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#WatermarkConf Christine Leffler @yogaonabike🔁Language of Leadership Panel #WatermarkConf
Tonya Long, @Akamai, @PattyMcCord1, @CindySolomon & @LoriNMackenzie
#WatermarkConf CJax @jaxatak🔁 Good Morning #WatermarkConf We are ready for the Opening Keynote
Kay Crelia @CreliaKay🔁 @jwelter47 dropping women’s empowerment at #WatermarkConf
#WatermarkConf Gina @Gina_YJ🔁@wtrmrk I loved that #watermarkconf was trending on twitter yesterday!
#WatermarkConf#WatermarkConf Shashi @SBC_2018🔁 #watermarkconf #Qualcomm Qualcomm represented at Watermark
#WatermarkConf Michelle Faye Moore @MichelleFayeMo1🔁 #Backstage @wtrmrk #WatermarkConf with my comedy idol @RWitherspoon She's lovely!
#WatermarkConf BlackGirlsCode.Com @BlackGirlsCode🔁Good Morning #WatermarkConf We are ready for the Opening Keynote
Reese Witherspoon @RWitherspoon🔁Thanks to this dynamic woman for the thoughtful conversation. We spoke about the need for more female leadership, ho twitter.com w incredible it is to work side by side w/other women & how to harness our greatest ambitions so we can realize our dreams.
BlackGirlsCode.Com @BlackGirlsCode🔁Black Girls CODE has arrived!!! We are excited to attend today! Amazing lineup of speakers, we can’t wait. twitter.com
साकेत कुमार (IoT) @saketkumar1510🔁Leading by Inclusion with at .. Thank you for inspiring us and our teams every day to ask, listen, show up and speak up. 💪🏼❤️
Keenon Strong @I_AM_NEW_AGE🔁 "Apologizing when you mess up isn't weakness. It's strength." - @AmyTrask #WatermarkConf
Jen McClure at JEM @jenmcclure_JEM🔁Some coverage from on yesterday’s nbcbayarea.com
staceyschut @staceyschut🔁Great insights from on transforming your work life. “We make 2-4x more mistakes and are 30% slower when we multi-task.”
PostPerfect @azystone🔁 Thanks so much! I greatly enjoyed speaking with the @GileadSciences team at #WatermarkConf! twitter.com
Andy Heppelle @andytoronto🔁Thank you everyone 4 representing at today & actively engaging , stepping out of comfort zone to connect & learn AND for making this day so much FUN! Shout to all our executive sponsors & volunteers
Jennifer Gonzalez @JennieGonzMedia🔁“How many women in this room have saved themselves?” had some inspiring words during her appearance at the for wome twitter.com n.
vita bruno @vitabruno1🔁@RWitherspoon @ElaineWelteroth @RWitherspoon you are so right about @ElaineWelteroth 's boomerang skills #WatermarkConf
NBC Bay Area @nbcbayarea🔁: took the stage at the Watermark Conference in San Jose and encouraged women to create their own opportunities. twitter.com
Croft @CroftyLara25🔁 ((())) Missed one while memeing FFS!!
Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim @AmyCooperHakim🔁@ChristineinPA @CyWakeman @StateStreet @TheGraciousBook A great panel! #WatermarkConf
Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim @AmyCooperHakim🔁Thanks for sharing this, ! What a great panel!😊 twitter.com
Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim @AmyCooperHakim🔁 “Strive for excellence and be happy” @AmyCooperHakim #WatermarkConf #WeAreWatermark @wtrmrk #SiliconValley
Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim @AmyCooperHakim🔁Thanks so much! I greatly enjoyed speaking with the @GileadSciences team at #WatermarkConf! twitter.com
heyitsmeCarolyn🇺🇸 @heyitsmeCarolyn🔁His former attorney was bitching about today at a Remember when she was all about fighting for free speech? ? & happened
Andy Heppelle @andytoronto🔁Inspired By This Incredible Group Of Cisco Women
