name Prychenko).

Her husband is a business associate of George Soros.

colleen gaudet @cjgaudet🔁I still can’t get over how Strzok keeps saying the IG found no bias in his actions, when that is not the case. He DID find bias in his handling of the Weiner laptop- when he prioritized Trump/Russia over that. In addition, where the IG didn’t find bias? (Cont)
Christopher Redwing @Avianic🔁According to the testimony of the Attorney General in the IG report, nine days before the election she and the FBI Director discussed how a “deep and visceral hatred of Secretary Clinton” by a cadre of senior NY FBI agents “has put us where we are today” w/r/t the Weiner laptop.
Mariann Benway @mariann_benway🔁It was odd watching advocating for all the poor children at the border while ignoring all the poor children Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner assaulted. Seems like the kids don’t matter much when abused by a fellow democrat.
michie{⭐️} @michie12661🔁FACT
Peter Strzok's wife Melissa Hodgman was promoted to deputy director of SEC's Enforcement Division literally hours after Strzok and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were debriefed about the Clinton emails found on Weiner's computer.

Quaerite Vera @QuaeriteV🔁Mr. Strzok... did you or anyone involved with Weiner laptop case ever question Weiner or Huma BEFORE you closed the case?
💥Boom. Fuck you. End of story
Gretchen Gorup @GretchenGorup🔁🤔🤔Peter Strzok: "Americans are skeptical of anything coming out of Washington."

🤔🤔I can’t imagine why!


#DRAINTHESWAMP #walkaway #runreallyfast @kimiw506🔁REWIND: The IG report confirms my Oct 28, 2016, report that FBI had never previously seized or even searched any of Huma's devices, including laptop, even though they knew she was hoarding classified emails on them

Esperanza Hope Carlson @PatriotHope🔁 Woman Found Dead in Huma n Weiner's Trash Chute is Connected to George Soros-
Tamara Manke @TamsManke🔁 claims he acted quickly on the Weiner laptop. No action was taken on it for over a month. Why didn't he take action before Giuliani broke news of it via ? Why did he, Preistap and McCabe hide the laptop in a SCIF? Strzok is lying/covering f/Comey?

Karen Long @kaci1951🔁After being found dead down a shute in Weiner n Humas apartment building, it has since emerged that Lara Nadia Anike Prychodko is the wife of David Schlachet, a Big Pharma executive and long-time George Soros associate.
Mitchell 🇺🇸 @CplMitchell_1_1🔁.The Weiner Laptop‼️

@POTUS twitter.com

Peter Starken @Patriotpeter2🔁Woman Found Dead in Anthony Weiner's Trash Chute is Connected to George Soros-
Via - @NeonNettle
SunRise @saniZzzzzz101🔁Classified documents among newly released Huma emails found on Weiner's laptop nyp.st via @nypost
Censor Ship @CensoredByTwitt🔁On the day that Page & Strzok learned of the Weiner laptop, they texted the word MARKETPLACE, the FBI call sign for child trafficking!

icelady @iceladyisback🔁@EmmittIsMyDog @mikeyj4460 @TheNewBlackMage @jenniferalina3 @ABC @Jim_Jordan @johnpodesta maybe ask Weiner
vic @MAGAourcountry🔁 @SebGorka How about the 'MARKETPLACE' text? Deep enough?


#IStandWithTrumpSuziique03 @CovfefeSuziiQue🔁So now is saying that McCabe IS LYING about saying he was concerned Strzok hadn't looked at the Weiner laptop.

The states that Strzok said he DIDN'T HAVE TIME to look at the Weiner laptop because he was on the Russia case. Strzok says that is a LIE!!

Jessie @justjessie226🔁"The Dog House" Live!

Dead Woman Found In Abedin’s & Weiner Old residence!

Youtube -->


Kathleen Fiscelli @KathleenFiscel1🔁Did you hear that?
•Potential crimes committed
•Never questioned Weiner (even though he was already being questioned by FBI in sext case)
•Closed investigation without questioning the subject of the investigation into crimes committed
Grace Rohlf @GraceRohlf🔁Are you talking about the report in which the IG said he did not have confidence Strzok’s prioritizing the Trump-Russia case over the Weiner laptop emails probe was “free from bias.”
Erin MacAdams @ErinMacAdams🔁Could be involved? Police were called to Weiner and Huma's building at 1 Irving Place in Union Square, Manhattan, just before 5 pm on Tuesday evening. The woman's dead body was found by a building maintenance worker.
ddaley0311 @ddaley0311🔁Exactly! They are exposing themselves. The big deal is, we are cleaning up the FBI. Orr and his wife are DOJ and at v twitter.com ery least DNC. We have an open investigation on OBWH and an IG report covering the Clinton Foundation. Wrapped up nicely in a Weiner Laptop.
Joyce @jf1776🔁FINALLY? The 'Merchant of Death' - George Soros - has finally been 'connected' to a possible political murder. The body of Lara Schlachet, wife of David Schlachet, a Soros associate - was found dead in the trash chute of Huma and Anthony Weiner's apartment the other day.
REVITALIZED METATRON @realMetatron🔁Why did Strzok sit on the Weiner probe for so long?
@realDonaldTrump @HAGOODMANAUTHOR @TGowdySC @Jim_Jordan twitter.com
Sandy 🐸 @KayakSandy🔁Simpleton Wray thinks this clown is going to rehab the FBI's reputation with his altar-boy-like pontifications. Hey Strzok, why did you conceal damning evidence against Hillary from Weiner's laptop and try to run out the clock to get her elected? Exactly. Crickets. INDICT HIM.
Marilyn Estepp @MarilynEstepp🔁🎯ANOTHER BODY w/LINKS TO DNC 🎯


IN: WOMAN FOUND DEAD In Manhattan Trash Compactor…Neighbors Believe Death Is Related To Anthony Weiner’s Conviction

Impeachagentorange @Impeachagentor2🔁. uses his 5 minutes to misrepresent the IG report and smear Strzok's character.

Hice seems to think the FBI should've dropped everything for Anthony Weiner's laptop in Oct 2016, and forgotten about foreign interference in the presidential election.

Sabrina @RescueKids4Ever🔁Smirking Strzok WAS biased. He stalled revealing the Weiner laptop to his boss for 3 weeks because it would have hurt Hillary. The democrats are willing contributors to this scherade
Ret U.S Army @USARMYCOL🔁 you are nothing but an old nasty individual any grown man that would without his nasty Weiner and pee on the Trump twitter.com star in Hollywood is pathetic you are lower than they come goes to show the ignorance of a Democrat



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