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Unite the Right

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Unite the Right cakes4dinner @cakes4dinner🔁 Wow. This photo of a car striking counter-protestors in #Charlottesville.
Unite the Right Jack Olin Barbee @oilyolin1🔁 Charlottesville, Unite the Right, Virginia, Nazi...

All you need to know is here:

Unite the Right geckomagazine @geckomagazinews🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder after car rams anti-far-right protesters
Unite the RightUnite the RightUnite the Right Nick @JeuneContrarian🔁 1. BLM rally.
2. Antifa rally.
3. Unite the right rally.

Spot the difference.

Unite the Right Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel🔁Wow. This photo of a car striking counter-protestors in #Charlottesville.
Jack Smith IV @JackSmithIV🔁A line of clergy stands along the entrance to the Unite the Right rally, chanting "Love has already won!"
Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁This Unite the Right rally in #Charlottesville may as well be the Republican Convention. U let Trump take over ur party.U own this darkness!
Amy Gore @AmyGore3🔁She would be the only person who was not aware that the Unite the Right rally was white supremacists. Liar or incom petently ignorant.
Jay & Amanda @nickyintheburgh🔁Heads up --> The Boston Free Speech/Nazi rally next wknd involves some of the same speakers from Unite the Right rally in .
Janice Pendarvis @janicependarvis🔁 It wasn't just racist white men who participated in the 'unite the right' rally via @HuffPostWomen
Cpn Stabfoot McLame @literallly_who🔁>Unite the right is led by "Flaccid" Richard Spencer
of fucking ever-loving devil`s ass course it is. Who else could it be with dem torches?
MsCjay @MsCjay🔁1 dead, 19 injured as car hits crowd after a 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville; driver in custody
Charmol @charmol520🔁Here's the killer, James Alex Fields, Jr. (left) at the Unite the Right rally earlier that day, before he mowed down Heather Heyer.
KING of Queens🇺🇸 @EzeNwanyioma🔁This is what Unite the Right organizers Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer pushed for. This is what they created.
Darude Titan @LeniWodring🔁"Unite the Right" is just like the movements on the left that present themselves as mainstream but are led by the most fringe radical kooks.
ocanannain @ocanannain🔁Shocking Photos From The Violent White Supremacist Rally In Charlottesville via @legeiser
safi @safi_sy🔁 (5) The ACLU says that the Charlottesville police department THREATENED TO WITHHOLD PROTECTION for Unite the Right.
W.R.I.B. @WRIB2🔁 Protesters chant ‘f*ck you faggots’ at Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ march
Hans Solo @thandojo🔁White nationalists on the grounds of University of , on the eve of a planned Unite The Right rally in
Val Campbell @AvalancheIsHere🔁Where is the condemnation about white supremacists from Donald and Theresa?
KING of Queens🇺🇸 @EzeNwanyioma🔁Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler says car driver "did the wrong thing." But supremacists brought weapons:

Slim Dude @theslimdude🔁Gavin says Proud Boys "disavowed" Unite the Right rally in .

Here's the rally's organizer, being sworn in as a Proud Boy.

Doctor Identity @AryanIranian🔁So? It was a UNITE THE RIGHT event. Meaning all right-wing were invited. I will not disavow Nazis. I only disavow Zi onists and their pawns.
Ponzi'..d @NONOTAGAIN🔁Thoughts on Unite the Right in #Charlottesville
always comes back to Black ppl...smh
Lauren Yuhas @laurenashlyy🔁 It wasn't just white men who participated in the 'unite the right' rally
Nancy Chadbourne @NancyChadbourne🔁White Supremacists march on to unite right. It ended in Terror. 3 Million Women marched on Washington. It united the World.
The Hammer @Jim_Peoples_🔁'Unite The Right' Rally Turns Deadly: Suspect Identified
Pamela Chavers @PamelaChavers🔁 Unite the Right?
I think we'd all be much better off if we were to DEPORT THE RIGHT!
SalfordPagesUK @AdelphiHouseFCJ🔁 Horrific in Charlottesville: thoughts & prayers with victims & families
THE MILITARY MATTERS @FIGHTINGVETERAN🔁VOTE HIM OUT > (D) aka: SNOWFLAKE > National Guard on standby for ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia
George Roussos @baphometx🔁: Ava DuVernay, J.K. Rowling, Seth Rogen, and More React to Violent White-Supremacist Rally
Brenda @brendaj🔁In Jan, Trump removed white supremacists from an anti-extremism program.

Their response: "Trump is setting us free"

Robert Trestan @rtrestan🔁 attracted hundreds of and ended in . Our analysis of the tragic events:
Terri DiAngelantonio @TerriDiA🔁Last night’s terrifying UVA march was just the beginning of the Unite The Right rally in Charlott...
The S-Files @itsSierraF🔁Jim Crow always had Jane Crow. This proves that patriarchy, like feminism, is about your politics, not ur genitalia.
Bute and Fat @yay_itsrai🔁I need someone to interview all of the minorities that voted for trump... wondering how they feel. I mean it was a "unite the right" rally.
MarktheGodofWar @MarktheGodofWar🔁#Charolettesville Unite the right was a legal gathering that had a permit from a federal judge. Antifa caused the violence.
Naunihal Singh @naunihalpublic🔁I dont see many non-blacks posting about the fact that Unite the Right circled a Black church for a minute with torches last night. Thanks. @BPPope🔁ANTIFA--BLM started the VIOLENCE who invited them ??? Condemn them, the Unite the right and others were protesting Peacefully.
barbara wills @bwills3039🔁 'Blood and soil': Protesters chant Nazi slogan in Charlottesville
Jim Neal @jameswneal🔁ACLU VA board member quits over group defending white supremacists in court before today's rally. Case background:
Lisa Mikolajczyk @lisamikol1969🔁This is the flyer Nazis sent out for "Unite the Right" rally. You just need to look at the pics to see it was a PRO NAZI rally. Sickening.
Todd Johnson @toddingeorgia🔁Insane photos from a staffer, who was there right as a car struck dozens of protesters:
Jim Neal @jameswneal🔁Judge allows Unite the Right rally to stay in Emancipation Park via @dailyprogress
A. J. V. @tejano611🔁Did any Trump supporter out there heard of 'unite the right' or their Charlottesville protestmarch before yesterday?
Syllable Lover @SyllableLover🔁Theresa May holds Nazi supporting Donald Trumps hand and Tories today have no shame as world watches horrific "Unite the Right" rally
Tim Parshall @tpmufellowships🔁The “Unite the Right” rally wasn’t intended to be a Klan rally at all. It was a pride march, writes
Mike Highley (Spot) @mike_highley🔁The UniParty at it's finest. Wealthy Globalists on the left & the right unite. One brings the Antifa & BLM, the other brings the neo-Nazis.
Captain Saltire @GordonJC666🔁Well I don't know it's not like they were chanting Nazi slogans(!)
Druidlady @Druidlady63🔁They have the lawyers, guns, and money.Unite the Right' Organizers Encourage Guns: "We Want a War" - It's Going Down


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