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Usmanov Kai prescod @Kaiprescod1🔁 BREAKING: Alisher Usmanov has made a $1.3bn bid to take control of Arsenal. [FT]
Arsenal India @ArsenalIndians🔁 Bully when he hears Usmanov may get Kronke aaht the club! 😂😂😂😂
@ArsenalFanTV @Arsenal_Trooper
Usmanov Gunners from 1988 @cartel487_gunz🔁 This is huge ! 😱

Alisher Usmanov made a bid of $1.3 billion to take control of Arsenal #afc

Usmanov A.Eskabaar. @AEskabaar🔁 @Jasmley Hopefully its everyone spamming @Arsenal #KroenkeOut #WengerOut USMANOV IN.
🔴⚪️Gooner Kev⚪️🔴 @kevdavis736🔁 Bully when he hears Usmanov may get Kronke aaht the club! 😂😂😂😂
@ArsenalFanTV @Arsenal_Trooper
Usmanov Luder @Nathaniel_Leon🔁 Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has made a $1.3bn bid to take control of Arsenal. [@FT] #afc.
Financial Times @FinancialTimes🔁Alisher Usmanov makes $1.3bn bid to take control of Arsenal FC
Jim White @JimWhite🔁Confirmation tonight that billionaire Alisher Usmanov HAS made a 1.3billion dollar bid to buy out rival shareholder Stan Kroenke at Arsenal
Khumalo Mzilikazi @kingMzilikazi🔁BREAKING: Alisher Usmanov makes £1b bid to buy Stan Kroenke's controlling stake in . More on .
èl Jéfe @muvuna07🔁 Wenger vs Adams. Kroenke vs Usmanov. The season finale of Arsenal is finally here.
m @mattywants🔁BREAKING: report that Alisher Usmanov has made a $1.3bn offer to buy-out Stan Kroenke's 67% stake in Arsenal.
James Ebel® @James_Ebel🔁 Please Usmanov.. kick Kroenke out!
lee @1991Zjddoif🔁@arseblog @arsenal_25 How about usmanov dangote joint partnership bid
⭐ ℓἔ Ģῧήῆęŕ ⭐ @Le_Arsenal🔁Usmanov to buy Stan out, sack Wenger and spend £600m on new players.

Then all the wankers that moaned about CFC would change their tune 😂

. @vivekpoduval🔁Scenes when Flamini appears now with a $3bn bid to buy both Kroenke and Usmanov shares to take control of this football club.
Forever Arsenal @callmesemilola🔁Usmanov would be Arsenal's Abramovich: super-rich, very passionate/knowledgable about the club & a ruthless winner.
Jalloh Diallo @arjalloh1🔁Alisher Usmanov has made a $1.3bn bid to take full control of Arsenal. [Financial Times]

Kroenke OUT
Usmanov IN

Nathan Turner @turnernater13🔁 Alisher Usmanov's £1billion offer to buy Arsenal rejected
Ben @bdscfc🔁 Surely Arsenal fans are totally against Usmanov taking over because they hate that 'dirty Russian money'... #hypocrisy
OLANREWAJU @LANREWAJU_🔁So Arsenal phoned Financial Times and said..."hey look eh, we need a distraction. Tell the world Usmanov made a bid" ?
ThinkFactory_ @ThinkFactory_🔁 Check Out #LIVMID Match Build Up Show! #FastFriday Alisher Usmanov! Subscribe, Like&Follow! #YouTube /ThinkFactory_
ArsenesChilean🇨🇱 @ArsenesChileanArsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov makes bid for full control of club via
🔁//" target="_blank"> want this to happen
Jiff @thejiffatron🔁Arsenal's market cap (total value) is $1.45bn, therefore Usmanov's bid of $1.3bn for Stan's 67.05% holding offers SK a premium of 33.71%.
ADEMOLA @RajiDraj🔁Have to say Usmanov’s timing is smart here. Gives Kroenke a get-out just as fans starting to wise up to him. But Kroenke never sells…
granit @DatGuy_Andre🔁So Usmanov makes £1bn offer to buy out Kroenke at Arsenal. But offer effectively rejected. Somehow not the end of this story I feel.
mr amet @hyper_class_A🔁So let's clarify. Usmanov has offered Kroenke just under the club's entire valuation JUST for a 67% Controlling stake.

Stan can't say no😣

Ashwin Widge @ashwin_widge🔁That is a serious offer by Usmanov to Kroenke; a premium of c.33%. I can't help but think it's a final 'take it or leave it' move. Big news.
DG @DoubleD_isco🔁 Must be a reason why usmanov has gone public needs fans to show support Sunday last home game let's give him our support
Sly Gonzalez @ThinkBlue47🔁Rams owner Kroenke also owns Arsenal. Usmanov has complained Kroenke does not invest enough in the team
It'sMYArsenalOpinion @ARSENALDvbrisG🔁Could easily be out of the frying pan in to the fire with Usmanov, but I'm kind of willing to find out somehow.
Kriss Kringle @MrCJWright🔁Financial Times: That offer from Usmanov (who is planning on retaining his minority stake) sets the club's value at $2bn, or £1.54bn.
Kriss Kringle @MrCJWright🔁It was revealed last week that Usmanov's worth has grown to £11.791 billion. That's 46% more than Roman Abramovich.


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