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#VanWa Hannah Olsen @HannahONews🔁Beautiful start to the commute across Glenn Jackson. SB lanes busy already, no slowing #LiveOnK2 #pdxtraffic #VanWa
#VanWa Hannah Olsen @HannahONews🔁NB Interstate Bridge lift just wrapped up, I-5 traffic moving into #VanWa again #LiveOnK2 #pdxtraffic
#VanWa NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁UPDATE: 30 minutes later, NB ONLY Interstate Bridge lift underway. #VanWa (0547)
#VanWa Mark Dornfeld @PDXTrafficNow🔁UPDATE: 30 minutes later, NB ONLY Interstate Bridge lift underway. #VanWa (0547)
#VanWa PizzeriaLaSorrentina @lasorrentinavw🔁Proof that great things come in small packages! #vanwa #vancouverusa #tiramisu #pizzandessert
#VanWa Kiggins Theatre @KigginsTheatre🔁Don't miss #clarkcollege alumni #SamElliott in charming THE HERO starting tomorrow @ the Kiggins in #Vanwa!
#VanWa#VanWa Ian @ihurst8🔁Thanks @CintasCorp all of us at #VanWA @UPS enjoy the heavy duty cherry hand scrub. It's a win!
#VanWa Mokologue @mokologue🔁 Proof that great things come in small packages! #vanwa #vancouverusa #tiramisu #pizzandessert
#VanWa Noland Hoshino @NolandHoshino🔁Kick balls in the summer! #VanWA #kickball #sports
#VanWa#VanWa#VanWa Molly Solomon @solomonout🔁Vietnam veteran Simon Rowland always wanted to fly in an old Cessna plane. Today he got his wish. #VanWA #PNWLife
WSDOT - Southwest @wsdot_sw🔁"Nothing to see here, just weed eating." - Molly the Maintenance goat. 2 of our weed warriors reporting for duty toda y! 🐐
VanWA Parks & Rec @GoPlayVancouver🔁Did you miss our first V.I.N.E. Squad event yesterday? RSVP for next Thursday's event at LeRoy Haagen Park:
Oakknoll @oakknoll98661🔁It's going to be a hot one! @…
Dick Hannah Honda @HannahHonda🔁Get a deal worth celebrating on the 2017 Accord during the Perfect Accord Sales Event here at Dick Hannah Honda!
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁Fire crews also with an apartment fire in #VanWa on NE 109th Ave between 39th St and Burton Rd. Steer clear of 109th Ave. (0905)
Clark Co. Green Biz @ClarkGreenBiz🔁Bring your reusable water bottle to stay cool at #recycledartsfestival and enter in a prize drawing. #VanWa
City of Vancouver @VancouverUS🔁Have you noticed the new mural, replacement Fire Station 1 taking shape in Uptown? Mural commemorates Fire Dept.'s 1 50th anniversary
City of Vancouver @VancouverUS🔁@nerdliness If not private property, then yes, political signage is legal in #VanWa.
Kimberly @ABVGirl🔁Big day today for @FDTaphouse! We will know more when we can open after today! #VanWa #fingerscrossed #letsdothis
Dave S @jackblowsgoats🔁Extreme heat this weekend. PLEASE be mindful of your dog's paw pads. You're wearing shoes, they're not. 🔥🔥
WSDOT - Southwest @wsdot_sw🔁Traffic is light & the sun is shining! It's a good ~! Don't be the one to ruin it, keep the phones stowed!
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁Responders heading to a reported crash east of #BrushPrairie at NE 159th St and 142nd Ave. #VanWa (0743)
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁Responders are heading to a crash on E Mill Plain at the ramp from I-5 NB. Use caution taking that exit. #VanWa (0737)
MikeintheCouv @MikeintheCouv🔁Extreme #Pdx heat this weekend. PLEASE be mindful of your dog's paw pads. You're wearing shoes, they're not. 🔥🔥#VanWa #PNW #Portland #WaWx
Mark Dornfeld @PDXTrafficNow🔁UPDATE:Fire reports a vehicle on its top in a field. No one with it. #VanWa (0609)
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁Rollover crash reported on NE 152nd Ave south of Fourth Plain. Not a heavily traveled street but watch for responders. #VanWa (0553)
PACIFIC POPS @PacificPopCycle🔁Our #popsicle sticks Can't wait to meet those #berries! #pacificpops #pacificnorthwest #vanwa
The MOB NW @Themobnw🔁Totally stunned by the amazing cookies Jam Cakes make for our conference on Sunday!
