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U of L 골로 간 오브 @au_l_community🔁 and don't underestimate the importance of photo reference u_u
U of L benzebuth @Benouz13🔁 @Sophia_LAURE_of happy time for S•L•U•T😎😎😎
U of LU of LU of L @courierjournal🔁U of L was pitch perfect yesterday in its College World Series opener in Omaha
U of L K @abitofintellect🔁if u squint you'l see all the coins i sent him for the past 6 years of stanning
Mato @ClydeMandelin🔁Everyone knows about L & R problems in bad Japanese translations, but there's a similar problem with A & U - here's a good example of both! @courierjournal🔁Via : From McKay to Bordner to Henzman, U of L's bullpen stepped up Sunday in Omaha when it counted
Andie Matulac @andiefeatable🔁I think Minki is now my favorite member of Nu'est. He's so b ea u t i f u l. Haha.
Paul @P_A_U_L_H_🔁 Fire service employers are currently deciding whether the nation's firefighters are worthy of a pay rise above 1% this year.
Global Issues Web @globalissuesweb🔁SitRep: More Fighting Between Syria, Iran, and U.S.; USS Fitzgerald Goes Home; What Afghanistan Strategy?
미카엘라 ❤️ @CharmMichaela🔁when will u announce the date and the location of the exhibit here in ph?? thank you :) — Within this month.
CLEAN Choice MD @cleanchoicemd🔁@AACOPD Why is this ok? Isn't this considered indescent exposure?
Willi Altmann @WilliAltmann60🔁Thanks🤗🤗🤗 She is one of my favorite S•L•U•T•S😉
Edusims Dot Biz @EduSimsBiz🔁The best President in the history of the U.S., and the last legal one! "Obama Portrait #26". © 2009, by D.L. Polonsky. Please re-tweet.
Art Vandelay @revrnjim🔁@foxandfriends
E N O U G H of the woodhouse bros.

P L E A S E E N O U G H ! 😬

CLEAN Choice MD @cleanchoicemd🔁Why can't u do anything about this crude person? Our Children deserve better. Why isn't this indescent exposure?
CFPC @FamPhysCan🔁 with Dr Brian Postl, Dean of Medicine U of MB (2nd from L)- on Service commitment, meeting rural & Indigenous populations needs
Hannah Stucker @StuckStuck15🔁Sure u of l, let's do road work at 745 on a morning. Perfect timing.
No Fly Zone = WWIII @AchmarBinSchibi🔁U give the definition of "L" & "R" thru the lens of Ayn Rand. The woman who taught unfettered self-interest is good & altruism destructive
Angelica Turner @justxangie🔁@ganksstarships —longing of her heart and the g u i l t of her conscious mind, she believed some things were better left alone and unsaid.—
akwuh_ebooks @akwuh_ebooks🔁APPROPRIATE SONG OF THE L because i want to have to every night Taking out gender loser has me a tweet thank U ON DUM CTFUUUU
clair stines @clairstines1🔁Governor Bevin made decisions to change U of L Board , Ky Horse park long needed , all were found to have deficiencie s, follow Governor
Love u Dad😘❤ @SGian_Sudha🔁@MsKajalAggarwal I think #AskKajal is waste of time😏U never noticed ur true fans😐m going out😒 bye🙋 happy birthday once again l😞enjoy ur bday
Danielle Dunajcik @MsDunajcik🔁Read a perspective on the implications of the recently announced National Sports Plan via |
Robert Knihnicki @KnihnickiRobert🔁I think that the age old Christians vs M u s l i m battle has begun. We no longer believe it is a religion of peace. It is submit or die.
POLI👑👑 @its_bobbie🔁Lol he wont go
At the end of the day u pple will give some united fans hopeful of a return better L...
MyeonSoo @MyeonSoo_L🔁Q: what kind of summer fashion do u recommend?
Baekhyun: for me, jeans with a yellow shirt
Siर RAJaन @Sir_R_U_L🔁@GoldingBF In times of great insanity, simple truths are characterized as sacrilege.
Michael Kridel @ForensicCPA🔁Where there's smoke ... Cost of U of L forensic audit continues to grow via @BFLouisville
lolk @MisticaEthan🔁@Hazz W h en y o u c o m e to Melb s h I t Cu nt d ad duly wi th t h a t h o t g i r l f ri en d of y o u r s
lucy @l_uu_c_y🔁how on earth do u get rid of a locked jaw i want to cry :( @communes🔁#TopTwittos of the day ♦ @SAPHOREMARIE @EricSpina2014 @L_Mntnla


