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Virginia TechVirginia Tech Commonwealth Craig @ceewal🔁Welcome to Virginia where uva and VA tech get the headlines but VCU and George Mason get the banners.
Bruno @pabruno7🔁Please check on your Virginia and Virginia Tech friends. #MarchMadness
Andrew Cuomo @NYGovCuomo🔁Columbine
Virginia Tech
Las Vegas

Your track record speaks for itself, . We’ll take it fr om here.
NCAA March Madness @marchmadness🔁ROLL TIDE ROLL!

(9) Alabama rolls on to its first win since 2006 with the 86-83 win over (8) Virginia Tech!

Brookster Da Gawd @NotoriousBrooks🔁Look up the Tech box score from last month... Look up the box score from the West Virginia game.. Same fucking thing. .. They go cold and its over
Trey Lyle @TreyLyle🔁 I NEVER want to hear a UVA fan call Virginia Tech the "chokies" ever again.
Neebz @NeebzTweetz🔁@NobodyEpic As a Virginia Tech fan it makes up for yesterdays loss lmao
jassmin @jassminziad🔁a UVA loss is a Virginia Tech win 😊
Eric Johnson @emjohnson17🔁Virginia held Syracuse, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, NC State, and Clemson to fewer than 53 points in 40 minutes.
UMBC just dropped 53 on them in 20 minutes.

Tony Pascarella @tonypascarella🔁When I was at Tech, I asked a Virginia fan what a Wahoo was and he said "a pinecone in your ass." This feels like Karma finally kicking in.
Chris Young @chrisyoung_15🔁I get it UVA will be joked on for ages for just happened, but who even knew Virginia Tech had a basketball team until a couple of years ago?
mightyhokie @mightyhokie🔁Don’t worry. He will be reminded every year about the biggest upset in NCAA tournament history. Plus fans won’t let them forget.
Trey Caviness @jec_iii🔁ROLL TIDE ROLL!

(9) Alabama rolls on to its first win since 2006 with the 86-83 win over (8) Virginia Tech!

Timothy R Clark @clarktr1vt🔁 History has been made and it was glorious
Adam Gourley @GolfinGuurley🔁 lost in the madness,

Kansas State
Texas Tech
West Virginia

All will be favored for a chance at the Sweet 16.

Doug Stevens @doug321🔁Virginia Tech lost last night and UVA took a 20 piece from the Fighting Good Boys of Baltimore living in Virginia gon na be so lovely this week
Zack @Zack5cott🔁Virginia Tech fans are more excited about UVA losing than VT win...wait nvm ☕️🐸
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Dorklene🔁@jessielroth I go to Virginia Tech and this is the greatest thing ever
Alex Ashton @alexalexdmv🔁Virginia Tech: we're going to lightly screw up some people's brackets

UVA: HoLd My BeEr

Kyle Christy @thekeelo_g🔁Who's celebrating harder right now, UMBC or Virginia Tech?
Joe Kidder @joe_kidder2🔁"In an ideal world, the 20 first graders and kindergartners who died at Sandy Hook would be in middle school... the 32 students who died at Virginia Tech would be at work.
The students at Stoneman Douglas would be eating lunch right now.” (via CBS)
Stan Smeltzer @stanyboy_14🔁HORSEMAN WITH THE FALL!!!

He’s going to wrestle for the title tomorrow night!!! Second finalist in Virginia Tech history.


LJ @ljohn44🔁You think your school can't be the next one. Well you need to think again. Cornell could have been days away from being the next Parkland, the next Newtown, the next Columbine, the next Virginia Tech.
hokieJames @hokiekyle64🔁As a VIRGINIA TECH FAN THIS IS SO Perfect!!! This is a perfect ending to a season cut short by a loss to U of Alaba ma!!! Way to go !!! UMBC!!!
VTScoop247 @VTScoop247🔁History has been made and it was glorious
VT @hunter_tsunami🔁@ChargrsNation17 Im not mad im still pissed about Virginia tech getting screwed last night in the Alabama game
Ryan Armendariz @ryan_21_🔁Well now that Virginia is out my upset bracket where I have Texas Tech winning it all is looking pretty good.
Ethan Pierce @epierce72🔁 And of course the head coach of UMBC is a former Virginia Tech assistant coach....
Seth Hickman @sehickman12🔁SEC goes 4-0 day one of the 2018 NCAA Tournament:
Tennessee 73 Wright State 47
Kentucky 78 Davidson 73
Alabama 86 Virginia Tech 83
Florida 77 St Bonaventure 62
Alex Rumingan @greensuperman33🔁Fun Fact: The Head Coach for UMBC used to be an Assistant on the Virginia Tech Basketball Team. #UVASucks
Matt McCutchen @MattMcCutchen🔁Texas Tech has more wins in the tourney than Virginia.
AL 🇯🇲 @Im_JustAl🔁Virginia was never that good. Ever since i saw them fold against Virginia Tech.
Andy Messerly @Andy48Messerly🔁Wvu, Virginia tech, and the UMBC golden retrievers beat Virginia. #hailtuggernuts #haildubv
David Cunningham @therealdcunna🔁 So the @virginia_tech bookstore will now be selling @UMBCAthletics clothing right!?!
Breck @heartbreck_🔁 This is the greatest moment in Virginia Tech history
Big Tuna @TheAhrens🔁UMBC scored 53 points in the second half. UNCG, Austin Peay, Monmouth, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin (37!), Savannah St., Ham pton, Virginia Tech, UNC, NC St., Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Clemson (36!), Syracuse, Miami, & Pitt (37!) scored less in a whole game against UVA.
andrew @andrewalan_🔁virginia really lost to ITT tech.


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