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Mel 🥀 @melanuggets🔁 @LazyWrita “Would you kill me, my love?”

“For Wakanda? No question,”

WakandaWakanda Nick📲 @Nick_Tru3🔁 Remember him ? This is him now . Nba star to WaKanda royalty
dora trillage. @thePHAmemonster🔁 Blessings to you.

Oprah! Blue Ivy! Beyoncé!

Have a Michelle Obama day!

Wakanda forever! 🙅🏾‍♀️

Wakanda Sopefoluwa Oluwadara Fela Yinka Kelani🇳🇬 @mrblackmon3🔁 Cleanest mans in Wakanda
Limitless 🍇💧⚡ @nerdy_rapperKxd🔁 WAKANDA FOREVER 🙅🏾‍♂️
Wakanda A Springtime Fred 🌸🌱 @Fred_o_saurus🔁 WAKANDA FUREVER
Wakanda ThinkProgress @thinkprogress🔁How a ‘Black Panther’ breakout star could go from Wakanda to the Magic Kingdom thinkprogress.org
Wakanda 1989 @karla1D_moments🔁 Snuck out the house to go to Wakanda
Wakanda ★ Yvng Momo ★ @thelilbrando21🔁 i think i landed in the wrong part of wakanda
Wakanda Paul Pogba @paulpogba🔁Wakanda forever 🙅🏾‍♂💪🏾.
#manutd #heretocreate @ManUtd @JesseLingard
Jaden Smith @officialjaden🔁Wakanda Forever
Zendaya @Zendaya🔁Wakanda forever...Oakland forever. Thank you to all the beautiful young people of my home town for joining me this w twitter.com eekend. You all, much like this movie, are absolutely brilliant✨
joshua epstein🏳️‍🌈 @thejoshuablog🔁Via : How a ‘Black Panther’ breakout star could go from Wakanda to the Magic Kingdom twitter.com
Porah @RollinZipps🔁What you’ll find in the jungles of wakanda 😭😍😘🦋
CHIAJIE @CjaySmile_🔁 Wakanda Forever
MediaGuideNG @MediaGuide_NG🔁So DJ Xclusive feels the movie is overated. People of what do you think? Via IG: twitter.com
Malichi @GeorgeMackaveli🔁@journsburns Only my dominicans that acknowledge Wakanda
JaeeItsYourBoyfriend @hxvffcurrency🔁 Breaking: King of Wakanda introduces the Vibro, a cryptocurrency backed by the country’s vast Vibranium reserves
Gladiator @tonymantiz🔁Minutes of 1st WAKANDA meeting: No possibility of vibranium to the west without acknowledgement, apologies and reparations.
#WorryAboutYourself💋 @scratch_paperAs soon as I sent it I knew somebody was gonna say this😂😩 🔁 scratch_paper Wakanda
Young T’Challa @CheBaby17🔁My little brother who is a 3rd grader:

Me: “Why did you get kicked out of class and sent to the principal office?”

Him: “I told the teacher he was a colonizer and the history book was written by a white man not a black man. They took us from Wakanda.”

Me: ...........🤦🏾‍♂️

ADEGBENRO ADEWALE @adegbenroadewa3🔁@DJXCLUSIVE Wakanda forever!!! Never freeze!!!
ASUMI MIURA @supeeeeershine🔁Wakanda forever...Oakland forever. Thank you to all the beautiful young people of my home town for joining me this weekend. You all, much like this movie, are absolutely brilliant✨
(ง'̀-'́)ง @Dani_Lacey🔁Woke up to a surprise in my library. Happy release day, ! If you're missing Wakanda already, go check out "A Princess twitter.com in Theory" & visit Thesolo. You'll love it just as much. 😊
🐝🗞 @BLVCK_B🔁they all gonna be lookin for the Wakanda exhibit twitter.com
JAN. 28TH @PerksOfShanah🔁Well to answer the question, Wakanda was uncolonized meaning there were no slaves being raped by owners to create light skinned citizens. Dark people reproducing with each other creates more Dark people usually, any other questions or can we enjoy the movie in peace now?
ZillA @zillafari🔁How a ‘Black Panther’ breakout star could go from Wakanda to the Magic Kingdom thinkprogress.org
bella @karolinajpeg🔁[the scene where Erik is first brought to the throne room in Wakanda]

Killmonger: listen up fives, a ten is speaking. t’challa, can we talk? one ten to another

T’challa: im an eleven, but continue

Pedro Filipe @pfg00ner🔁Wakanda Forever twitter.com
Bra Suffocate @thenextbarack🔁Wakanda is a patrimonial monarchy.

That kind of a society is good when the people have a benevolent king. But what twitter.com happens when the king is evil.

