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Taylor Clouse @TaylorClouse5🔁 Voting for Trea during commercial breaks like


#VoteTrea#VoteTrea#VoteTrea Spit_Fire Junction @SpitFire_Hour🔁@Angels @Nationals " @Angels , @Nationals



#Angels ,

We are the best✔👍💯!"

#VoteTrea NBC Sports Nationals @NBCSNationals🔁#VoteTrea didn't go so well :( but we still love him :) and support him :) bit.ly
#VoteTrea won gwanghyun @davidwon4206🔁 I got my Twitter back so to celebrate go #votetrea Hurry voting closes at 4pm today
#VoteTrea Faith Weitzel @FaithWeitzel10🔁 Huge thanks to all the #Nats fans, @Angels fans and everyone else who rocked the #VoteTrea this week!
#VoteTrea Trent @trentjc25🔁 Last day to bring him home!

#VoteTrea: masn.me

Angels @Angels🔁You want proof? Here's your proof! Get @Andrelton to the All-Star Game! #VoteSimba #VoteTrea
#VoteTrea @Nationals🔁Trea Turner is *this close* to making the All-Star Game in DC.

(and ) now, (and ) often!

🗳️ // twitter.com

Angels @Angels🔁Show the Glove some love! Every time you remember to . It’s a thing. Just go with it.

🗳: twitter.com

Casey Bivens @cbivens7🔁Wonderful. You know what most baseball fans who can’t afford season tickets do? They don’t fucking buy season tickets twitter.com ! Buy a 10 game pack, pal. There’s no way that Donny doesn’t seek out the dumbest amongst us. However, Go Nats! And
annie z @hskaldjfsd🔁 didn't go so well :( but we still love him :) and support him :) bit.ly
Michelle Sara King @MSKinDC🔁Excited for festivities in ! I love especially my childhood hometown team & my adult hometown team I voted twitter.com for my lineup & in the addendum vote see you at
Sean Waltman @SeanWaltman2🔁 Giveaway: Follow us and RETWEET this to be automatically entered to win a signed bat!

After RTing, make sure you vote here:

Janet Primm @PrimmJanet🔁Last day to !

Send Rendon's favorite player to the All-Star Game ➡️ masn.me

CryptoMel @CryptoMell🔁Ready for another POWER HOUR? (you are)

Prove that you voted for and ! Reply with a screenshot of your ballot using and for a chance to win this ball signed by the king himself. Rules: . Enter by 6pm PT.

Badi @LhadiBoualem1🔁You know they deserve to be All-SStars.




Adrian Feliciano @AFEL120🔁. pours in the hits. Now, you need to pour in the votes.

and at by 1pm PT! atmlb.com

Luis Juarez @mercutio64🔁I will give $1 to the Nationals Youth Academy for EVERY RETWEET up to $1000 to remind Nats fans 2 🔥 I will post a screen shot📱of my contribution after close of vote. Go Trea!🔥 Link ⬇️
A Nats Fan @NatsCurlyW🔁When the men are away, the will play. So much fun letting out our inner tweens last night. Oh, and if you’re reading this, go !
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@JohnWall @WashWizards @De11eDonne @KristiToliver While you at it, #VoteTrea
Maliran @marikoUeno🔁⚠️ FIVE MINUTE WARNING ⚠️

Everyone loves a good comeback right? , : angels.com

Jack Thorbahn @JThor19🔁If you for the next 48 hours and he wins I will be giving away to a lucky winner 2 tickets to the 2018 Homerun Derby, a signed magenta ball, & a signed bat from the Derby itself! So as much as you can for your chance to win🙌🏻
Brolin Walters™ @BrolinWalters🔁I mean, who hasn't right, @Nationals?

#VoteTrea twitter.com

jennie @jennrebter🔁Andrelton✅

Make good choices: angels.com

rogerioglobol @globol10🔁The want you to to send to next week's !

The think you should to send to his first !

We think you should watch both of them today on ! 👀⚾️📺

☁️Ju$ Saiyan☁️ @EyeM_JustSaiyan🔁🚨1 HOUR LEFT FOR FINAL VOTE. 🚨

Kameron Brooks @KameronBrooks10🔁My coworkers think I’m really busy on my computer. 🖥 I’m actually over and over and over...😃
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@WashWizards Finally a good move by Ernie #VoteTrea
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@Pseudo_RGIII Man you crazy 😂 #VoteTrea
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@JPFinlayNBCS Love this #HTTR #VoteTrea
Jordan Bolte @Boltemon🔁Join us to cheer on the on July 31. DCCPA has secured a special ticket price of $15 - includes a seat in section 241 and an $8 food voucher. Spaces are limited, so get your tickets today. Bring along the whole office! Oh, and !
Erica May-Scherzer @emaysway🔁When the men are away, the will play. So much fun letting out our inner tweens last night. Oh, and if you’re reading twitter.com this, go !
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@PlayBall @Nationals @TMobile @AllStarGame Thank you for you service #USA #VoteTrea
dcsportsfan @rICE__T🔁@Nationals @ffrommer @AllStarGame Should have keep Dusty #VoteTrea


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