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Waters kismet dog @Wendyho45007705🔁 Maxine Waters calls for protesters to confront Trump officials in public hill.cm
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁Did you know:

Maxine Waters doesn't even live in her congressional district
Maxine Waters lives in a 7 million dolla twitter.com r home
Maxine Waters employs her daughter for $100K year via her campaign
Maxine Waters district is one of the poorest in America

She is a fraud, and has a low IQ

Omar Navarro @RealOmarNavarro🔁Let’s not forget that while calls for Trump associates to be “absolutely harassed” wherever they go, a man is in jai twitter.com l for leaving a menacing msg on Waters’ office voicemail. He was absolutely wrong to threaten her and should pay the price, as should Waters.
Omar Navarro @RealOmarNavarro🔁So many Republicans complaining about Maxine Waters on mainstream media but yet they ignore that I won the primary e twitter.com lection on June 5th. It’s time to cut the whine game and stop using her for ratings and give me the chance to really put this racist in her place. 🇺🇸
Winning with Trump!! @dlevass🔁 DANGEROUS: Maxine Waters accidentally just gave the IDEAL campaign speech for Donald Trump twitchy.com
GoldBritches @GoldBritches🔁Maxine Waters tries to walk back her words, says that she has no way of telling people "how to protest or even what to protest" and that she now wants "peaceful protests" - She was obviously spoken to. Remember this is the same women who wanted to "Take Trump out"
Ron S. @RonS4097🔁 Expulsion For Maxine Waters - Remove Her From Congress
Jacqui @jacqui_shell🔁I agree with Maxine Waters. There should be "no peace, no sleep for Trump cabinet members".

Those kids in cages aren’t sleeping peacefully either.

Murphy @MurphysAmerica🔁. Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence and Assaults on Trump Cabinet
Justine💋 @butterflybesos9🔁Let's see how quickly the pundit class rushes to defend Maxine Waters as a "wife and mother" like they do for Sarah Sanders because y'all love to insist Black women aren't treated any differently from other women 🙃
Davimus Prime @IAMDAVE_THEBIGD🔁Eric Stalwell joins liberals promoting violence against Trump Administration & supporters. Its equivalent to yelling fire in a movie theater. Schumer Shutdown hypocrites did nothing for DACA & resist protecting Americans although previous votes for a wall!
OneYellowRose @doddrose🔁Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!
🚂Sam Riddle👊🇺🇸! @KnucklDraginSam🔁AWESOME SHOW TODAY! Maxine Waters played right into what Dan has been talking about for days, and he absolutely SHREDS her! Must-Listen!👇
Constantino Republican @terracotta05🔁Retweet if you don’t remember any republicans encouraging the public to harass people from the Obama Administration? Did Maxine Waters forget about Michelle Obama’s quote “when they go low, we go high”? Maxine is a
Not4me2say @martisw1971🔁Dear :

We don't agree on policy. But you've been around long enough to remember the days of basic civility.

Violence is now approaching.

The path Maxine Waters is leading your party is dangerous, despicable and riddled with long-term consequences.


Dianna @Dianna65527153🔁 All the times Trump was more explicit than Maxine Waters twitter.com
no justice - just us @billm9🔁 Maxine Waters should be forced to resign. The left would have demanded it if she was a republican.
Linda @abitx2u🔁So many Republicans complaining about Maxine Waters on mainstream media but yet they ignore that I won the primary election on June 5th. It’s time to cut the whine game and stop using her for ratings and give me the chance to really put this racist in her place. 🇺🇸
Ricardo @mamudepaula🔁Send this out to as many people as possible!

Expulsion For Maxine Waters - Remove Her From Congress

Beth Neale @realBethNeale🔁 The truth about Maxine Waters exposed in this exceptional article. twitter.com
empatn @m27731630🔁Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence Against Trump Officials

Monday, conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch filed House ethics complaint against

Tom Fitton going after 👎 Old Biddy

🇺🇸Border Hawk🇺🇸 @KingBrevity🔁LA Times not to be outdone in puts out this headline in the wake of Rep. Waters’ call for the harassment of Trump a twitter.com dministration officials:

Janet A TRUMPSTER @ArtmanJanet🔁Pres. : Promote civility. Offer a prayer for Maxine Waters at the rally tonight.

The fake news will hate it.

WasblindbutnowIc @fifty50stars🔁Retweeted Mike ():

Send this out to as many people as possible!

Expulsion For Maxine Waters - Remove Her From Congress

david weston @davidbonbon1415🔁Donald Trump is ranting about Jimmy Fallon, Maxine Waters and Red Hen to avoid talking about screwing over Harley-Davidson workers or covering up toxic military drinking water. He publicly distracts his base with culture wars while he privately screws them over.
Bill Barrow @BillBarrowAP🔁Rep. Maxine Waters also tells reporters that Pelosi/Schumer aren't criticizing her for incivility.

