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#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS andreasbriel @ABCHAMP11🔁 President Nixon welcomed all POWs home, May 1973 #VietnamWarPBS
#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS Michael Hutchison @hutchisonm🔁 More songs about the Vietnam Veteran Memorial wall #VietnamWarPBS #vinyl
#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS Michael Hutchison @hutchisonm🔁 Dozens of songs recorded about the Vietnam Veteran Memorial @VVMF #VietnamWarPBS #vinyl
#VietnamWarPBS Carolyn Dandurand @Carolynish🔁 Q3: Was the war necessary? Was it right? What lessons can we take away from #VietnamWarPBS? #VWGBH
#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS#VietnamWarPBS Bjorn Igar @bjorn_igar🔁#FlashbackFriday I was there! Age 15, Nov 1969 Moratorium Against Vietnam War March in Washington D.C #VietnamWarPBS
#VietnamWarPBS Samuel A. Forman @DrSamForman🔁 They are not alone. They are never forgotten. #VietnamWarPBS
#VietnamWarPBS Christopher Kline @klinecj🔁 Thank you to all who served #VietnamWarPBS
#VietnamWarPBS Vietnam Vet Memorial @VVMF🔁They are not alone. They are never forgotten. #VietnamWarPBS
PBS @PBS🔁Don't miss the final episode of tonight at 8/7c. Watch on your PBS station, on the app, or online.
PBS @PBS🔁South Vietnam fights alone as President Nixon and Henry Kissinger find a way out for America when continues tonight at 8/7c.
MB 🌺 Bern Forward @MBtheZee🔁@KenBurns They didn’t save us from communism but they gave us the will to never again accept war without questioning.

#VietnamWarPBS #VVMF

VietnamWarSongs @VietnamWarSongs🔁Thousands of Puerto Ricans served in the , many released songs about the experience
WUCF TV @WUCFTV🔁In this bonus feature, John Musgrave talks with young about finding strength to move on.
RoninPeon @FawksWatcher🔁Wondering how accurate the series is? Come to tomorrow to find out.
Cathy Ginter @CathyGinter🔁We have reached the end of the tunnel & there is no light there. What is there is a war that is finished. ~ Walter Cronkite #VietnamWarPBS
Washington Ideas @WashingtonIdeas🔁Standing ovation for & as screening of final episode of ends in DC
Arnold Melm @countUP🔁The Presidency Never Recovered After Vietnam #vietnamwarpbs
Greg Hausmann @enderw8s🔁 My final thoughts on #VietnamWarPBS aka The Awful War Americans Were So Brave to Fight
VaQuireboy @VaQuireboy🔁Since 2010 all 100% PHYSICALLY wounded have been denied the Caregiver Stipend due to the ERA OF WAR they served in.
MB 🌺 Bern Forward @MBtheZee🔁 .@MaxBoot on #VietnamWarPBS and today |
Albert J. Vargas @albertjvargas🔁Only on the fourth episode but it’s been great so far... #VietnamWarPBS #hue1968 #History
MB 🌺 Bern Forward @MBtheZee🔁Ken Burns you are a genius. ending with The Beatles Let it Be just about killed me. People need to watch this series.
MB 🌺 Bern Forward @MBtheZee🔁 #VietnamWarPBS. I don't say this lightly. This may have been the finest 18 hours of television ever produced.
Paula Minger @Paulaminger1🔁for yrs I could not fully understand the why it fail, why we're vets treated so bad. Finally, it all makes sense now.
Paula Minger @Paulaminger1🔁Love the song but not the message. We still have 100% disabled vets living today. They're denied care of younger vet s
Christian Appy @ChristianGAppy🔁My final thoughts on #VietnamWarPBS aka The Awful War Americans Were So Brave to Fight
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Somehow we've got a POTUS who is an idiot.

I hope I see the TV series about *the historic mess* we're in now someday .

Stephanie Renee @Steph56Renee🔁8 Addressing /acknowledging the sacrifice of those who died & those who remain with the iconic, healing
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁 I’ve just watched the first of the #KenBurns #VietnamWarPBS documentary.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Award-winning filmmakers & tell why they decided to make
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁 Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's documentary on Vietnam has been stupendous. It's an eye opener for certain. #VietnamWarPBS
Judi @IrishRua🔁 Many Vietnam veterans came home "alone." Few parades, many suffered the effects of #PTSD #VietnamWarPBS
CJ Dillingham @savumseej🔁 Did you miss episode 9 of #VietnamWarPBS? Stream it online or on the PBS app!
Jeffrey Deitelbaum @tutzerjd🔁
Play ☝ Video
#VietnamWarPBS #KenBurns
You Missed Something 😢
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁A truly sad and tragic speech especially during a time when we revisit . Truly sad
Shannon @shannon_deisen🔁 I've studied the Nixon tapes for two decades. #VietnamWarPBS puts them in the right context.
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁YES! Yes.

But, it's not about him, so he probably won't watch... 😨


Merrill A. McPeak @GeneralMcPeak🔁 The Things We Forget | Library Babel Fish #VietnamWarPBS
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Podcast: Reflecting on Philip Caputo's classic, A Rumor of War
@ChildOfStardust @ChildOfStardust🔁 Don’t miss “The Weight of Memory,” the final chapter of , tonight 8p ET on PBS.

Robert Jarzen @robertjarzen🔁After watching & digesting @NPR #VietnamWarPBS I'm just happy we don't have a lying, manipulative @POTUS like #Nixon in the WH... oh, wait
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁 Hear the story of Ralph John, a WWI soldier who suffered from "shell shock" #VietnamWarPBS
MaryEllen Deily @MEPDeily🔁 After 10 episodes and 18 hours of #VietnamWarPBS, what do you need? This:
Cynthia Molina @Cynthia9354🔁After watching , I'm in awe of those who survived this time both here and in Vietnam - on all sides.
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁 Kudos to the vets for realizing that the US and Vietnam need to build relations #VietnamWarPBS
M Trevor @M_Trevor🔁The Ken Burns Effect – making the civilian story disappear from . My latest
Whitney Cummins @whitpiphi🔁Eva Patterson was #WOKE AF even back in 1970. She's my new hero! #VietnamWarPBS #VietnamWar
Ric Fouad @ricfouad🔁 Imagine a wall with the names of 3.8 million Vietnamese dead #VietnamWarPBS
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Same here, all of it. Very much. Thank you #VietnamWarPBS 👏? ?
Zach Wood @PhilosopherZach🔁Those who died should be remembered. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on Nov. 13, 1982
SHAFR Historians @SHAFRhistorians🔁 Read this! Where are the Vietnamese civilians in #VietnamWarPBS?
Laurie Mann - Rogue @lauriedtmann🔁#VietnamWarPBS I remember Kent State killings well. I never remember hearing about Ntl Guard killings of 2 Jackson State killings until now
Reenie Geraci @ReenieGeraci🔁 documentary is magnificent-sobering, infuriating and heartbreaking all at once. Brilliant.
Ferd Berfel @FerdBerfel1🔁Donald Trump: "I hear good things about Ken Burns' , but I haven't been able to watch because of my bone spurs."
patti parker @veggiegurl581🔁 In response to Mai Lai Massacre, Nixon was more angry at Jewish reporters who wrote about it than soldiers who committed it
Scott Richman @richmanews🔁@KenBurns #VietnamWarPBS was reminder of administrations’ use of fake news and what it means to “totally destroy” a country (UN speech)
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Yes!
I lived through this time, in Chicago & CA. Burns nailed it.

The Gov't lied so much to us! Even more than I thought.😠

Michael Hutchison @hutchisonm🔁 Another great article. #VietnamWarPBS #TimOBrien
VietnamWarSongs @VietnamWarSongs🔁Interesting blog post by historian @ChristianGAppy on the #VietnamWarPBS documentary:
Kari Peterson @karithinking🔁 "Let us hope that we will not have another Vietnam experience and that we have learned our lesson." –Thomas Polgar #VietnamWarPBS
Kari Peterson @karithinking🔁 Wow, Tim O'Brien, it had to end that way. Bravo, Lynn Novick & Ken Burns! #VietnamWarPBS
Heather Cota @mzzhcoats🔁Encountering the conflict in will put it into perspective, via many points of view, for new generations says .
Kari Peterson @karithinking🔁Final episode of monumental a remarkable epitaph, tied it all together with scenes of Vietnam War Memorial, US vets returning to Vietnam and meeting former enemies, everyone trying to rebuild their lives. As final credits rolled, "Let It Be" played.
chmayer 📎 @chmayer🔁Well, I'm doing plenty of that lately. America has to! 🇺🇸
Resistance 2.0, and we're *still* in long. stupid, war(s) . 😨

VietnamWarSongs @VietnamWarSongs🔁Eldon Fault: "You're going home, POW, 10 long years in a prisoner cell" (1973)
Franz Kafka Esq. @FranzKafkaesq🔁The Vietnam War by is an absolute must watch, and arguably his magnum opus. So much insight.
Marlon Brando, PH.d @Marlon_Brando11🔁 It's available online for free. See @PBS on twitter. #VietnamWarPBS is must see TV.
Bjorn Igar @bjorn_igar🔁#TheResistance @funder @TeaPainUSA @RVAwonk @joncoopertweets @tedlieu Richard Nixon committed Treason to win his election #VietnamWarPBS
Lina P, MBA @linap🔁Lina's Daily News is out! #vietnamwarpbs
Laurie Mann - Rogue @lauriedtmann🔁#VietnamWarPBS In response to Mai Lai Massacre, Nixon was more angry at Jewish reporters who wrote about it than soldiers who committed it
VietnamWarSongs @VietnamWarSongs🔁"We have to bring them home...release the P.O.W.s" - soul / funk by The Whispers (1973):
Blake Busbin @BusbinsClassAHS🔁After all 10 episodes, my hope for teachers is it will aid in building unit narrative & invite community dialogue


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