Margaux Joffe @MargauxJoffe🔁“My request for the power in this room: Create a workspace where people with disabilities -visible and non visible - twitter.com can be open about it knowing that they can keep their jobs, knowing that they can excel, knowing that they can be treated equally.” -
Tea Kreen @BCCRSS🔁
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Kate Bowen @MamaBear2015🔁 There's something about @AmyTrask's saltiness & frankness that's teaching me a lot. #WatermarkConf
heyitsmeCarolyn🇺🇸 @heyitsmeCarolyn🔁Oh. How about that? Huh. by
drinking cow! moo! @tchamanzar🔁 “See I look for jobs” twitter.com
Tim Spann @PaaSDev🔁Thank you for inspiring and motivating some of our leaders! Way to go Women @ Hortonworks!
Christine Leffler @yogaonabike🔁So inspired to hear NY Times reporter who broke the story about Harvey Weinstein only 20 weeks ago. This story twitter.com was the catalyst of so much social change in not only Hollywood but beyond...
Asian Adventures @AsianAdventure_🔁Made this new watermark for my channel. It's simple, but looks really good on the videos. What do you think? twitter.com
Riya @loislane28🔁“Sometimes you’re in front of the bus. Sometimes you’re at the back of the bus. But stay on the bus!” twitter.com
Kaitlyn Rose @hey_dahlface🔁Great to welcome Amal Clooney backstage before we greeted 6,000 at this year's to kick off important conversations about women & leadership
Emre CALISIR @emrecalisir🔁Latest news.. Novel technology could allow researchers to develop and test new antimalaria drugs. twitter.com
femforce @femforce_🔁Shout Out to & .
Your messages at
More women in leadership.
It awesomeness to work with talented women.
Focused am twitter.com bition builds dreams.
says thank you for leading the way. Our belief is that Together, Women Are
Laura Chavaree @LBChavaree🔁@maysoonzayid You deserve this praise and so much more. Your words inspired many to action THANK YOU! #WatermarkConf
dinesh raj @daniceraj🔁Major flooding video up soon. You won't believe it.
donnaflores49 @donnaflores49🔁 and are partnering to make coaching accessible to women at all levels. Learn more at
Sanjeev @Sanjeev_sps🔁 Mary Bui-Pham ... “the leader has the responsibility to recognize, develop, and grow talent”...sponsorship session is goodness!
Larry Johnson @JohnsonCalls🔁Major flooding video up soon. You won't believe it. youtu.be
Celeste Headlee @CelesteHeadlee🔁 I pretty much need @CelesteHeadlee to follow me around now and help me talk to people. #WatermarkConf
🌿Miss Bookworm🌿 @_Missbookworm_🔁 Rt if you like it💋//Rt si te gusta💋 twitter.com
Nancy Sánchez @nancysanchez🔁 Reese Witherspoon “I had enough with five guys in Hollywood can’t determine what women look like on screen”
Jeremy Milk @jeremy_milk🔁“Ambition is not a dirty word” says . Research says women with the quality of ambition less likely to get hired
Shane @Blueye69r🔁
Join us inches CAMPAIGN AND RT RT RT
ANGEL 👼🎶👊🙏 @angelrains
Join us inches CAMPAIGN AND 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/967501975343349760" target="_blank">twitter.com
priya joseph @ayirpelle🔁Advice on from my wife (rocking cool red shoes), speaking at this week’s meeting. Apparently an incredible, inspiring event-sounds was particularly memorable. Our kids, big zootopia fans, most impressed by wife’s pix w .
MCinnovativeEdFnTech @mcinnovative🔁Fantastic to hear story at - fav quote “sometimes you’re at the front of the bus, sometimes you’re at the back...just stay on the bus”
Lord Z @Lord_Z7WF🔁Super Mario Cereal Taste Test and Review! A tour of Rob's bedroom?! youtu.be via

