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UberUberUberUber natasha @jngkks🔁 taekook au; where Jungkook’s uber parks in the wrong spot.

collab with: @soleilhobi

Uber dickhead @funkyourmother🔁 Passengers Praying Uber Just A Hobby For Elderly Driver trib.al
Uber Ahram Online @ahramonline🔁Uber, Careem to continue operating in #Egypt pending higher court ruling: Egypt court
Uber Bonnie Nowell @bonbon4124🔁 cya nerds.....my uber has arrived
lex 🌻 @uber_sassy🔁 Someone: raises their voice to my friends in the slightest
deray @deray🔁Tonight I watched NYC Yellow Taxis pass by black folks so they could pick up drunk white people coming from the bar. twitter.com And they wonder why Uber and Lyft continue to have such steady business.
Rappler @rapplerdotcom🔁JUST IN: The PCC has ordered Uber to continue services beyond April 8, delaying Grab’s takeover deal.
Just Dennis Things @DennisCricket_🔁My driver last night was Atif Mahmood, who is originally from Lahore.

He dropped me home from the MCG.

Under pro twitter.com test, he paid for my McDonald's.

"It's Pakistani hospitality sir"

What a legend.

Uber Support @Uber_Support🔁@dannyschlag We can definitely take a look! Send us a DM with your email address so we can follow up.
Melissa @MelissaAGNP🔁i love the Uber rating system

5 stars: a taxi journey happened

1-4 stars: i'd like to jeopardize a complete stranger's livelihood

Jason Jones @NotOnMyWatch83🔁These policemen are just bullies with control issues. "Oh, you're an attorney and an Uber driver?" Yeah, some people twitter.com work instead of harassing citizens they're supposed to serve and protect.
Coolching @CoachingCool🔁Ive seen this shared a few times recently but unless I'm missing something vital I just don't get it. Why do you need to book a meeting?
Margot Parker MEP @MargotLJParker🔁 Arrival of Uber forces famously surly Paris taxi drivers to take etiquette lessons  telegraph.co.uk
Étoile ✨ @starlockridge🔁My Uber asked where I was headed, I said Silver Springs. He says and I quote “I don’t feel like going all the way over there”
Cowboys Penny @penny_uber🔁Thanks for making me late once again.....after i paid my sitter for the extra time i made 8.00 for 1.5hrs
PSA when twitter.com the destination is in SF sending a driver to oakland IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE DESTINATION stop sending us far away from our destinations idiots
CMS Cardinals @CMSCardinals🔁CMS 5K team “Call Us An Uber” had a great walk. A bit chilly, but sun was shining. Love this group of educators.
_glacidyous_ @UshieDaniels🔁A word of prayer for uber drivers who:

1) Don't call us to ask "where are we headed?"
2) Use their navigation
3) Keep shut throughout the trip,

May your 5 star never grow dim.

𝒥𝒶𝓇𝑒𝒹 @FreeSpiritJared🔁Anyone else uber excited knowing the fact that is going to guest ring announce the Woman’s Battle Royal tomorrow at twitter.com Wrestlemania?! I am 🙋🏼‍♂️ ! Missed Lilian
Impact On Twitch @ImpactonTwitch🔁 @sonjaydutterson vs. Uber is the feud of the weekend. #ImpactOnTwitch
xxxxx @thathairyfemme🔁boss: I need new travel plans from Merck ASAP [because I decided to fuck everything up and not fly back]

