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Jared Land @JaredLandMusic🔁Don't forget to watch @WWE's Blue brand Tuesday night LIVE on the USA Network #SDLive
USA Blue USA Softball @USASoftball🔁#USASoftball International Cup Bronze Medalists, USA Blue 🔵🇺🇸🥉
USA Blue samantha:) @ssamtrejoo🔁 #USASoftball International Cup Bronze Medalists, USA Blue 🔵🇺🇸🥉
Virginia Gonzales @Vdogs13Gonzales🔁 USA Blue 🔵 strikes first after @hannahFlippen singles in @yankeekk12❗️

#USASBIntCup 🇺🇸

USA Softball @USASoftball🔁 ➡️ BASES LOADED SAVING CATCH by to keep USA Blue 🔵 on top, 3-1❗️


LSU Softball @LSUsoftball🔁USA Softball International Cup continues today as and Team USA Blue take on Japan!
⏰: 11 CT
📺: ESPN2
jazzyjunker @jazzyjunker54🔁COMFY USA Amy Tunic Tissue Crinkle V Neck Aqua Blue NWT Medium
Howard Robinson @HLeeRJ🔁I am an immigrant but I am from England. I have never been told to go back home. In fact I am told how lovely my accent is all the time. I am also blonde and blue eyed. The ‘ right ‘ kind of immigrant in today’s USA.
Rod Richard II @UcancallmeCoach🔁USA Blue 🔵 battled ‘til the end and it paid off — The squad finishes their season claiming Bronze🥉 at the International Cup! 🇺🇸
Floriana @Florian96771583🔁Beatiful blue bird

へびつかい @kaz_bnrdp🔁USA Mercury [83131811DJ] : [The House Of Blue Light]
Sally Gardner @newt50🔁 @DangerClose_USA @1VoiceForMe Vote Blue this November!
Roger Tøl Bean @TolSneakyBean🔁Let's hear it for the Red, White, and Blue! Congrats to these couple of boys for making the starting lineup for Team USA! We can't wait to see y'all shine!
Jools @Jools_Orca🔁We are pleased to announce that Blue Planet Society have succeeded in forcing almost all the major corporate sponsors of USA shark tournaments to withdraw their support from these competitive shark-killing events.
Michael @thebluenations🔁@DangerClose_USA @1VoiceForMe Vote Blue this November!
gooswyn guitars shop @gooswyn🔁FOR SALE : CRAZY CLEARANCE SALE !! SCHECTER USA CUSTOM SHOP SUNSET CUSTOM II TRANS SKY BLUE QUILTED MAPLE , RP 34.250 .000 ONLY !! (LIMITED TIME OFFER !!) , Info : Whatsapp/call : +628128700894
ALAN LITTLE @ALANLITTLE9🔁🔥Just Heard👉Hillary Clinton talking Bad about Judge Kavanaugh
🔥Hillary seems to forget nobody cares what she has to say as everything she stands for was💥repudiated and rejected by majority USA 🇺🇸
🔥Red Wave is getting bigger everyday as blue 🌊 in no more
lilieswatergardens @liliesgardens🔁Marginal plants from Mexico and the USA, Thalia Dealbata adds a little colour to your pond! With branching panicles o f small, violet-blue flowers and glaucous blue leaves, it really stands out during its flowering months between June and September.
Lovina Box @lovinabox🔁More important than ever:

Take back our gov't, our democracy, our future.

permanent voter hotline created to protect our Call 833-336-VOTE if you are afraid your voice won't be heard.

USA Softball @USASoftball🔁USA Blue 🔵 battled ‘til the end and it paid off — The squad finishes their season claiming Bronze🥉 at the International Cup! 🇺🇸
tms 🗽🌊🗳⚖ @rhscsmtms🔁Do not get dragged into fights.

trump is a Russian asset. Democrats Independents, 3rd party whatevers, 2018 is it. Vote blue or these esoteric arguments will end us.

is working with Russia to install himself as dictator. The gop is covering for RUSSIA not USA.

