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#WCBCC18 Monica Baker @MonicaBaker901๐Ÿ” Olโ€™ Man River @memphisinmay BBQ and best coworkers ever @MonicaBaker901 @ValerieTingley #WCBCC18
#WCBCC18 VeesBayou @Orca06WhoDat๐Ÿ” Ready to judge some wings @memphisinmay #WCBCC18
Ashley @AshleySpain7๐Ÿ” You never know who you might see at #WCBCC18 ๐ŸŽธ
#WCBCC18 Charlie Miller @ChuckInMemphis๐Ÿ” Memphis ๐Ÿ’ฏ
#WCBCC18 John Hedstrom ๐Ÿฅ“ @hedstrombacon๐Ÿ” So this guy named Dave wanted a picture with our teammate, Malou. #MemphisInMay #wcbcc18
cflann.CRE @FlannCasey๐Ÿ”Forget December. To Memphians, May is the most wonderful time of the year! #memphis #memphisinmay #WCBCC18
#WCBCC18 TooSauced ToPork @TSTPBBQ๐Ÿ” Captain Kilted Cook is on the scene. #tstpbbq #WCBCC18
#WCBCC18 Clint Cantwell @Grillocracy๐Ÿ”The awesome ribs that got us into the finals yesterday for the Patio Porker division at Memphis in May. #WCBCC18
#WCBCC18 Kevin Ortiz @NivekZitro๐Ÿ” 6th in the world! #MemphisInMay #WCBCC18 #sweetswineomine
#WCBCC18#WCBCC18#WCBCC18#WCBCC18 Megan Gibson @megan_gibson901๐Ÿ” When we say โ€œtentsโ€ for #WCBCC18, this is what we mean.
#WCBCC18 Ron Childers @RonChilders๐Ÿ”Guess whoโ€™s judging @memphisinmay #WCBCC18...Dave Grohl from @foofighters.
VeesBayou @Orca06WhoDat๐Ÿ”Even though I missed competing in the this year.. I enjoyed every second with my family cooking for my Sister Prisc twitter.com illa
Big Boy @BigBoyBarbeque๐Ÿ”Whole Hog winners:
1. The Shed
2. Boars Night Out
3. 3 Taxi Guys
4. Will Be Que BBQ Team
5. Fireman John's BBQ
6. Ubons
7. Grilla Grills
8. Mac's Smoke Shop
9. 17th Street BBQ/Apple City BBQ
10. Yazoo's Delta Q

Mark Shepherd @mrkshep๐Ÿ”What a weekend we've had in Memphis. Thanks to all who made so special! We can't wait to see y'all in 2019.


Memphis BBQ Supply @mbbqsupply๐Ÿ”Want to hear the details from BBQ Fest? Tune in to at 7:45 Monday morning! Jimmy will be on with and ! Lo twitter.com ts to talk about from a week on the river!
Behind The Smoke @bbqwarstories๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ– #1 in the World! Our friends at just won BIG at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest! Show this amazing family some love!

SuckleBusters @SuckleBusters๐Ÿ”Thanks to for the help filling our gift bags! Definitely one of the must haves in your rub cabinet! Everyone has a dedicated rub cabinet, right?
raquel ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ท miranda @raquelhinson๐Ÿ”My brother-in-laws team got fourth in shoulder and there have been more family texts and talking about this than whe twitter.com n his brother and I had our second child. The pride is real, yโ€™all.
KnSBBQ @bbqsmoker2๐Ÿ”The awesome ribs that got us into the finals yesterday for the Patio Porker division at Memphis in May.
Johnny Summers @jsummersjr๐Ÿ”Rib division winners:
1. 10 Bones BBQ
2. Burnt Finger BBQ
3. Jones "Q" BBQ Co.
4. Smoking Jokers Australia
5. Poker Porkers
6. Pork and Bean Counters
7. Natural Born Grillers
8. Cackle & Oink BBQ
10, Nuts N' Butts

Howard Getson @hgetson๐Ÿ”Got some inspiration from @memphisinmay's #WCBCC18 BBQ Fest. Great experience! Check it out! #MemphisInMay #bbq blog.capitalogix.com
Code3Spices.com @code3spices๐Ÿ” #WCBCC18 Results - Whole Hog

