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WORK uberguydelhi @uberguydelhi🔁 @uberguydelhi Nice work! Here are my latest!
Seán Ó Donnghaile @SeanODonnghai🔁 How was your drive to work this morning?
ASHI @luvrgrl222🔁 Work with women.
Elsie Garcia @ElsieGa14297265🔁if you work your pussy free porn dad fucks daughter
Supernatural @cw_spn🔁13 years later and they've still got work to do. Supernatural premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.
Michelle Obama @MichelleObama🔁I'm so excited about what's coming up at the . These young people have so much to contribute–and the work is only beg inning.
Edith @ilooklikejudith🔁 Seeing people work out makes me even more tired
Dr. Rachel E. Post @rachizzle_post🔁Hi followers, sorry I haven't said hi in a while. Been super busy getting a project at work ready, FDA clinicals. I'll be around more now
Holly. @holysholly🔁@redsoxjr2 You got a lot of work ahead of you
:Gab: @gabbyyblack🔁so instead of doing work i've had a 2 hour nap and then done a test to see if my pick of british foods can predict my relationship status 🙃
Dwayne(Rock)Johnson @Head10007Give🔁@GordonRamsay Culinary dreams due to work and problems being an immigrant and she has this bright passion into cooking for her heart to-
😂 Elira 📝 @EliraBregu🔁President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders in the U.S. Congress have agreed to work together on legislation to...
L I V 🌈 @0liviabrooke🔁 Every girl on this earth can go to work and then go to the beach.
Justin Loh @CloudyWolf85🔁Luckily you haven't lost your penchant for bully-boy name-calling. So dignified & presidential...keep up the good work!
Azrael Bexter @azrael_bexter🔁Sony’s tiny RX0 is made for VR and multi-camera work
SUMMER BLUE @bluemoonmonday🔁@sallymell You know after all this time I still can't work out why ppl are arseholes lol
Cyracyrus @Cyracyruss🔁So apparently when you intern at KBC you're not paid, you pay them because you have "unskilled labor" and they're giving you work experience
I'm KING'd @Emeeks_Uba🔁5) Called up for work. @handiworkng247 is design to incorporate any kind of business or Artisan - Plumber, Mechanic, Caterer, Event decor,
Alejandra Hernandez @artemis1297🔁i'm so thankful for for being my source of happiness. you guys work so hard and deserve all the good things coming your way. ❤️
Savannah? @SarahSavannah_🔁 RT if you don't wanna go to work tmrw
Marian Hornjak @MarianHornjak1🔁Monitor what people are saying about you and your competition and put those thoughts to work in your social strategies.
JAQNASAM // ADN 👦💕 @nasamjaq26_ADMD🔁Hello bean nice to see your work of art again

GABRIEL JESUS🔥 @mzito_kravitz🔁Boss: Do u believe in life afta death?

Employee: No sir.

Boss: U left work early y/day 4 ur uncle's funeral & he came here looking for u 😕

Icon Retweets 🔥🎮❤ @IconRTs🔁 Really shitty night at work & everyone just makes it even worse. It's crazy
Bart Van Roey @bartvanroey🔁Half of married couples KornFerry surveyed had arguments while on vacation over staying too connected to work.

Cindy @thiabella12🔁 having a job is cool until you gotta go to work. 😂😂
Alix Hupez @Karsimys13🔁You are not hungry🙄 ... you'll do the diet and stop fries 😋🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟 .... mmmmm ... It doesn't work 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😊
durpx5 @durpx5🔁Every night you run one shift instead of two I lose money on lost business, I sweat, and unlike ya'll when my pa had to do emergency work...
Steph Le Bref @Steph80335🔁 Oligarchs: labor unions' radical "weekend" plan "cannot work"
Dumb Pig 8K @rtserf🔁Work for Me! Be My slave, buy My clips, become
DrifterJay [EOD] @DrifterJayFR🔁@_EpiczGaming_ Whenever I leave for work and gaze at my PS.
Leonor Ladeira R. @LeoRodri13🔁Dear actors/actresses, this is the man you chose/choose to work with

Dear film studios, this is the man you still produce & let make films

Aboki @yomi_mabayoje🔁@solaadio More grace,sir.. Continue the good work,..
Rebeka @stylesirwiny🔁 Why does it work after you slap it tho 🤔
You On A Gin @Maya_and_Moksha🔁@cocobel15 @WaladShami You've been battling a concept fabricated by the Muslim Brotherhood? How does that work out for you?
Pekka Ristelä @PekkaRistela🔁100 mn Europeans never used the internet. 45% of EU population & 37% of work force have insufficient digital skills /
Doc Fetherstonhaugh @docfethers🔁Senate today formally recognised importance of climate scientists, their valuable & critical work & acknowledged they're still underfunded.
JustMyself @BaikKaiShan🔁New work for SAO confirmed!
abhishek singhal @abhishe26342097🔁So don't bullshit people on "Dynasty" You have to earn people's respect and love through hard work not zabardasti and gundagardi.
Mary Burns @Marella1957🔁 "informing the public about the work, allowing them to judge"

Nonsense. You refuse each and every FOI.

