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#UTedChat Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁Awesome to see #UTedChat trending! We are even above #bb19, that's really saying something.
صاحب ذوق @zrzor_7🔁 watch


Katie Blunt @sassmasterkmb🔁 Join us for #edcamput on 11/4 at the U. Register today for FREE at Best PD of the year! #UTedChat
#UTedChat Marci Houseman @marcihouseman🔁 Awesome to see #UTedChat trending! We are even above #bb19, that's really saying something.
SBS News @aassuu10🔁watch


Sarah Young @YoungUTed🔁Thanks to for moderating tonight. Next week we’ll have lead us in a STEM discussion. See you then!
Kristin van Brunt @vb_kristin🔁Sorry I missed #utedchat tonight. I'm enjoying reading through the tweets. Great ideas.
kolby henrie @diggersnoggin🔁#UTedChat Woah
Tabitha Pacheco NBCT @tabitha_pacheco🔁I would encourage everyone in to follow to stay up to date on teacher led teacher voice opportunities
myles peterson @myles8383🔁@downrightdave A4: @BookCreatorApp is wonderful and worth it. #utedchat
Havilah Jones @hjones3000🔁Things That Suck makes things that suck not as sucky. (And I don't even use that word)
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁It's true. And it's not really a nice word... can get people in trouble. 😂 But it's a great session!
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@DaniKSloan @misterlarsen @downrightdave @Chronicbeard Its actually a fun session, its really not like the title #utedchat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁Preach. 🙌🏼😂😂😂 #UTed Chat
Ben Smith @Chronicbeard🔁Thanks @downrightdave for moderating. Great to see such energy on #utedchat. Let's keep it up this year!
Erik Stone @estone77🔁@echeverriatech Yes, yes u did..gets easier every time. Have a great night finish the week strong. #UTedChat
Alexander Hildebrand @alexrhilde🔁#utedchat - Thanks for hosting!
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁Maybe you should help moderate this year, . Learn about it before you hate on it.
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁@echeverriatech I hope you and all of the other first timers keep joining us! #UTedChat
Teresa Hildebrand @Terschhil🔁Thanks Dave. It was great to learn about some new apps. #utedchat
Miguel Echeverria @echeverriatech🔁I see why people like this. I kinda hung in there.
Kyrsti Twitchell @KyrstiTwitchell🔁Thanks @downrightdave for moderating! Hope you all have a great night! #utedchat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁Thanks for hosting tonight, @downrightdave! You are most awesome! I definitely have some resources to check out tomorrow! #utedchat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁@DaniKSloan @MrJFawson @downrightdave @Chronicbeard Things that suck: Things That Suck, Despacito, and maybe Voxer :) #utedchat
Jared Covili @covili🔁Thanks to @downrightdave for moderating #utedchat tonight. Next week we’ll have @disudds lead us in a STEM discussion. See you then!
Cory Henwood @CoryHenwood🔁#utedchat @downrightdave Great chat tonight folks, see ya next time.
Erik Stone @estone77🔁Great job @downrightdave make sure u follow some one new, lots of new twitter folks grow ur PLN #utedchat
Sallie Warnecke @salliewarnecke🔁@downrightdave A6: I love to use haiku deck then integrate it with @nearpod. #utedchat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁This is how all great things continue. Nothing bad has ever come from this philosophy…
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁Yes, please do! It's my favorite session to moderate.
Cory Henwood @CoryHenwood🔁A6: #UTedChat Again I love @nearpod for presentations. I use it every time I run a PD or training. Its hard to beat. @PearDeck is similar
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁Thanks for coming tonight! Give those you met a follow & come again. In our last five minutes share any other apps/sites you love! #UTedChat
Miguel Echeverria @echeverriatech🔁A6: Have them share Google Slides right before presenting and they are at the top of Shared with me folder.
Krystal Plott @missplott🔁A6: sometimes unplugged presentations are still amazing. Let the Ss choose what format they prefer & it might surprise you #utedchat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁@MrJFawson @misterlarsen @downrightdave @Chronicbeard 🙄 Tradition is tradition, Fawson. #utedchat
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@misterlarsen Also easy to take slides from each group and put into one presentation. #utedchat
Joleigh Honey @Joleighhoney🔁Chevron Fuel Your School - Post your projects! Great $ opportunity SL, Davis & UT County classrooms!
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁@OlyAPPsych I love @AdobeSpark! #UTedChat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁A6: I love having students use @AdobeSpark, @ThingLink, @GetKahoot, and @TouchCastEdu. #utedchat
Teresa Hildebrand @Terschhil🔁A6: I like to use imovie and garage band #utedchat
Krystal Plott @missplott🔁A6: google slides are great. Sway seems pretty cool as well. I’m a PowerPoint snob and make everything in it! #utedchat
Ben Smith @Chronicbeard🔁A6: Increasingly, Ss presentations are made w/o tech. They practice speaking and presence. Even using the whiteboard. #utedchat
Deborah Gatrell NBCT @DeborahGatrell1🔁@chrferrin Yup. I do that too. Great tool for them to be competent in too! #utedchat
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁@marcihouseman It was my pleasure, glad you could make it! #UTedChat
Marci Houseman @marcihouseman🔁Gotta run #UTedChat! Thank you @downrightdave for hosting tonight!!
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@chrferrin So great for Ss and makes your job much easier too #utedchat