1. The Shed
2. Boars Night Out
3. 3 Taxi Guys

Shannon @shannoneffects1๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘ A round of applause to for their second Grand Championship!
CleanDrop @CleanDropMobile๐Ÿ”Congrats to and for representing at Memphis in May! Ubons with a 6th place whole hog, and The Shed winning top whole hog and overall Grand Champion!
Richard Lackie @RichardLackie1๐Ÿ”Nothing sums up the end of BBQ week more than a random, lone flip flop and a crushed beer can. twitter.com
TooSauced ToPork @TSTPBBQ๐Ÿ”Congrats to our friends at All Star Ten Pin Porkers for their Beat Booth win! #WCBCC18 #TSTPBBQ twitter.com
Blake Carson @CarsonRodizio๐Ÿ”World Rodiziooo Ribs! โ€ฆ instagram.com
Blake Carson @CarsonRodizio๐Ÿ”Bacon Wrapped Shrimpin Pimpin Poppers! โ€ฆ instagram.com
TooSauced ToPork @TSTPBBQ๐Ÿ” Too Sauced To Pork would like to humbly thank the staff at MIM, as well as the many Volunteers that made this a grea twitter.com t year for us.
Mary B. @MarylovesCarlos๐Ÿ”Two turn-ins already in the judgesโ€™ hands! Beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce and bbq chicken thighs. Everything proudly cooked on grills!
Jordan Bledsoe @bledhoe๐Ÿ”@memphisinmay it sure would be nice if someone posted the full results. #WCBCC18
beยข @bec901๐Ÿ”UPDATE: our team got 7th in ribs #BornInTheQueSA #WCBCC18 twitter.com
Dan Merenda @VeggieWifeBBQ๐Ÿ”Ribs - 10 Bones BBQ
Shoulder - Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
Whole Hog - The Shed

You're World Champion is coming up next!

cflann.CRE @FlannCasey๐Ÿ” Top 10 MIM Shoulder #10 Bob Head BBQ, 9th place Mo Cason BBQ, 8th Moonlight Smokers, 7th Moody Ques, 6th place Sweet Swine o Mine, 5th Red Hot Smokers, 4th place shoats and skins, 3rd Shine & Swine, 2nd place Cool Smoke and 1st Place Big Bob Gibson
cflann.CRE @FlannCasey๐Ÿ” Top Ten in Ribs! #10 Nuts& Butts, #9 Born in the Que SA, #8 Crackle and Oink #7 Natural Born Grillers, #6 Pork & Bean Counters #5 Poker Porkers, 4th Smoking Jokers Australia, 3rd Jonesy Que, 2nd Place Burnt Finger BBQ and 1st place 10 Bones BBQ
Giancarlo Terrones @Clint_Clamacho๐Ÿ”Because why WOULDN'T Dave Grohl show up to be a guest judge at a BBQ competition in Memphis!
DC101 @DC101๐Ÿ”Because why WOULDN'T Dave Grohl show up to be a guest judge at a BBQ competition in Memphis! twitter.com
Brian Eberly @beberly18๐Ÿ”What an absolutely amazing event - I am stoked to come back next year as a team member, as well as work with a couple twitter.com of sponsors

Stay tuned later this week for a full write-up on my first-timer experience

Andrew Bruce @Bruucey๐Ÿ”The Smoking Jokers won 4th place!! All the way from Sydney, Australia to the . Great group of guys.

Ran into them on their way out with their big trophy. They had a couple celebratory beers after the victory.

Dan Merenda @VeggieWifeBBQ๐Ÿ”Congratulations once more to the Grand Champion, ! This marks their second Championship (2015)!


Jason Day @BurntFingerBBQ๐Ÿ” #WCBCC18 Results - Ribs

1. 10 Bones BBQ
2. Burnt Finger BBQ
3. Jonesy "Q" BBQ Co.

MEMPopS @MEMPopS๐Ÿ”We had a blast ! Already looking forward to next year!
Today, we are at , , , Area Championship, & Norman twitter.com dy Park neighborhood event
The SWINOS @TheSWINOS๐Ÿ”Last night roof top with always fireworks BBQ
Radio 104.5 @Radio1045๐Ÿ”When he's not rocking out with , Dave Grohl judges BBQ competitions. Obviously! twitter.com
Greg Childers @gregorychilders๐Ÿ”The Ninjettes ran into Dave Grohl at in . What a wonderful surprise.
Robyn Medlin Lindars @GrillGirlRobyn๐Ÿ”Love my bbq family!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป twitter.com
SugarFire Smokehouse @SugarFireSmoke๐Ÿ”The whole hog competition is underway! is all set up for the action!
Will Larsen @ThorsHammrd๐Ÿ” CONGRATULATIONS to the Grand Champion of the 2018 World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, @TheShedBBQ!


Annett Jahnke @annett_jahnke๐Ÿ”Only the best portions get served today. Judging finals continue this afternoon, with the awards ceremony set for 6:30!


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