🔞 twitter.com

PK Gupta @pkg99🔁Thank you Dell EMC DPS for a great day at the Watermark Women’s Conference!
David Shaywitz @DShaywitz🔁Advice on from my wife (rocking cool red shoes), speaking at this week’s meeting. Apparently an incredible, inspir twitter.com ing event-sounds was particularly memorable. Our kids, big zootopia fans, most impressed by wife’s pix w .
Rebe de la Paz @Rabedela🔁“There are four steps to becoming an ally: listen, show up, speak up, ask with empathy” at
Alison van Diggelen @FreshDialogues🔁“These students are turning tragedy into advocacy...they are our hope!” Amal Clooney speaks out forcefully re twitter.com at
DagnyReaganTaggert @McCarthyKnew🔁Oh. How about that? Huh. by twitter.com
amit sharma @am_its🔁Learning from peer companies is a big benefit of . 's story about the failure of their CHILL lab on Future of Work was so motivating! "Make it safe for big bold ideas to fail safely."
Suzi Worley @Former_Farmgirl🔁Loved learning the collaborative negotiation style of ... her secret if things get tough?

Diffuse the situation wi twitter.com th ice cream! 💕

for the win!

DVF The Grove @DVFTheGrove🔁We are inspired by Amal Clooney, a woman , wearing the collection at her keynote speech at the .
Kay Crelia @CreliaKay🔁Owning the stage at the
ThIs is what a football player & a football coach look… instagram.com
Build Your Dream @BYDNetwork🔁Supporting all generations - love finding cookies in the speakers lounge (no calories right when Women support Women and Girls, right?)
Build Your Dream @BYDNetwork🔁Thank you it was such a privilege to speak at your end of day reception
Build Your Dream @BYDNetwork🔁Such an inspiring day - can’t get enough of the good energy from the attendees and incredible team who make it all possible
Gina @Gina_YJ🔁Couldn’t agree more! She was awesome!A powerful day full of game-changing thought leadership, inspiring women to make twitter.com a mark as leaders in their community. Loved listening to you both, thank you for sharing your courage with us.
Anita Sarah Jackson @Anita_Sarah🔁@ByeByeBras Yes! Hilarious & such a joy to get to see @maysoonzayid perform! #WatermarkConf
Laura Bedrossian @LauraBedrossian🔁 You are here. You made it. Komal Ahmad discussing how to overcome imposter syndrome. @gocopia #WatermarkConf
ManniPraditt @MPraditt🔁@AmyTrask Thanks for speaking at #WatermarkConf! I enjoyed your authenticity #sofierce #goRaiders!
Dima Barsky @dimabarsky🔁 Fired up to celebrate women in leadership with 6,000 attendees & @amalclooney of #WatermarkConf twitter.com
Suzi Worley @Former_Farmgirl🔁Still inspired by the messages and stories shared in yesterday’s conference. Now to figure out how to channel this twitter.com energy into something amazing!

Watermark @wtrmrk🔁#WatermarkConf and @BetterUp are partnering to make coaching accessible to women at all levels. Learn more at betterup.co
Lisa Lint @LisaLint🔁Follow the conversation at the today as are discussing insights on creating an inclusive workplace. twitter.com
Travis Ruger @TravisRuger🔁, since you’re worried about weapons I hope you protested the Obama administration dropping the most bombs in history twitter.com .
Shveta Miglani @shvetamiglani🔁 is a well known actor but I was in awe of her comments about focusing on the soft skills to teach children how to de twitter.com al with people and to lead
Sharpentry World Institute of Technologies SWIT @Sharpentry🔁Will be a powerful day at with our clients and colleagues.
Shamim @leo_shamim🔁 "What has being a mother taught you?" @ElaineWelteroth

"That I"m not in control" @RWitherspoon


Rashim Mogha @rmogha🔁 "The fear of being wrong has inhibited me in life. Release that! Everyone is wrong!" @RWitherspoon #WatermarkConf
Emre CALISIR @emrecalisir🔁Very interesting.. New system patches security holes left open by web browsers’ private-browsing functions. twitter.com
Gina @Gina_YJ🔁Incredible to meet at yesterday! A day full of inspiring leaders encouraging each other to make a disruptive mark twitter.com as a leader in their career.
Christine Leffler @ChristineinPA🔁Proud to be tweeting with this crew at the yesterday! A full day of inspiration! twitter.com
Jenna Quinn @Jenna_DellEMC🔁Having a fantastic day at the Watermark Conference! Thankful that Dell EMC invests in women in tech.


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