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Wed.Wed. Lex 🖤 @Shock_Lexy🔁 Welp you know the deal it's wed 👌🏿💕
Wed. Daygauge @alphabyday🔁$yy 35.57% Yield 3.5 pts. Enter on 30 min Close-Close >= 78.51, Exit 82.00, Stop 78.33. Wed | Wed 1-30 days.
Wed. WX Cranbrook @wc_cranbrook🔁Wed 22:24: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 9.9 C; Wind NNE 27 km/h gust 40 km/h; Humidity 70%; Press 101.4 kPa / rising.
Wed. Event Tracker @Keith_Event🔁I think Event: Earthquake has occurred in Boca
Wed Sep 13 23:25:18 2017 CDT
Wed. Event Tracker @Keith_Event🔁I think Event: Lightening has occurred in Vegas
Wed Sep 13 23:28:12 2017 CDT
Wed. Daygauge @alphabyday🔁$NKE 60.34% Yield -3.5 pts. Enter on 1 hr Close-Close =< 53.56, Exit 50.06. Wed | Wed 1-30 days.
Wed. WX Swift Current @wc_swiftcurrent🔁Wed 22:30: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 8 C; Wind NNE 24 km/h gust 43 km/h; Humidity 84%; Press 101.4 kPa.
Wed.Wed.Wed. turbo babe @mostlymaddycorb🔁Wed👏nes💪day👋
Wed. Event Tracker @Keith_Event🔁I think Event: Wildfire has occurred in Alberta
Wed Sep 13 23:32:07 2017 CDT
Wed.Wed.Wed. LORD OF D. @WRECKSRAPTOR🔁 Wed👏nes💪day👋
Wed.Wed.Wed.Wed. JMC_JACKIMEXTCON @jackimextcon🔁 [Photo]
2017.9.20 Wed
APRIL "eternity"
Wed. APRIL @APRIL_DSPmedia🔁[Photo]
2017.9.20 Wed
APRIL "eternity"
Group Photo
#APRIL #eternity #손을잡아줘
Wed.Wed.Wed.Wed. APRIL @APRIL_DSPmedia🔁[Photo]
2017.9.20 Wed
APRIL "eternity"
dave lackie @davelackieI'm giving away 4 L'Or + Maxi Lash sets on WED! To enter follow & 🔁//" target="_blank">
Mark Rusel @markushome4224🔁@MAGA @realdonaldtrump this DACA Amnesty, not done right, will prompt the left to form a wed...
Baltimore PD 911 @BaltimorePD_911🔁BPD 911 Dispatch: LARCENY | 300 CATHEDRAL ST | Wed, Sep 13th 2017, 9:55 pm | Low | P172562921
Baltimore PD 911 @BaltimorePD_911🔁BPD 911 Dispatch: Warrant Service | 4000 PARK HEIGHTS AV | Wed, Sep 13th 2017, 9:48 pm | Medium | P172562897
Baltimore PD 911 @BaltimorePD_911🔁BPD 911 Dispatch: PRKG COMPLAINT | 3100 FAIT AV | Wed, Sep 13th 2017, 9:32 pm | Non-Emergency | P172562850
Justin Foster @jfoss89🔁I feel you. You're in good shape then. I jumped the gun b/c ARob went down and it's PPR. I scooped him and Kupp Wed m orning LMAO
Rᴇɴᴀᴇ Bᴀʀᴀᴛʜᴇᴏɴ @TheLadyOfStorms🔁@TheOldestRose Frustration was etched on the young queen's features. "Your grandson mentioned a plan to wed Margaery to Joffrey."
MARIALEMARINAIGSTER @marialemarin67🔁As of Wed, we restored nearly 60% of all customers affected by & are restoring at a pace of roughly 4:1 faster than Wilma in 2005.
mary luckritz @MLuckritz🔁TIME TO VOTE! TELL ALL SENIORS to check their email and vote for their favorite design and quote! Voting is from TODAY Wed. 9/13- Fri. 9/15.
Caleb Slagle @cmslagle15🔁Tyler Flowers was hit by a pitch again Wed., giving a franchise-record 62 HBPs this season inc. 32 by catchers Flowers & Suzuki
Daygauge @alphabyday🔁 63.34% Yield, 2.5 pts. Enter on 1 hr Close-Close >= 34.70, Exit 37.2, Stop 34.46. Horizon: Wed | Wed 1 - 14 days.
Jeremy Flood 🌹 @JFlood592🔁Well if you'd ever like to talk IRL i think ull find many ppl in were Clinton voters seeking a better way, & wed lov e to have you
Paul Sturm @CTSportsPSturm🔁Chillicothe HS tennis' Hannah Cypert/Hunter Keithley won #1 doubles title in Wed.'s Excelsior Springs trny. CHS either 2nd or 3rd as team.
Mike Barnbaum @SacKingFan4Life🔁Early indication might have slight ch. next Wed. Looks like it might miss Sac area. Big hello to
DeyvID HolQIn @DeyvID_KDF🔁Watch playing Adventures on 's Wed 9:30pm PT
K V BABU. 💯% @KVBABU10🔁If a guy takes you out for a romantic date on Tue and Wed nights this season instead of watching UEFA, it's Not love ,He's an Arsenal fan😊😊
CasinoWinners @GamblingWinners🔁Ontario #Ontario49 for Thu-Sep-14 : Coming Soon Next Draw: Wed-Dec-31 JP: CAD 2 Million
CasinoWinners @GamblingWinners🔁Austria #Lotto for Thu-Sep-14 : 5+14+23+27+31+45 + 29 Next Draw: Wed-Dec-31 JP: € 1 Million
CasinoWinners @GamblingWinners🔁Romania #Lotto649 for Thu-Sep-14 : 20+21+25+37+45+48 Next Draw: Wed-Dec-31 JP: lei 2.9 Million
CasinoWinners @GamblingWinners🔁U.K. #Thunderball for Thu-Sep-14 : 11+19+25+26+29 + 4 Next Draw: Wed-Dec-31 JP: £ 500 K
CasinoWinners @GamblingWinners🔁Brazil #DuplaSena for Thu-Sep-14 : 15+32+37+41+42+46 Next Draw: Wed-Dec-31 JP: R$ 2.1 Million
HER|Serendipity @Lee_Shi_Ah🔁hi ! happy Wed! please play by 💙thank you 😉
みーや★ @NS944A🔁Kennedy Space Center will remain closed Wed. after a variety of damage was identified from Hurricane :
chai babe @rachaeltaylor96🔁Me: It's Wed, kinda late, I'm tired, I should go to bed.
Weed: No.
Weed: Here, have a drink... Have another. Start a movie. Snack?
Cegerxwin Roj @CegerxwinRoj3🔁Action Against Erdogan. Stand in solidarity with the Rojava Revolution Wed, Sept 20th, 12pm
UN Headquarters

