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Vikings News Dingo @NewsDingo🔁Site where Brits fought off Vikings ‘is a layby on the A1’
VikingsVikingsVikings Jolly Juana ☃️ @juanaabernal🔁 Gavin and I got some time on the field during warm-ups today @Vikings @stefondiggs #SKOL
Vikings T-Dawg @TrevorDrewAlton🔁 Making Moss proud. #Mossed
VikingsVikings Campomanes Vicious @campomanes_17🔁 Katheryn Winnyk (Vikings) RT
Lauren Cohan (TWD) MG
Vikings Salman ⑫🇧🇭 @jageero🔁1- Unexpected
2- Lagertha
3- Ragnar
5- The day of my death
6- Ivar
7- No
8- Snake pit
Vikings Michael Muzny @M_Muzny🔁 .@casekeenum7 continues to deliver for the #Vikings offense.


Sarah @sarahschroeder8🔁When you're finally letting yourself get a little excited about the #Vikings season. #skol
Vikings Matt Schleifer @Schlife03🔁 62 receptions
916 yards
3 TDs

I'm Thielen This!

NFL @NFL🔁FINAL: The @Vikings are 8-2! #SKOL


Vikings Minnesota Vikings @Vikings🔁Purple reigns at the House of Pain! #Skol
Minnesota Vikings @Vikings🔁The Rams entered yesterday's game averaging a league-high 32.9 points per game.

The defense held them to just 7. 📰:

UK NFL Fan @britishNFLstar🔁Will the new Vikings stadium mean the end of tailgating? | Stadium Watch | Minnesota Public Radio News
JP Barret @JPBarret🔁@EricDickerson @Vikings @RamsNFL Love that you are saying (Us)
pwat @peyton_watkins2🔁The Rams entered yesterday's game averaging a league-high 32.9 points per game.

The defense held them to just 7.


Dan Oliver @doliver442🔁I think McKinnon's success is going to make him too expensive for the Vikings to keep. As we've seen this year in a b ig way, rookie RBs have had a lot of success. So Minnesota can pick up a 4th-7th round rb in the draft to replace McKinnon and save a ton of money.
Steve-O @Ohree20🔁The haven’t been getting respect this far and that’s fine as long as the wins keep adding up 😎
raidersrant @raidersrant🔁@coachmezee @SonyJim @RaidersBeat if I’m Mack, I’m out - he should go to a half decent d like jags or Vikings - they can be a shutdown d
😈Fear Shoot❌r😈 @iHorseYew🔁Vikings got the best defense in the league Idc what y'all say...the number 1 scoring offense in the league could only put up 7 points.👀
SeeKing @seeksz🔁Win a family ticket to Enchanted this December! Just retweet to enter
Kryptonite @Krypsim🔁Vikings such a good series don't why I misses it.
ZodThePhotographer📷 @ZodPhotographer🔁Vikings S1 E1
jeff cohn @jc3103🔁@waltmossberg @Vikings @Patriots don’t give up your day job
T D @Bustinafatty🔁@akatripod Do you want me to curse the Vikings again with another injury? I will.
MJPorter @coloursofunison🔁Just $1.31 for the next week. Catch up before Book 2 is released on 24/12/17 The First Queen of England by M J Porter via

Wyatt McMinn @WyattMcMinn🔁Clements tho 👀👀 who’d of seen that production coming from the kid. Eagles are poised for a SB run. Gotta get past M innesota’s defense tho. I truly think, I️t will be Eagles Vikings. I give the tip to Eagles right now, but lotta season left.
VSocialFan @VSocialFan🔁If you’re one big Gus Frerotte fan then come check out his VIKTRE athlete profile where you can see all his latest co ntent! Follow us to stay up to date and click on this link to see his latest feature:

WCCO Radio @wccoradio🔁Chad Hartman: "I've officially drank the Kool-Aid!"

A look at yesterday's win with NOW. Tune in here:

🅱️🅱️🅱️loods @TrapGawdd🔁Vikings better than Philly
Becca Windholz @beccawindholz7🔁We’re reaching that scary part of being a Minnesota fan where the Vikings are playing exceptionally well and your expectations creep up as you get genuinely excited about them again. Be careful with my emotions, Vikings. Past wounds are still present.
Parigot @panamecitygang🔁As far as I'm concerned it's all hands on deck against the . all need to unite for a common cause and greater good.
Steve-O @Ohree20🔁@winnerintrainin @brianae_23 @nflnetwork @Vikings @PSchrags @gmfb After a mid game QB change..yeah okay lol
The Lions Wire @thelionswire🔁 NFC North watch, Week 12: Vikings win, Packers implode, bye-bye Bears
Gunninsnipes @Gunningsnipes🔁Retweet & Follow for a chance to win the new 95 OVR Madden Harvest Barry Sanders !
Giveaway ends Thursday Nov. 23, after the Lions/Vikings game
Good luck !
Mo 💕 @MoPratt51🔁. put on the jets to find the end zone for the third straight game.


RetroFeeder @RetroFeeder🔁Once again those vikings return again for their last adventure in
The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest (1997)! Originally first for the , then came the 32-bit versions which also added voice acting, different music too. also PC.
Rogue Snail @rogue_snail🔁RING THE ALARM! We’re giving away 100 game codes of Star Vikings Forever! Don’t miss out - get your game code before we run out! Link:
Tish Aarhus @iaskyouy🔁GMonday ❂
Pewpewkachu @Pewpewkachuu🔁Note to Self: Set DVR to record new season of Vikings.
Al Prince @Al_prince19🔁 Tbh, Vikings don’t either!💪⚔️
Sarah Fiebig @BigLeoSis🔁Oh *^* Athelstan #vikings
erotiekfabriek @erotiekplezier🔁@Christronic @auteur_Remo Mobile Vikings?
Jerry @jh65_🔁Eagles been playing JV teams 🤷🏾‍♂️ #easiestscheduleintheleague. Saints and Vikings NFC championshi p
gskiman @gskiman99🔁5-1 +10u 🔥🔥
•Eagles -6 5u✅
•Bucs -1.5 3u✅
•Vikings -1.5 1u✅
•Jax -7 2u ✅
•Cincy +2.5 1u ✅
Houston U -2u👎🏿

Retweet this tweet to be eligible for a free 1 year pass. Winner will be announced prior to MNF 😎

Jason Cz @JCZERN🔁@JoshMenschNFL Scorned Vikings fan in me says it will not happen AND it will come down to the last week of the season. Ugh
Parigot @panamecitygang🔁Late Sunday Night QB:
- win a damn game
- M Lynch is about that 🇲🇽 flag boss
- are really good 😬
- will trade 1st pick
- have a cool stadium
- 👌🏼

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽

Williams @iCoachWilliams🔁 Another program sweep for the Vikings ! Varsity closed the day out with a 54-40 win vs Pasadena
Scoreboard Watcher @StatlineNFL🔁Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Mankato Miscellaneous in Mankato, MN -
Pete Perrault @PetePerrault🔁@johnkriesel @Vikings This can't be the entire story? At least I hope there was more to the story.
Jake Punar @jakep323🔁@Realrclark25 @Trignell How you gonna put Saints on top of Vikings when the Vikings beat the Saints in week 1 easily?????


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