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Kelly Hoggard @khoggardGRT🔁A5 I am going to get back to using the headspace app for myself & my anxious little people at home and school. We a twitter.com ll need to BREATHE!
Erin Berens @EABerens77🔁A5: Starting tomorrow I will practice mindful eating. I’m often working during lunch and not taking the time to enjo twitter.com y my food. I will take time to turn my back on my computer and look out at our garden while I eat.
Caitie Bucholz @CaitieBucholz🔁A4 I know this might come as a shock since I’m an English teacher (hahaha) but I write. I also go running to clear m twitter.com y head. With a CR full of kids and two littles at home, I need whatever alone time I can find!
Bevin Reinen @TeachTrainLove🔁Thank you for moderating an excellent chat, ! You have a wealth of knowledge in this area and I always appreciate how twitter.com you model mindful strategies daily.
Pennie Sue McGanty @GantyMc🔁A4: To help keep myself mindful of my of self-being, I live by the saying "laughter is the best medicine." I try hard twitter.com to spend 1 night a week taking my 4 grandkids to dinner & laugh with them, they keep me young & up-dated on kids today.
Rianne Patricio @MsRPatricio🔁A5: In terms of staff, I’m going to take advantage of and offers for mindfulness practices at the start of staff PL twitter.com P sessions. They love doing it, so who am I to stop them!
Michala Cardwell 🦋 @CardwellTeachMe🔁A5: More breathing and being present. I feel like I'm pulled in 25 different directions and need to take a few minute twitter.com s at the end of each day to superglue myself back together in preparation of the next tomorrow.
Bevin Reinen @TeachTrainLove🔁A5: During my work day, starting tomorrow, I will go for a walk to my little "happy place" (the picnic tables under t twitter.com he tall pine trees) when I need to take a mindful minute. This will reenergize/refocus me!
Fish Coach Underwood @FishUnderwood🔁A5- I will show the students my progression in using mindfulness in my everyday life. I will also show them the times twitter.com I have failed to be mindful but got back on task!
Michala Cardwell 🦋 @CardwellTeachMe🔁I need to pull this book out more often. I keep thinking my life will become more simple but that is never the case! twitter.com
Leslie Lehner @leslielehner🔁A5: Going to take up on her offer & go see some mindful practice in action! Have lots to talk about with tomorrow ? twitter.com ? For me personally, continue to make every effort to be in control of my thoughts, energy, actions.
Debra Liddon @Debra_Liddon🔁A5: Starting tomorrow I will be more mindful by really listening to what others are saying. I will practice turning o twitter.com ff my mind chatter and focusing on the moment.
Anne Bianchi @anne_bianchi🔁A4 newest fave is tying literacy into my lessons! Thanks to for getting 📚 we start the week with mindfulness and en twitter.com d by doing the poses in I Am Yoga!
Erin Berens @EABerens77🔁A4: Mindfulness is essential to my day. I practice guided breathing, yoga, and I spend 15- 20 minutes meditating. The twitter.com se are my daily “nonnegotiable” practices.
Rianne Patricio @MsRPatricio🔁A4: In regard to students, I would love to see mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation be more available t twitter.com o them. , maybe it could be a topic for one of our campus Edcamps?
Casey Conger @CongerCasey🔁A5- allow myself 30 seconds between tasks to take a deep breathe and refocus; I will admit staying on task is not my twitter.com speciality...squirrel!
Rianne Patricio @MsRPatricio🔁A4: I want to be more aware of when I need to press the pause button so I can press it earlier (thanks for the expres twitter.com sion ).
Fish Coach Underwood @FishUnderwood🔁A2: Two weeks after my yoga unit ended the students asked if we could start doing yoga again. I was shocked and the s twitter.com tudent told me they felt less stressed during those two weeks and had more energy and felt as if they performed better in PE and their academics
Bevin Reinen @TeachTrainLove🔁It is! I’ve discovered that it works when my six-month old is getting fussy, too. It resets him! twitter.com
Anne Bianchi @anne_bianchi🔁A4 the most important tool when teaching mindfulness is giving my students real examples of my life when I have neede twitter.com d to use a breathing technique-tough conversation or anxiety. They are then able to apply it to their own world. Also, if I don’t yoga I am CRANKY.