mads ands @maddieands🔁NEXT WEEK!

CYC Westside - Wed, Sept 20, 6:30 pm at the Downtown Campus

CYC Eastside - Thurs, Sept 21, 6:30 pm at the Kirkland Campus

J-Rock @Jordaneous31🔁I have the #1 waiver priority too. If someone wanted him bad enough he'd be gone. Who league watches WA/FR timeline come Wed am at 4:05am
Ari Weintraub @Floejisan🔁dumb on a wed? sure
rob michaels @Rob_michaels312🔁Wed. Action: We won't be able to unless we keep the pressure on . Call his office today: 614-466-2655
Pete Repeat @itsPeteRepeat🔁It's overreaction Wed night. Trump is playing them. Schumer is a pedophile, Pelosi is senile, and Trump knows it. Trust the man
Mike @klralms🔁Last Wed admitted she unmasked officials, said that BHO Admin felt "misled" by UAE.
Usain St. Leo Bolt @austlnroseber🔁CAN IT BE ALREADY?

2NIGHT's the last WED NIGHT of .

That means it's also the last WED !


Diego C. @Dcasanova24🔁Spirit week is next week!

Mon: Tacky tourist
Tue: Twin Tuesday
Wed: Disney Day
Thur: Throwback Thursday
Fri: Longhorn Spirit Colors!

Botty McBot @bibowatt🔁Noses are wed tulips are blue
Dalan Vanterpool @dalanv🔁 If you're collecting physical donations, we'd like to help.
Mase @MoyerM5🔁Demsys nice AF on Wed
WX Cold Lake @wf_coldlake🔁Wed 22:26: Frost advisory in effect. Mainly cloudy. 40% chance of showers late this evening and after midnight. Low +2 w/ patchy frost.
ET Fernandez @RiverRose10🔁One more week until these dweebs reunite for season 2! The special 1-hour premiere of airs Wed 9/20 at 10/9c on NBC.
Cynthialee yatsko @Cynthia29895624🔁 Right Now on Facebook!! 6p/CST
9-13-17 WED Update⁰⁰WISDOM-TALK

re-airing 'The Crisis In Your Assignment'.!!

