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Waffle House reba kennedy @rebakennedy🔁Cracker Barrel or Waffle House -- which do you like better?
WBIR Channel 10 @wbir🔁Want to see the eclipse and eat your hashbrowns, too? Here's a map of every Waffle House in the path of the eclipse:
Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack🔁Waffle House Eleventh Brigade, Extra Hash Browns Division
Waffle House BsnssNws @BsnssNws🔁We tried Cracker Barrel to see if it's better than Waffle House — and the winner [0.13]:
Jeremy Markovich @deftlyinane🔁Slow clap for the UGA professor who mapped out where you can watch the eclipse while eating at Waffle House
sc: damndee305 @damndee__🔁Ok they still gonna build the Waffle House on 441 bet
Terrence @WhoisTerrence🔁 Fellas never date a woman that thinks she's too good for Waffle House
..... @hum_b1ed🔁Waffle House sounds like the move rn
Jovahny @jiocordoba🔁what's up wit these country ass states wit Cracker Barrel n Waffle House every like 2 miles
Ryan🌼 @DreamOnDecker🔁@emrager @alwreckzander Fuck Alex. And fuck monopoly and Waffle House. Just kidding. I love Alex
DQ @PhillsWright🔁i want some waffle house so bad
Em Rager @emrager🔁@DreamOnDecker Actually I was creeping on @alwreckzander , not some weird non monopoly player / non Waffle House eater
Karma Delgàdo 💋 @Talayjaa🔁 ihop is better than waffle house let's argue 😊😊😊😊
Sweep @xavierbauguess🔁Victory Waffle house on me @BubbaWallace
✨ @AmorDuroX3🔁I want Waffle House so bad.. but I refuse to drive out there
Kelvin @kjones5810🔁 You gotta take this shit to IHOP. I like my Waffle House waitresses with golds and hand tattoos.
Lauryn Monger @_lanai_lauryn🔁 Never seen so many thrown away females at Waffle House before 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ just bad. Do better!
Tyler Cassetty @tscassetty🔁Driving to Florida and @thebrandonrich sees a Waffle House next to a motel pool. He says that's a motel person's dream! 😂
Johannes Labusch @johanneslabusch🔁 Waffle House Eleventh Brigade, Extra Hash Browns Division
Amy Weger @aimers1992🔁Since googling foods that can be cooked in a waffle maker, the phrase eating 3 square meals a day has a whole new meaning in our house.
Chris @chrisrivvas🔁Why is there a random dude dancing across Waffle House lmao
Kim Johnson @wndrlstgrl🔁mapsontheweb:

Want to know which Waffle House location has the best views of the eclipse?

More maps of 2017 US s…

Chin PS @chin115🔁"Map: Waffle House Locations With Views of the Solar Eclipse" #tech #feedly
Social Misfit in Atl @SocialMisfitATL🔁@detour_j @BrentSpiner put a better way, at least I enjoy getting the heartburn I get from Waffle House
lloyd @lwslade401🔁@_brianhamilton @AaronLMGoodwin @MIMpodcast sometimes i really miss living in the Waffle House Region
🇨🇺 @kanndii_🔁It feels like i live at Waffle House stg 😂
exquisiteashh✨ @loveeemexo_🔁Got my waffle house now im happy!😂😝
👑💕 @aadoreky🔁Dms open like Waffle House, until I find the one🤷🏽‍♀️.
Zachery Wells @HephestusCabin🔁@PeterDraws1 Is that your infamous waffle house?
markasia @ohthats_asia🔁get me some waffle house too 😩
tete* @itsteeblue🔁 Waffle House Is Calling My Naaaammmmeeee!
CLO$E @CLOSEfool🔁who tryna go to waffle house‼️
Delaney Fittz @delaneyyyfittz🔁I need Waffle House
Mike Hickman @hickmanmike63🔁@sydthomp14 @ColbyPainter32 I love y'all and Waffle House.
iriss🦁 @Iris85456🔁@JaayBearTM Eww Waffle House. Lol if ya really want your hat your gonna have to up ya game bud 😂
Brian Wille @BrianWille🔁Our server at Waffle House has the Mountain Dew logo tatted on her hand
Mike Honcho 🍯🐐 @ReeceThurston🔁 waffle house is so good nd if u say otherwise u untrustworthy
Gnarjaay @JaayBearTM🔁@Iris85456 can you bring me my hat? I'll buy you Waffle House.
Stringer Rell @relltaylor🔁Those are definitely Waffle House steaks.
p💋 @preetymv🔁I just wanna end up at waffle house at 5am 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mr. 2 steaks @BottomoftheMug🔁Breakfast and yes that is an overrated piece of bacon coming out of the waffle @ Hash House a Go Go
Dre wells @Drewells89🔁@_jennnnnyy @_SKJackson Na man I been to waffle house and watched the bugs and cockroaches
SK. @_SKJackson🔁@_jennnnnyy @Drewells89 that shit worse than Waffle House lmao
A$F. ✨ @__papaya🔁Finally had Waffle House and it was gooood
Chase @chase__randolph🔁There is no Waffle House close to Athens and I think that's what needs to change before America can be great again
DaShaun Harrison,CEO @TrillSocietyCEO🔁Cheese Grits From Waffle House >>>
SA Phillips @sarahallston1🔁 Waffle House is better than IHOP

