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Javier Echeverri @JavierManpowerG🔁 #VivaTech is open to all. Including giant robots.. 😮
#VivaTech Dámaso Isidoro @damisidoro🔁 #VivaTech #GDPR #Regulation & #startups: friends or foes? ▶️ oran.ge
#VivaTech Yves Van Ingelgem @YvesVanIngelgem🔁Great visit to #VivaTech. Thank you @BNPPFBelgie for staging the trip!
Tessy KAYITANA @KayTessy🔁 President of Rwanda @PaulKagame, telling us why it's so important to be here at #VivaTech!
#VivaTech Cindy Renard @CindyLaRenarde🔁 Meet me at #VivaTech this Saturday 1pm and learn about our work at @Loreal in Data Science and #AI.
#VivaTech hazen.ai @hazen_ai🔁@anasbasa Co Founder of @hazen_ai at #VivaTech 🇸🇦.
#VivaTech#VivaTech#VivaTech#VivaTech فهــد المنـديـل @FMandil🔁 Learn about the #Saudi startups participating the #MiskInnovation pavilion at #VivaTech
#VivaTech hazen.ai @hazen_ai🔁@anasbasa on stage at #VivaTech. @hazen_ai at #3 in @MiskTech session
#VivaTech Jean Collet @j_collet🔁 #VivaTech #startup pitches are starting!
#VivaTech#VivaTech#VivaTech#VivaTech Immersive Robotics @ImmersiveRobot🔁 #robot rock @ #ViVaTech #VivaTech2018
stephanie hospital @stephhospital🔁 What makes OneRagtime different? #Data #Technology #Scalability - live now at #VivaTech
#VivaTech Manish Raj @manishraj13🔁 Come a give us your startup value proposition! @JoseanMendez #VivaTech #innovation
Emmanuel Macron @EmmanuelMacron🔁I have a message: I am a big tech optimist, but making money and creating jobs is not sufficient. We all are living i twitter.com n the same place. The tech ecosystem can’t behave like it's living nowhere. It is not sustainable. It doesn’t fly!
Rebecca Enonchong @africatechie🔁I invested $5000 in a South African startup. Eight years later, I made $250k from it. That is what angel investing i twitter.com s all about -
#VivaTech @VivaTech🔁The moment you've been waiting for is finally here: 2018 is officially open! 💫
Strap on your seat belt and get read twitter.com y to accelerate your future!
kjflk @kjflk4🔁Women in tech should be recognized for their skills and not their gender! 's shares her testimony onstage at 👏
Guillaume Le Lan @guillaumelelan🔁Airbus and are excited to display Next at and show the world what the future of personal air mobility may look like in cities near you in as little as five years!
FrancescaMMontemagno @LAMONTEDOC🔁Changing, transforming, innovating: you need to believe in it. you need to be visionary.
FrancescaMMontemagno @LAMONTEDOC🔁Digital Transformation on stage. And the main topics at the is about reskilling and upskilling people within Corp!
Benjamin Jacquet @BenjaminJcqt🔁 Thank you to the EMEA marketo team and nstevenlucas for an amazing Viva Tech conference i twitter.com n Paris.

LIVE from : Marketo CEO nstevenlucas and cloudwordsinc CEO m_meinhardt on the importance of localization througho… "

Consulting&SecurityGroup🇬🇧 @CSecurityPlus2🔁"Today, you have in that are creating a new scenario for the African Economy and Total wants to be part of that new era" Momar Nguer, President Marketing & Services at Total, talks about innovation in Africa at
Manish Raj @manishraj13🔁To all my friends in Paris at go to the booth and learn from , he is the best! 👏
Robert C Flores @robcflores🔁. L’Oréal’s CDO answers our 3 essential questions, live from ! Discover her thoughts on , innovations and consumer engagement.
METOS CM @metoscm🔁 By investing 40 million euros in 10 projects in only 2 years, accelerates 👼
Marketo #MKTGnation @marketo🔁Thank you to the EMEA team and for an amazing Viva Tech conference in Paris.

LIVE from : Marketo CEO and CEO on the importance of localization throughout…

Sarah Storelli @SarahStorelli1🔁New Video: IBM's Dr. Angel Diaz () explains how the new global initiative challenges developers to use their software skills to help save lives and enhance well being by improving disaster preparedness
erwan le gal @tooptoop🔁THIS is what we call creative technology ! The show was mindblowing with synchronized choreography between , and .
AlastarB @AlastarByron🔁The in your non-autonomous car


Fr-US Nano&Physics @Fr_US_Nanotechs🔁In term of Artificial Intelligence, France has an incredible ecosystem with labs, universities and companies. But to all succeed, we have to build common regulations, much alike the GDPR.
G Dolbeau @DolbeauG🔁 on stage for the to present the app !

