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Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma🔁Wayne LaPierre – the head of the – gave a big speech today & made it clear that he isn’t a fan of mine. And you know twitter.com what? That’s perfectly fine by me. The feeling is mutual.
Laurie 👠Covfefe 🌟 @poodlelove55🔁"I call on every citizen who loves this country and treasures its freedom to
stand and unflinchingly defend the Second Amendment, the one freedom
that protects us all." - Wayne LaPierre 👏 👏 👏
Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor🔁Wayne LaPierre and the leadership can attack me all day long. I'm not worried about that. But for them to dodge resp twitter.com onsibility and try to shift the blame to the FBI and law enforcement is sick. This country would be a lot safer without the influence of Wayne LaPierre.
Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma🔁Wayne LaPierre can call me whatever he wants. He doesn’t scare me. You know what scares Wayne LaPierre? That people w twitter.com ill lift their voices & demand action. That his name-calling & bullying won’t work anymore.
Rick A Claus @rickaclaus🔁Wayne LaPierre

Where in the Bible did "GOD grant Americans the right to bear arms as our American birthright"?

11th commandment?

Moses at the Burning Bush?

Sermon on the Mount?

Gotta be the Last Supper?

Dumbest fucking statement ever.

Todd Askins 🇺🇸 ⚓️ @ToddAskins🔁"Schumer shook my hand to get all the mental health records in system & then he went back to the Hill, you know what he did...Absolutely nada! How many lives might’ve been saved if he had just kept his word?... liars to the core”
~Wayne LaPierre

Linda3 @linda3_4🔁Wayne LaPierre is attacking FBI same time FBI is investigating whether Russian operatives funneled $$$$ to NRA in 2016--noted
Cooper smith @thebigcoopdaddy🔁Watching Wayne LaPierre run scared from kids and claim the backing of 5 million members reminded me of this bit of brilliance from , in which he laid bare how NRA “membership” really works.
http:TraceLaraHentz @Trace15🔁“LaPierre’s net worth is $10 million — blood money wrapped up in ‘freedom.’ Wayne LaPierre is anything but an intelle twitter.com ctual elite.” — 
John Blank @johnblank100🔁Point #3: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre works for Small Arms Manufacturers, by working his magic with right-wing followers, who drink the Kool-aid
Margaret O @WomensWorkNY🔁Philando Castile's mom slams NRA chief Wayne LaPierre as a hypocrite: "If he really cared about the good guys out here, he would have stood up for my son."
Lovella De La Cruz @lovella1975🔁“The one freedom that protects us all.” - Wayne LaPierre

Is this what the is referring to?

John Ellis @PlaynCharacter🔁Companies jostle each other to do business with the Church of Scientology and its PSYCHIATIC DRUG SIDE EFFECTS CAUSE twitter.com TERRIBLE VIOLENCE warnings.

Wayne LaPierre and Donald are doing it wrong.

BЯΣƬ @crewislife🔁ICYMI: Via : NRA Leader Warns That Democrats Want to Build a Socialist Cloud Database of Parents’ Spanking Habits twitter.com
Republican Women BC @RWofBC🔁“It’s a bizarre fact that in this country our jewelry stores all over this country are more important than our children.” - CEO Wayne LaPierre at
DrROBschiz @Rfravel🔁A few? Have you been paying attention to NRA conduct? They are officially gun owners worsts enemy. They are extremist twitter.com and psychotic and far from transparent. A mere shell of whatever it stood for when it began. Did you see Dana Loesh and Wayne LaPierre speak????
TMac @TracyMacNish🔁NRA's Wayne LaPierre used his first speech since the Parkland shooting to criticize gun control advocates.
paige ongpin @pagong0210🔁"Our banks, our airports, our NBA & NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians, they're all more protected than our children. Evil walks among us & God help us if we don't harden our schools & protect our kids"

~Wayne LaPierre 🎯

Dvan1313 @dvan1313🔁"Charles Schumer shook my hand to get all the mental health records in the system & then he went back to Capitol Hill & you know what he did...Absolutely nothing! How many lives might have been saved if he had just kept his promise? They're liars to the core"—Wayne LaPierre
Carissa Smith @rissajo2🔁The NRA has its bloody hand jammed so far up Trump's ass that you can actually see Wayne LaPierre's boney fingers working Trump's mouth like the puppet he is.
Zimzalagrim @Zimzalagrim🔁Wayne LaPierre’s speech at made one thing clear: leaders need to stop listening to Wayne LaPierre and the & start listening to the voices that actually matter - those of the students of & all of the people rising up & demanding real action on .
Ventura County DSA @VCDemSocialists🔁On the day Wayne LaPierre of the NRA made a red-baiting speech about DSA, the number of new members signing up to... fb.me
Herbert B @HLB77060🔁Wayne LaPierre says NRA originally created NICS background check system

