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UNESCO Martha_M @Martha_M1948🔁 UNESCO is garbage.
UNESCO #TISNews @INSubcontinent🔁Israeli officials from the Lef . #TISNews Click Link- tinyurl.com
Monica Re'nell Price @Br0wnEyedLadey🔁 The U.S. says it will withdraw from the UNESCO on Dec. 31, 2018
UNESCO Dalia Al Said @dalialsaidd🔁 UNESCO says it regrets U.S. decision to leave its organization reut.rs
UNESCO Yahoo @Yahoo🔁U.S. to pull out of UNESCO yhoo.it
HearingSolutionsGrp. @HSGMlnnetonka🔁 The U.S. says it will withdraw from the UNESCO on Dec. 31, 2018
UNESCO GreatWorkExperience @gweblog🔁Israel joins United States in withdrawing from UNESCO · TheJournal.ie - gwebook.com
UNESCO ceoafrica @ceoafrica🔁United State of America withdraws from UNESCO over ‘anti-Israel bias’- ceoafrica.com
Benjamin Netanyahu @netanyahu🔁I welcome @realDonaldTrump's decision to withdraw from UNESCO.
UNESCO @UNESCO🔁🔴OFFICIAL: UNESCO Director-General expresses profound regret at US decision to withdraw from UNESCO. twitter.com
AFP news agency @AFP🔁#BREAKING US withdraws from UNESCO: official
Jan Erik Wetzel @janwetzelHK🔁I deplore this move; it harms EducationScienceCulture when HumanBeings have never needed them more,undercuts fight against extremism
M Kamsteeg @martijnkamsteeg🔁2. In 2009-2014, UNESCO adopted:
46 resolutions against Israel
1 on Syria
0 on Iran, North Korea, Sudan or any other country in the world
MattyD 4Truth @MattyD4Truth🔁#Israel #UNESCO #AntiIsrael #Bias #FakeNews @realDonaldTrump is #Zionist for #ISIS #aka #Israel #Mossad po.st
M Kamsteeg @martijnkamsteeg🔁1. "U.S. Will Withdraw From Unesco, Citing Anti-Israel Bias"
This is no big deal. U.S also left from 1984 to 2002.

Simon J @Mr_nemo🔁@COLRICHARDKEMP @UNESCO And yet you have the fucking Saudis amongst other brutal regimes on your panels !.... fucking lying hypocrites! 😡
Petra Stastna @PetraS0t0🔁 I explain the real meaning of “anti-Israel bias” electronicintifada.net
dave slavens @morejava🔁 The United States will withdraw from UNESCO at the end of next year.
Citing anti-Israel.
Joss Alm @jooooss🔁"It is deeply regrettable for the US to withdraw from UNESCO, the UN agency promoting education for peace & protecting culture under attack"
York Free Speech @YorkFreeSpeech🔁But Pat what about these left wing *cough* academics who are unemployable in the private sector so use UNESCO to ponc twitter.com e taxpayer money?
Abayomi Okanlawon @Abayomiokanla🔁Donald Trump's administration announced it would withdraw the US from Unesco, due to the agency’s “anti-Israel bias."
אנדי @Shiraanani🔁@JohnHare17 UNESCO definited it as Palestinian WHS.
Pat Condell @patcondell🔁 After @UNESCO this shower should be next. twitter.com
Dominik Schmidt @Domzen🔁By cutting ties with anti-Israel UNESCO that denied the Jewish ties to our two holiest cities, the US sends a moral message to the world
taepodong6 @taepodong6🔁Israel was created by UK-US Anglo-Israelism= 1917 Balfour to control ME OIL.
Do you think Bankers care about Jews, Kh twitter.com azars or anybody else?🤔
Barnabas Calder @BrutalConcrete🔁US pulls out of Unesco. Total madness. I'll be talking about the politics of World Heritage Sites on Mon
Mothanna Mhedi @mottamhedi🔁Support #Syria history and save children #Education @alkawari4unesco @MBA_AlThani_ @UNESCO
Mekky 😎 @EmekaUlo🔁US withdrawal from UNESCO - "It is as if Israel is dictating US policy ... also in international organisations"
Ethxn☭ @OspinaColada🔁 BREAKING: Israel prepares for withdrawal from UNESCO
Me: Prepare to withdraw from Palestine while you’re at it
Abayomi Okanlawon @Abayomiokanla🔁Donald Trump's administration announced it would withdraw the US from Unesco, due to the agency’s “anti-Israel bias."#keepingthemhonest
Jane Marple @Arianrhod11🔁Trump's administration has withdrawn the US from UNESCO, citing "anti-israel bias". The withdrawal will take effect on December 31, 2018.
John Marzan @marzan04🔁With Trump withdrawing from Paris, TPP, UNESCO and threats to KORUS, NAFTA, and Iran Deal why would any country trust US to keep agreements
Marc Arenstein @traintalk🔁Assumption UN agency secretariat decides is faulty - its member states. Easier for Trump & Netanyahu to attack UNESCO than Putin, Sisi & Xi.
Serket @IndigoWoo🔁Isn't it weird that a white supremacist president with Neo-NAZI followers, supports Israel so much they withdraw from the #UNESCO.
Jonathan I. García @JIvanGarciaA🔁Countries w/ the most UNESCO World Heritage sites

