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uofl Jamie Hinderer @HindererJamie🔁my dream school!! the way UofL is going right now it’s becoming easier to choose Duke next year!!
uofl Joe Sonka 😐 @joesonka🔁ICYMI: UofL fired AD Tom Jurich
uofl Louisville WBB @UofLWBB🔁NEWS: Asia Durr named ACC Preseason Player of the Year. #L1C4

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Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁Are you supposed to shake Postel’s hand when you graduate at UofL? Ima give him the biggest curve of all time.
uofl Brandon Sykes @BrendanScone🔁 NEWS: Asia Durr named ACC Preseason Player of the Year. #L1C4

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Josh Rogers @JoshRogers13🔁If the athletes at UofL were to protest and sit out of competitions until Tom Jurich was reinstated.. I think @Postel_UofL would be shook
Louisville Athletics @GoCards🔁Single-game tickets for UofL men's basketball non-conference games in @kfc_yumcenter on sale Oct. 18 at 10 am #L1C4
Howie Lindsey @howielindsey🔁I'm fascinated to hear how Interim President and the Board defines "for cause" in the Jurich case. It will be cruci al to their upcoming legal battle.
Uncle Dude @CoreyJEmbry🔁UofL fans that don't want to move on from scandals/ lose TJ are as ridiculous as all UK fans celebrating his firing more than actual UK wins
UofL News @uofl🔁DYK: @UofLPhysicians recognized as Partner in Care by @mssociety, the only Partner in #MS Care in L'ville/W. Ky.
Will Lampe @wlampe96🔁 Yeah..pretty sure most of that was for @raiseRED_UofL #FTK #SGAcares
Darrell Crenshaw Jr @DCren22_🔁Rick Pitino took a polygraph! Asked only two questions regarding Brian Bowen's family being paid. He passed.
William Oh (오경철) @IamWmOh🔁UofL fans boycotting Papa John's. LOL. If they're going to be mad at things that brought them down, they should boycott Adidas & hookers.
Audra Spiven @audra_spiven🔁I really don't understand this story. I read UoFL said they had "no choice" but to rent the venue--why wasn't "no" a n option if he's paying?
jimmy christopher @illinistones🔁ricky pitino lies to his wife while banging whores and then allows/encourages his players to take money and bang whor es too -
UofL News @uofl🔁It's Customer Appreciation Day at @UofLGSFM. Everyone who visits, 10:30-1:30, 400 block E. Gray St., gets a treat!
Will Middleton⚜️ @iWILLrepTheVill🔁The stats are true but his statement at the end is ridiculous. The issue is the reporting system in the military is 1 00% broken.
Zach Pontrich @thatwhiteguyzp🔁@EmilyMorsman Ohh okay. I thought it was somehow tied to this whole mess in UofL athletics
Totallycaitlyn 🎃 @Totallycaitlyn1🔁Talked to a psychology instructor at uofl found out I will only have to go here for 3 years to be a licensed therapist.
Andy Sweeney @TheOnlySweeney🔁@Billy_Fey @LachTalk Wish UofL would stop talking about integrity