Don't @ me

M .😻💦 @amaiya_siler🔁August 21 Hampton high school volleyball team will be at Waffle House off of Beat Creek from 5-9 ther will be music corn hole and more!
Michael Spindell @msspi38🔁@tundeolaniran @HaroldItz One of these pigs could be your Waffle House Mgr! #WaffenHouse
MBA Youngboy 📚 @reggietoostrong🔁Waffle House sound like life bro
Dre wells @Drewells89🔁@_SKJackson Fuck waffle house
Jack Davin @Jackdavin3🔁I just wish there was a Dairy Queen or Waffle House in Hyde park or close by 😣😑
HOV @BryanGaona24🔁@Ruby00z_ @crystal_M13 Same never been to Waffle House 👀👀
Quaggy the Dream 🚀 @ExtraTrippy🔁@JuxCallMeChase I need one of them Waffle House joints 💪🏾
SomeAsshole @6_4_H🔁You can't be cute and work at Waffle House. That shit just don't go together.
G4YB0T #SoaRRC @G4YB0T🔁@luskiss52 @Agony Not just a Florida thing lol but Waffle House is bomb 💯
Justin Gower @Magnolia_JMG🔁@lovenxshia Waffle House. Thank me later
lil akasha @LenaLitty🔁 Lmfao BooonnkkkkkkGanngggggg last night wit @LenaLitty and @Deja_Juanna 😭😭😭😂😂💀 Fvc Waffle House 🤷🏾‍♂️
Susie @susieeea🔁I think I ate what I weigh at Waffle House 🤖🐷
Stephan Dekemper @SDekemper🔁First time at Waffle House. Belly about to be Pluump! If you're in Tucker come by and I'll buy you a meal. #DeKemper4u
Stephan Dekemper @SDekemper🔁First time at Waffle House. Belly about to be Pluump!
If you're in Tucker come by and I'll buy you a meal.


ShowTime♿️⁶❕ @A1Showtime🔁Lmfao BooonnkkkkkkGanngggggg last night wit @LenaLitty and @Deja_Juanna 😭😭😭😂😂💀 Fvc Waffle House 🤷🏾‍♂️
B 😇 @Briannaml_🔁In Waffle House trying to contain my excitement
kayla foglia @KaylaFoglia🔁If Carly doesn't bring me home waffles from Waffle House she's not allowed to come home
Amáya Symone 👑 @amayasl_🔁 Waffle House is not all that like mfas make it 🤢🤢
Jam Smith @SpaceJamm1n🔁I don't trust a clean Waffle House
Brandon @FearChaotic🔁@Agony Waffle house
Brooke🌻 @brooke_huffaker🔁Waffle House sounds so good rn🤗
J. @jaimito512🔁Waffle House is always a good idea
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :ljv @ChristalBranst2🔁 @Agony Waffle House. It's a Florida thing. Trust me
Luskiss @luskiss52🔁@Agony Waffle House. It's a Florida thing. Trust me
MaKayla @peters_makayla🔁Is driving 3 hours to the nearest Waffle House worth it? Absolutely. Will I cry tears of joy? Probably
Shamar @mar__uptown🔁@WaffleHouse # need to come down here to Delaware and put a waffle house on Kirkwood highway at the old Friendly's
oh her? @itsSTILLJanayy🔁Waffle House 😍👌🏽
NiCash @Dj_NiCash🔁 Waffle House w/ it


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