1 Italy 53
2 China 52
3 Spain 46
4 France 43
5 Germany 42
6 India 36
7 Mexico 34
8 UK 31
9 Russia 28
10 US 23

(US withdrew from UNESCO this morning)
4 Call Me Dad 🇺🇸 @4callmedad🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be The US has withdrawn from UNESCO
Fahriah @yulifahriah🔁 After U.S., Netanyahu orders diplomats to start preparing for Israel's departure from UNESCO haaretz.com
Mohamedhafeez Moosa @hafeezmoosa🔁U.S. withdraws from UNESCO, the U.N.’s cultural organization, citing anti-Israel bias

But yet Trump allows this to continue in our country

Charles A.R. Byrne @CharlesARByrne🔁The US withdrew from UNESCO because UNESCO said the largest city in the West Bank is part of Palestinian territory.
Jenipher @JennyDpenny🔁 U.S. leaving U.N. agency Unesco, capping a stormy history on.wsj.com
ME @HUMANBEINGONE🔁US concern over "mounting arrears" at UNESCO is a little rich given that it stopped making payments to agency in 2011. Now owes $600 million
NTIHABOSE Oscar @NtihaboseO🔁 exit , they withdrew from , exited before ratification. Do they plan for the next?
Amelie A Gagnon @AmelieAGagnon🔁With proper , ministries can tackle both causes and consequences of conflict twitter.com
Naveed Qureshi @qureshins🔁More than ever, the world needs to come together, build together & invest in one another. We need to be united not divided
Susan Bailey @drsuebai🔁Budj Bim - indigenous eel trapping and the world’s oldest aquaculture system dated at 6,600 years old - getting ready for UNESCO
Helen 47 @Helen47🔁 Outstanding fb.me
American Integrity @PatrickJLavin🔁 . @realDonaldTrump stands with Israel, withdraws from UNESCO! breitbart.com
mattia lojero @Lojero_Mattia🔁Trump foreign policy has found its theme: The Withdrawal Doctrine. US has left/threatening to leave TPP, Paris accord, Unesco, NAFTA, JCPOA
Helena Nygren-Krug @NygrenKrug🔁I deeply regret the decision of the United States of America to withdraw from .
Official statement:
Mohamedhafeez Moosa @hafeezmoosa🔁Note that racist moron was particularly offended that UNESCO referred to Hebron landmarks as being in Palestinian territory. 2/2
Free Ukraine 🇺🇦 @Ukrainolution🔁Afterwards Trump will explain to Israel his decision to leave Iran deal in peace like that: See, I left UNESCO for you. Be thankful.
Vikrant Yadav @vik21_yadav🔁Much expected this from Muslims. Israel doesn't tolerate Palestinian, that's why Muslims hate Israel. And UNESCO is a twitter.com nti-Israel & biased.
Justin Faircloth @JustinFaircloth🔁Israel announces it will withdraw from UN cultural agency Unesco, hours after US says it is pulling out
MintBerryCrunch @ThomasMueller4🔁 USA leaving UNESCO.

