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#WakeUpAmerica ☢בּועזיז @Boazziz🔁Arrested 4 hunting/fishing w/o a license but NOT 4 entering the country illegally? #WakeUpAmerica #Refuse2BBlind
Scott Wilson @made_in_jersey🔁One more day till we find out if there’s going to be a racist pedophile in senate #wtf #WakeUpAmerica #resist
#WakeUpAmerica EscapedNY @NY1Patriot🔁 Something is wrong in America
#tcot #ccot #WakeUpAmerica #RedNationRising
#CNNsotu #CNN
#WakeUpAmerica#WakeUpAmerica EnigMAA @EnigmaNetxx🔁 csoonline.com

They Have "Stolen Your RIGHTS AGAIN"~ #WakeUpAmerica

#WakeUpAmerica Rad123 @Tombx7M🔁Port Authority
Thank God It wasn’t a lot worse
#tcot #ccot #WakeupAmerica #RedNationRising
#WakeUpAmerica 1488 GROYPER @KEKODST🔁 Port Authority
Thank God It wasn’t a lot worse
#tcot #ccot #WakeupAmerica #RedNationRising
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁The criminal indictment unsealed against former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is part of the g twitter.com lobalist plot to potentially kill President Trump and start a civil war.
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁Why would Walmart sell shirts that promote attacking women and disabled people, destruction of property, and animal c twitter.com ruelty?
Audley Harrison MBE @audleyharrison🔁This is an excellent narrative in explaining the situation with worth a read and Share. 🙌🏾 twitter.com
Debbie Gray Sr. @roosteratlarge🔁@proxcee Bill de Blasio wants a sanctuary city...enough said?


🎄DazedAndConfuzed🎄 @Confuzed54D🔁 🇺🇸🇺🇸
I can't understand how Liberals can't see this? With all the slander from the media & hysteria many don't see what is acconplishing BUT he's going to & Dems literally are fighting him trying to destroy USA just to discredit him. 😞😞
Ihartman @hartman62🔁 #WakeUpAmerica Do you want this to be Our 'New Normal'? #ISIS inspired Attack? foxnews.com
Freddie & Willie @freddienwillie🔁The Has Become A Dangerous Cult


Gordon @DerrickGordon09🔁Those in higher office keep on saying "let's not this happened again" they keep on saying that do something about thi twitter.com s before uh oh is too late
MC @michlynnc🔁Muslim wants to revamp America, make us live by their Sharia Law, not come here and live by our law. DON’T Let this twitter.com happen while your sleeping.
Whispers of Creation @DreamwalkerWC🔁In the times ahead, remember to stay strong fellow patriots. The night is always darkest before the dawn. The rats twitter.com will bite back hard before they get trapped completely. Do not lose hope, redouble your focus, and keep the positivity alive! and w/
Lady Dee @SupremeDonica🔁@AoDespair @chelseahandler What kind of SH#T is This??? Backwards as State! #WakeUpAmerica #VoterSuppression #AlabamaSenateRace
Joe Hearn @JoeHNewYork🔁Megyn Kelly if you want more Anti viewers offer them a special without the braces for type votes


Duncan Macleod @dfmacleod🔁#WakeUpAmerica! #BanIslam NOW!
#BuildTheWall and #DeportThemAll twitter.com
Jeffrey B. Meyers @JeffreyMeyers🔁Americans would do well to listen to His diagnosis is spot on This is what the dissolution of the Rule of Law loo twitter.com ks like : Criticisms of Mueller probe meant to discredit potential future charges

Joe Hearn @JoeHNewYork🔁Megyn Kelly will have accusers to try to beat the late night comics In BS + justify her $$


Moxie Metaphor @momike1🔁Arrested 4 hunting/fishing w/o a license but NOT 4 entering the country illegally?
RobH @RobHoey🔁Brain Flushings: BREAKING: Bad Bangladeshi Brooklyn bomber blows it robhoey127.blogspot.com via @RobHoey #NEWS #WakeUpAmerica
Joe Hearn @JoeHNewYork🔁 I bet the Port Authority bomber supports and his pal program

story -->>

Sharon Andreas @SharNeal🔁 Our very existence under attack #WakeUpAmerica twitter.com
Victoria Penley👠 @penleyvic🔁Our very existence under attack #WakeUpAmerica twitter.com
Amanda Reinert @toasterbeads🔁Thank you! I could not agree more with this Analysis. It helps to hold ALL accountable through proper due process. I twitter.com t is the right thing to do.
DeplorableNina @DaHonestyPolicy🔁U go girl 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 💜
All of us love & support u Just as our & Fearless Leader does.. Keep ur head twitter.com up ☝🏼 We've got ur back 🇺🇸 🌞
Karrie Marie 🇺🇸 @KarrieFleetwood🔁 @AriFleischer @KarrieFleetwood #WakeUpAmerica The Media is lying to you!
SheTay @tay_she🔁This should open everyone's eyes, as the supposed "adults" in society we are leading by example. So what are WE teac twitter.com hing these kids? Look inward before pointing a finger outward. Seriously.
Mike @bigmikeintexas🔁@AriFleischer @KarrieFleetwood #WakeUpAmerica The Media is lying to you!
✨ tufts family ✨ @tuftsgang🔁This must stop. The people in charge in DC do not care about this nation. Send them all home on Voting Day. ☑

Chris's Commentary @CMCommentaries🔁Judas Sessions & punk Rosenstein R the same corrupt lying filth as Comey: all want Mueller to destroy twitter.com & must be axed
Jacqueline For Trump @Jacquel01353631🔁Former NYPD Commissioner says this is an ISIS-Inspired Terror Attack - Suspect is the only person hurt Praise Jesus


Rock N' Roll @dontotter🔁Voting reminders:

- old white guys always vote & rarely get carded
- People of Color get harassed at polls - multipl twitter.com e checks of IDs
- Kobach & Bannon & Trump are working feverishly to deny people easy access to polling places

Fascism at work

e.Diane @Dianestraley🔁#WakeUpAmerica Do you want this to be Our 'New Normal'? #ISIS inspired Attack? foxnews.com
Jacqueline For Trump @Jacquel01353631🔁Possible Terror Attack in New York City: Pipe bomb explosion at Port Authority bus Terminal, Suspect in costudy possi twitter.com bly wearing a suicide vest a couple people injured at this time.
Mike @bigmikeintexas🔁These senators approved (voted not guilty) of Bill Clinton’s sex with an intern in the Oval Office
Robertgreiner @Robertgreiner71🔁America is starting to see how it really works

Jean Graham @GtUpnDnc🔁Terrifying to think....
#LearnFromEurope #WakeUpAmerica #KeepDemocracyAlive twitter.com
Jeff Thompson @jefferyt55🔁



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