"I don’t think Democrats are really saying that, really criticizing me such..."

"Don’t put this on Nancy Pelosi, put it on Trump. Trump is the one who created lies."

Newsaloo @newsaloo🔁‘But you DID’! Maxine Waters just straight-up LIED through her TEETH  twitchy.com
Mike Ward @badsciencemonk🔁Waters wasn't talking about Trump "supporters" but members of Trump's Cabinet. While she predicted people would "absolutely harass" these officials, she made clear she was calling on people to confront, criticize and shun them, not "harm" them. Here's a rally transcript:
DEAN BUNDY @dnbundy🔁Anyone remember that time Maxine Waters was charged w/ 3 counts of violating House rules & the ethics code?

Yeah, me too.

It suddenly disappeared. Weird, huh?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if conservatives demanded it reappear? They say the right doesn’t fight. Well, we should.

Dorothy Marie Scholl @DorothyMarieSc1🔁On 6/23/18, Rep. Maxine Waters told a crowd: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant… store… [or] gas station, you get out & you create a crowd & you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere.” (2/5)

hulahick @hulahick🔁Throwing Sarah Sanders' family out wasn't enough, the owner then stalked her to harass her at another spot! Does anyone reasonably believe other Democrats won't escalate this further to actual violence? After hearing Waters and Booker one would have to wonder if they even care?
Chelsea in Seattle🍌 @angrysnowflake1🔁Maxine Waters is not sorry. "First of all I am very, very upset and concerned. I’ve had sleepless nights. Because I believe in peaceful, very peaceful protest. I have not called for the harm of anybody this President has lied again...This Don the Con man will say anything."
Amarillo Armadillo @MWAgain🔁SHE'S NOT BUDGING...Just stuck on Stupid.🙄

Mad Maxine Waters Holds Presser - Refuses to Back Down from Threats to Republicans (Video) … via

Ann @56blackcat🔁Are you threatening Maxine Waters?

It sounds like a threat.

Report to

manilowgirl @kessmom22🔁Maxine Waters pushing supporters to 'absolutely harass' Trump staffers‼️

This is being pushed beyond limits we’ve ever seen.We're reaching depths of incivility we hadn't previously experienced. This is derangement‼️

not @jmsjhl🔁Analysis: Before Trump warned that Maxine Waters had "called for harm," he told supporters he’d like to punch a protester
#NewJimCrow is #MeToo is #BillCosby @DestiGrace1🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Attacks Maxine Waters
- Attacks Jimmy Fallon
- Attacks President Obama
- Attacks Red Hen restaurant
- Attacks Harley Davidson
- Lies about his child cages
- Claims Trump Tower wiretapped
- This guy belongs in a rubber room
- It’s still only 6:30pm

Carol @paige_hathaway🔁If Maxine Waters were a Republican, the media, Hollywood and lawmakers would be calling for her resignation for 2 weeks straight.

As a Democrat, they cheer her on. See the problem?

Lisalou Bro 🇨🇦 @Lisalou50🔁Trump called Maxine Waters low IQ, no call for civility.

Trump called NFL players Son-of-Bitches” no call for civil twitter.com ity.

MAGA folks shouted lock Her Up” no call for civility.

Trump and his allies accused Dems of treason no call for civility.

Do you see the hypocrisy here?

zap @zap90535323🔁This is a LIE Maxine Waters NEVER suggested anyone be harmed! UNLIKE YOU, who now have your bots and supporters all over Twitter reminding her that they have the guns. 😠
You are a liar and a threat to every single American whether they know it or not.
ellieturgeon @ellieturgeon103🔁WH press secretary Sarah Sanders addresses fallout after she got kicked out of a restaurant: "Healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important, but the calls for harassment and push for any Trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable"
Susan B @seagirl591🔁@SpeakerRyan in the interest of harmony in our society, we must eliminate these toxic individuals from our government. Namely Maxine Waters.
Julia @JuliaR1414🔁Good lord this is bad. Suspect the Capitol Police will have to give Waters a protective detail in response to this tweet and the threats it will generate.
antonia @adrantonia🔁Obama’s former Ethics Director, Walter Shaub, claims that Sarah Sanders is breaking the law by tweeting about the Red Hen.


How does he feel about Maxine Waters inciting violence against Trump supporters?

Or Hillary’s private email server?

That’s what I thought.

blessingtrees @blessingtrees🔁Maxine Waters has Trump shook. So shook he’s threatening her on Twitter.

And instead of standing behind her, you are joining conservatives in the lie about her inciting mob violence.

useless.white.moderates dot com.

