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Banjo :o) @SpaceshipB14🔁 Uncle Luke watching Cardi twerk like

BET @BET🔁Much love to Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell as our I Am Hip Hop Honoree! #HipHopAwards

via @GIPHY

Karen Civil @KarenCivil🔁‘I started hip-hop in the south.’ Congrats to Uncle Luke, a hip-hop legend and a pioneer for Miami. #HipHopAwards
Uncle Luke HIP HOP @Kingsymir1🔁 Uncle Luke: "I started hip-hop in the South."
REVOLT TV @RevoltTV🔁Uncle Luke finally gets props as a Miami hip-hop pioneer at BET Hip-Hop Awards
BaseGawd.✌🏿️™ @OnlyCanBeBri🔁 Uncle Luke really that boul
PIP MaMa 🌹 @KingAsy__🔁Uncle Luke really that boul
The Boombox @theboombox🔁Uncle Luke's Acceptance Speech Was the Best Moment at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards
✨ɬɾɑѵíҽҽҽ✨ @Queen_Travie🔁 Cardi B is really destined for greatness. Uncle Luke put the stamp on her.
✨ɬɾɑѵíҽҽҽ✨ @Queen_Travie🔁 Uncle Luke is that man.. 👏🏾

and he STANS Cardi B 👏🏾😂

✨ɬɾɑѵíҽҽҽ✨ @Queen_Travie🔁Uncle Luke cosigning cardi b shows that you can make something out of nothing for yourself from hustle and hard work
EstmaneAlexLucdor6️⃣ @_Brandboyy🔁 @doc_d12 🔥🔥🔥🔥aye boaaa you gotta make this a song now....tom Brady / uncle Luke 🤷🏽
Manti Teo's Girl @JimmyIovine3🔁 Uncle Luke’s work is timeless. His music still gets the party hype nearly 30 years later. #HipHopAwards
Davontae Mccrae ™ @d1__vontae🔁@doc_d12 🔥🔥🔥🔥aye boaaa you gotta make this a song now....tom Brady / uncle Luke 🤷🏽
soda birdman @younggodbot🔁Tell Uncle Luke I'm out in Miami, too
Coco ⚔️🖤 @Remyqueen123🔁 Uncle Luke shout out to Cardi B! That was mad real!!!!
Coco ⚔️🖤 @Remyqueen123🔁 Uncle Luke cosigning Cardi B is so sweet. And he's promoting owning businesses.
TeaTopics @TeaTopicLogic🔁Hip Hop Awards Highlight: Uncle Luke Represents The Raw And Uncensored Version Of Miami
EL-Mousa Muza @El2dM🔁 is there gonna be an uncle luke tribute performance? i lowkey wanna hear “pop that pussy” 😩😂🤭🤷🏾‍♀️
HIP HOP @Kingsymir1🔁 "Thirty years in this business, and ain’t nobody ever honor me for s!*t."
Díga Vil @therealbukfif🔁 I'm looking forward to seeing that Uncle Luke biopic
GL 💖 @ylggly🔁Tell Uncle Luke I'm out in Miami too.
Spud_Currin @Omar_5861🔁 Uncle Luke songs definitely had them basement parties jumping!!!!! #HipHopAwards
SB Jones @therealsbjones🔁 I was jamming to that Uncle Luke tribute on the HipHop Awards
PLATINUM™ @MrDJPlatinum🔁Uncle Luke dropping them classic club hits at the BET Hip Hop Awards
The Boombox @theboombox🔁Uncle Luke’s Acceptance Speech Was the Best Moment at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards by @StereoTheSecond
Damil @Damillion🔁Its sad that people dnt know uncle Luke
👸🏼 @HeyARRIEN🔁 Uncle Luke created all the iconic pussy poppin anthems. A legend!


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