Tropics and Winter @sportsnweather🔁The Canadian (CFC) model has been consistent with getting close to the Cape. Here, a Category 1 hurricane makes land fall next Wed.
FWC @FamilyWorship5🔁 wed. Night😊? ?
WVHS Booster Club @WVHS_Boosters🔁WV HC SPIRIT DAYS:


DJ Jazzy L @jazzylounge🔁Marschmellows "Soulpower (Jazzanova Rework)"
#nowplaying #downtempo #nujazz #lounge
109-116 wed
Joel Schiff @joel_schiff🔁@treavturner Wonderful game Wed. I admire & appreciate how HARD you are trying in every way to help the team that is struggling now.
سهد امام @55JS1892🔁Thanks for your shout out. Were hoping you were speaking from experience. If not, wed love a visit from you
Ryan @keepinL4Dalive🔁Lightning strikes as a storm makes its way through the Las Valley on Wed. Aug. 30, 2017, as seen from
SpillWords @Spill_Words🔁With witching hour loosed
To weathered wishes wed
Long since lost bemused
For patients loving fled
Catholic Wedding @catholic_wed🔁 Intimate Modern Romantic Wedding Celebration: The Reception -->
Catholic Wedding @catholic_wed🔁22 Places to Honeymoon in Mexico
NI Canary @NITestCanary🔁NiTwitterCanary : Now is now Wed Sep 13 23:30:02 2017
Gianna Demarco ❣😘🐶 @GiannaDemarcoXO🔁@bbupdates IT's Wed. Don't they get something tonight from @PopTV
AYosco Stronk @aaron23air🔁@Wed_FightNite fantastic stream tonight guys, thanks for hosting us. Was very fun. Great match!
Level 29 BBS @Level29_BBS🔁Jonathon Buzbee has left the building Wed 21:29
hanani @hananghafur🔁If a guy takes you out for a romantic date on a Tue/Wed night this season instead of watching the UCL, it's Not love. He's an Arsenal fan.
Jeff Ranieri @JeffRanieri🔁Early indication might have slight ch. next Wed. Looks like it might miss Sac area. Big hello to
Alexander Ghali @AlexanderGhali🔁and web for a while there, they say it was Hurricane Irma. It's just me. WED 13 SEP 2017. #2PizzaSlices. #DietMountainDew5. \
donn satrom @dbs7🔁@PhilMackey @1500ESPNJudd 7 mid-inning pitching changes turn fast moving #MnTwins game into drudgery Wed night. What can #MLB do?
Honolulu Traffic @hpdtraffic🔁Wed 9/13 6:16pm: Motor Vehicle Collision (96), KUNIA RD + LYMAN RD, Wahiawa #hitraffic
Honolulu Traffic @hpdtraffic🔁Wed 9/13 6:10pm: Motor Vehicle Collision (95), S KING ST + VICTORIA ST, Honolulu #hitraffic
EA Student Council @EAHSCouncil🔁Sorry for the confusion, the powderpuff game is on Wed. sept 20th at 6pm
WX Cold Lake @ww_coldlake🔁Wed 22:25: Frost advisory in effect.:
WednesdayNightFights @Wed_FightNite🔁Wednesday Night Fights: via @YouTube
Internships @ifindinternship🔁 Warriors! Wed Sept 20 is the deadline to apply for that awesome job shadow or internship!
Double Deelite @doubledeelite7🔁3.5 #earthquake! Wed Sep 13 15:21:27 PDT 2017 near 4km W of Imperial, CA new
Double Deelite @doubledeelite7🔁4.0 #earthquake! Wed Sep 13 19:53:11 PDT 2017 near 19km SE of Soda Springs, Idaho new
Shaza Zeheb @Elkington9Elki🔁Thanks @SmallishEstelle for your @Telegraph shout out. Were hoping you were speaking from experience. If not, wed love a visit from you
Matthew Baron @mbaron🔁Stayed up way too late starting one of two teem projects. It's the third Wed of the semester.
Level 29 BBS @Level29_BBS🔁Jonathon Buzbee just logged on to Wed 21:24
mia @miaaaagarciaa🔁
•mon: movie monday •
•tues: twin tuesday•
•wed: brook strong (class day)•
•thurs: tropical thursday•
•fri: brook spirt day/ mum day•
Emma Petty @emmest12🔁my neighbor over here bee-bopping like it's not a Wed. night @ 11:30 PM. I mean come on dude
r.j. donahue @Paracelsus🔁"Some" women + men. Reminds me too much of my ex: 15 yrs wed, 3 sons, no reason given for 2 yrs of serial adultery o r her unilateral divorce


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