D9NSTY-UK @scoutingU🔁 I've been around a lot of basketball coaches; it's hard for me to believe multiple assistants were just running rogue at UofL.
KY Wesleyan Alumni @kwcalumni🔁See you 10/30 in Loft 123 at Downtown prior to at UofL. Register for pre-game reception by 10/23.
Matty D @mdevore01🔁Way to run this university in ground postal!!!! Academic guys making sports designs =massive failure. Without Jurich rides the titanic
Lt Dan @cardzfan1🔁@uofl_heathernic I hope somebody collected all of the tweets. Would be fun reading.
Heidi @hna099🔁If I had a dime for every squirrel I saw on UofL’s campus, I could afford to live on UofL’s campus.
S.C.O.R.E. @SCORE_UofL🔁So proud of our student athletes for making time for their career development.
Louisville CTSI @LOUCTSI🔁Peds GR: 10/20,8am,Norton Hosp Audit. Victoria A Statler,MD,MSc,UofL Inf Dis, “Optimizing Vaccine Immunity in the Immunocompromised Peds Pt”
[University-6] Grad @cliffysmalls🔁My favorite side-story over the last few weeks is how UofL alumni living in Louisville don't understand how bad we look nationally.
Matty D @mdevore01🔁Tom Jurich, you are one of kind and what you accomplished and built here at UofL will be appreciated and never forgotten. THANK YOU, SIR!
b @ABG_OAFNah, that's Sirmons fault. 🔁 . PJCS will be empty, and it’s ALL this BoT’s fault.
Louisville CTSI @LOUCTSI🔁Fam & Ger Med GR: 10/20, 7:30am, Jewish Hospital Bottigheimer Audit. Stephen Wheeler,MD, UofL Dept of Fam & Ger Med, "Heart Failure."
Chris Hatfield @_ChrisHatfield🔁it’s important to stress that the reputation of uofl changed not because of the corruption, but because uofl got caught.
Jesse Summerfield @summerfield_je🔁Firing Pitino/Jurich now makes UofL a more attractive job in the search for a new permanent president.
Karen Grundy @ggirl95🔁Can't figure that out... it's going to be a long time before UofL gets back to the quality and style of bball we're u sed to seeing..
Heather 🏈💀 @uofl_heathernic🔁I hate that the players were (probably) made to take down their anti-Papa Johns tweets. Well I’m with them... never eating that shit again.
Danielle Lerner @danielle_lerner🔁Second year running a #UofL player has gotten the nod. Myisha Hines-Allen was ACC Preseason POY in 2016.
kate @KatharineCoombs🔁 UofL has zoo animals that show up occasionally
LouisvilleSushiTruck @LouSushiTruck🔁10/19/17 Thursday. Lunch at #UofL #DentalandMedical #School Preston and Chestnut street 10:45-1:15pm. 🍣🌞🍣🌞🍣🌞
Brandon Sykes @BrendanScone🔁NEWS: James Hearns, defense looking to return to dominant form.
Story ➡️
Steve Scott @sdscott1489🔁He must not have much free time. That's a lot to juggle. Very admirable
FLEEKiavelli @ToriJayFerrell🔁@GovMattBevin is fucking up UofL while simultaneously not giving af about Kentucky’s pensions and finding REAL solutions to get their $
Key Cole @Key621🔁Captain Suntan crushing Papa John and UofL board for terminating Jurich.