Adeline Coulibaly @AdelinetcC🔁. Digital revolution has been driven by mobile in . Next evolution will be driven by the emergence of a multiservice culture, with the rise of a true ecosystem of
G Dolbeau @DolbeauG🔁 Second round table of the day with and ! Some talks around the evolution of the leisure activities market and the new approaches to attract new consumers.

G Dolbeau @DolbeauG🔁 When a sports meets , it takes part of the ! from on stage

G Dolbeau @DolbeauG🔁 We keep going on the thematic with represented by on stage for the !

Microsoft_Green @Microsoft_Green🔁Did you catch and at this week? Check out the highlights in this video reel from the conference: twitter.com
Sylvie Trupin @TrSylvie🔁Today marks the coming into effect of . CEO , tried a little experiment here at , to see how important privacy is to you. Would you be comfortable with this? 📱
Grindhouse Wetware @GHWetware🔁[] Be ready for a lot of change in your "" search results... Thanks from for the alert! 😅
Josep Solé @josepsole_🔁"We are applying what we look for in startups to ourselves, high tech capabilities and being scalable" - on the OneRagtime difference and VC as a platform
Indira Salinas @Indira_Sals🔁Spotlight on RISK for the first time at . Congrats Danielle Winandy, and Christophe GOUELO for the presentation "Bui twitter.com lding an innovative approach to Risk Management". Very interesting to know more on approaching , unlocking i…
Fersanchez @Fersare15🔁"The future we will invent is a choice we make."

Our CEO spoke at about the need to develop with humans in mind.

Helmut Reisinger @HelmReisinger🔁“ is already a connected continent. is present in 18 countries in Africa and is strengthening its investment capacities including . Our accelerators support more than 30 startups at the moment in Africa”
Suhas Rao @suhasaraos🔁Our CEO spoke at about the future of as being a choice that we make, not something that just happens. twitter.com
Annette McGoff @AnnetteMcGoff1🔁Tour of the lab for Xavier Huillard, CEO of : immersive zone with Visions 360, Nomad Mapping System demo, discussions with
Bobby Ngai @bobbyngai🔁New ways of improving performance and fan experience @Capgemini #VivaTech booth #BeAheadoftheGame twitter.com
Jerry Ponzi/MSc,BEng @jerryponzi1🔁It's estimated that 80% of technologies are used for the benefit of 10% of people. Whereas technology should help to reduce inequalities, it often widens the gap between rich and poor. INNOVATE TO CHANGE THE WORLD !
Nathalie Crosnier @NaCrosnier🔁3 key ingredients at the People’sLab4Good:
1. "A frame: enabling the intrapreneurs to make time for their projects and offering them a place to work on them"

kandang @Mvme_Fashion🔁Make wakanda real / The goal
Open-Matrix.es @open_matrix🔁"How to scale out successfully?
- pick your battles
- force the mindset
- keep the magic
- improve execution" -
IOV @iov_official🔁And the winner of Battlefield Europe at is… with as runner-up - -
Nicolas Schiltz @NicolasSchiltz🔁Very proud of our French team here at . Showcasing digital onboarding, augmented reality learning and a packed Talent Connect corner. Listening to President Macron now, and later today our own CEO
Francis Bécard @FrancisBecard🔁"Today, we live in a world where everything computes, everything is producing data (...) and that is giving us opportunities to solve some of the world's biggest problems". Do you agree with , CEO of ?
Michael Meinhardt @m_meinhardt🔁Thank you to the EMEA team and for an amazing Viva Tech conference in Paris.

LIVE from : Marketo CEO and CE twitter.com O on the importance of localization throughout…

Shax @Shax_ExOneEx🔁. ’s advice to the young entrepreneurs in :
- There is never a bad idea
- Always try your best
- Never take “no” for an answer
- Uphold your values and what you believe in

Figgeduni @Figgeduni🔁Proud moment when they flashed our logo on the screens!

Figgeduni @Figgeduni🔁Extremely honoured and proud that is runner up of the among the 800+ participants. Big thanks to the jury and to
Nicolas Schiltz @NicolasSchiltz🔁Excited to be showcasing 's innovation, HR technology and workforce expertise at - stop by our HR Lab to see our VR and AR training tools, and test your DigiQuotient in our AI-led Digital Room.
Thomas Trayssac @TrayssacT🔁ONE BIG FAMILY ! 🌎✌️

Clint Wallace @cw_sanofi🔁🔴 LIVE at : Ameet Nathwani, ’s EVP Chief Medical Officer, on .
WioCities @WIOMAX_MD🔁Day 2 at .
French builders, Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, COLAS and VINCI Energies are present.
It is clearly the end of the industry as we knew it.