Devin @devbost🔁I don’t recall a lecture from media about civility after:

• Inauguration crowd chanted “Lock Her Up” when Hillary took her seat

• Mueller accused of treason

• Athletes called “Son-of-Bitches”

• Adam Schiff called a “Monster”

• Maxine Waters called “Low IQ” OVER & OVER

Nathan True Hale 🇺🇸 @lauracgilleslil🔁Under fire, Maxine (MORON-IDIOT)Waters denies she called for 'harming people' in Trump administration
Pearl M Georgen @GeorgenPearl🔁Sen. Booker on Rep. Waters' comments: "There's nothing wrong" with confronting Trump admin. officials in a way that "leads with love."

Alejandro @AlexCruz365🔁 Trump snowflakes are really offended by Maxine Waters?
h/t @maggieNYT twitter.com
Beatrice Hazelett @BeatriceHazele2🔁Listen up resisters, reread Trump's tweet. He is sending a message to his base to do harm to Maxine Waters. She didn' twitter.com t threaten his supporters with bodily harm. His tweet is aimed at his supporters to retaliate physically. Words say a lot.
Pat Loomis @nutmeg62🔁Attack Maxine Waters at your peril.

Democrats attacking her need to check themselves.

Maxine is an American hero & speaks for us.

I refuse to treat anyone in the fascist trump administration with anything resembling respect or dignity. They are enemies of the the state.

. @FetchingFeline🔁Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence Against Trump Officials
V @This_Me_Riddle🔁Oh, fuck off. Maxine Waters never "incited violence." Greatly disappointed by Corey Booker and others on the left surrendering to the absurd notion that she did something wrong. Directly confronting those in power with your VOICE is as democratic as you can fucking get.
DeplorableSkyler @DeplorableSkyl1🔁Because she has called for attacks and push backs on ALL conservatives, Maxine Waters will single handedly be the cause for increased gun sales.
Let’s make it by 50%.
We have the right to protect ourselves.
Congratulations Maxine.

nancy g @booda001🔁 Maxine Waters needs to be arrested for making terrorist threats against the US President and his administration.
Mike Ward @badsciencemonk🔁Waters added the "harass" part in an appearance on MSNBC, again referring to Trump's Cabinet. It sounded more like a prediction than a call to action, and again she made it clear she was talking about Cabinet officials being challenged in public, not harmed.
Sweet Butter Cookie @SweetButterCoo1🔁Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence Against Trump Officials via
Laurel Cates @la_cates🔁 Mad Maxine Waters clearly has much to hide. Those who scream the loudest always do. twitter.com
Walter Pearson @Wmpear🔁I’m giving everyone who is tired of Maxine Waters a chance to get back at her by firing back in the 43rd district. It’s going to take money to defeat the swamp queen. I need you to Chip in $5 $25 $100 $500 $1000 $2000 at
stephen hand @railronin🔁If one of his followers hurts her we all know why nydailynews.com
Flight Attendant @flightbomb🔁Analysis | Before Trump warned that Maxine Waters had ‘called for harm,’ he told supporters he’d like to punch a protester
Susan McKinnis @SusanMcKinnis1🔁 Calling for the removal from office of Maxine Waters for her call for violence and harm against the Trump administration!
CONSERVATIVE @t_nosce🔁Mad Maxine Waters has lost her mind! She is telling people to Harass Trump officials. Am I the only who think she sould be considered a Domestic Terrorist?
@nancyredmondhuff @nancyredmondhu1🔁SHE'S NOT BUDGING=> Mad Maxine Waters Holds Presser - Refuses to Back Down from Threats to Republicans (Video) via
- @Daniemanz🔁Nobody has represented the feelings of the Democratic base, particularly POC, better than Maxine Waters. Democrats refusing to back her are making a huge mistake. The base wants leaders who stand up to Trump, not ones who cower in fear or who politic in one way civility.
ManAlive45 @man_alive45🔁Please sign and retweet my petition. Thank you! Impeach Maxine Waters. Sign the Petition via chn.ge
Pepe El Negro @PepeElNegro1🔁Trump accuses 'low IQ' Rep. Waters of advocating 'harm' against his supporters - via

Jason Timm @BoogTimm🔁@staceydash That Waters women is a lunatic!
These Times @fieldproven🔁 Tonight's Tipping Points: Maxine Waters, SCOTUS, & Roseanne!: youtu.be via @YouTube
Dorothy👠 @woodseysmith🔁Here is an example of a lying liberal blaming President Trump for the violent rhetoric of Maxine Waters-
Democrats are desperate and will continue to lie
The Editor @TheDailyDigest🔁New article (‘Careful what you wish for!’ Trump slams Maxine Waters for urging harassment of officials) has been publ twitter.com ished on The Daily Digest -

Perhaps if nasty Maxine Waters wore a wig that fits she would be able to hear the hateful and violent rhetoric that was spewing from her mouth.



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