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naveed raja @naveedraja786🔁 Police slam a black woman to the ground at a Waffle House for complaining
CNN @CNN🔁"I actually tried to count the hairs on her eyelashes just because I was like I almost didn't see you anymore": James twitter.com Shaw Jr. held his 4-year-old daughter for the first time since he rushed the Waffle House shooter and ripped away his gun
kuz @kylekuzma🔁It took meek mill 5 months to get out of jail but this guy from the Waffle House shooting can potentially be out by n twitter.com ext week on BAIL.
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁Reminder that the President didn’t tweet about the four Americans killed at the Waffle House, nor did he mention the twitter.com hero who stopped the shooting.
jasmine 👳🏻‍♂️ @SchmoopPoop🔁Reminder that the President didn’t tweet about the four Americans killed at the Waffle House, nor did he mention the hero who stopped the shooting.
pippybur57 @pipybur1🔁.-I know you’re busy using Kanye West to distract from your failing White House, but maybe you should tweet something about James Shaw, Jr, the hero who disarmed the Waffle House shooter. Oh, the NRA already told you not to, since he didn’t need a gun to do it.
Lorena Bobbitt ✂ @ms_pocahottness🔁Donald Trump has now tweeted TWICE today about Kanye West.

He never tweeted about James Shaw Jr., the hero of the Waffle House shooting.

He never tweeted about racial profiling of innocent black men at Starbucks.

Tells you all you need to know about who our President is.

Justin McGuire @justintmcguire🔁Things has tweeted about since the Waffle House shooting:

"Sleepy Eyes" Chuck Todd
Witch Hunt
Arizona Election
Border Wall
Toronto attack
Comey & Clinton

Things hasn't tweeted about since the Waffle House shooting:

The Waffle House shooting

Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁This is who was assaulted, threatened, choked, exposed and brutalized by 3 Saraland Policemen captured on video at the Waffle House where the waitress had an argument with her and girls b/c she told them they had to pay 4 plastic utensils. Watch the video.
A Suchadola 🐬 @metfan62🔁 To my knowledge, Trump has yet to say anything about the Waffle House hero.
Rod Gregor @rag772🔁Donald Trump has time to tweet at Kanye but hasn’t said a single word about the 4 lives lost at the Waffle House or to thank hero James Shaw Jr.
Pro-Black Mellow @RightMind215🔁I'm going to ask the question about this Waffle House assault that I asked when the McKinney and Daniel Holtzclaw atrocities came to light:

Where are the pink pussy hat "allies" and official orgs of when Black women are victimized?

equilange @equilange🔁“A young black man protected the public from a white man hell-bent on committing mass murder. Everything about this is a problem for Donald Trump.” Strong essay by .
Shane McDonald🇨🇦😎 @Tinmagination🔁It’s been 3 days since a white man with an AR-15 massacred 4 black Americans at a Waffle House in TN

In those 3 days, the President has not tweeted a single time about the massacre or the hero

He has, however, tweeted twice about

He’s a monster

Robert Brian Lowe @robertblowe🔁This is James Shaw Jr. He is the 29 year old unarmed man who attacked and disarmed the Waffle House shooter to save his life and the lives of many others. President Trump has completely ignored his heroic acts.

Let's all give James Shaw Jr. a HUGE "Thank You".
Make it go viral!

JakeOx @ox_jakeox🔁

James Shaw Jr. is paying for the funeral of each of the four Waffle House shooting victims out of the gofundme monies raised for him.

And you racist bigoted buffoons cannot even acknowledge his bravery and heroism, much less offer comfort.