Le Couve @LeCouveUSA🔁Don't miss alumni in charming THE HERO starting tomorrow @ the Kiggins in !
Patty Hastings @PattyHastings🔁This Craiglist posting for a "very private" shed basically encapsulates the #vanwa rental market
Kiggins Theatre @KigginsTheatre🔁Gotta wait a week to catch it at the Kiggins. It opens June 30th #vanwa
Revere @reverecreative🔁We’re looking for a Designer on a freelance basis. DM us @ Vancouver,…
C-TRAN @ctranvancouver🔁Route 105 delayed about 10 minutes due to high barometric pressure. (OK, it's traffic again.) Plan for extra time. #VanWa #pdxtraffic
Al Angelo Company @AlAngeloCo🔁Hanging basket goals achieved Downtown , great work .
Screen Media Films @ScreenMediaFilm🔁The hilarious comedy RIPPED starring & opens Friday ONLY @ the Kiggins in !
Michelle Bart @helpingheroespr🔁First day of infusion treatment but glad I have great insurance and doctors!
North Bank Now @North_Bank_Now🔁Lookin' good, @lasorrentinavw! @couveeats #vanwa #northbanknow
CoolKhris Gulley @CoolKhris35🔁"Big Ballin"
Garlic Red Sauce, Beef/Pork Meatballs, Onion, Mozz & Parm.
Damn delicious!

Esoteric BBQ @EsotericBBQ🔁Sold out! #VanWa #BBQ #FoodCarts
C-TRAN @ctranvancouver🔁Route 105 running late due to earlier Interstate Bridge lift. Expect delays. #VanWa #pdxtraffic
Vancouver USA Sports @VanUSAsports🔁Catch Bigfoot for a photo op after running a 5K or 10K in Yacolt - a short drive from !
Esoteric BBQ @EsotericBBQ🔁Back in East Vancouver on 177th & Mill Plain from 11-2 & come check out the @VanWafarmersmkt from 3-7! #VanWa #BBQ #FoodCarts
CRESA Talk @CRESATalk🔁Seeking tips on staying cool and where to find indoor hot weather relief? Search no further:
#ClarkWa #Vanwa
VanWA Parks & Rec @GoPlayVancouver🔁Join us on Thursday at the first VINE Squad volunteer event! Details below.
WSU Vancouver @WSUVancouver🔁While has campuses in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma, they are not located here. We are proud to be a part of the comm unity.
Vintage Books @vintagebookshop🔁Event this Saturday with local author James Rogers & his book SHERIDAN: BREAKING GROUND. 1-2pm See you here!
sharon svec @Sharonimous🔁Join @ywcacc and make a difference in our sweet community #VanWA #CouveSummer
WSDOT - Southwest @wsdot_sw🔁100 degrees by Sunday? Don't get overheated. Have your cars AC & cooling systems checked out before the heatwave arri ves.
Vida Flare @Vida_Flare🔁Gift from one of our awesome neighbors :-D #vidaflare #foodcarts #VanWa #tacosrock
Kiggins Theatre @KigginsTheatre🔁Starts Friday @ the Kiggins in #Vanwa! #stonerfilm #dtvanwa
Life in #VanWA @VanWA🔁Meeting new #Felida buyers today at @FelidaCoffee. Hopefully finish day at @mttaborbrewing #VanWA
Life in #VanWA @VanWA🔁We are excited to see the progress on our website dedicated to the #Felida community. #VanWA
Vancouver Waterfront @VanWaterfront🔁Do you have an opening date yet for your @VanWaterfront location?
Vancouver Waterfront @VanWaterfront🔁Selling a home in ? Experienced and local representation is always the best. I can help you.
KATU News @KATUNews🔁NB Interstate Bridge lift just wrapped up, I-5 traffic moving into again
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁UPDATE: Traffic is once again rolling across the NB span of the Interstate Bridge. #VanWa (0556)
Hannah Olsen @HannahONews🔁NB Interstate Bridge lift happening NOW. SB span open #liveonk2 #pdxtraffic #VanWa
Hannah Olsen @HannahONews🔁NB only - Interstate Bridge lift coming up #liveonk2 #pdxtraffic #VanWa
NEWS TALK 860 KPAM @KPAM860🔁Heads up if you're heading into #VanWa from N Portland. NB ONLY Interstate Bridge maintenance lift coming up shortly. (0520)
KATU News @KATUNews🔁 Update: All clear now, ramp back open #liveonk2 #pdxtraffic #VanWa


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