me: *types twitter.com into google maps* get an uber
Anne @jozelleanne🔁My last Uber ride. I'm not okay. 😔
pen lister @penworks🔁Ive seen this shared a few times recently but unless I'm missing something vital I just don't get it. Why do you need twitter.com to book a meeting?
Rebecca @ dystopia @reh_becca🔁@ people at c****c*** please be careful, we were just in an uber on the way back and we told this driver we were at the con, and he googled the con & went silent, he then acted sketchy and when we left the car he didn’t drive away & also cancelled his next trip.
Sara Jane @SmileySaraJanee🔁@yapchs Yes I did! Uber pooled. And I think I kept snoring by accident and weirded out the other riders 😂😂
Dalton🤪 @ApxIIIo🔁@MrJPistachio @KarlnaNataIia It’s not on Uber eats
Fusion Cash @fusioncashmoney🔁Taxi givaway in Pittsburgh w credit code INK on the Lyft app. Good promo rocks uber. #ad Too good for a coupon code.
shell @thewordsaremaps🔁My latest for : Uber lobbyists are writing the laws regulating their industry—in docs I viewed from Ohio, Uber's lobbyists drafted the bill & sent it to a state legislator as a Microsoft Word doc titled: OhioModelLegislation_Final 3 5 15.docx
Wheelpower 🇰🇪✊🏾 @shecyclesnbi🔁Tonight I watched NYC Yellow Taxis pass by black folks so they could pick up drunk white people coming from the bar. And they wonder why Uber and Lyft continue to have such steady business.
johnette mccarter @johnette6350mu🔁HOLLYWOOD DREAM SUITES is where ELVIS says is the best Hotel to visit when Vacationing in the World 🌎 famous Sunny 😎 Los Angeles California USA. Ya see the HOLLYWOOD SIGN from the front door. 🇺🇸 and use UBER or LYFT when you travel everywhere. No parking or
Sparkie MacFancyPants @SparkPants🔁I accidentally sent a long I love you message to someone I meant to send to you once cause I was uber tired and didn’ twitter.com t bother looking at the name. RIP
Levy 🍳 @levihillard🔁@ZJ2K_All_Day_30 Had to skate, Wayne Gretzky, called an uber helicopter
Ms.Parker @CountryGirl918🔁My girl was Pregnant and going into LABOUR ! we weren't about to pay those Ambulance fees so we decided to order an uber... shit got CRAZY! QUICK!
skid ory aka PEPE SiLViA aka Yung Draco @apotheosist_151🔁 My drunk bartender overtipping now has a sister pathology: drunk Uber overtipping.
Unemployed Bambi™ @BambiThePhoenix🔁grade A, 100% white allyship. you would be uninterested in the plight of an industry which largely employs immigrants twitter.com , simultaneously praising Uber & Lyft who are wildly exploitative. have you so quickly forgotten Uber’s aligning with the Trump administration?!
Mary @AnniemuMary🔁 It’s as if these Uber passengers don’t appreciate the snacks my children left for them.
morgan 🌼 @sabxpenn🔁downloaded the uber eats app bc my city is finally understating that people don’t wanna leave their house to get food twitter.com and there is barley any good places on it but i kept it bc popeyes is on there. i hate myself.
Larosso @officepa🔁Uber driver Muhammad Durrani has been found guilty of raping a customer. He followed her & carried her back to his car where he raped & sexually assaulted her. Scotland Yard would like to hear from anyone else he may have assaulted

lex @freudlied🔁i puked my brains out on @moskowitz_kyle in an uber that had only been driving for a month. sorry rebecca
Xiao Mei @thenudeblog🔁Uber pulled up in a Benz I said OK 👌🏽
plasticscouser @AdrianCroydon🔁@TwoWheels22 Cheers Dad,

100,000,000 customers a year.

More than uber and all minicabs added together.

You deluded fool.


Kashifay @Kashifayy🔁 Uber driver just offered me Pakistani sweets. Five stars for him! #Uber
#angelsquad @soso_loren_gray🔁 uber driver: name?

@tanamongeau: twitter.com

mø @sanjunpiero🔁is vanuse the van version of uber
tori @torigillette13🔁 My airpods fell out of my sweater pocket in my uber the other day. This driver went out of his way and returned them twitter.com to my job for me. Give him a bonus or something. I’m so appreciative😭
sabrina @breeezybri_🔁 My brother snuck out and ordered an Uber BITCH MY MOM WAS THE UBER LMFAOOO
Bruh @Sinnerillos🔁 The new Uber app is here! We'll ask only one question. Where to?
Best Online Offers @APlusDealsNow🔁Headin' to M. M. Roberts Stadium ? Go for free w/ Lyft! $50 Lyft ride credit, Use Code PIX #stadium #sports #uber #Lyft - LYFT Lovers!
Erika @PanSexualHealin🔁📹 mrcrew2001: Your Uber is arriving… tmblr.co
Michelle Anderson @MichelleAnder66🔁Get your first ride (up to $20) with invite code 'aaront3765ue'. Enjoy! 😊 Download the App ►
Jacque Phillips @ridenshoot🔁You appear to be an uber-liberal who has swallowed the socialist-communist bait. This country will be destroyed by th twitter.com e very people you are following. Do some homework and you will find that socialist and communist countries are only good for their leaders. The people suffer.
Enigma @RenigmaRyuuguu🔁@Uber_Support Alright, that's no problem. Thank you for responding.
Chilly Willy @Willy_Chilly_🔁@InquisitiveMarg @rohitguptahpf That wonkette writer is dlate’s political correspondent now lol. I bet he is uber pc now
✨ @xbrianna_🔁Uber everywhere is really my life now
🦄☯️BVSS✨UNICORN☯️🦄 @DeeArbyy🔁It’s RAVE DAY, can’t wait to get weird with all my derps. Rip to my body and soul during those b2bs 🖤🎶🖤

