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#ValueWater City of Scottsdale @scottsdaleazgov🔁Wayne Drop loves water! Could you imagine a day without it? #valuewater
#ValueWater GeoffreyJohansen @JohansenGeoff🔁 On average, 37 percent of the daily freshwater use in the U.S. goes to irrigation. #ValueWater
#ValueWater Denver Enviro Health @DenEnviroHealth🔁Safe, clean water equals health and economic prosperity! Learn more: #ValueWater
Gilbert Trejo @beeyeeh🔁 Water is essential to your everyday life.

Could you Imagine A Day Without Water?


#ValueWater IE Waterkeeper @IEWaterkeeper🔁The problems that face our drinking water and wastewater systems are multi-faceted. #valuewater
#ValueWater Frankfort PlantBoard @fewpb🔁It's critical to make needed investments in our water infrastructure. #ValueWater
#ValueWater Central Mass RPC @CentralMassRPC🔁 That's as much as Niagara Falls pours out over 7 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day! #ValueWater
#ValueWater Dean @ALONIS314🔁 Water is essential to our survival and our economy. #ValueWater
#ValueWater SoCal Tap Water @SoCalTapWater🔁Can you imagine a day without water? #ValueWater
#ValueWater AtlanticECS @AtlanticECS🔁 Join us in considering what it would be like to go for a day without water. #valuewater
#ValueWater Stephane Kirkland @skirkland75🔁 Let's close the water infrastructure investment gap. #ValueWater
#ValueWater Appalaction Amy @appalactionamy🔁 Tomorrow 700+ organizations stand together to call on the nation to #ValueWater. So excited!!
#ValueWater Byron-Bethany I.D. @ByronBethanyID🔁 Without CAs water professionals, EVERY day would be a day without water! #ValueWater #WeAreCAWater
#ValueWater San Jose Water Co. @sjwaterco🔁Just 1 day equals $43.5 billion lost #ValueWater
#ValueWater MesaWater @MesaWater🔁We made it! #ValueWater #WaterIsLife
#ValueWater El Guapo Plethora Ⓐ @OrBVIOUS66🔁 We all #ValueWater so why do we keep using #PlasticBags? #BringYourBags
#ValueWater Patrick Higgins @PatrickWHiggins🔁 .@OhioFarmBureau, @OhioEPA, @JohnKasich: do you #ValueWater? #IADWW
#ValueWater Mister Scottsdale @MrScottsdale1🔁 Wayne Drop loves water! Could you imagine a day without it? #valuewater
#ValueWater AuthenticMoments @AuthenticMoment🔁 82% of Americans say rebuilding water and wastewater #infrastructure is important. #ValueWater
#ValueWater L.S.I. @LSI_France🔁 Can you imagine a day without water? #ValueWater
#ValueWater Nur Orak @nurhorak🔁 Imagine a Day Without Water #valuewater
NE Oh Regional Sewer @neorsd🔁#ValueWater: How would your morning change without water or a way to keep it clean? @TheValueofWater
Water For People @waterforpeople🔁It's hard to imagine lack of water could keep us from school or work, but for 4.5 billion people that's a reality. T hat's why we
MWDOC @MWDOC🔁looks like water's back on the menu 🙌 #valuewater
Pure Technologies @PTLNews🔁Investing in is not just a matter of health or safety—it’s good for the economy too.
Notcurrentlyrecycled @notrecycled🔁"We hope other brands will be inspired to think creatively about waste"
Brown and Caldwell @brwncald🔁Out NJ team . reflected on to ensure we don't take it for granted. Thanks for u on this topic
San Jose Water Co. @sjwaterco🔁Only .3% of the world's water is fresh water. That's it. #ValueWater
Robinson G P @maritzburggreg🔁“Whoever believes in Me, rivers of “Living Water” will flow from within them.” Jn7:38
555 Flyingfish GOTO @goto_nada🔁Without water we wouldn’t be able to shower, bathe or keep up with our hygiene. Imagine that.
Lynntech @lynntech🔁 One-fifth of the US economy would grind to a halt without reliable water #ValueWater
Hillsboro Water Dept @HillsboroWater🔁 times to It takes H2O to generate energy (for lights) & energy to treat/deliver H2O
MWDOC @MWDOC🔁getting pretty #thirsty 😟 #valuewater
Ing. Navas @ingeniero_navas🔁Today is the day: Imagine a Day Without Water (and water infrastructure)
Jayne Fritts @AKJayne🔁Today is Imagine a Day Without Water. At AWWU, we because we value our customers. How and why do you value water?
Matthew Ries @MatthewRies🔁: Your drains at home all lead somewhere. Here's to the crews who protect clean water.
Mimi Daly Larson @mimidaly🔁 Remote lakes on Isle Royale are turning toxic and we don’t know why — yet. #ValueWater
Radhika Fox @radhikafox🔁 Let's appreciate the value of water today, Imagine a Day Without Water Day! #ValueWater
RVA Rain Systems @RVARainSystems🔁A day without water = crisis. Raising awareness today at our construction progress tour and open house.
San Jose Water Co. @sjwaterco🔁Adults are between 50 and 65% water. Newborns are up to 78% water. So squishy! #ValueWater
s woods @freshwaterwoods🔁Design lab discussions are starting on at the reuse workshop
Frankfort PlantBoard @fewpb🔁What's at "steak" if we don't make needed investments in our water infrastructure? Our health, safety and economic p rosperity.
Jim Graydon @JimGraydon2🔁Today on the blog, Phyllis Brunner challenges us to not only , but to reimagine our water solutions
Bia @bia_defreitas🔁Reflecting on my day, I am thankful for access to clean, reliable water, and those who work hard to ensure it remains that way.
Bill Holman @BillHolman4🔁 No water, no ice, no coffee...and no BEER!? This is getting really serious folks...#valuewater
RegionalH2OProviders @ConserveH2Org🔁Imagine there’s no water, I wonder if you can…(to the tune of John Lennon’s Imagine)
Bill Holman @BillHolman4🔁It's Imagine A Day Without Water, and Wendy and the team is at Dupont metro to raise awareness. Come say hi! 💧
SignOfTheTimz @SignOfTheTimz🔁Nobody values H20 as much as Chairman Emeritas Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

