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Bizzle @chowtime1🔁 This guy got hit when the car sped away. #UniteTheRight
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁David Duke in #Charlottesville saying this Nazi, #UniteTheRight fiasco "fulfills the promises of Donald Trump."

#UniteTheRight AquamanINaz @AquamanINaz🔁 The next GTA looks really realistic! #charlotesville #UniteTheRight #Trump #Kek
Deborah Penland @PenlandDeborah🔁 David Duke now here in #charlottesville for #altright #unitetheright rally @USATODAY @RbtKing
Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁These violent white supremacist terrorists are in assaulting people right now.THIS IS NOT ABOUT FREE SPEECH twitter.com
James☝️Allsup @realJamesAllsup🔁I was in the thick of it. I did not see any #UniteTheRight guys start violence. Violence was started by leftists & Antifa.
Gary R. Rose @garyrockrose🔁Good morning to everyone, except the nazis who marched in Virginia. Go bathe in acid you fucking assholes. #charlotesville #UniteTheRight
NAH! @CARMODITYBROKER🔁After Police forced to disperse into crowds of Antifa, I was attacked by Antifa - thrown on ground, kicked, beaten w/ poles.
jesse @SpreadOrLine🔁David Duke in saying this Nazi, fiasco "fulfills the promises of Donald Trump."

Luthien Ivey @JustLuthien🔁I was in the thick of it. I did not see any guys start violence. Violence was started by leftists & Antifa.
🇺🇸Craig 🇺🇸 @CraigsBS🔁Funny how the assembly in was perfectly peaceful last night until and showed up.
Daughters of America @freeassange911🔁This man is not who did it! It was who hit their own. Proof youtube.com href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/896723308502298624" target="_blank">twitter.com
Alexander Knight @alexanderknight🔁Which side are you on anyway? Article: yesmagazine.org twitter.com
Chad Vandal @ChadVandal14🔁This is why we marched on #Charolettesville This is why we need to #UniteTheRight This is why we need the #14Words twitter.com
Toni Tyson @TTysonToni1🔁 Antifa attacked the rally and the police declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse. #UnitetheRight /1
kentrix Chip @KentrixChip🔁@chucktodd @jaketapper @brianstelter LEFTWING ANTIFA/BLM SHOWED UP TO SHUTDOWN #UniteTheRight RALLY. WHY'RE YOU NOT REPORTING THAT ANGLE??
♥️🇺🇸TEXAS Patriot @TexasTrumpGirl🔁 Is A Bunch of Punks. They Absolutely Do Not Represent What Conservatives Stand For! Spoke Out Against Them
Ryan Reilly @Ryan_Reilly78🔁I covered Standing Rock. They sprayed peaceful protesters with water cannons in the freezing cold. treated with kid gloves.
Osric 🇬🇧 @Mercian_Os🔁The youth are starting to change. This is the real resistance movement.
Dan Roodt @danroodt🔁#UniteTheRight gathering ends in chaos with one death as Charlottesville police stand down freewestmedia.com
Osric 🇬🇧 @Mercian_Os🔁This Tweet from @Mercian_Os has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Serge Létourneau @letourse🔁Car plows into protest in Many people injured, some possibly dead
TsTweetin @TsTweetin🔁The ACLU plans to sue the city of Charlottesville after the city tried to stop the rally - and Leftists are absolutely livid.
mikey @Michaelkman1🔁Cop said the Mayor is ordering the police to stand down allowing the AntiFa and BLM to attack the rally.
vapee @vapee🔁Torch march of white supremacists "" in tonight via virginia.liveuamap.com
Joshua Cohen @joshuacohen🔁#UniteTheRight attracted hundreds of #whitesupremacists and ended in #violence. #ADL analysis of the tragic events: adl.org
(((Judy))) @Johnkalexie🔁Anybody recognizes these clowns? Maybe that's why the KKK wear sheets?

Momma🌸Lori @Ark_Momma🔁Bf u start blaming march, watch this first hand! was in the thick of the March & watched Antifa dominate &kill twitter.com
Paul @PietPanga🔁The MSM is calling "hate" but they won't tell you about all the hate White kids face everyday! Full:
Leyla Özkan @leykan92🔁Sounds like she has a problem with white straight Christians having rights
Rise. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @Salvadorswife87🔁Charlottesville police nowhere to be found. Speakers not allowed to enter into speaking area
#Women4Trump #USA 🇺🇸 @AzDeplorable🔁 Rocks being thrown at #unitetheright pscp.tv
#Women4Trump #USA 🇺🇸 @AzDeplorable🔁Car mows down Antifa/BLM crowd - caught it all on cam & have reported car make to police
InfoStormer @InfoStormer🔁: Jewish Media Infers That Nazis Were Responsible for State Police Helicopter… goo.gl
Senator Memes III @datdankmemeboy3🔁 @Anarchyball Still waiting on any evidence that guy was affiliated with #UniteTheRight
megamoon 🌜 @huwhitepowarrrg🔁Richard Spencer is fighting for our people! Thanks for your service, brother!

Peggy Fruge @peggy_fruge🔁AntiFa has been hyper aggressive at the rally. Throwing urine, feces, paint, chemicals, smoke canisters, & pepper spraying.
Nicole Hutcheson @HutchesonNicole🔁I'll be posting videos here and on my facebook page -- DM me for licensing
DeWayne Alston @DeWayneAlston🔁#UniteTheRight... fuck all y'all. What a fucking joke. Fuck @realDonaldTrump too.
Only in death i live @HarkenReborn🔁Feminists & SJWs now develops murder fantasies vs. supporters & gamers after the rally at .
MdKnightBabe™ @MdKnightBabe🔁Somehow the purpose of the has been lost in the violence & chaos...Leftist trying to erase history...
NotATroll @Xenia87654🔁Why weren't they kept separate? Why did cops herd DIRECTLY n2 the antifa/blm thugs? It seems like they wanted this 2 happen
MdKnightBabe™ @MdKnightBabe🔁Media fomenting division...Listen to Rally Organizer...Then get a KKK Headline!

Snark Master @snark_tyranny🔁@mrntweet2 @JVER1 Small-minded McAuliffe is to slow witted to realize #UniteTheRight is a leftist group.
Dr.RepealOcare👉ER👪 @hale4jesus🔁Watch the organizer of Jason Kessler explain permit, PD, Mayor Signer...
kentrix Chip @KentrixChip🔁@CillizzaCNN If u're not a hack u'd report that leftwing antifa/BLM showed up to violently shutdown a #UniteTheRight rally
Micha Schrezenmaier @mschrezenmaier🔁Riot police on scene. officials have declared the rally an unlawful assembly.

Marcy Thompson @1texanMarcy🔁The rally was instigated and then planned for three months by one side only. They dubbed it . Trump blames all sides.


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