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MAZIDONIA 🔱 @oba_utsa🔁@Karami_loveee Stop it... I haven’t met a sane black man saying this
carson rogers @hailey_carson🔁 Q1 | JONES FOR THREE!

MT leads UTSA, 15-9

UTSAUTSAUTSAUTSA JayyReddSZN‼️ @DJJayyRedd🔁#UTSA JayyRedd will be checking in at First Friday “Uncensored” 😈

It is the only place to be tonight ‼️

Tanner Atkins @taatkins14🔁 Q1 | JONES FOR THREE!

MT leads UTSA, 15-9

UTSA José @UTSA_Roadrunner🔁 Researchers spotted this incredibly rare jellyfish almost a mile below the ocean's surface near Mexico.
UTSA Victoria Hyman @vkhmn🔁 “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King #UTSA
UTSA UTSA @UTSA🔁Need a scantron? There’s a vending machine for that. #UTSA
MT Women's Hoops @MT_WBB🔁FINAL | Middle Tennessee grabs their first conference win of the season over UTSA, 62-47.

The continue on Saturday twitter.com to take on UTEP in El Paso, Texas.

UTSA Football 🤙 @UTSAFTBL🔁Walk-on tryouts for current UTSA students are scheduled for Monday, Feb. 26. #BirdsUp🤙 goutsa.com

Project M.A.L.E.S. @ProjectMALES🔁Our program coordinator Jorge Rodriguez & graduate assistant Danielle Zaragoza presenting at the Texas Mentoring Sum twitter.com mit with
UTSA CSA @csa_utsa🔁Interested in joining a bible study?Sign up through this google doc!😊Bible studies will begin on Jan 29 docs.google.com !
theFALCON5 @theFALCON_5🔁EHS AVID congratulates our very own Jared Ortiz on his acceptance to Texas Tech and UTSA!
Josh @Machucaaa15🔁Bible study at UTSA tonight 👀
UTSA Football News @UTSAHeadlines🔁Breaking: UTSA Faces Suit That Claims A Recruit Was Told That White Running Backs Only Go To Stanford
ItzBam @Cinco_Bambino🔁Back to school move 💪🏾🔥 3 Bday bashes under ☝🏾 roof!!! Turning up for our Black Queens!! St Lounge 9629 Bissonnet st Houston Tx 77036

UTSA @UTSA🔁@jenn_cantu @DrLullon @P16Plus Hi Jennifer, could we use your photo to repost on our page?
UTSA @UTSA🔁@UTSADining Save us one. #UTSA
Future Roadrunner @UTSAFutureRR🔁Recently refurbished last year, 4th floor atrium features new tables, shade sails, LED lighting and solar-powered el twitter.com ectrical outlets to provide a relaxed and tech-friendly environment for our students as they study.
#FridaySeries Uncensored @JayyRodd_15🔁 I’m checking in for the official back to school party ‼️

“Uncensored” 🚨

Make sure you are in attendance 💪🏽

#FridaySeries Uncensored @JayyRodd_15🔁 JayyRedd will be checking in at First Friday “Uncensored” 😈

It is the only place to be tonight ‼️

Fuzzys Taco ShopUTSA @fuzzystacoUTSA🔁***Frozen Fridays***

$5 frozen schooner drinks

#fuzzys #utsa

WINEntertainment @WIN_ENT17🔁Don’t miss out THIS FRIDAY ❗️❗️ Shutting SA down w/

⬇️⬇️Get your tickets now 🗣⬇️⬇️


UTSA @UTSA🔁@MariRodPhD @UTSAGradSchool Looks like lots of fun. #UTSA
UTSA Student Union @UTSA_StudentU🔁If you haven't already heard we have changed our name to the Student Union! Remember to follow us on ALL of our socia twitter.com l media channels to stay up to date and informed about all of the exciting events going on around the SU.
UTSA @UTSA🔁@jenn_cantu @DrLullon @P16Plus Hope you enjoy the presentation, Jennifer. #UTSA
Jesse Ebozue @DJThatNigerian🔁 UTSA this weekend🙏🏾 @DJThatNigerian @Karriari
Victoria Hyman @vkhmn🔁 Whoever decided UTSA goes back to school a week before everybody else, ya moms a hoe
Mia ⚜️ @MiracleByBirth_🔁 If she calls the UC the "Student Union" she is too young for you bro. #BirdsUp twitter.com
Victoria Hyman @vkhmn🔁1. I wish the custodians cleaned the bathrooms here more frequently
2. Wish that girls would treat the bathrooms with twitter.com more respect and not have the hygiene of dirty barbarians
Christina Nguyen @chrissssy_ngu🔁Be who you are. Do more of what you love. UNMASK yourself to an incredibly amazing sisterhood that loves you for you. twitter.com
Message for more info.!

