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Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁One of the most interesting 10-day contract deals in recent years: The Utah Jazz are signing David Stockton today, l twitter.com eague sources tell ESPN. He is the son of Hall of Fame guard John Stockton. David has been playing in Reno of G League.
Jake Groesbeck @groesbeckj🔁Jazz big man Rudy Gobert told me he's REALLY happy that Utah's front office decided not to rebuild/tank
Ballislife.com @Ballislife🔁The Utah Jazz are signing David Stockton to a 10-day contract!

He played 3 games with the Kings back in 2015 and is twitter.com just 15,797 assists and 3,263 steals away from catching his father, Jazz legend John Stockton.

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Story on guard David Stockton signing a 10-day contract with the Utah Jazz, where his father, John, played his Hall o twitter.com f Fame career.
Jeremy Green @sled_hed20🔁Utah was awful during the 15 games Rudy Gobert missed from mid-Dec. to Jan. (they went 4-11): Minus-9.5 net rating was 30th; D rating of 111.8 was 27th.
With Gobert during 23-game surge: 1st in net (13.1), 1st in D (94.5; Toronto 2nd at 102.1)
Carl sawaya @carl_sawaya🔁@spidadmitchell @Joeingles7 LET’S go Utah Jazz in the play off this season 😘🔥🙏
Carl sawaya @carl_sawaya🔁 @spidadmitchell Let’s go Utah Jazz you will make the playoffs soon.From Lebanon Carl sawaya❤️🙏🇱🇧
J.D. @JDKendall18🔁If you're a non-Jazz basketball fan living in Utah, may Naismith bless you because it must be absolutely miserable to deal with Jazz fans RN.
Tix Kwik @TixKwik🔁Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers Tickets goo.gl
SPORTS MεDIA WORLD @SPORTSMEDIAWRLD🔁Who's a real threat to the Rockets and Warriors in the West - and who's not? Insights and breakdown here (hint: Portland has won 12 in a row; Utah 21 of 23)
Brooklyn Sanders @bklynsan🔁 Imagine a season that Utah Jazz finishes with COY, DPOY and ROY awards. #TakeNote #SACatUTA
Brooklyn Sanders @bklynsan🔁The Utah Jazz continue their historic climb back into the playoffs as they now find themselves as the 5th seed in the Western Conference.
Sam Amick @sam_amick🔁Jazz big man Rudy Gobert told me he's REALLY happy that Utah's front office decided not to rebuild/tank twitter.com
LeXXah Drew @LeXXahDrew🔁Retweeted Utah Jazz (@utahjazz):

.@spidadmitchell was given his third consecutive Rookie of the Month Award... fb.me

Colton Squire @colt_squire3🔁@_jwager8 @tribjazz Hard to be happy when the jazz do well when you have to live in Utah with delusional people😉
beth4hope @beth4hope🔁David Stockton, the son of Hall of Fame guard John Stockton, is experiencing a "dream come true" in Utah for a 10-day Jazz deal.
Wade Ridley @WadeintheToilet🔁You want some terrible optics?

have won 21 of 23 games behind Donovan Mitchell & Rudy Gobert, who were both able to be drafted by Utah thanks to deals with Denver. They're the 7th seed.

The have fallen to the 10th seed and are 1.5 games back of the playoffs.


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