And then giving away Papa John's pizza to callers.

Greg l quire Jr @Redoc61🔁For anyone that missed it yesterday. A Tribute to the man whose vision helped make UofL an ACC school
UofL News @uofl🔁Check out this profile of student Austin Conway who balances law school with . Now that's impressive!
Greg l quire Jr @Redoc61🔁I’m not taking up for Pitino, but he’s right, the Board of Trustees is NOT the UofL we know. It’s a few morons in a room w/ a God Complex.
Danny Rossoll @dancatfan🔁Pitino made several claims about his dismissal and the apparent actions of the UofL board of trustees that just have no basis in reality.
UL Foundation @uoflf🔁ULF Interim Exec Dir & COO Keith Sherman spoke to McConnell Scholars yesterday about leadership in tough times & le ssons of leaders
Debbie Young @debilu2🔁@KySportsRadio She left out the part where she was emailing EVERYBODY bitching AND the part where Denny WAS PAID BY UofL FOR 16 YEARS!!
FLEEKiavelli @ToriJayFerrell🔁Wait...did Rick Pitino basically say he was fired not by but by 's hired board of trustees?
UofL Arts & Sciences @UofLASThinker🔁Snapshots From Space: Planetary Scientist Candice Hansen to discuss #JunoCam At #UofL Oct 26
Patrick Cowan @PACCFO_KY🔁Anyone who doesn’t believe this is a power play is mistaken. TJ had power, was responsible for much UofL progress... can’t compete with that
Brandon Sykes @BrendanScone🔁Postel was at the head of the most pivotal decision in the history of UofL Athletics & felt the need to not address media after making it.
Lee M. Smith @UofLCOO🔁For employees on #UofL ShelbyHurst campus: @UofLHR will be in Founders Union rm 136B from 9am to noon TODAY.
Ross Stamper @RDS_58🔁 Just bought @RDS_58 tickets to the UofL vs. UK game #bestgfever
keatssycamore @keatssycamore🔁10 years ago, the only reason CJ sold any subs was bc people took the paper for UofL news & yet they all deny access to it mattered.
Charlie Cy @Charlie27Cy🔁4) to vote in training classes”, led charge to integrate , was 3rd in class & was 1st attorney!!!...
Jeff Gosnell @Machtyn🔁My question for you is, which D1 school would you use to model UofL's program? Everyone of them (I think) puts univer sity money into the athletic program.
Lee M. Smith @UofLCOO🔁Take some time this morning #UofL and check your enrollment options:
Aaron Donnelly @watchman317🔁@ChrisCuomo UoFL 600k but Puerto Rico and inner City schools can’t find funding 1st Amen. $ for safety seems a bit asinine smh......
pk1 @PitinoDrama🔁Been in Chicago all week. Jurich/PRick have turned UofL into a laughing stock. Tremendous damage done. Fuck those guys. @TheOnlySweeney
Jake McKinney @jake0335🔁I trust in AD Tyra. Wish Tom the best, but we are UofL. No one is bigger than this athletic program, school, and city! We will rise again!
Laura Crowder @lauramaggie🔁Y'all he contributes MILLION$ to UofL. He's not trying to cripple your program, he's trying to rebuild it.
UofL Medicine @UofLMedicine🔁So happy to have Dr. Richard Silver of and to give the 2017 David H. Neustadt Lecture at Medicine Grand Round s ☤
Lachlan McLean @LachTalk🔁Hats off to hosts, producers, and guests of and for going above and beyond the last several weeks with issues
DormatoryCeiling-6 @MinardiCeiling🔁Pitino Timeline:
“I knew nothing about this. I will be vindicated.” Denial
“Firing me without all the facts is not the UofL I know.” Anger
Alex Scheck @ScheckAlex🔁Read the preview of the big match up with Michigan this weekend!! 👀
John McCarthy @JohnMcCarthy3rd🔁As a UofL fan waking up today no Pitino no Jurich feels like a dream. I have faith the program is bigger than 2 people but it's so strange
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁 I FUCKING dare Postel, Papa John, or Grissom to show up at ANY sporting event. If they do....let the beers fly.
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁 Best conspiracy theory yet
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁We know why @IAmPapaJohn voted for Jurich to be fired...

He was tired of giving everybody 45% off the day after UofL wins. Too much winning

G$ @cardsfan112🔁Denny Crum delivered two National Championships at UofL. Record books will soon reflect those as only Championships in school history.
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁This all feels so wrong. Court ruled Bevin couldn’t mess w/ UL’s whole board. Yet they’re still there making biggest decisions in UL History
DEPLORABLE CADY @CADYHUGHES🔁Was firing Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich the right call? UofL should've waited on both until the FBI case is resolved.
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁Requested a personalized license plate, got approval letter in the mail and at the top it had @MattBevin’s name on it. Want to rip it up now
Debbie Young @debilu2🔁@Katie_George05 Katie, all these SAD BBN bluenecks! Must have NO LIFE except to follow UofL news. Pitiful.
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁I’ll try to be optimistic, and my butt will be in my seat, but A LOT of fans will quit. PJCS will be empty, and it’s ALL this BoT’s fault.
joe beam. @jbeam1🔁I love my alma mater - I do not love the people who run it - but they will come and go. I am a
Mister J @jprobus_🔁UofL has zoo animals that show up occasionally
Debbie Young @debilu2🔁@FakeADTomJurich @KevinHatfield23 Denny's wife has run her mouth for the 16 YEARS Denny was still being PAID by UofL! She can STFU!
Debbie Young @debilu2🔁 @terrymeiners How many UK grads on UofL Board? How many UofL grads on UK Board?
Where is their loyalty? Agenda?
Seth Gecko @Chewvenile🔁@_BV_3 I think UofL fans should acknowledge it's great pizza
Damon Quire @Damon_UofL🔁 Here's the problem: BOT answers to one person. The Gov. UL is at the mercy of Bevin


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