Africa is blue @Africa_is_blue🔁Man used the Liberia flag emoji thinking it’s the USA flag. His severe lack of intelligence both on and off the pitch continues to baffle me so much. Stupid autistic cunt.
I'll Wake Up Now & Live 🏳️‍🌈 @Selu_Peace🔁One has seniority, including chairship of the Select Committee on Intelligence, & the Judiciary Committee, in Blue Senate - likely to v. important after an attack on our country. Those are held by HER, not CA Senators. CA/USA needs expertise more than it needs to send a message
Richard Slate @RichSlate🔁"That was as good of a lacrosse game as I've ever been involved in" - head coach John Danowski after his team's thrilling 11-10 win over Canada to take control of the Blue Division at .
葵 @MSB_Blue🔁Hodler’s Digest, July 9-15: While Mining ETH is a ‘Side Hustle’ for Google Co-Founder, Mining BTC for Russians May Fund Election ‘Interference’
Madysen @madyjanee🔁USA Blue 🔵 shows what they're made of and finishes the comeback win to claim Bronze 🥉

Final: USA Blue 🔵 7, China 🇨🇳 6

Haes Antiques @EHantiques1🔁 are brought to you by &
ネガネガ @nega_neko🔁San diego
Sea sparkle: Bioluminescence from a tide lights the waves blue in San Diego.
: Erik Jepsen/UC

Arcade Fire Tube 🌐 @ArcadeFireTube🔁Arcade Fire
Forecastle Festival
Louisville Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY, USA 🇺🇸
July 15, 2018

01 Everything Now
02 Here Comes the Night Time
03 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
04 Rebellion (Lies)
05 Electric Blue
06 Put Your Money on Me
07 Half Light II (No Celebration)

Ruby Quintero-Walton @rubyquintero98🔁It's the final game of the ! 🇺🇸

USA Blue 🔵 vs China

Watch LIVE 💻

🔆🌙 @_blue_side_🔁Imagine doing so well in Digital and physical in your homeland korea as well as japan, usa, and the largest music markets in the world. can relate
newg @northanger🔁The USA Administration has its knickers in a knot because of the UN Report on US Poverty authored by NYU Law Professor Philip Alston. 40 million people live in poverty. I’ve written extensively on USA poverty particularly in the Appalachian in Cion and Rachel’s Blue
Col @ccureton4🔁Recap Day 6 of the 🎥 USA Red 🔴 finished 5-0 in pool play after defeating Chinese Taipei, 11-2, while USA Blue 🔵 staked a claim on the No. 2 seed in Pool B after suffering a 5-3 loss to Japan.
Matthew @IcyunvMatthew🔁💙 Something BIG is here! 💙
The 🎆 Memorial Day Sale 🎆 is bringing the Red, White, Blue and Gold!
Collect 50% on chests for the great USA!

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Jerry Howard @paranoyd01🔁What? a witch hunt! Witches & Warlocks are falling our of the air by Muller’s indictments. All Republican & Russians ! Fact! How many Republicans will fall on their sword or drink Trump’s Kool-Aid? November is coming? Blue Wave Rising across USA 🇺🇸! where are kidnapped Children
Joubin Mahmoudi @JoubinMahmoudi🔁I’m back 🤠💙🥁🎶🎶🎶 … @superload_me🔁Shades of Blue (season 3)
Аdded: 5 episode
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Crime, Drama
IMDB: 6.9
Joseph rosson @rosson_joseph🔁Hey look everbody some trump groupie(bleeeeech)put more red than blue on a map of USA. it don't mean jack shit! The reality is that everywhere 45 goes there are a high number of protesters.
Jenny☘️☘️🐶🐾💕 @JennyJ_23🔁Congrats ladies on the Bronze!! Blue, and the rest of Team USA Blue. 🇺🇸🦅
Heather Clark @heather_clark🔁Great comeback (twice) victory by USA Blue to get bronze! Those last two innings were fun to watch. Walk it off @NicoletteUdria!🏃‍♀️ 🇺🇸 🏅
Arizona Softball @ArizonaSoftball🔁USA Blue scores three in the eighth to come back to beat China, 7-6, and earn a third-place finish in the !

How did the game get to the eighth?

A game-tying single in the seventh, of course!

Jamie Baldwin @Alpha_Sigma74🔁USA BLUE With the Bronze
USA Softball @USASoftball🔁USA Blue 🔵 shows what they're made of and finishes the comeback win to claim #USASBIntCup Bronze 🥉

Final: USA Blue 🔵 7, China 🇨🇳 6

Mena Pause @PauseMena🔁Good Night🇺🇸Patriots Your The Best Of America❤My
Followers Were Dyanomite🔥
Respect/Luv PresidentTrump
God/USA/Best Military/Blue
ICE💙United We Stand For
Justice/Equal Law For All!
Fake Media/Lying Dem's
Tomorrow Sunday🙏


Money From Home @MoneyFromHome99🔁Check out Robert Graham Mens sz M Blue White Stripe Contrast Cuff LS Button Up Shirt USA via @eBay


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