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6-1 @camberkley🔁 Urban Meyer to the College Football Playoff Committee after this weekend 🏈


Urban MeyerUrban MeyerUrban Meyer Kay 🍍 @therealmnasty_🔁It is so easy being average. It takes some little something to be special. Why be around average ? -Urban Meyer 🌰❤
Urban Meyer Brad Smithey @CoachBSmithey🔁 What does Urban Meyer say about @usafootball Heads Up Football👇🏽 #BetterSaferGame
Urban Meyer TheUrbanNewz @TheUrbanNewz🔁Bad news, Big Ten: Ohio State's JT Barrett looks back to 2014 form - Land-Grant Holy Land
Urban Meyer Mack Brown @ESPN_CoachMack🔁“If you can raise the level of effort and performance in those around you, you are officially a leader.” Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer @10TV🔁FINAL: Ohio State dominant in Lincoln, defeats Nebraska 56-14 | #10TV #OSUvsNEB
Matt Schick @ESPN_Schick🔁Since Urban Meyer arrived at Ohio State in 2012, the Buckeyes have scored 160 pts vs Nebraska in 10 quarters of play.
(h/t @ESPNStatsInfo)
Matt Baxendell @MattBaxendell🔁 Full video of OSU coach Urban Meyer's comments as Buckeyes roll 56-14 at Nebraska
KCNI/KBBN Sports @KBBNsports🔁Quick thoughts from on an embarrassing night, struggles with basics and Urban Meyer's mission
Micheal Eddins @EddinsMicheal🔁@HunterLJohnson @HeathEvans44 Nick Saban as DC and Urban Meyer as OC. Did you not read his post? Scroll a little hire, it's there.
Tim @Sole0526🔁This 2 week crescendo leading into the biggest game of the Urban Meyer era is going to kill me
Roger Klamm @rk1168🔁 Urban Meyer makes $6M/year.

How much would you pay him to be the HC at Nebraska?

NYI Sports @nyisports🔁Bad news, Big Ten: Ohio State's JT Barrett looks back to 2014 form
Travis Francis @TravisFrancis33🔁 Well prepared players make plays. – Urban Meyer
Jeff Cogswell @JeffCogs1🔁 Urban Meyer looks more disappointed about a false start penalty than Mike Riley did when we lost to Northern Illinois at home
G Rangel Jr @gRangelOSU🔁After these 7 weeks, if Urban Meyer feels like he has to run JT at every opportunity during PSU game, msu or ttun I'M GONNA BE PISSED.
Browns 0-5 @Chalmer73🔁Ohio State's playcalling and temp have been excellent tonight. Kevin Wilson, Ryan Day, Urban Meyer putting together great plans as of late.
Crawford Source @CrawfordSource🔁Urban Meyer said his Buckeyes are cooking at just the right time. They boiled Nebraska on Saturday night.
Steven Best @_stbest🔁 Urban Meyer on Penn State: "We know what's coming next."
Johnny T @ihatesprint81🔁That is so sad. I miss the fun and gun offense of Spurrier and then Urban Meyer with Tebow. We haven't had it in a l ong time. 🐊 😕
Depressed Tribe Fan @SuperChuks10🔁While other top teams faced upset bids, Ohio State's J.T. Barrett got busy putting on a throwback game for the ages
Riley Houk @HoukRiley🔁@dannykanell Get off urban Meyer... Wisconsin is top 5
Ryan Kronberg @RyanKronberg🔁In 6 quarters of college footballing, Urban Meyer's and Mike Riley's teams have combined for a whopping 100 points. (Ohio State has 97%)
Mark Grote 🌐 @MarkGrote🔁E-PMS has been pitching a fit since his comments. Yet total crickets in response to Urban Meyer. Proves east coast bias BIG time.
Tyler @LegendaryTyler3🔁 Another season, another bowl: Ohio State earns bowl eligibility for fifth year in a row under Urban Meyer.
Brian J Smith @BrianJSmith13🔁@buckeyenichole @FiftyAndFour And Shannon Sharpe who said on his show that “Nick Saban chased Urban Meyer out of the SEC”.
Pam Mason @pmason03🔁@DougLesmerises Excellent piece on JT Doug. Guess that Urban Meyer guy knows a thing or two about coaching huh?
Paul Stafstrom @paulstafstrom23🔁 Other than the 2014 playoff run this is probably the best I've seen an Urban Meyer OSU team play.
AJ King @allday_ajking🔁Unbelievable. Imagine him running Urban Meyer’s offense 😫
Big Red Rob @drunkon_koolaid🔁Nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- makes Ohio State's offense look as good as Nebraska's defense does. Urban Meyer should just should run these games on a loop at the Horseshoe.
Michael Falter @FalterFlow4🔁Videos: Urban Meyer, J.T. Barrett and more speak with the media following Ohio State's 56-14 win at Nebraska.
Scaryo Spookwagon 💀 @headaik🔁Somehow Urban Meyer didn't shy away from hiring coordinators who'd been head coaches before & wasn't too afraid of eg os clashing.
RUN THE DAMN BALL @Fullbacks_or_L🔁 Urban Meyer is such a douche.
Jamie Woodham @bucnole3658🔁Dabo and Saban aren’t leaving their teams so there isn’t anybody else on Jimbos level and don’t say Urban Meyer becau se he’s proven he sucks
Captain Sensible @OhioStateSmitty🔁And at the Woody Hayes w/ Earl Bruce's grandson leading the way! Urban Meyer's loyalty to that PREDATOR will be his g reatest mistake at OSU!
Lynn Slomsky @lynnslomsky🔁Urban Meyer "I'm cautiously optimistic, our QB is playing at a very high level, his confidence level is elite. O-line coming along, receivers, it's a good time to get that feeling"
HT Girls Soccer @HTLadySoccer🔁"Don't force people into a culture they don't fit, we've walked away from great players, it's not worth the headache" -Urban Meyer

Brooke Keber @BKeber10🔁Ahead of another road night game, Urban Meyer renewed his call for the conference to cap them at two.
World-Herald Big Red @OWHbigred🔁Quick thoughts from on an embarrassing night, struggles with basics and Urban Meyer's mission
News Radio 610 WTVN @610wtvnnews🔁 A wrap-up of the Buckeye blowout of Nebraska, with highlights & Urban Meyer's presser. #Buckeyes
SB Nation College @sbncollege🔁Bad news, Big Ten: Ohio State's J.T. Barrett looks back to 2014 form
BlueTuna @BlueTunaTiger🔁Against the defensive powerhouses of Army, Rutgers, UNLV, Maryland, and Nebraska. Classic Urban Meyer run it up on lesser competition.
Land-Grant Holy Land @Landgrant33🔁While other top teams faced upset bids, Ohio State's J.T. Barrett got busy putting on a throwback game for the ages
crowcialist 🏔 @McKChuck🔁Don't look now but I think Ohio State is fun to watch again, you guys
The Dr. Is In @NEOMD71🔁Tonight is 1st time in 74 games as OSU coach that Urban Meyer has to make an in-season O-line change b/c of injury. New starter at RG. Wow.
CFAA @CFAAEliteClips🔁Ohio State-Nebraska | Too many night road games, Urban Meyer says


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