They did support compromise language that ultimately led to NICS

But it was as an alternative to a five-day waiting period to buy a gun

And only applied to federal licensed gun dealers

Hence our loopholes

doogabaet @jotnwoodly🔁 delta and United TY for putting kids & adult life b4 Wayne LaPierre NRA & gun manufact billions. customers will twitter.com if doesnt cut tie w/NRA & stop carrying NRA tv. NV all mass shootings blood on NRA & sponsors
Fi-Bites @Fi_Bites🔁Wayne LaPierre now blaming mass shootings on the “failure”’of “family, school security and even the FBI.” Everything but the easy access to mass murder weapons.
Jami Amo @AmoMeant🔁Wayne LaPierre in 1999 - before gun manufactures started selling more guns to fewer people and decided the only way to maintain their profit margin after their demographic died off was to force guns onto the next generation.

Dean Fredriksen @deanfred🔁YOU. CANNOT. MAKE. THIS. UP


‘They weren’t buying what he was selling’: Wayne LaPierre ***stopped speech to ask young conservatives why they weren’t cheering***

Heather @MissusSmith🔁Imagine if 17 children were killed by a drunk driver and a week later the President tweeted his undying admiration for the alcohol lobby...

Wayne LaPierre

#DaneforTrump @VickyWillkan🔁This Old Article Shows Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's Ties To CAIR.

And That He Has Let Other Mass Murdering Shooters Slip Through His Fingers.

Maybe Sheriff Scott Israel Should Be Investigated.

Wayne LaPierre

Petra King @fbljourney🔁Join the millions of us and cancel NRA. Wayne LaPierre’s arrogance at CPAC was very insensitive to the mourning families #StopNRAmazon
Stephanie 🌊 🇪🇺 🌹 @wehaveeachother🔁The NRA is a 501 c4 which means it is completely tax exempt as a Social Welfare organization. Yep, they pay 0 taxes, Wayne LaPierre makes close to a million bucks a year, to promote the arming of citizens with war like weapons....so there you go.
KJ Bailey @KJBailey5🔁Wayne LaPierre – the head of the – gave a big speech today & made it clear that he isn’t a fan of mine. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine by me. The feeling is mutual.
Vox @voxdotcom🔁NRA's Wayne LaPierre used his first speech since the Parkland shooting to criticize gun control advocates. bit.ly
RanTheWay @Ran_TheWay🔁 Wayne LaPierre is to the 2nd Amendment what Harvey Weinstein is to Courtship Etiquette For Genrlemen.
ƨʇө٨ө0 δﺡό🍁 @dingl_🔁#NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre speaks at #CPAC after school shooting dropping redpills like candy pewtube.com
Wa[ka]nda @itsWanda🔁Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: "To stop a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a gun."


1. Between 2000-2013, only 1 shooting was stopped by an armed civilian.

2. States with Right to Carry laws saw violent crime increase 13–15% over 10 years.


Celeste Leibowitz @Changeagent26🔁Do NOT , instead and take down any candidate who accepts their money. This is NOT your father's NRA. Nut jobs like Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch are being exposed for the right wing extremists they are.
Anne Scovill @AnneScovill🔁Wayne Lapierre just rejected any new gun safety measures. This monster should NOT be speaking for our congressmen. Vote them ALL OUT.
ANHS With Marcus J @nohlfsteppin🔁Cautionary Tale...

More Mondays at 7pm est on Aint No Half Steppin With Marcus J on Legacy Internet Radio... fb.me

Joey Westhead @JoeyWesthead🔁I just want to know if Dana Loesh’s kids, or Wayne LaPierre’s kids were shot in school, would they continue their “guns are good” tirade?
Betty Spence @Bettysp71345🔁Wayne LaPierre, who wants more armed security at school, once referred to federal agents as "jack-booted thugs armed to the teeth" – prompting George H.W. Bush to resign from the NRA.

Franklin Krebs @dalekrebs🔁‘Blaming the gun for the shooting, is like blaming the spoon for making Oprah fat’
~ KT Hopkins

Do not
Wayne LaPierre


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