Laura Burnette @FairfieldGRT🔁A4 I try to prioritize my tasks, especially because I tend to procrastinate. I'm not proud of it, but it's something twitter.com that I'll do and then stress out. Taking a moment to breathe and center myself typically works well.
Erin Berens @EABerens77🔁A3: In my classroom we practice guided breathing before we start our day. I tell my Ss that a relaxed mind is a mind twitter.com that is ready to learn.
Rianne Patricio @MsRPatricio🔁A4: I strive to go to yoga once a week, on Sundays prior to the work week. When I find myself stressed, I will just s twitter.com it, close my eyes, and breathe as I would do during a session. It is simple but so effective. It allows me to gain focus and move forward.
Akilah Ellison🌼 @OrganicLeaderVB🔁A4: in our personal lives can help us be the best for our groups we serve. We can respond from a place of empathy, c twitter.com ompassion and kindness-and that begins with being kind to ourselves
Katie Niehoff @KatieNiehoffvb🔁A4: all this talk about how great yoga has been for Our students... for me, mindfulness happens somewhere around mile twitter.com 3 of a long run...
Leslie Lehner @leslielehner🔁A4: Reminding myself of the quote below. Spending time with people you love & who love you & RUNNING with twitter.com after a stressful day ☀️
Bevin Reinen @TeachTrainLove🔁A4: As a new mom, doc student, & educator, I need help in this area! One thing I've started doing, especially on nice twitter.com days, is hitting the pause button to go lay on the hammock in my backyard for a few to just feel the sun and stare at the trees/clouds above. It works!
Rachel S. White @white2_rachel🔁A4- I like to play classical music in the background while my students are collaborating or working independently. I twitter.com find it very calming
Angela German @abgerman🔁A4: Music, either playing it or listening, always soothes my soul (and works wonders for the atmosphere in a classroo twitter.com m) & a good book of course.
Pennie Sue McGanty @GantyMc🔁A3:To keep myself mindfull of focusing on my Ss I write short blurbs on a post-it from my plans for each activity & t twitter.com ape it om my rocking chair. This helps me stay on task w/o having to look through pages of plans. If I am mindful about focusing, my Ss are also.
Mrs. Leanna Landry @L_M_Landry🔁A4: I live by the motto that at some point during the month I will be the best administrator, the best wife & best m twitter.com om but not all at the same time. Life is a balancing act and I must be intentional because each decision effects one of those 3 areas.
marie t. culver @marietculver🔁A3 touches each other’s mind and presence by making connections & memories in our garden by building leaders twitter.com
Beth Kelly 🍉 @ChalktalkKelly🔁A4: Being mindful of my time. Getting the best bang for my buck. Thinking wiser; not harder. Saying no to things I twitter.com can’t give 100%.
Akilah Ellison🌼 @OrganicLeaderVB🔁A4: helps you keep that delicate balance-we have a lot on your plate daily. practices ensures we are responding to twitter.com life with intent, calmness and purpose.
abbiemcgee @abbiemcgee🔁A4 I’ve started meditating and doing yoga. Most importantly I’ve intentionally set aside creative time when I do not twitter.com look at emails and put my phone away. Three hours a week to start 😁
Katie Niehoff @KatieNiehoffvb🔁A3: Wellness Wednesday (morning yoga).. a staff member sits in the yoga session so that we can use the same language twitter.com when we talk with these students. We have them come teach the office staff new poses... it’s not just yoga or mindfulness, it’s a new spin on school
Kimani Vaughan @vbkimani🔁A4: mindful practice is actually in my calendar so I get an alert every night; it’s a priority so I schedule it; yoga twitter.com and daily affirmations are also a part of my self-care regimen
Anne Bianchi @anne_bianchi🔁Every technique I share with them provides a mental focus such as counting, an image, or an action. Giving them the t twitter.com ools to completely change their mental path to positive.


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