Have a good day gaiz see ya at the dome !

stan of the giraffe, formally known as beyoncé 🦒 @littleelondraa🔁ME: it’s like Rosemary’s Baby only it’s Air Bud and he’s pregnant with Satanic puppies
UBER DRIVER: please get out of my car
Kay.✨ @KayyRiv🔁@finance_rich From where?! I took an Uber from the Sox field back to Indiana once and it wasn't even that high lol
Mr Ncukana @TheNod_Man🔁Gonna be a tense Uber X trip back home for all of them twitter.com
Josh Jankowski @josh_jankowski1🔁Me: We are 3 miles away
Dad: Let’s Uber
Me: You know what an Uber is?
Dad: Yea I get them all the time.


Jay Rod @jrod_TheTruth🔁I should’ve just driven. 😒 #Uber
Hoodie Lou @EruditeAdonis🔁Nothing like sprinting after an Uber after you’ve left your keys in it. I’ve still got make up speed after all these years though
Freebies 4 Taxis @Freebies4Taxis🔁Taxis for free NYC ? U get 10 dollars credit free on Lyft with code GUESTS. Kabosh on uber. Cool cabs. #ad Crazy good promo code.
desicon @desicon3🔁 and whores are willing to sell America to anybody with some penny to offer.

1) Whoring to illegals and radical Mus twitter.com lims
2) Whoring to wall street and corporate boards
3) Whoring to uber rich tech CEO at Google, FB, Microsoft, Apple
4) Whoring to China

Folly and Showers @abbeykakes🔁@MandaLeonJoyce @JamieMusical Have so many things crossed I can barely type this tweet.

Have a blast! Beware the unlicensed Uber pumpkin!

M2k @themikewoah🔁Uber is always a good idea until ur driver heads 10 mins in the other direction to scoop someone in bumper to bumper traffic 😡
🇬🇧holmes jamo🇬🇧 @jaime_holmes🔁 @The_LCDC Lets stop calling them Uber change to TfL RAPE mobiles
Sam Pollak @shazam9817🔁@s_lynette98 @Uber Ironically this sums it up pretty well
So-Called Mikey LLC 🚜 @MikeJinID🔁Is Dad knocking down that type of cash?

It seems like I saw the Assistant to the Regional Manager of Communication twitter.com s was taking second jobs as a Uber driver. Does wealth not get spread around inside of charitable organizations?

Craigory Bublé @hillarys_bitch🔁Oh my God. This comment is enough to know exactly where you’re coming from... the hypocrisy of you people is astoundi twitter.com ng. I can’t..
Luis Chavez @Chino0338🔁@SliceWrestling @Uber @lyft It’s happening, a norma $17 tab was runnning for $62 so I waited for a cab and paid $23
Greg Stilson @GStilson🔁 In #afblc18 keynote, Uber has provided data that about 1.5 million rides are taken by #VoiceOver users each year. #a11y
ASIF NADEEM @VIPASIF🔁My driver last night was Atif Mahmood, who is originally from Lahore.

He dropped me home from the MCG.

Under protest, he paid for my McDonald's.

"It's Pakistani hospitality sir"

What a legend.

faran ., @pharaaan🔁@Saqayb @junaidakram83 You need to install Uber application first, I think so.
UberFailsHD @UberFailsHD🔁@KreekCraft pls unban me from ur discord I am Road_Rage_Uber#3553


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