Who needs global efforts for education and culture anyway?

Iain kilburn @JohnJohnhill81🔁@dorbar @rm2531 get out and fast, they hate Israel #UNESCO
Alexngp @Alexngp1997🔁@UNESCO So well
PARTY🔊🎶FREAK💃🍾🍷 @Ianoh_25oh🔁 This isn't the first time the U.S. has withdrawn from UNESCO on.natgeo.com
Мohammed A @mohdjps🔁 The Trump administration confirmed its withdrawal from UNESCO, citing an "anti-Israel bias." twitter.com
sax zim bog @saxzimbog🔁 After U.S., @Netanyahu orders diplomats to start preparing for #Israel's departure from @UNESCO haaretz.com
RogueLemming @ForgeRat🔁It is fitting that the US has withdrawn from under Trump, who is, arguably, the most uncultured American president in history.
UNESCO Namibia @UNESCOWindhoek🔁The University of Namibia (UNAM), and the UNESCO Windhoek Office jointly organized a two-day training workshop on... fb.me
Mar Segev #Yes4KRD @iamani24🔁Aww yeah
Judaism? Is not a missionary religion, not into converting ppl
nor into rulling over others
so never was or twitter.com will be
in Jihad or Crusades

Check d dates
d Crusades were a 👉response
to the Islam expansion
in order, to stop Islam 👇
now again?

UNESCO New Delhi @UNESCO_NDL🔁Inclusive society with equal opportunity. PhD scholars &post-doctorate researchers, click -> gccs2017.in
RGates @GatesRobin🔁 I found a very interesting article on United with Israel!
Click to read --> unitedwithisrael.org
Justin Rashid @justrashid🔁US again solidifying its international reputation: "U.S., Israel quit U.N. heritage agency citing bias" reut.rs
David Wijayanto @DavidWijayanto🔁Israel ‘to prepare’ for withdrawal from UNESCO, alongside US, says Netanyahu timesofisrael.com
RGates @GatesRobin🔁 I found a very interesting article on United with Israel!
Click to read --> unitedwithisrael.org
NoMatterWhat. @Faalearn🔁 #BREAKING US withdraws from UNESCO: official
SHELL GAME-SBennett @armypsyop🔁US withdraws from UNESCO, cites ‘continuing anti-Israel bias’ fb.me
Newman @Newmsy🔁UNESCO observer status for USA. Seems to me a significant sift in power for a worries United States. Multipolarity i twitter.com n a global system involving USA, China, EU and Russia as the big players may ultimately lead to great instability and conflict.
thesum @thesum🔁@politico Using anti-Palestinian bias, US cites anti-Israel bias to pull out of UNESCO. There, I fixed it.
Zohar Freiberg @z7654321🔁@CarolineGlick @realDonaldTrump Is the UK the next country to leave @UNESCO ?
Realcaltman @realcaltman🔁Last 24 hrs: President attacks 1st amendment, begins to dismantle healthcare, threatens Puerto Rico, pulls out of UNESCO, etc.
ffaltversteher 🍳 @ffalt🔁 The history of Israel and UNESCO's rocky relationship, from 2011 to today
ATHUL KRISHNA NS @athulkrishna_7🔁 I welcome @realDonaldTrump's decision to withdraw from UNESCO.
Ali El Helou @ALIHUSSEINELHEL🔁 @ajplus UNESCO you're doing amazing sweetie


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