Hillsboro Water Dept @HillsboroWater🔁 times to : H2O is used to make plastic/metal/glass for phones, computers, TVs
satyanarayana @begur31🔁Our Automotive Business fights 4 sustainable water everyday! 2 years rain harvesting
The Value of Water @TheValueofWater🔁Imagine a Day Without Water is our day to think about the many ways we rely on our water infrastructure, like growing our food
MWDOC @MWDOC🔁no cocktails?! 🚫🍸 #valuewater
San Jose Water Co. @sjwaterco🔁More than 2 million people drink water contaminated by feces because they don't have access to clean water
sandykbeaches @sandykbeaches1🔁How would lack of safe impact your life, family, community or prosperity?
Gabriele R Schubert @MoistureVapor8r🔁TODAY is Imagine a Day Without Water! Use to share how you're telling your community about the value of water
sandykbeaches @sandykbeaches1🔁Imagine a day without safe, clean water. Your diet might look very different!
Frankfort PlantBoard @fewpb🔁Oh, now we bet we have your attention! Appreciating that water now, are you?
sandykbeaches @sandykbeaches1🔁Safe, clean water equals health and economic prosperity! Learn more:
Gabriele R Schubert @MoistureVapor8r🔁imagine a day without water - this depicts how important water infrastructure and climate resiliency are.
Gabriele R Schubert @MoistureVapor8r🔁If US water mains are breaking, how about others? Imagine a Day Without Water
Gabriele R Schubert @MoistureVapor8r🔁 #ValueWater Unfortunately, #PuertoRico doesn't have to Imagine a Day Without Water..
Walnut Valley Water @usewaterwisely🔁By prioritizing the building of stronger water systems, no community in America has to imagine living a day without w ater
Laura Cederberg @lacederberg🔁 Water is vital to everything that we do. Why do you #ValueWater?
Maria R Pearl @mariapearllpn🔁...We rely on our utility companies to keep it flowing, please rely on H2O Maestro to filter your tap.


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