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Esa-Pekka Mattila @EPMattila🔁 “I need you to accept this cookie before I answer your #GDPR question.” @photomatt @mor10 #WCEU
Stefano Tombolini @tombolini_s🔁 “I need you to accept this cookie before I answer your #GDPR question.” @photomatt @mor10 #WCEU
#WCEU#WCEU#WCEU#WCEU Themezly @themezly🔁We had an awesome time at #WCEU ! Met many great people that keep the #WP alive. Can't wait until we meet again!
Alycia @artdecotech🔁#WCEU after party is lit fam.
#WCEU Yoast @yoast🔁Our power couple @MariekeRakt & @jdevalk being interviewed by @GoDaddy’s @ifyouwillit! #WCEU #WordPress
John Maeda @johnmaeda🔁“The best way to get folks to adopt what you're doing is to make it as awesome as possible.” —@photomatt #WCEU
John Maeda @johnmaeda🔁“Things in life happen in realtime, and you can’t expect to recreate an opportunity when it is within your reach. So twitter.com always be ready to improvise.” —
Sir Cytlan von Cytterfeldt @cytlan🔁Is anyone from Sucuri at #WCEU at all? Haven't seen anyone, despite them being a sponsor.
Maybe they're just being sneaky 🕵️
Patrick Jungbluth @patjun🔁 AFTER PARTY SPONSORS: Thank you, @WooCommerce and @sucurisecurity, for being #WCEU after party sponsors. Let's do this! 🕺
Mila Ⓜ️ @Mila_Kanazirska🔁 "The real growth market is about driving #WordPress up the value chain. Having it play nice with the solutions at large. We…
Kevin @Kevin_Rouwkema🔁A full room following ‘s workshop about On-demand dev with Docker and WordPress. He shows how to set up a local development environment with Docker and Docker Compose and shares best practices.
James Huff @MacManX🔁. ticket numbers:

- Sold 2,368 tickets
- 76 countries
- 2085 attendees
- 529 Contributor Day Attendees
- 808 Livestream Tickets
- 37 Countries

ʇɹǝʌoɹʇuI 🌆 @introvert_city🔁Missed the talk by on succeeding as an at ? He shared these articles...
Hannu Kumpula @hannukumpula🔁 ’s secret to Wordpress scalability to larger sites is agressive caching on multiple levels. I agree!
Krystle Herbrandson | Website Security @Kherbrandson🔁If you want to follow along with what happens with WordPress (the software), then please subscribe to this blog:


Rachel Cherry @bamadesigner🔁Do you build themes? Want to upgrade your process and use modern tools? Come check out at the Google booth at . Or just go to
Nikola Dimitrijević @buki_zvani_pera🔁 Wisdom of the day: Serbia is like your grandma. There is no way you can leave hungry... #wceu
Chris Taylor @mrwiblog🔁“We need to stop thinking of as a legal problem to run away from, and instead, think of it as a cultural opportunity to embrace.” - at
James Huff @MacManX🔁One of the cleanest and slickest demos i’ve seen so far, from Goggle AMP talk at .
John 'dadpool' Vincent @lusis🔁Anonymous feedback shouldn't happen in a good environment in a good team. Normally not very effective. Want an environment where you can have open discussion. Sometimes it's useful, via proxy or via a tool. But use anonymous feedback as little as possible.
Yann Meldec @YannMeldec🔁The wheel of fortune might just lead you to meet your next co-founder, co-worker and friend. Take the challenge :D
Evan Herman @EvanMHerman🔁Proud to look back on how 's commitment to the WordPress community has increased over time. There were 4 of us at in Bulgaria and too many to count today. 😀 so happy we're here. 🤗


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