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#Venezuela Venezuela Watch @WatchVenezuela🔁 And the crisis deepens... Venezuela's first debt default #Venezuelacrisis #Venezuela
Nick Short 🇺🇸 @PoliticalShort🔁#Venezuela Goes Bust:
Another lesson in the price of lending to a socialist regime wsj.com
Reuters Venezuela @ReutersVzla🔁How a defrocked judge became the chief legal enforcer for 's By reut.rs witter.com/i/web/status/930812636857544714" target="_blank">twitter.com
#Venezuela Andrés @andresfranco6🔁 #Venezuela’s annual inflation rate soars over 3000% again. Today inflation is 3160.10%.
PragerU @prageru🔁"If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years there would be a shortage of sand." - Milton twitter.com Friedman


blindpigii @blindpigII🔁The "left" government of voted in favour of the Foreign Ministers' sanctions against . This is how they show their supposed "solidarity". Charlatans.
Juan Antonio PNL @vivirpnl🔁Poor Mentality vs Rich Mentality 🔝🔥 twitter.com
ResistenciaVenezuela @Dika_Vzla🔁This happens every day, children die from malnutrition. The Maduro’s regime committed genocide in . Please help us 🙏 twitter.com 🏼
Stephanie Carolina Sánchez @StephCSanchez🔁 finds itself on the same sinking ship as . Bond prices plummet as government proposes suspending bond payments for five years, another default story might be coming.
Baker Energy Studies @CES_Baker_Inst🔁“Basically you’re giving money to pay ,” says 's bloomberg.com
ODP @OccDemParody🔁It's just as well old was taken out by the first round of . He's really needed now in to help set up those lines!

carlos carpio @petroleocrudo🔁Over $200mn in bond payments not paid. in selective default. Only a matter of time before the entire economy goes down the drain.
Lord Rebel @350Rebel🔁. en : Diego Arria is a Narco-State a tiranic regime has been installed Diego Ar…
Robert Abad @Abad_EM🔁Investors have little choice but to take Maduro's word that he'll pay, so bonds are rallying by via
Patriot Ben @reuben_vel🔁 .@nikkihaley: #Venezuela a ‘Violent Narco-State’ and ‘Global Threat’ to #Security pamelageller.com
JF @JFNYC1🔁.@nikkihaley: #Venezuela a ‘Violent Narco-State’ and ‘Global Threat’ to #Security pamelageller.com
me🇺🇸 @oregonnative2🔁 This is what happens under #socialism

#Venezuela twitter.com

Lodewijk Hof @lodewijkhof🔁On tomorrow #podcast: #Venezuela default. What to look out for and caused it?
I Lagardien @ismaillagardien🔁Ahhhh the Washington Post....#coup #venezuela #zimbabwe twitter.com
Democracy4All_Jn14 @DemocracyXtodos🔁'Of the 65 countries surveyed, 30, including #Venezuela, the !Philippines and #Turkey, were found to be using... twitter.com
Jose Chalhoub @globaloilrisks🔁 is out of options. Maduro's incompetency has finally caught up with him. VNZ is as good as a sinking ship.
Democracy4All_Jn14 @DemocracyXtodos🔁GO FIGURE |

Court orders to remove Twitter content in 2017 (Jan 1-Jun 30)