Success_Diva @Derisha_KP🔁 Real work will start after the #leadershipstandard launch. @SABPP1 @MariusSABPP
Climate Change EYE🕊 @Bernie4Climate🔁I'm really just trying to graduate w/ a couple of degrees, make an impact on some kiddos lives, go work for the Obama Foundation & be happy
Andrew Fisher @FisherAndrew79🔁Scottish Labour MP's are looking for staff! 🌹💻🗞️

Experienced media professional and want to work for all 7 of us?

Paula Petrova @paulapetrovaaaa🔁 When the hate don't work they start telling lies
🦋 Pop 🦋 @CharityUKNews🔁 PCC hails 'unsung heroes' at Surrey Search and Rescue after seeing team at work - Get Surrey
GOOD SEVMORNING💎✨ @meIonyy🔁@bearistas i will ;w; xoxo love u hubby i hope work wasn't too tiring today!!
ugh. @CarlaIrie🔁 how did you work at Google and not realize autocomplete is personalized
#DUPED @michaelbranniga🔁I bet it works like this

Not counted:
Those out of work 3+ years
Men over 45
Women over 50 (they're on their pensions! 😒)
Workfare workers

Jan @janasiaxmarie🔁I'm wide tf awake retweeting away like I don't work 9am-11pm 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Installer @kps_74🔁@TheAlphaP Sad to see this.... thankyou alpha for all your work you done for us kodi users you'll be missed by us all
Cassidy @SuddenlyAlive_🔁"screw school", I say as I do all my homework and aim for A's

"you know what I don't even care anymore", I say as I continue to work hard

Mining Meagan @miningmeagan🔁Idiots At Work Fail & Win Best Compilation via @YouTube
David Underdown @DavidUnderdown9🔁HExD, my new Halifax Explosion Database, is nearly complete w new statistics & insight! Now just to work on those maps!
Slizzard Kelly @jennabeenawinna🔁Going on hour 12 at work.... resources dwindling.... hope diminished.
L E E @bertie3872🔁@cherylsp_ Gotta go through the pain to gain unfortunately. Have you been going to the 1 hour physio work out at the hospital 🏥? 😉
Stan @MIstanbouly🔁Having a dump supervizor at work is the hardest challenge for self control 🙂
serena @kassianandor🔁i dont need this before work .
Kono JoJo Meme Da! @KonoJoJoMemeDa🔁jjba aesthetice::: alright pick a villain for me to work on.

I'll give this poll a day.

Ryan @RyanJacobs105🔁Le'Veon Bell went to work at a Dairy Queen in Pittsburgh after jokingly filling out application
Marie Roulston @eamroulston🔁A big thanks to all who presented today and reminding us of the poweful relationships are to excellent social work practice .
Xtra Promo @Xtrapromo🔁I like @susannareid100 but she should of done her home work. Even I know not bring up Whitney Houston to dione warrick #GMB disaster
birdbrookagain @birdbrook🔁. why are you refusing to answer questions on tuition fees and in work poverty? Is it because you don't have any answers?
Dotdash @dotdashout🔁Attend to hear from , design lead at , as he shares his work & approach & tips
Heart Speaks @heartXpressions🔁Each time I did something to push him away, I was terrified it would work. 💓
Kevin03 @KashishGarcha🔁Its never Too Early or Too Late to work towards being the stronger you💪
Lawyer Monthly @LawyerMonthly🔁Beverley Sundlerland's thoughts on private emails at work following ECHR ruling are in
eDDy canDra @huangtalong🔁 Work hard now so your future self can thank you
Noah Talansky 🇺🇸 @NoahTalansky🔁 Kudos to @POTUS for pursuing agreement that will protect #Dreamers from deportation
LeighGolfClubProShop @LeighGCProShop🔁Lucky this is my place of work
Great to do what you love
⚜ @dfect728🔁@IngenuityTomo A haven't slept mate couldn't handle a day a work lol a really do need to get a grip tho man
kimpot @kkimbyuun🔁 Hope for power 2nd win today TTT though I can't stream bcs work😭
Raju 22🇮🇳 @rajuraju827🔁Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator. - Yogi Berra
👅👀 @_beebeep_🔁Another fanacc>.<

Sehun: where will you go after this (prerec) done?
Eris: home~ work~
Sehun: you have to go home, to watch the broadcast

D-Truce @Dusten_Truce🔁I'm glad I work in an industry where you don't have to "dress up" to work like that. Boys for no fit cope TBH lol.
RJ @itsRJHill🔁Crazy how females work sometimes
Kendarius Toliver @KingTewFace🔁Well i work in a wearhouse. I have 3 kids. I sell bud to white boys at work to stay ahead. So you far behide lil dude
lòváßlê $ü®yâ @Suryaku04636672🔁Hospital/ambulance sequences patch work for going on at one of our offices at
Northe-Ann Slack @northeann🔁Indeed! I hate them, we build up piles and pilesof em, but I can no longer carry a heavy box up the street over my be lly. I live v near work


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