Louisville Now @TLNLouisville🔁U of L will face Florida on Tuesday in the next round of the College World Series. Check out our updating bracket
PREMRAJ SHETTY @7ed3303103e74ea🔁Madam u r really great l m proud of u....requesting u kindly teach patriot lesson to a indian lives in india bt ♥is in pak.
dimsum @ohkaidos🔁which of your friends do u wanna visit overseas? — probably Philippines first
Justice Seeker @helena_jennie🔁U give the definition of "L" & "R" thru the lens of Ayn Rand. The woman who taught unfettered self-interest is good & altruism destructive @courierjournal🔁U of L will face Florida on Tuesday in the next round of the College World Series. Check out our updating bracket:
Daniel Champagne @dchampagnemusic🔁Q U E E N S L A N D ✨ some of you were asking for more dates so I'm doing my most extensive tour up there ever!!...
Vanessa Underwood @msvunderwood🔁6-19-2017
Top of the day to you! @ J. U. L. S. Inc
india @india_s_l🔁sick of white men acting like they have to protect girls from 'foreign' men nbf mate it's not them I'm scared of it's u u crazy fuck
AdoptionNews&Events @AdoptionNandE🔁NEW YORK!! Urgent #AdopteeRights
Hideaki @HeatBeliver🔁 pls send all em pics of MIA vs CLE chicks like u sent & pls leave out L.A. chicks bro.. they aint bad
Laura.... @_L_A_U_R_A____🔁Good morning folks! This morning we're dreaming of a nice, iced latte. 😊 Hope you're ready to take on the week! 💪
Sara Dean @ckflag123🔁@kathygriffin So was your dad proud of you? I would be ashamed of myself if l were u....... your act was disgusting to say the least.
Govind Singh Rajput @GovindS21273467🔁@hardikpandya7 U r my super hero.....l love u so mch
And i m proud of u.....
Love u so mch pandya
Riviera Isles @nomoreblasting🔁 We have enough traffic problems already. Say NO to the Lennar LUPA.
....iAlways L o v e U"....
glenn is immortal @octaviaargent🔁the season finale of american gods was g l o r i o u s
GSMCevents @GSMCevents🔁L A T E S T U P D A T E
Fontana Di Amore
(Fountain of Love)
Is now on the 12th August 2017 at
3pm Powered by

sabzillaforilla🔥 @Sabrina_L_O🔁Always ❤ how its the woman's fault for being a woman in the presence of men. Dammit females why u gotta be so fine? Not my fault im raping u
HunterForSluts (18+) @LegalPornoFan🔁Thanks🤗🤗🤗 She is one of my favorite S•L•U•T•S😉
HBD JJ 🖤 @luxtbjzl🔁so im going through my school portfolio from 3rd grade and i just found a picture of me and oml my outfit was U G L Y
10inarow @Irishbhoy1916🔁Its a shame your country has continued to murder hundreds of thousands long after the northern troubles.
LOVE BJ @gum_kuchakucha🔁Hey, check it out! U want one of these?
pie @skvllage🔁[4/4] & 1 of those kids was young, innocent, 6-yr-old-c… — u guys always give me more ideas than i can come up wit…
VALENTINE BIAFRA @ValentineBiafra🔁Why We Support Referendum For Biafrans – Members of British Parliament …
Harry B's @HBsnewcastle🔁B A L M A I N • H A I R • C O U T U R E

The sun is out☀️😎 Though I'm sure there are many of…

Harry Sharma @Its_Very_Sunny🔁~ O U T L O O K ~ 😎
c h el @badgalchelchel🔁I'm one of ur fan kinda person 😅 if u don't mind that … — What? Hahahahaha okay that's weird but I don't mind at …
c h el @badgalchelchel🔁Do u ever thought that u have a lot of clothes to wear? — No I always still feel like I have limited choices of cl…
6194firewind @littlemissexo_l🔁 rt if you're a proud exo-l

bc im one of u

Gustave White Realty @gustavewhite🔁"H E X A G O N H O U S E" Sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean out to Block Island on the prestigious Ocean DR.
teale @TealeGarland🔁Me:- "I'm so bored in work mun" Rosie - "meanwhile I'm lying on my settee in a bikini trying to get a nice pic of myself" S L U T 🤐
Samlantha @itsM_E_L_sweeti🔁 it's not the truth that hurts, it's the amount of time u wasted believing lies
adelita @booojeda189🔁Y.u find peace not by bearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing wwo you are at the deepest.l vel. EckhartuTolle
c h el @badgalchelchel🔁Pap of u 😍❤️ —
♛ Lexy ♛ @L_e_x_y_N_o_e_l🔁Think everyone I live with is tired of hearing me brag about but I don't even care. MY LITTLE IS COOLER THAN U!!!! Ilysm
c h el @badgalchelchel🔁If u don't mind, can u take a pic of all the phone case… — I only have like 3 phone cases for my current phone and…
Laura Vallejo @LitLaura🔁Think everyone I live with is tired of hearing me brag about @L_e_x_y_N_o_e_l but I don't even care. MY LITTLE IS COOLER THAN U!!!! Ilysm
Naomi victoria @Naomivictoria4🔁Why We Support Referendum For Biafrans – Members of British Parliament
Culture. @SportsMia🔁@joshbaumgard pls send @Yg_Trece all em pics of MIA vs CLE chicks like u sent @gordonhayward & pls leave out L.A. chicks bro.. they aint bad
lorange @l_aureng🔁Getting opinions from other twitter users is the same calibre of work as Daily mail/Sun.. Have u ever read the economist? A polsci journal?
Julian Vollmer @J_U_L_E_🔁 Congratulation @relayr_iot :
Katrina Newman @Katrina_Newman🔁'River of gold' enjoy my new post on my blog at" target="_blank">
Jongdae @Jondae_Park🔁"The universe is full of both good...

💤Writer!OC + Dancer!AU
💤L U C A
💤Ships with chem

...and bad things..."

S R barbhuiya @SaidurR82991945🔁@himantabiswa Sir plz appoint subject wise teachers in l.p. schools. Or u cannot improve the quality of education.
Unswedish Viking @UnswedishViking🔁|| e x c l u s i o n ||
Exclusion of people have been a problem always. And I hate it.…
OldCrow @cook_robert_l🔁The U.S. government wants Julian Assange in jail. That's a threat to press rights in America. My column
OldCrow @cook_robert_l🔁 Russia's interior ministry says computers hit by "virus attack" amid global reports of major cyber strikes


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