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Vero sandpit bunny @sandpitbunny🔁If you wanna be friends or whatever. #vero
Vero Oly Sonia Okwenna @QueenIdeas🔁The unlikely billionaire behind Vero, the hot new app
Vero Ian @ForexBonus12🔁The unlikely billionaire behind Vero, the hot new app
Vero Sloth @GabeBNYC🔁 @mrgan This is the only feature of Vero I will ever engage with.
Matt Ward @matthelps🔁 Overeager #Vero users when they read the ToS and research the CEO.
Vero A Headcase Christian @AHeadcaseXtian🔁Join me on Vero.
Vero Alexisaiga @AlexisRubey🔁 Influencers and creators be careful when signing up to Vero 🧐
Vero Nancy💗 @nancyusa10🔁Join me on Vero.
Vero Marc @Marc_MuFc1🔁 add me on Vero!
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Vero J.P. Wing @ThatJPWing🔁 If you’re considering betting the Vero app, DON’T - please read 👇🏽👇🏽

#VeroApp #DeleteVero #Vero

Candice Whisgary @CandieW🔁 Sometime next week...

Boss: What’s our Vero strategy?
Social Media Manager:

Vero anna 💭 @lightestlester🔁 Fun Facts about Vero
Taylor Lorenz @TaylorLorenz🔁The time between “Vero is our savior against Instagram and FB” and #DeleteVero was shorter than even I anticipated
Justine Ezarik 🎉 @ijustine🔁All you guys praising Vero may wanna take a timeout.. here’s a great thread with some background. I’m also trying to delete my account but I don’t know if you can.... 😱😭
Mike Shinoda @mikeshinoda🔁Yes, I’m on Vero now too. 🤷🏻‍♂
Marie Raynaud. @L3ichenhand🔁welp Vero was fun until i realized their CEO stopped paying salaries to 9,000 Filipino workers at his previous construction company rendering them essentially homeless and reliant on food donations. peace ✌🏼
Brin🌹Solomon @nonstandardrep🔁Good morning the founder of hot new social app Vero essentially ran slave labor camps while vice chairman and deputy CEO of his last company
Kolin Mofield @KolinMofield🔁I'm in, under Kolin Mofield on Vero. Having trouble finding you. Would you look for me?
Narcity Canada @NarcityCanada🔁How To Log Out Of Vero And Delete Your Account
luiza. @bangerrz🔁@PrincessPiaMia when u open your vero it’ll probably be full of notifs from me so im sorry in advance lmao
Garrett Dee Biggs @biggsgarrett98🔁Yo, everyone go get Vero. It’s a new social media app that’s pretty badass🤙🏻 They’re fixing stuff right now so it’ll get better. Trust me
SodaXBread [G4G] @SodaXBread🔁@edgegamerdadude That being said, there are plenty of things to be legit pissed about, but I don't think Vero is one of them.
BasedStickPanda™ @BasedStickPanda🔁 0HOUR1 on Vero is me!
mmkat @mmkaychen🔁Vero is sort of lame. Facebook should buy it to make it their own photo album posting app.
Kristen Hovet @kristenhovet🔁I got the app and started using Vero, but I won't support the awful founder and his series of human rights abuses.

Doc Riddle @TheGrandOldGame🔁@Section331 @_heyheytyler never heard of Vero. So I guess ignorance really IS bliss.
Daria 👼🏻🕊 @universeloser🔁Don't upload art to Vero they can copyright it and distribute it as they please it's not a great place for artists
Two Scoops @MikeTrakalo🔁Good insight on the sudden rise of Vero
Jon Lamont @Jon_Lamont🔁Figured I'd give Vero a try, see if it's worth the hype
Ashley White @AshleyyDi🔁Delete Vero? A movement has already started to ax the new social app
kanchana amilani @moogater🔁Instagram killer? Vero shoots to top of app charts as people search for new social media platform

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D-Rock Hatter🏳️‍🌈🧘🏻‍♀️ @D_Rock_Hatter🔁so that new app Vero that everyone's signing up for was created by a guy who abused his employees so badly that the Saudi Arabian government had to prove aid to them:
Stephanie Garcia @fefigarcia🔁 In light of the extraordinary demand for Vero, we're extending our free for life offer.
Lisa Eftimescu @LisaEftimescu🔁 What is Vero?
lauren @ravenousrhinos🔁Do not download Vero. The CEO stopped paying salaries to 9,000 Filipino workers at his previous company who couldn’t leave the compound because of immagration status and had to rely on food donations. Plus, it’s essentially impossible to delete your account. AND there’s this:
ʎəɔɐl ☼ @llaceydawn🔁What is vero???
Nancy Bakos @notalibtard🔁 Vero Social Media App to take on Twitter sign up lock in your names.
Erin McLaughlin @erintmclaughlin🔁Join me on Vero!
Heather Gallagher @heather_maguire🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Reason Why New App Vero Is Actually SHADY As Hell
Bradley Lipson @Bradley_Lipson🔁Vero is really not that great.🤷🏻‍♂️
Linda D Rozar @linda_rozar🔁Vero is beating Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in the iOS app store #SmartNews
Dylan Nadwodny @dnadders🔁I may start posting my photos from Vero. I haven't decided. Just to make it more difficult for people to use photos without credit.
Msh Cnn @mshcnn🔁New post: "The unlikely billionaire behind Vero, the hot new app"
Tommy Marini @dj_strip🔁Is the 45th on Vero yet😂


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