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Arne Bralund @frittforum🔁 MUST WATCH:


Protesters have dismantled fence of Chavez...

Venezuela ean @ean_intl🔁Renewed Clashes Hurt 62 People Including Legislator in Venezuela Capital
Venezuela La Historia Se Repit @historiacrepite🔁Venezuela crisis: What is behind the turmoil?

@bonniekipperman @AlanaBowker @Sungmanitu58

Venezuela La Historia Se Repit @historiacrepite🔁Venezuela crisis: What is behind the turmoil?
@FernandoAmandi @WellingMichael @MinouLeChat5

Venezuela Rob Fenix @robtomorrow🔁 A helicopter attacks demonstrators in #Brasilia. Not Venezuela, it's Brazil. 📸 @MidiaNINJA
Venezuela verujean @verocarrilloa🔁 Shields as protest art. #Venezuela #Day52
Venezuela ian bremmer @ianbremmer🔁Shields as protest art. #Venezuela #Day52
BBC News (World) @BBCWorld🔁Venezuela student 'killed by National Guard'
Hannah Dreier @hannahdreier🔁The tally from seven weeks of protests in Venezuela: 55 killed, 1,000+ injured, 2,700 arrested and 350 shops looted
Murri @urmmomma🔁Yes, people in Venezuela are starving, but Maduro decided $500,000 on Trump was better investment for his hold on power. Maybe he was right.
ElQuePersisteVence @vanesits🔁 Venezuela opposition blasts president's plan to rewrite constitution and delay elections
Michael Welling @WellingMichael🔁Venezuela opposition blasts president's plan to rewrite constitution and delay elections
❁ @sheeilala_🔁What's going on in Venezuela?: for 18 years Venezuela has been living under a dictatorial regime that covers itself as a democracy.
ZeroGov @Zero_Gov🔁 @FernandoAmandi @Zero_Gov For Socialists, the end justifies ANY means.
Enrique @shadowboxer2525🔁 BBC News - Venezuela prosecutor: Protest victim 'killed by National Guard'
Gonzalo @cordobanica🔁Salute Maria Corina. Only opposition leader in Venezuela to articulate the popular will & present a transition plan to restore democracy.
BURGESS WILLIAMS @salvomaster🔁Correct. Venezuela isn't an ex of socialism "gone wrong" it's an example of socialism gone right, which leads to death, destruction, crisis.
Lee Royce @L23503241🔁Obama/MSM/Dems tried for 8 years to turn us into Venezuela banana republic & they're trying even harder now with dele gitimize Trump election
Gaby vargas @Gabyvargass18🔁The world needs to know that Venezuela is not okay, we're in Dictadorship, we need our Freedom, everybody needs to know we are in trouble
Pradeep Kain @KainPradeep🔁ONGC Videsh has invested in oil blocks in Venezuela & already producing oil there;IOC & OIL have also invested in oil blocks in a small way
Michael Welling @WellingMichael🔁BBC News - Venezuela prosecutor: Protest victim 'killed by National Guard'
OPENN HQ NEWS ®™ @openn_world🔁 Venezuela sets new exchange mechanism, as currency continues to slide - Reuters: Reuters…
ULTRATRON 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 @UltraEmperor🔁2) This has nothing to do with oil. Middle east is drying up. Venezuela and USA producing more oil. This is about Tru mp "getting permission"
Sonia Simmons @soniasimmons18🔁Terrorist government of Venezuela launches teargas into schools and private residences today.
Blanc@Nube @blancajpereda🔁The tally from seven weeks of protests in Venezuela: 55 killed, 1,000+ injured, 2,700 arrested and 350 shops looted
Unholy Spirit👻 @pastellance🔁 not to be That Guy but ???? dont forget about Venezuela and South America
@Virginia Cole @DeviousLiarar🔁Spare me. We both know ur socialist scheme is as unsustainable as SS & Medicare, which r broke. Take ur govt-run h'c are 2 Venezuela or Cuba.
María T Esteves @Limonfrances🔁 Venezuela student 'killed by National Guard'
Neumaic @airmacsa🔁The latest Airmac S.A. Guayaquil Ecuador! Thanks to @Pacifistacol @ThumpCO @ecuabot #ecuador #venezuela
Watch Your Reps @watchyourReps🔁Today Subcmte on Western Hem. passed my amendment calling for more help for refugees fleeing crisis in :

