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Mary Dixson @marydixson🔁 Candy! Thanks, Rowdy. #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Celebrate
UTSA COEHD @UTSACOEHD🔁 What's a party without a piñata? #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Celebrate
#UTSADowntown UTSA @UTSA🔁That's a wrap! #UTSA #UTSADowntown #TwentyYearsOfExcellence
#UTSADowntown UTSA @UTSA🔁Fireworks! #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Celebrate
#UTSADowntown#UTSADowntown UTSA COEHD @UTSACOEHD🔁 We’re excited to hear the second panel discuss the future of #UTSAdowntown! #UTSA
#UTSADowntown The Cilantro Diaries @cilantrodiaries🔁 The future of UTSA Downtown Campus #UTSADowntown @COSAGOV
#UTSADowntown The Cilantro Diaries @cilantrodiaries🔁 Celebrating 20 years of #UTSADowntown and looking ahead to our city’s future. #Reimagine
#UTSADowntown Chris Wong @drchristinewong🔁 Fireworks! #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Celebrate
#UTSADowntown Hassan Barzani @airhasiescardo🔁 That's a wrap! #UTSA #UTSADowntown #TwentyYearsOfExcellence
#UTSADowntown#UTSADowntown#UTSADowntown#UTSADowntown UTSA SEE Math @UTSA_SEE_MATH🔁#UTSADowntown #mathed Our elementary students love making math story problems for their parents!
UTSA @UTSA🔁UTSA is dreaming big to reimagine downtown San Antonio. Read all about it. via twitter.com
Jessica @jlourdes🔁UTSA is dreaming big to reimagine downtown San Antonio. Read all about it. via therivardreport.com
SRC @utsadtchildcare🔁Talking to Secretary Julián Castro about our initiative. 🤙🏽 … instagram.com
Vlugen @vlugen🔁Cities should be servants of our universities, especially our public ones -
Cindee @Cyndee_Pz🔁 .@PresidentEighmy: "Dream no little dream. You have to dream big." #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Reimagine
Mark Tirpak @tirpakma🔁Don't like what happened to this bench @ . Spoiler: a driver did it
UTSA Downtown Campus @UTSAdowntown🔁 My report from yesterday's 20th anniversary celebration of @UTSAdowntown #UTSADowntown twitter.com
Edmond Ortiz @satscribe🔁My report from yesterday's 20th anniversary celebration of @UTSAdowntown #UTSADowntown twitter.com
UTSA @UTSA🔁ICYMI: Yesterday, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Downtown Campus in a BIG way. Joined by city, community & twitter.com business leaders, we remembered the past and learned more about Dr. Eighmy’s vision to make San Antonio’s university of the future.
Rudy RudeDog @RudedogTX🔁Using my brain waves to play 20 years. … instagram.com
Rudy RudeDog @RudedogTX🔁 20 years with . … instagram.com
David Thompson @edlawethics🔁 Eighmy: UTSA will be an exemplary urban-serving university. #UTSA #UTSADowntown #Reimagine
Charlotte-Anne Lucas @CharlotteAnne🔁 thought about you today -- at , mayor Ron referenced the event in this pic - and I dug it up twitter.com
Matt @MrMegaMatt🔁Was great to attend the 20th anniversary celebration & discussions of the future w/ President Eighmy & so m twitter.com any more. To the future!
UTSA COEHD @UTSACOEHD🔁“In a knowledge economy, universities are vital.” -
TheGemmaDiaries @thegemmadiaries🔁I don't know how this list could leave out / pedestrian conditions downtown. Walk to experience it first-hand
Texas Angels UTSA @TexasAngels_SA🔁“It’s also about letting the community reach you better,”- on the vision for


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