Clint Wallace @cw_sanofi🔁🔴LIVE at : How can new technologies enhance shopper experience and bring value to customers? We’ll be hearing pitches from responding to this challenge shortly!
Ed Neubecker @EdNeubecker🔁Our Chairman, President & CEO Ginni Rometty will be keynoting at tomorrow 5/24 to address "Achieving Exponential Impact: AI in the Era of Responsible Tech.” Tune in at 10am CET to watch live:
Abdul Rosyid @AbdulBetawiw🔁 is one of the 🚀top Russian startups to represent the country at the biggest European tech show Vivatech.
✅80,000 attendees!
✅8,000 startups!
✅Mark Zuckerberg is one of the speakers!
Are you in Paris now? Please visit our booth to chat!

Dr Neil Bhanushali @DrNeilBhanu🔁"I believe AI is stronger with diversity. Anti-bias is a key aspect of how we approach . I count on humanity as a whole to keep it ethical and honest." – at .
Clint Wallace @cw_sanofi🔁 2nd day is now over. Lots of sessions and conferences today! See you tomorrow for the last day of 2018! Program here ➡️
Bobby Ngai @bobbyngai🔁#VivaTech Investor Lounge: Capgemini commands €12.8bn revenue but remembers it was once a startup! #LifeAtCapgemini
Eudiza Quevedo @eudiza🔁Parham Aarabi "Beauty service is using augmented reality starting in skincare. Hair care has been the biggest challenge. Today client needs personalized advices... We're working on voice model and social media"
France Ouest Canada @ConsulatFRAVan🔁“2017 was a record year for 'La French Tech' with 2.5 billion invested in start-ups. We have tripled investments i twitter.com n three years. The dynamism of this ecosystem allows us to be European leaders.” ➖
Mathilda @MathildeGllme🔁[ at ] The Connected Luminous bottles are now the only ones left shining at the LVMH Luxury Lab tonight. Brilliant reflections come back tomorrow, see you there!

Dare to dare @Daretodare5🔁 How can we better bring together stakeholders in the African entrepreneur ecosystem to better support digital startups in Africa? That’s the purpose of
BF Tech & Services @BF_TechServices🔁Ready for amazing day 3 at with female founders of startups team on booth D32 🇫🇷 at 9:30
Laïssa Mouen @LaissaMouen🔁Hear from our Chief Officer about what does mean for and how our teams 👫👭 embrace this positive revolution to be even more ‘ultra agile’ 😉
Laïssa Mouen @LaissaMouen🔁💄👩🏻‍💻 x on at — 2 best practices on YouTube: Vichy Teint Mineral 89 and L’Oréal Paris Root Cover bumpers. « Our brands had to switch to content-publishers. & now Automation is the next frontier » —
Laïssa Mouen @LaissaMouen🔁Watch Stéphane Lannuzel, our Operations Chief Digital Officer, answer our 3 essential questions and explain the importance of for the Group’s
Eudiza Quevedo @eudiza🔁"Beauty is very and so is . In many aspects, there is a total affinity between beauty and digital." Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L'Oréal during at
Laïssa Mouen @LaissaMouen🔁Live from our booth on , from different countries are pitching L'Oréal's Group executives!
HEC Paris MBA @HECParisMBA🔁Key success factors of :
1️⃣Focus on customer satisfaction
2️⃣Know the sector well
3️⃣Responsible usage & management of tech
4️⃣True transformation results from long-term vision with humanist values
5️⃣Invest in teams and services
ليلى @Lyla_Aziz🔁"We have a significant positioning in Saudi: 62% of IT grads are women, 72% of science grads are women. 76% of our coding school grads are girls.” - speaking at

HEC Paris MBA @HECParisMBA🔁Our Stanislas Niox-Chateau, co-founder talks about the transformation of through technology cc
HEC Paris MBA @HECParisMBA🔁We’re present at 2018!! Drop by our stand at M22, meet our and learn what our are innovating at the moment
Rwanda Briefing @RwandaBriefing🔁We commemorate victims of 's death squads & we call for investigation into crimes. twitter.com
Christophe IPPOLITO @christopheip🔁Because is driven not just by people but by great !! Day2 --> , and a lot of . poke Vy Ma Kim and much more.
Pierre Ber @Pierre018🔁IBM CEO Ginni Rometty talks with & about privacy concerns & artificial intelligence from the Conference in France: "We have to have trust in technology"
MySter Brun's @MySter_Brun_s🔁We’re proud to announce the launch of the Efficient Solution Label. A label that assesses the economic profitability of solutions that protect the environment.


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