Tiffany Bliss @OlyAPPsych🔁A6: I've been pretty predictable -- PPT, Google Slides, Prezi -- but I just learned about Adobe Spark and I really want to use it. #utedchat
Deborah Gatrell NBCT @DeborahGatrell1🔁Less is more. I use b/c my handwriting is terrible. Forces me to be prepared too. & YouTube & now Screencast-o-mati c
Hailee @HaileeWhitlock🔁@downrightdave @DaniKSloan @Chronicbeard @misterlarsen @UTedChat @hjones3000 Already signed up :) #UTedChat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁A6: I love Google Slides because it’s so simple, collaborative, and easy to divide up responsibility. #utedchat
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@misterlarsen @CoryHenwood And no one can bump the table and start a war #utedchat
Teresa Hildebrand @Terschhil🔁A6: I use Mayo Clinic website frequently when writing health care plans. I use CDC when giving info and communicable diseases. #utedchat
Christine Ferrin @chrferrin🔁A6 - I love having students collaborate on google slides. #utedchat
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁 Here's what some guy wrote, but come to the Utah Edcamp and experience it yourself.
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁when we played there wasn't any negativity. Just great discussion and learning how to back up your opinion and listen to others.
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@DaniKSloan @misterlarsen @downrightdave @Chronicbeard In all fairness the name sucks #utedchat
Alexander Hildebrand @alexrhilde🔁A6: I've had students use prezi - and they've done great presentations! #utedchat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁@Chronicbeard @DaniKSloan @breakoutEDU @breakoutEDU but deadly sounds amazing. #UTedChat
Hailee @HaileeWhitlock🔁A6: I look forward to trying more this year. I use Weebly but I haven't tried any student ones yet. It's a new year though! #UTedChat
Kyrsti Twitchell @KyrstiTwitchell🔁A6: #UTedChat I have always liked prezi! I think it's a fun way to present things and the kids usually have fun with it!
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁A6: Google Slides are great because you can collaborate, @prezi, @aurasma is fun, there are really so many out there. #UTedChat
Erik Stone @estone77🔁A6: sway is a fun new way to present or even Snapchat can add excitement like @BookSnapsREAL #UTedChat
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁@downrightdave A6 Padlet, Adobe Spark, Flipgrid #utedchat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁@CoryHenwood You mean it doesn’t take 90 minutes to set up and you actually end up playing? #utedchat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁@misterlarsen @downrightdave @Chronicbeard You're just opposed to the name. #utedchat
Cory Henwood @CoryHenwood🔁@downrightdave A6 I love @prezi , really brings a presentation to life #utedchat
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁A6: For my flipped math videos I use @teamdoceri and iMovie. #UTedChat
Havilah Jones @hjones3000🔁This makes me so excited for Edcamp! How does Things That Suck work with your class? Tell me more!
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁Ooh! That sounds awesome! Maybe we can play at the the next UCET Board Meeting... I know someone who can work it into the agenda..
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁Haha “morally opposed” is a little heavy. I just thin there’s enough negativity in the world without organizing time for it.
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁@missplott @misterlarsen @Spotify @covili It's honestly the worst song ever. #UTedChat
Deborah Gatrell NBCT @DeborahGatrell1🔁NO PHONE! Seriously though, I don't have time for games on my phone. Twitter is my new habit & I should spend less t ime on it.
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁Q6: What are your favorite apps/websites to have you or your students present information with? #UTedChat
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁every day my students ask if we can play it again. Although we call it things that rock, because well 4th grade and U tah County.
Ben Smith @Chronicbeard🔁You have to collaborate under a time crunch to solve riddles to defuse a bomb. Collaboration, kinda like but deadly.
Cory Henwood @CoryHenwood🔁A5 #UTedChat I play Risk on my phone. Good times and way faster than the board game version.
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁@downrightdave @Chronicbeard I love that game. @misterlarsen is morally opposed. 🙄 #utedchat
Szuying McFarland @sunshineszuying🔁A1:I'm sixth grade Chinese DLI teacher. I also use ClassDojo to communicate with parents and students. I love Class Dojo app.
Erik Stone @estone77🔁Great crowd tonight #UTedChat
Deborah Gatrell NBCT @DeborahGatrell1🔁I like but I don't love it (even though I use religiously) because SO MANY CLICKS to do every little thing...
Dave Horan @downrightdave🔁@DaniKSloan @Chronicbeard Tell me more... #UTedChat We do like playing Things That Suck in my class, a Edcamp favorite.
Teresa Hildebrand @Terschhil🔁A5: Heads up is fun at home with a group. #utedchat
Chris Larsen @misterlarsen🔁@DeborahGatrell1 Yes! I used the free version for about three years before deciding to upgrade. #UTedChat
Dani Kauerz Sloan @DaniKSloan🔁@Chronicbeard Nope... but I'm intrigued... #UTedChat
Jared Fawson @MrJFawson🔁A5 surprisingly no games on my phone. For fun...Twitter #utedchat
Deborah Gatrell NBCT @DeborahGatrell1🔁@misterlarsen I've heard of this - is there a free version with reduced functionality? I'd like to try it out... #utedchat


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