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#VA2017 Robert Connely @robertconnely🔁 Honored to be a part of #VA2017 with @mcuban #Entrepreneur
#VA2017 Kirk L. Barnes @kirklbarnes🔁 Mark Cuban lighting up the stage at #VA2017 @chooseATL @atdc
#VA2017 Rebecca Markusson @MACRebeccaM🔁 Lunch with @mcuban at #VA2017 @atlchamber @VentureAtlanta #GrowAtlanta #ChooseATL
#VA2017 Robert Connely @robertconnely🔁 Mark Cuban: "Nice is way undervalued." Closing out #VA2017 with a bang!
#VA2017#VA2017#VA2017 delaPlex Software @delaPlexSoftwar🔁 #VA2017 Keynote Luncheon with Mark Cuban @delaPlexSoftwar @VentureAtlanta
#VA2017 Donald Soliven @donaldsoliven🔁 .@patientory kicks off today's pitches. #VA2017
#VA2017 Kontent Incubator @KontentInc🔁 @mcolejones takes it! @porsche experience at #va2017
#VA2017#VA2017 satoshi sakamoto @Goemhd6hYUbZ3zZ🔁 Awesome pitch from @patientory on their #blockchain platform in the health Tech sector #VA2017
#VA2017 Obinna Morton @turnsofphrase_🔁 Incredible presentations from all 12 of #VA2017's early stage companies. What did you think? 🙌🏼
#VA2017 Matt Ribbens @PMTStrategy🔁 "Never undervalue niceness" - @mcuban #VA2017
#VA2017 David Hartnett @DavidHartnett🔁 #VA2017 has officially begun! Are you here?
#VA2017 Anthony Hutcheson @Tony_Hutcheson🔁 “Nice works.” - reduce the stress for your customers & those around you - @mcuban at #va2017
#VA2017 Patrick Bentley @PBentley🔁 Atlanta's own @Tip makes an appearance at #VA2017 to show support for @TeamSudu.
Katherine Piette @PietteKatherine🔁Great showing by co’s this morning at . Congrats to
Ashish N Thakur @thakurster🔁Chairman opening and giving a shoutout to for 10 years
T. E. Robinson II @AtomedawgTech🔁Did you know we have NINE Village startups reppin’ at ? So proud of these world changing Founders.😎
David Hartnett @DavidHartnett🔁 "Not taking risks is a risk." Great business insights during the fireside chat with @Carvana CEO, Ernie Garcia. #VA2017
the home of AI info @homeAIinfo🔁 Q: "Where are you looking to invest next?" A: "AI, machine learning, medical apps." @mcuban #VA2017
Sudu @TeamSudu🔁 Founder CEO of Signature Comp Venture Atlanta. . Killer logistics tech platform. On stage with wow!
Brandon Barber @b2barber🔁. sharing the advantage at . One of the very first members of the fam. Killer job, Mario!👊
CryptoPatrick @Crypto_Patrick🔁Enjoying the 1st pitch of the day at , a secure platform for healthcare info & communication
Wayt King - startups @wayt🔁 “sale -> customer -> customer happy-> repeat. Everything else is noise.” - @mcuban #VA2017
Cecelia Utnik @Kintu3🔁Bleeding Red: Tax Reform should be obvious for ALL politicians! Send power to families NOT government! RT
Blue Team Six @BlueTeamSix🔁 How can you not love @vpapupdates? #VA2017
Tenbound @Tenbound🔁 .@mcuban backs #customersfirst: "Reduce their stress, and you'll be successful." #corevalues @SalesLoft #VA2017
UrbanGeekz 🔥 @UrbanGkz🔁“Don’t undervalue being nice.” - with a strong close out of the 10th . Sounds like values to me.✌️
Startup News @startup_update_🔁“The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%.” - Rob Kalin
delaPlex Software @delaPlexSoftwar🔁“The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%.” - Rob Kalin
Aaron Lowe @AaronLoweAL🔁How can you not love @vpapupdates? #VA2017
BIP Capital @BIPCapital🔁Ten Years of Outstanding in ’s Ecosystem:" target="_blank">
delaPlex Software @delaPlexSoftwar🔁Our rock star #software #devs are ready to bring your #cloud vision to life! #VA2017 #Azure #AtlantaStartupBattle
Kevin Connor @KevinTConnor🔁.@iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight can u plz make Ralph Northam an attack ad to counter the racist ones from that jag Ed Gillespie? #VA2017
Jen Bonnett @jen_bonnett🔁- You heard ’s thoughts on . Come to on Oct 18 to hear how affects &

Stackfolio @Stackfolio🔁Thrilled to be a part of ! Stackfolio is participating as a Startup Showcase Company!
Stackfolio @Stackfolio🔁Thrilled to be a part of @VentureAtlanta! Stackfolio is participating as a Startup Showcase Company! #VA2017
Dennis Keller @BigDSK🔁@jcyates Thank you, John! Great seeing you at #VA2017
Melissa Ireland @llssaireland🔁And confirms to that he is considering running for President. Boom.
Amari @amari_ruff🔁Great to have kick off the pitch with at . Thanks for supporting ATL Startups!
Jeff Gapusan @jeffgapusan🔁#VA2017- You heard @mcuban’s thoughts on #AI. Come to @atdc on Oct 18 to hear how #AI affects #finance & #fintech
ProAPG @proapg🔁 ended with such a bang! Hope everyone had a great time at the event these last two days. See you next year!
Nicole Theodore Esq. @BizLawyerATL🔁Love #VA2017!!! Not in attendance but all of the info coming out on social media is so inspiring 👍🏽
UnBrokerage, Inc. @UnBrokerage🔁What an incredible showing by Atlanta and Southeastern startups at Venture Atlanta this year! #VA2017
Surefire Local @SurefireLocal🔁 @SurefireLocal helps businesses & CMOs multiply their marketing effectiveness @VentureAtlanta #VA2017 #martech
sherean @sherean🔁 "Sometimes you just need to calm the eff down, and BE NICE." - @mcuban #VA2017
Linnea Geiss @linneageiss🔁Yes...that's on the stage with CEO Amari Ruff ... How you say?? ...
BindClick @bindclick🔁Visit our store on eBay!
Planimeter: compesation tools
Price: $ 52.79
delaPlex Software @delaPlexSoftwar🔁The right team, tech & innovative approach help this #startup win over Fortune 500 companies! #FinTech #ATL #VA2017
Select Georgia @SelectGeorgia🔁Did you attend the 10th annual ? We're proud to sponsor this incredible showcase of talent and tech. Great job, !
Zywie @zywiehealthcare🔁LAST DAY come see us at the Conference- we're the featured 2017 Startup Company in the Start-Up Showroom!


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