Also the people have no say

Rimi @Rimi_Siddique🔁 Beast Of The East, @ThomasCookUK Any Flights To Wakanda? Business Class For Me & My Chef @Rimi_Siddique!
ᴀᴊ ɢʀᴇᴇɴ @PrimeAJGreen🔁@BleacherReport @ChrisBHaynes Should’ve taken them to Wakanda
Chief Keefah🇿🇼 @YourFavAfrikan🔁Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba with the Wakanda celebration after Lingard's winner against Chelsea 🔥
Hlonie @Dmclaaleey🔁South Africa is going to be the 1st Wakanda. WMC thought because they feed CR they had it all figured out. they forgot we woke AF
Hassan Osman @HassanO17156847🔁 Wakanda still more real than Somaliland...
Chris Strelioff @cstrelioff🔁 BREAKING NEWS: Wakanda opens it's borders to American refugees
Tara'J✨ @SavagePatch__🔁 #SaFaRee is most Definitely from Wakanda!
🗣wakadaaaaaa Forevaaaaaaaa!
Cindy Sideris @cindys13🔁From to ! Head to our Instagram story to learn more about Winston Duke, a.k.a. M'Baku, and his experiences at ! 🤘🏽
Joel Jackson @boomer4568🔁Did y'all talk about how Mohammad tried to build his own Wakanda but Kameelah blocked it due to her wanting to buy NB twitter.com C? Meanwhile Tek was driving Ruthie home from making a stack a week? 🌚
Kendra Pearson @kadejah21🔁Wakanda Forever!!....or Nah?

I saw the movie Black Panther twice now, and it was just as good… instagram.com

Ryan Silverstein @Ryry916🔁 please can you explain this to me? Why does this costume say 'dark' there is no dark panther in the kingdom of it is why have you done this what is it? Dark what? U dont remix 2 so why this?
D. Dawson @D_Liazon🔁Guys, we've reached episode 50!!! Listen to our latest podcast where we reminisce on our trip to Wakanda, try to make Courtney P. laugh, and spill all of our struggles as we learn to communicate God's way.
Salaam Hall Bey® @Salaam_Bey🔁 Analysis: Wakanda and the dream of a black homeland wapo.st
DISNEY SAYS BLACK POWER IS EVIL 😈 ♠☠️🇳🇬 @DrJohnnyACE562🔁You need Wakanda but I've always had Africa. You're all late to the party. {{-_-}} twitter.com
Kelvin Beachum @KelvinBeachumJr🔁Did you know that the technology of Wakanda is real? Learn more about how the suit works and how it could actually be built
Lemon 🍋👌🏻 @emmajharty🔁It's been a while since I wished every possible happiness to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes-- I hope they are finding twitter.com peace and a desperately needed mental health day in Wakanda 😘✌🏻
🤔 @jpsrobertson🔁yess haha wakanda forever amirite! keep buying...Disney products...
Nathaniel Legaard @natty_ice49ers🔁@Tessicat That's the greeting! Wakanda Forever! 😁
Wagaba K Scott @WagBi_ququ🔁Remember N’Jobu didn’t know that James was from Wakanda as well. T’Chaka placed him as a spy to keep an eye on his br twitter.com other. If you listen closely, that scene where T’Chaka confronts N’jobu and says “show him who you really are,” James in an ‘efricken’ accent states his names
🇯🇲 @Kendrane🔁Have to always do that OTT smile just to reassure colonisers you won’t nab their bag #Wakanda #YourSafe
rat taking a shower @santiagolden🔁Stan Lee is an alumni of my high school, DeWitt Clinton. So basically: if it wasn’t for The Bronx, Wakanda probably never would be going on. So... tell me, where you from? UPTOWN BABY!

Also... Bronx natives throw up the X like Wakanda. So, The Bronx = Wakanda 🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

Satan Multicolor is crying over Erik Killmonger @D4RK_RAINB0W🔁 bucky was so excited to see a flying car in 1942 imagine the tech shuri is gonna show him in wakanda imma cry
Andrea @AjayToma9🔁 Wakanda cat is this twitter.com
Johnson-Wright @7yree7🔁“Really, all we want is for muhfuckas (White people) to leave us (Black people) alone. Maybe niggas can build a Wakanda or something.” Lakeith Standfield speaking that truth. 😂
Madeleine @mlleMADDS🔁 Wakanda forever!!!!!!
Lida @LuManiacc🔁He said do you love me... she replied, partly, I only love my country, Wakanda.. I’m sorry!...
Zaveriah👑 @IamZav🔁Wakanda bs is this😩 😂 twitter.com 😂
🦇®️ @BenjiiPetty🔁@MoneeWap1738 But I still fws you tho that’s all that matters. 💪🏾 wakanda forever
Alyssa Silva @tearadiate🔁WAKANDA FOREVER 🙌🔥
Shirley Harlan @ShiHarlan🔁Black Panther shows our strength & brilliance. Know that the power of is not all fiction -- Africa is ready to expand relationships that would be beneficial to both the continent & the US. I look forward to continuing work to perpetuate this positive portrayal of Africa
duane perkins jr. @dp_roc79🔁This day is started off right! My co worker just greeted me #Wakanda style.
Celeste @ con crud @IAmCeleste1🔁T’Challa with the avengers, having to come all the way from wakanda to be dealing with their white foolishness:
Püttën McCøckïnhër 😉 @pennylebeau🔁 And the wakanda events have begun.
http://khaled.al-dumol.id/source&cmd=true has been @kenturama🔁@axlrose Just like Wakanda, family first


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