UTSA @UTSA🔁@DannysKorner Our 'Runners love it too, Danny. #UTSA
LouTEP Miner @LouTEPminer🔁C-USA MBB Standings:
4-0 Middle Tennessee
4-0 Western Kentucky
3-1 Old Dominion
3-1 Marshall
3-1 UAB
2-2 North Texas
2-2 FIU
2-3 Southern Miss
2-3 UTSA
1-3 FAU
1-3 Charlotte
1-3 Rice
1-4 LA Tech
1-4 UTEP

UTSA ART @UTSAART🔁The 1st of 6 Exhibitions, Common Currents features many UTSA Faculty (past and present) as well as Students and... fb.me
Dr. Danny de Gracia @DannysKorner🔁@UTSA Impressive! I still remember having to wait in line during midterms and finals haha that's quite a technological advancement
Christina Nguyen @chrissssy_ngu🔁RUSH RHO DELTA CHI & UNMASK THE POSSIBILITIES ✨✨
Message for more information on rush week! ☺️


José @UTSA_Roadrunner🔁U.S. Ambassador to Panama John Feeley resigns after nearly 30 years of service, saying he can no longer serve Trump
UTSA @UTSA🔁’Runners, need a computer? The Libraries at our Main and Downtown Campuses have workstations waiting for you. And we twitter.com track their availability in real-time.
PATIENCE‼️ @__Dnastyy🔁2019 Northeast G Angel Smith earned offers from James Madison, UTSA, Kansas State and Tennessee Tech. He’s also drawn interest from Dayton as of late.
Karami 🌹 @Karami_loveee🔁Only y'all two reacted tho. Everybody else understood it....I can't really apologize for how you interpreted somethin twitter.com g. But you right about that, I wouldn't intentionally talk down on black men. Ever.
UTSA COEHD @UTSACOEHD🔁There are so many perfect study spots at the Downtown Campus. Check out this beautiful view, ’Runners.
Broadway @VicNocal🔁@Karami_loveee @Seyi_My_Name @oba_utsa She says that black men deserve to die at the hands of a cop...Hmm, when did she say that?
The Duke of Doves. @Rene_LePaul🔁I'm at UTSA PE Building in San Antonio, TX swarmapp.com
Nash @nash_chita🔁I take pictures, if you go to #utsa and tryna link up for a photoshoot lmk, its free btw lol.
Campus Recreation @UTSACampusRec🔁Hey y'all, the Aquatics Center will be closed today, January 12th, due to maintenance. We apologize for any inconveni twitter.com ence. Enjoy your long weekend!
MAZIDONIA 🔱 @oba_utsa🔁Tired of people not appreciating the fact that if this man led us to the National Championship. And for all the fans that are against Jalen, you against me too. You either WITH US or AGAINST US. Love you 2 🐐
Karami 🌹 @Karami_loveee🔁If I said something talking down on black men I would understand you but I don't....So we will have to agree to disag twitter.com ree. I would be crying all day if I got offended but by people saying stuff about black women...but if it doesn't apply I let that hoe fly
UTSA Football News @UTSAHeadlines🔁Unnamed UTSA Source: “Some CUSA Cities Are Shitholes”
MAZIDONIA 🔱 @oba_utsa🔁@Karami_loveee @Seyi_My_Name You said “black men” we not all one person that’s all I’m sayin mayne 🤧
Natalie Wilson @natalieAwilson1🔁 Love Nat and Phi Mu💗 #findusatphimu @ UTSA - The University of Texas at San Antonio instagram.com
Karami 🌹 @Karami_loveee🔁No it's not because I didn't talk down on black men. I said there are black men defending a racist woman. If it doesn twitter.com 't apply to you then there is no problem.
Karami 🌹 @Karami_loveee🔁@Seyi_My_Name @oba_utsa The one who are doing it are black men.....if you aren't a black man doing it then it doesn't apply to you. Wtf lol
Ted Westervelt @soccerreform🔁@Steve_UTSA @dunord @MLSinSA Because Bruce is concerned with the welfare of billionaire monopolists.
Dj Yung Troy @DjYungTROY🔁 I’m checking in for the official back to school party ‼️

“Uncensored” 🚨

Make sure you are in attendance 💪🏽 twitter.com

UTSA Memes @utsa_memes🔁As if we needed another reason for a new Convocation Center... We got child-assaulting demons in it now. twitter.com
David @Davidnev_🔁@melanie_1124 So happy for you friend! We are going to miss you here @ Utsa though! 😊😢
201n8 @nathanhay🔁@UTSA_Roadrunner look at Alamo Heights/Terrell Hills on a map. very much interior to the city but weirdly cut off from most of it
Karami 🌹 @Karami_loveee🔁@oba_utsa Sane is the key word there. Crazy ass ones are saying it
Kirkland @flash_bats🔁Hey San Antonio Twitter I found this attractive couples Polaroid by the Wells Fargo on UTSA/1604 help me reunite the cute pic w the cute couple
Jennifer Cantu @jenn_cantu🔁Keynote presentation from , CEO of , at the Texas Mentoring Summit twitter.com
Eduardo Gutiérrez @edwardogtz🔁 First week at UTSA was good 🤙🏻
José @UTSA_Roadrunner🔁It’s legit Downtown->3rd world country->suburbia->wealth going north


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