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#ValentinesDay Becky Griffin @KiaDollyMolly🔁 You are the Maverick to my Goose. #ValentinesDay
#ValentinesDay Shadowbanned @Mento737🔁 I got #AR15 #GunControl and #ValentinesDay on my play-at-home version of #FalseFlag #Bingo 👌
#ValentinesDay#ValentinesDay#ValentinesDay#ValentinesDay Angie Koenig @Aemerick2Angie🔁 You make our heart go BOOM BOOM ❤️💙

#CBJ | #ValentinesDay

#ValentinesDay Lou ☁ @Griinse_Katze🔁 Happy Valentines Day

May your day be less complicated than Blake’s....

#RWBY #ValentinesDay #art

BuzzLite Yeah @HTime83🔁 We ❤️ ATL

#ValentinesDay #MBStadium

💥Outlaw Johnny💥 @OutlawJohnny94🔁 #ValentinesDay happy valentines day
#ValentinesDay Tristan @tristanhenkel🔁 A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours. 👨‍👨‍👦❤️
#ValentinesDay Funko @OriginalFunko🔁RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win an April and Andy Pop! prize pack! #ValentinesDay
#ValentinesDay Funko @OriginalFunko🔁RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a La La Land Pop! 2-pack! #ValentinesDay
igorvolsky @igorvolsky🔁Earlier this morning, re-tweeted a tweet from a gun maker encouraging people to buy their loved ones guns for

Si twitter.com nce the in Florida they've deleted that tweet and have gone silent.

Thankfully, I took a screenshot.

Tatiana Filipenko @TatianaFilipen5🔁Happy Valentine’s Day to our friends and partners around the world, courtesy of some of our favorite wishes from our colleagues overseas! Check out our blog:
Hunty- Gatherer @Rheadangs🔁 might be lame & you may not believe in love. But don't you dare dismiss love's politics or power with your cringe-worthy soft-misogynistic campaign.

(Tell someone you love them today, everyone. That's all. <3)

Evelyn Wu Morris @evwu80🔁From the #ValentinesDay menu twitter.com
Jessica Lynn @jessicailynn🔁Tired of all the the posts about significant others this 💕? Check out the Snapchat Discover Channel this week for a twitter.com n edition that's all about celebrating friendship!
Diego A Moreno @DiegoAMORenON🔁We all know that make the best !
Karnak @RolandiaKarnak🔁@realDonaldTrump should ask for the resignation of FBI director, Christopher Wray, immediately for dropping the ball on #valentinesday.
anatha @the_dead2🔁Happy to my great wife . Thank you for and our amazing family. I love you very much. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
DJ Rob G The General @RobGTheGeneral🔁 Missed @KeishaNicole and @TheRealTank chop it up for #ValentinesDay? Here you go! youtu.be
Salih Sari @SalihSa84578954🔁 - Valentine's is sombristic.blogspot.com totallllly for shitty boyfriends and husbands. Here's why.
HINA DESERVES BB11 TROPHY @HinaFan1🔁Cutness of this boomerang is too Damn high 💗

celebrating ’s birthday in .

BeeBeer @beebeermadrid🔁It doesn't matter if is over, you'll always be a first round pick in my drinking draft!


No importa que twitter.com ya haya pasado el , ¡Siempre serás el primero en mi lista para ir a !

Hasan @Honor_Loyalty88🔁Long before current traditions of sprang forth, spymasters worldwide have used the amorous arts to obtain secrets from their enemies. Known as “honey traps” or “honeypots,” rivals ensnared their adversaries in a game of love, lure, & lies.

BTCRobinson @btc_robinson🔁Did you give or get flowers today? | pc: @hellofashionblog

Vera K. Ghali, MD @veraghali🔁 may be over but it's important to continue supporting your teens or patients through some of their first relationships.
बजरंगलाल जाट एडवोकेट @FjC1i92n3wGDZ4l🔁I and my wife agree that is another commercialization of .

But, I take the opportunity of recognizing our amazing Ms. Guzman and her two outstanding daughters Rebecca and Zaida
for their love for us. Happy Valentines Day.

ua @ua1113🔁This is how we roll for around here. was my honey’s to me! I
Otterbein Education @OtterbeinEdu🔁A couple of cookies our students made on Valentine's day! Thank you to everyone who came to visit us in the Education twitter.com Department.
🍀Jacki Charles 🐞☘🍀📖🍷🍴🏃💃 @RTweetie5🔁Happy ! We're sharing the love today with a special of the thrilling romantic adventure and a beautiful bracelet. Simply RT&F by 5pm on 15/2 for your chance to .
gj @gavinjakesCelebrate , Xbox style. 🔁
Sheriff Kenny @ TFF @KennyKitsune🔁Happy Valentine's Day! (and love from all of us at the Mountain Lion Foundation)
Magic Carpet ✈️🚂🚤 @magicarp8🔁Our doormen are helping us continue the celebrations at The Dorchester! ❤️ We are delighted to have our at the front of the hotel until 20th February ✨
Flan once more @JdotFlan🔁 The crew discuss their feelings about


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