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RNHA Charlotte @RNHACharlotte🔁#Nikki Haley: #Venezuela is becoming increasingly violent, increasingly dangerous and an increasing... fb.me
Natalia Bravo @nataliabravo_z🔁#Venezuela is now rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2017. #freedomreport freedomhou.se
Stephanie Minor @sminor689🔁If you want to read one thing that beautifully explains wtf happened to - this by is a model of clarity
Andrew Fandino @AndrewFandinoAI🔁Robert F. Kennedy honors "Last line of defense for in " says
Democracy4All_Jn14 @DemocracyXtodos🔁Today: General Assembly to condemn 9 times.
0 on , , , , , , , ...
Here's 1 of the 9: "Calls upon Israel to desi twitter.com st from its repressive measures against the population of the occupied
FernoFernoando2 9 &#(ando @nando_43🔁How a defrocked judge became the chief legal enforcer for 's By reut.rs
Carlos Primera @cprimera🔁How chavismo beat the international community… again |Read my new article here
Saucy Banga @BangaSaucy🔁 And @NicolasMaduro is still going 2 pretend #PHTK in #Haiti is ally of #Venezuela? miamiherald.com
LAWG @LAWGaction🔁"This is the latest criminal activity directed against the [] government to undermine its popularity and at the same twitter.com time cause hunger in the population in the context of the economic war against the country"
Prof. Steve Hanke @steve_hanke🔁Over $200mn in bond payments not paid. in selective default. Only a matter of time before the entire economy goes do twitter.com wn the drain.
Andrés Cañizalez @infocracia🔁How chavismo beat the international community… again |Read my new article here twitter.com
earwulf @earwulf🔁Communist Party of Greece: Strongly condemns EU's sanctions against Venezuela communismgr.blogspot.gr
XO @BoilerRoomTweet🔁Venezuela failed to make $200 million in payments on two global bond issues. #venezuela #southamerica #default #bonds #mkt
Reinhard Firlinger @RFirlinger🔁: Maria Corina Machado wants indicted by the International Criminal Court, the Hague. Organization of American State twitter.com s (OAS) to hold meeting on the case today
Rice University News @RiceUNews🔁“Basically you’re giving money to pay ,” says 's twitter.com
FH- Latin America @FHLatinAmerica🔁Debating about w/ ambassadors to the 4rm at event 11/3, DAS Michael Fitzpatrick, condemned the fact that twitter.com has more than 600 political prisoners
XO @BoilerRoomTweet🔁Venezuela has defaulted on its $60 billion after failing to make payments due on bonds,ratings agency Standard & Poor twitter.com 's has declared the country as "selective default"
Stephanie Minor @sminor689🔁What's going on in ? 's writes that "people are starving. There's this whole other problem there, which is a humanitarian problem,"
Judith Flores @FloresJudith7🔁Great move: opposition leaders want imposed on - regime collaborators in .
Ricardo Neon Faría @ricardoneon🔁A paso de vencedores #Divisas #Dolar #Venezuela en DolarToday Surveys instagram.com
Angelo Frei @AngeloFrei🔁🔴BREAKING: 's exiled Former Attorney General requests to issue international arrest warrant to detain Dictator for crimes against humanity.[TR.]
Edward Fischman @edfischman🔁Naked power grab that actually seems to be taking a page out of Maduro's playbook for . If you don't like a court or twitter.com legislature, create a brand new body for your own people. Worse than court-packing.
Irwin Cotler @IrwinCotler🔁. in the : "Phone-tapping, fear and threats: Why an ex-Venezuelan judge is seeking refuge in Canada"

Important piec twitter.com e re the pervasive and persistent culture of fear in , underpinned by state intimidation & oppression.

Edward Fischman @edfischman🔁Naked power grab that actually seems to be taking a page out of Maduro's playbook for Venezuela. If you don't like a twitter.com court or legislature, create a brand new body for your own people. Worse than court-packing.
decsi istvan @decsiistvan70🔁 #Russia Restructures #Venezuela's $3.2 Billion Debt
DistressedSouth @DistressedSouth🔁 #PuertoRico vs #Venezuela Race to the Bottom  lnkd.in
Matriarcas @matriarcas🔁Playa Guacuco, Outfit de short y crow top -··▶ goo.gl > #Venezuela
Secure Free Society @securefreesoc🔁.@WaildPhares wants (1) military containment of Iran’s weaponry in and (2) overt support of the political opposition twitter.com to the Chavista regime.

Sonrisa Libertaria @NievesLop0107🔁[LIVE]
Third Round of Sessions to analyze if the situation in warrants referral to the
Follow the session LIVE on the Facebook
Or via Livestream here:
AnjokaSOSVenezuela @AnjokaMaximo🔁 3ra ronda en la

The crimes of must be de oas.org nounced !!!

Alexander Trimūrti @AlexanderDrago🔁#LOWKEY Ft. SHADIA MANSOUR ~ TOO MUCH
#Venezuela & #Cuba
Nelson Martínez @kicolegon🔁Under in , dissidents are taken to military courts. Even though a sentence from jail confinement was changed to house arrest for he continues to be a political prisoner
demands the unconditional release of ALL political prisoners
Joe Guinan @joecguinan🔁 Roundtable discussion with professor at on social policies &
MiKo @Mi_Kolombia🔁Mendoza is CEO of a company 's regime desperately needs: ... which churns out a host of food staples ... the average twitter.com citizens can’t do without.
StudentNuggets @StudentNuggets🔁S&P declares , incapable to pay back loans. The country is starving and panicking!

LatinAmericanFreedom @LatAmFr🔁 Ileana has been particularly astute and supportive regarding #Cuba and #Venezuela. #WHSF2017 twitter.com
AS/COA Media @ASCOAMedia🔁"If becomes incapable of accessing, exploring and producing this resource, the world itself will be hampered because oil prices will go up" via
Dan Kovalik @danielmkovalik🔁Director of looks to for inspiration! Describes "coup" as best option for . still treats these people as democrats!
renato @raet3🔁PDVSA shows first signs of default as multiple bond payments expire. Chaos is likely to ensue in .
social_lista @social_lista🔁The latest The social_lista Daily! paper.li #venezuela


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