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Victor Oladipo African smoothie @DRU_chris🔁 Victor Oladipo pulled Bria Myles.
Yoruba men shall always win 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Victor Oladipo UPROXX Sports @UPROXXSports🔁NBA Power Rankings Week 8: Are the Pacers... good?
Victor Oladipo Brad Rowland @BTRowland🔁 NBA Power Rankings Week 8: Are the Pacers... good?
Victor Oladipo Dime on UPROXX @DimeUPROXX🔁NBA Power Rankings Week 8: Are the Pacers... good?
Victor Oladipo SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Victor Oladipo got himself a new career high. 👏
Alexis Morgan @alexiskmorgan🔁i hope the russell westbrook in your life sets you free so you can be the victor oladipo you deserve to be
Jake Query @jakequery🔁Victor Oladipo’s nickname should be “Rated R”, because he’s showing more adult stuff than PG 13.
Kadeem Wragg @Fame_Capone🔁"How is Victor Oladipo droppin' these kinds of numbers...?"

"What changed from last year when Oladipo was in OKC to now with the Pacers...?"

"Oladipo just couldn't play with Westbrook?"

The ONLY answer you need...

THE MAYOR OF NAPTOWN @GoodKidNapCity🔁We all know Victor Oladipo is having a breakout season in IND, shutting down the notion that the Pacers got nothing in return for Paul George. But just noticed that Domantas Sabonis also has a better player efficiency rating than George (18.8-17.4). That was not what I expected
Quan @_JustCallMeQuan🔁Victor oladipo dropped a career high and bagged Bria Myles. KD a finals MVP and Markelle Fultz went #1 overall. PG niggas stock rising once again 📈
Juice @Juice4theStack🔁Wonder if @FleetoPorzingin still thinks Victor oladipo stinks
Ryan @ryanniemchick🔁i hope the russell westbrook in your life sets you free so you can be the victor oladipo you deserve to be
Gene @genecox82🔁Come for the big, late-game shots, stay for the growth Victor Oladipo exhibited before he drained them.
Scotty @scottcolis18🔁Victor Oladipo has been named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for Week 8. Congratulations, !

Zᴀᴄ Aᴄᴋᴇʀ @zacker10🔁Remember when everyone made fun of the Pacers for the PG/Dipo trade?

Paul George
20.7 PPG
5.8 RPG
3.3 APG
41.6 FG%

Victor Oladipo
24.5 PPG
5.3 RPG
4.0 APG
48.5 FG%

Dre 2x 🎼 @Shekravedre🔁I liked a @YouTube video Victor Oladipo not in anyone's shadow anymore | The Jump | ESPN
Jennifer cook @gigglesmcgee20🔁I'm desperately trying to purchase a Victor Oladipo jersey for my son. He is 10 & a huge fan. Any ideas...
Cyrus @AM_MAARU🔁I don't know who Victor Oladipo is or the essence of this tweet but that ass is perfect.
#SecureTheBag 💰 @bigcswagg🔁A Yoruba guy who grew up in PG County bagged Bria Myles. Today is a proud, proud day. Victor Oladipo for President
E-Ratic Desperado 🏀 @Eratic_Dsperado🔁We had The Struggle Pacers. Then we had the Paul George’s lost season Pacers followed by the 4Q meltdown Pacers not to be outdone by the consistently inconsistent zero chemistry Pacers. We deserve the immensely fun proceed with the coronation of Victor Oladipo Pacers.
Eric Mata @Greyjamkills🔁Dion Waiters
Jeremy Lamb
Reggie Jackson
Victor Oladipo
Enes Kanter
Doug McDermott
Domantas Sabonis
Carmelo Anthony
Paul Geoge
James Harden
Kevin Durant

What do these players have in common? ALL of them are better without Russell Westbrook

Dave in the Car @dbardellini🔁 How good would

Dwayne Dedmon
Aaron Gordon
Tobias Harris
Fournier &
Victor Oladipo


Caitlin Cooper @C2_Cooper🔁Why Victor Oladipo’s emergence from the reigning MVP’s shadow shouldn’t undercut how he’s propelled himself forward.
BOSS OF THE PEOPLE @tuburcio1🔁Raise. The. Roof.

Lance finds Oladipo who throws down the reverse jam with authority!

Victor has 32 PTS for the with 5 minutes remaining.


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