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#UnsealTheDeals Sharon @GoldtroutSharon🔁 @jbro_1776 @DineshDSouza @TheDemocrats #UnSealTheDeals and expose this pedophile.
Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich🔁.

You have accused me of forging documents. This is defamation.

Retract your false and defamatory statements about twitter.com me,

Or you can go UNDER OATH with me for 8 hours in a civil lawsuit.

Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @CernovichCongress has "paid out $17 million for 264 settlements," these are kept SECRET from taxpayers.

🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/932807612499869696" target="_blank">twitter.com

#UnsealTheDeals Scaletti92FS @SjScaletti🔁 PROTECTOR OF THE 💰SHUSH💰
#PaulRyan #JohnConyers #Conyers
#UnsealTheDeals #GOP #DNC
Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich🔁1 down

John Conyers is only ONE STORY.

There are 264 SECRET settlements totaling $17 million in taxpayer money.

twitter.com 263 to go!

Get these settlements to me, I will protect you.

USMC48USA @USMC48USA🔁How do we deal with the male serial sexual harassers in Congress who prey on female staffers?

27K In Taxpayer Money
Atena Papaghiorghiu @PapaAtena🔁🇺🇸Please pass Along - Retweet
Call Congress, (202) 224-3121
demand they

Mark Rosenfeld @mrosenfeld🔁 #UnsealTheDeals

Get it trending!

No more Congressional cover-ups of sexual abuse!


Richard march @Rmarch53🔁 Call Congress, demand they #UnsealTheDeals 202-224-3121 pscp.tv
Rockentowsky @grendel_the🔁 #UnsealTheDeals - Get it trending! pscp.tv
Jane Searles @janesearles_jan🔁. just dropped a BOMB: Congressman John Conyers is a sexual predator, and Paul Ryan covered it up

gab.ai/BanDemocrats @XonerateAssange🔁 Lying POS old man‼️ #UnsealtheDeals #RepayResign #NOpension$ twitter.com
y gracia @ytugrac🔁It is really time to . The is just plain wrong. No right to spend our $$$ to cover their wrongs and tell us to Stay out of their business! works for us and it is our money!
Majorlady @Majorlady2🔁YESSSS‼️ Trump Wants Congress to Release Names of Lawmakers Who Have Settled Sexual Harassment Suits
Ripley2win @Ripley2win🔁I will say this though to MAGA tweeting , do you understand now why we need feminism? Do you understand now how feminism is not cancer but can be a force for good?
Louie Lozano 🇺🇸 @LozanoAuthor🔁Has released the records? Stop shilling, you’re going to look like a fool (at best).
Ben P @freedomanddogs🔁Call 202-224-3121 & DEMAND CONGRESS taxpayers dollars paid sexual harassment hush money and kept hidden from taxpayers.
Dr. Hart, DC 🇺🇸 @ofccadjust🔁 Should Paul Ryan #UnsealTheDeals?
Seth Meister @SethZero1🔁 Not good enough @PRyan.

#UnsealTheDeals - all of them! twitter.com

Biff Winnetka @HypocriLib🔁

This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable Thanksgiving for MANY politicians. twitter.com

ANTI SCHOOL +++ @antischool_ftw🔁@BigTimeFreed0m @BreitbartNews It's happening #unsealthedeals
ItsAboutWisdom @wisdomfromage🔁 Its time for Congress to stop silencing the victims #UnsealTheDeals pscp.tv
Louie Lozano 🇺🇸 @LozanoAuthor🔁Thank you , but we also must .

The American people deserve to know whether their elected representatives have abused the current system and used taxpayer money to cover up their sex crimes.

Louie Lozano 🇺🇸 @LozanoAuthor🔁BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation of John Conyers. Now
jane doe @justjudee🔁Any male member of Congress who marched wearing a Pink Pu**y crocheted cap
Must be investigated for sexual harassment twitter.com charges

Libiot Apocalypse @LibiotsSuck🔁We need to find out who sponsored this POS, who voted for it, who benefited from it, expose & fire them! twitter.com
Laura Winkler @stjohnswoods🔁. Congressman John Conyers is a sexual predator, and Paul Ryan covered it all up
MICHELLE 🌎 @4AllSoulKind🔁Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) must resign. Speaker Ryan must and expose all the perverts in Congress before 2018. We deserve to know who we are voting for!
David @david_pellham🔁Call Congress, demand they #UnsealTheDeals 202-224-3121 pscp.tv gab.ai
George Pantofles 🇺🇸 @GPantofles🔁You keep changing the subject. Still not one comment on your twitter feed about the SLUSH fund.
Why not?

Call Congr twitter.com ess, demand they 202-224-3121

bronx @bronx6🔁@ScottPresler And @POTUS agrees with you/us #UnsealTheDeals
Elaine @elaine_ethomson🔁@thegoreedetail @JimKuther @realDonaldTrump #UnsealTheDeals or we will
American Pride @usaforyoubruv🔁 You have no right to ask to step down. He is innocent and you know it. You are the swamp and you, along with need twitter.com to resign and
Liberty @sweetpeach77🔁Lying POS old man‼️ #UnsealtheDeals #RepayResign #NOpension$ twitter.com
Thecityismine @TheCityIsMine77🔁 Are they going to sweep this one under the rug too? #UnsealTheDeals buzzfeed.com


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