Angelo Moscariello B @MoscarielloA🔁Sir. I"m so glad you got a medal. Have you noticed the war that just broke here in Venezuela. We lost EVERITHING. Hop e you can help us too.
Kratos @Arkangelkratos🔁Citizens are being executed in Venezuela. I assume during protests. This is shocking and needs to be condemned. Not the ME, nobody cares...
gail simmons @jurylady5🔁Venezuela crisis: What is behind the turmoil?

Sophia Evans @V5D3tw95Vjj619T🔁The only countries with weaker currencies this year than Sterling: Angola, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mozambique & Suriname
Andy K @AyeKat🔁 Supposed massacre in #Socopo #Venezuela speaks of more than 15 Murdered by paramilitary groups
Edgar @curuncuncunio🔁Venezuela prosecutor:

Protest victim 'killed by National Guard'

FernandoCarrillofans @FCarrillofans🔁Mi perra se llama LOVE 🐶... Peace and LOVE. Love is all we need. If we are in love, we are in peace. Paz y amor
Bawer Şaro @BawerSharo🔁 "Invest in Turkey? Think again" @AEIfdp #Turkey #Venezuela #Corruption #Erdogan
Andy K @AyeKat🔁Its sad 22 people die in in a terror attack but it’s saddler Gov. killed 20 people in a small town
Josh Anderson @TDIAct🔁‘They nearly lynched him’: Pro-govt supporter set on fire, beaten by protesters in Venezuela
I❤JESUS,HE❤ME2 @SUZANNE13403631🔁 @mitchellvii @watts2dB How bout every singer n actor give a million dollars to food drop off in Venezuela NOW
Jay Carlton @carltonjay🔁Bigger than Baseball: ’ Ender Inciarte & Eddie Perez are fearlessly lending their voices to the freedom movement in Venezuela
MeMeThief @MastaOfMp3s🔁The Ministry of Housing headquarters has been burned in a large opposition attack in the center of in northwestern Venezuela.
Arne Bralund @frittforum🔁After 50 straight days of protests in , streets now belong to the opposition - h/t
Agustin de Hiponia @agustin_hiponia🔁@TheSaltyPatriot @DLoesch It isn't. This is how they treat reporters in Venezuela, what the heck? We're in America!
The Milkman 🌹 @TheMDMilkman🔁A maternity hospital was besieged for 36 hours in 's Miranda state by "peaceful" opposition. Staff were prevented from entering.
Roximar @xiomaramunoz2🔁 In the regime is massacring our they ambushed/shot them at Un students.Today iversity
Arne Bralund @frittforum🔁Picture of armed thug killing protesters+new video how National Guard covering him from back
Sasha🇻🇪❣ @KnJxSASHA🔁not only for , for u too!! what are your thoughts on what is going on in Venezuela🇻🇪 and the UK🇬🇧?
DennoeP @DennoeP🔁@realDonaldTrump what the huella about you. Estopa finance ONG. Venezuela beber be down of you. We are free and web don't mees you never
Dr. Vapor™ @tayy_sims🔁 ‘They told me to die & threw a Molotov at me’ – protester on Venezuela riots
Pedro D. Tua @pedrotua🔁 suffers the worst govt in its history. A regime that destroyed institutions, economy & has taken away people's rights
SuryA @zizou7s🔁Venezuela's President Maduro launches constitution overhaul, drawing instant criticism from the opposition
aysha 🐁 @lankslacks🔁 Venezuela built 1,400,000 houses for poor families to live in the last 8 years


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