Shame on you

Lisa Elaine 🌊 @ArtOfTheDodge🔁At this point it’s unacceptable. The president has tweeted multiple times thanking Kanye West for signing a hat, but has yet to tweet a simple thank you to James Shaw Jr. who saved many lives in the Waffle House shooting.
Cmdr. TRASHQUISITOR @shirozora🔁"I actually tried to count the hairs on her eyelashes just because I was like I almost didn't see you anymore": James Shaw Jr. held his 4-year-old daughter for the first time since he rushed the Waffle House shooter and ripped away his gun
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁It is unacceptable what policemen did to this sister - assaulted and threatened her with physical violence because she wanted the phone number to the Corporate office to Waffle House to complain about how she and girls were treated.
Theresa Milstein @TheresaMilstein🔁If the president won't honor James Shaw Jr., we will. And if you want to thank him for his heroism and heart, donate to this gofundme page here:
DONDRÉ T. WHITFIELD @DondreWhitfield🔁There is no way for you to salute someone as a hero when you can only see them as an assailant. #Facts salon.com
Barbara Sosnowski @BasiaSosnowska🔁I'm still waiting for President Trump to condemn the WHITE Nashville Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking, who was a member of a Right-winged extremist group, and who shot and killed 4 minorities with an AR-15.
Omowunmi La @omowunmi_la🔁Trump is the only American not praising the Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. — who just happens to be black.

RT if you believe it is purely because Trump is racist - and that he doesn't allow himself to say anything genuinely positive about black people.

NAIJAREPLAY.COM @naijareplay🔁Tears flow as victims of Waffle House shooting remembered newz.com.ng
EB @enbowman75eb🔁Waffle House girl threw the F bomb and was thrown in the floor half naked and told she was going to have a broken arm....
creative scorpio @vinivinidogo🔁James Shaw's is exactly the hero stopping a mass shooting Trump imagined, except he's black

But Trump's noticeably, completely silent on Shaw, recalling a previous millennium when black achievers & heroes were erased to focus on the Black Threat narrative

SRD_SCH 🌊 @SRD_SCH🔁Hey @realDonaldTrump! We KNOW you see this hero, Speak-Up!!! salon.com
Carrie Tirado Bramen @CBramen🔁Damn! Is the only place that Blackfolk can safely eat at home? Do we need FUBU eateries? 🚫Black respect,🚫 Black 💵.
Carolyn @Hooplaoly🔁It’s embarrassing that the president has tweeted multiple thank yous to Kanye West, but has yet to tweet a simple thank you to James Shaw Jr. the Waffle House hero.
Kevin O'Toole @ahikingdog🔁 Cool, any comment on Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. or has he not tweeted about you enough?
William Robert Smith @IAmBillyBob2017🔁Last I checked, a Waffle House is not a school. Perhaps your kid should have been taught more at home about the san twitter.com ctity of life.
Patti Singer @DramaQueen4Jesu🔁Ever since James Shaw Jr.'s unselfish act of bravery, Americans have been singing his praises

All except for one

's silence on the bravery of James Shaw Jr. is deafening

He is a vile racist pig and show it more every day

(((Denise A Rubin))) @DeniseARubin🔁James Shaw Jr, a hero who disarmed a domestic terrorist who murdered 4 human beings at a Waffle House, still hasn’t been mentioned by Predator . The racism is so obvious at this point.

karen @karenivethm🔁James Shaw Jr. stopped a guy from killing every person in that Waffle House and Trump has completely ignored him but of course he’s fangirling over Kanye’s bullshit
LaTonya Y. Nevels @LaTonyaNevels🔁 Man who wrestled gun from Waffle House shooter raises $150,000 for victims' families
John Miller @JohnMil50926969🔁I can't listen to Kanye West music, go to Starbucks, or feel safe at the Waffle House. This is not making America great again.
GallieMaynard@GaragePod @GaragePod🔁Praising Kanye West for simply liking him and not praising James Shaw Jr for saving American lives at Waffle House - speaks volumes.


debbie anderson @AnderdzzyDebbie🔁 Our president ignores an American hero: Trump’s silence on the Waffle House murders is deafening salon.com
asia ekperigin @asia1445ry🔁Waffle House James Shaw Jr. went to hours after stopping mass shooter joy105.com



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